TV Guide interviews Oscar Nunez talks to Oscar Nunez about The Office and his Comedy Central show, Halfway Home: Was it difficult to keep a straight face while shooting the Michael-Oscar kiss in this season’s opener?

Nuñez: You know, that’s not one of my weaknesses. I’m pretty good at keeping a straight face. Steve [Carell] has made me break a handful of times during the season, but that wasn’t one of them.

Link: Oscar Nuñez “Accounts” for The Office’s Success


  1. Ha ha, I was just going to mention the divorce thing.I felt the awkwardness from here.

  2. Wow, that is a way to announce a divorce… other than that good interview

  3. Yeah, that divorce thing. I could practically FEEL the awkward oozing off the interview through my computer screen.

  4. Aww, sad about his divorce.

    I don’t find Oscar terribly funny. He’s a very relatable character to a real-life person, but he doesn’t pull much out of the hat. I guess with all of the pranks, pratfalls and silliness that goes on in the rest of the office, it’s harder (that’s what she said) to stand out. He’s definitely a great character, though.

  5. Yikes, to bad about his wife. But on a lighter note, I was watching Halfway Home last night and Oscars character is great, he got a job at the mall at a makeup place called HOR…so out of control! And Craig Robinson was on the show too!

  6. Eek. That hit an unfortunate and uncomfortable end, but the rest of the interview was good. That must be one of the greatest gifts for a comedic actor: the ability to not break.

  7. You can tell the interviewer did not know what to say after Oscar announced his divorce!

  8. Ouch.

    I agree Purple Belt, Oscar’s not very funny on the show, but it’s almost like he plays the straight guy (no pun intended!) to Angela, Kevin and Michael. He’s always so serious. I mean, Angela is serious too but she always says funnier things. Oscar I’ve never much cared for, he always seems so superior.

  9. I agree; Oscar isn’t really that funny. I think he serves a purpose, though, and the show does need him. There has to a be a straight guy (haha… gay joke) and Oscar and Toby both do that really well in different ways. Oscar is pretty humorless, but I think that creates an awesome contrast to Michael. Their dynamic is really great. Overall, although he doesn’t really get the funny lines, Oscar is necessary. He fits into The Office, somehow. Plus, token Mexican. Duh.

  10. I agree about the awkward interview, but disagree about Oscar being funny…some of my favorite moments are his facial expressions and uncomfortable moments here and there. Yes, he’s more of the straight guy (heh), but I still love those reactions.

  11. the interviewer asked about oscar martinez meeting eulogio, but can you imagine angela martin’s reaction? lol

    heh i just noticed that their characters have similar last names (martin/martinez). michael did say they might be a gay/lesbian couple.. didn’t angela kinsey say that they’re sort of like the accounting parents, with kevin as their child? :p i thought it was interesting, anyway.

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