Greg and B.J. live blog finale night

The Office Executive Producer Greg Daniels and writer/actor/producer/Cadbury egg inspector B.J. Novak will live blog next Thursday after the Season 3 finale airs on the East coast, 6pm PT/9pm ET.

Link: The Office website at NBC

P.S. Live blogging for The Office has been done a few times before — Jenna Fischer did it for ‘The Merger’ and Greg did it for ‘Branch Closing,’ both last November, and Greg Daniels did it for the Season 3 premiere ‘Gay Witch Hunt’ back in September.


  1. wow.. that’s gonna be one crowded blog with all of the finale questions. could you imagine the buzz last year? JIM AND PAM KISSED, JIM AND PAM KISSED. That’s all it would be.



    I’m setting the bar really low.

  3. or… “Why didn’t Karen leave?”, “Why is she still here?”

    I’m excited for the finale!

  4. I hope they know what they’re doing. They risk being savaged if the finale is no good for Jim-Pam!

  5. so I guess this year it will be JIM AND PAM DIDNT KISS JIM AND PAM DIDNT KISS


  6. This kinda sucks for me….only because I don’t live in the States and I won’t get to see it till the next day…sigh. Have fun all of you that get to ‘live blog’ with Greg and Cadbury Man.

  7. Greg Daniels must be the bravest man in television. People will either be delighted, or getting their pitchforks and torches ready to go ala Frankenstein. Heh.

    PS – I’m hoping this year we get more JIM AND PAM KISSED, JIM AND PAM KISSED!!!11! :-)

  8. That seems brave of them to do if things don’t go well for Jim and Pam. I can just see all the Karen haters uniting and laying the smack down during this blog!

  9. I’m not sure whether the comments would be moderated in the live blog. If not, I hope that, in the event plotlines don’t pan out the way us fans expected or hoped would work out in the finale, that some restraint is shown in the comments posted afterwards to Greg and BJ during the session.

    It’s probably difficult to keep a cool mind after the episode, but I don’t think they deserve (not one bit) any harsh tirade that might be directed to them at all. Whatever happens in the next two episodes, I think this season of “The Office” has been a consistently terrific season. I hope Greg and BJ receive the deserved acknowledgement and praise during the live blog from us fans for the good work that they have done this past year.

  10. So how does this work? I’ve never been a part of a “Live” blog. I guess I’ll just show up at that night and hope for the best?

  11. The Office is not The Jim and Pam Story. It would be insulting to the writers to just talk about Jim and Pam.

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