1. Hee, they are sneaky…I’m not going to put much into the no ring thing at this point. But it is kind of cool and very obvious.

  2. Thank you for posting these awesome pics. Everyone looks so great. This totally made my day! I must concur that David Denman is smokin’ hot! John who?

  3. i must say, i love Roy + beard. (Yes, I know his real name is David Denman, but I think it was a good decision from a character standpoint. If Pam moved out, and he doesn’t live with a woman anymore, he doesnt really have to shave?
    Also, the individuals are really, really cool.

  4. Also just noticed that these pictures were taken at the same time as the ones that are now in the bios at NBC.com-they’re wearing the same clothes! And the new bio pics have been up for about a month now.

  5. Those pics are so good. And i love Creed’s shoes! They’re sooo weird.
    And yeah Roy’s gonna be lookin way hotter this season! WHewww he really is smokin with that beard.

  6. I think Roy is sporting the beard because he just came back from the honeymoon that he and Pam were supposed to have.

  7. Love these pictures. Can’t wait. And from reading current spoilers, I have reason to believe things went well after the kiss for the concerned JAM fans. Its a new theory I’ve been working on.

  8. i laughed out loud at creeds photo and totally noticed the no ring thing on pam…not getting my hopes up yet…however my quesiton is: which room are they in taking these photos? is it the vending machine room?

  9. Too cool! Love these pictures! They all look so awesome and it’s fun seeing the whole cast w/ their own photo ^_^

  10. Heidi-
    Yeah, it would appear that the pictures were taken in the break room, aka the one with the vending machines. This is not to be confused with the cafeteria, which has the refridgerator and microwave and toaster (notable scenes: Italian sub scence in 104 “The Alliance”, “We’re not going out, we’re engaged!” scene in 106 “Hot Girl”. I’m surprised that niether of the first two to come to mind are from season 2.) or the conference room, which is next to Michael’s office and is where most talking heads are filmed (was once Dwight’s “workspace”).
    On the agenda tonight, tonight being my last night to stay up and watch The Office until I fall over (school starts Tuesday, so I’m gonna have to regulate Office watching to Saturday nights, and Friday nights once football season ends and I stop going to games every Saturday morning) (GO MICHIGAN!!): The Injury (214?), Conflict Resolution (221), Casino Night (222).

  11. thank you J for the clarification. Yeah it wasn’t totally sure where this room was. though i knew it wasn’t the conference room.

    Good luck starting school, i concur that once school starts there is less office time. i just started law school last monday and have found that i don’t even a ton of time to come to officetally!!!

  12. Nice catch, Denise! I see Ryan’s, Jim’s, and Michael’s pics, but unfortunately, I don’t have access to the large hi-res versions.

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