1. I love how the owner of the biggest “real place” on the show couldnt’ even pretend to enjoy it. haha

  2. At the end, the reproter says “Aint no party like a Scranton party cuz a Scranton party NEVER stops.” I’m so sure he can’t even say it right.

    And I think that if the owner of Poor Richard’s doesn’t like The Office, then maybe the show should find a new bar to go to… one with an owner that actually appreciates the business along with the show.

  3. i think my favorite part was when they said “this thing has really gotten huge” and then cut to michael saying “that’s what she said”.

    hahahahahaha. way to go.

  4. So, when is this convention that they mentioned? The May 19th thing with Kevin and Angela?

  5. Great find! Thanks for bringing us “Office-philes” the goods. I was surprised to see that that many actual places were referenced in the show.

  6. 5 | tanster : “Yeah, so far that’s the only visit we know about for sure.”

    Hmmm…I didn’t realize it was an actual convention. I wonder if it will have a big turnout?

  7. Ha Ha, I know the girl they interviewd. She graduated with me, but not from Scranton High

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