The Office renewed for Season 7!

From today’s NBC press release:

NBC has renewed three more of its Thursday-night comedies – “30 Rock” (9:30-10 p.m. ET), “The Office” (9-9:30 p.m. ET) and the freshman series “Community” (8-8:30 p.m. ET) for the 2010-11 season. The returning programs join the previously announced “Parks and Recreation” (Thursdays, 8:30-9 p.m. ET) that also will return for next season.

Currently in its sixth season, “The Office” is network television’s #1 primetime scripted series among adults 18-34 and is NBC’s #1 scripted series in the key demographic of adults 18-49. “The Office” regularly finishes #2 in its highly competitive time period in adults 18-49 ahead of CBS’s “CSI.” The most recent “Office” telecast on March 4 outscored ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” marking the first time “The Office” has topped “Grey’s” head-to-head in adults 18-49. For the season through 23 weeks, “The Office” is averaging a 4.9 rating, 12 share in adults 18-49 and 9.4 million viewers overall, representing gains versus last season of 4 percent in 18-49 and 3 percent in total viewers.

Congratulations! :)

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  1. YAY! Congratulations Office Cast! Hopefully we can see more of Cecelia Marie, too!

  2. hm. i thought it was already confirmed when mindy kaling tweeted that all the writers were going on a retreat to brainstorm for season 7.

  3. Now that the Office is being renewed, I have a question. Is that $1 lottery ticket for a trip to The Office set still going on?

  4. Woo hoo! Thursday will continue to be the best day of the week for another year. Congratulations, Office – and thanks for being extra awesome!

  5. Not that I had any doubts that it would return, but it’s always nice to have confirmation.

    I hope season 7 isn’t the last. The thought of the show winding down bums me out big time.

  6. As much as I love this show, I don’t want it to die out slowly and painfully. Ending after a seventh season would be a great way to go out on top instead of dragging it out.

    In my opinion, a seventh and final season would be a great idea.

  7. Couldn’t be happier!! And I’m not surprised it’s #1!

    Here’s hoping there isn’t an end in sight!!

  8. THIS IS AWESOME, but not surprising:) does anyone know if Steve is returning? I remember hearing everyone had contracts for another season, but steve didn’t or had one less year than everyone else. Anyone know anything?

  9. @Emily…

    If Steve wasn’t coming back, I HIGHLY doubt the show would have been renewed. He’s a pretty integral part and I don’t think the show would be successful without him.

  10. YES! I’m so glad… and at the same time i’m hoping season 7 is the final season AND NBC announces that it will be the final season so we can really anticipate it and go out with a bang… like LOST

  11. I really hope that the seventh season is the last. If The Office gang have an end in sight, Season 7 could be a legendary closing to this show. It would be heartbreaking to see The Office meander along and peter out until it’s cancelled. I want the decision to be in the hands of the cast and crew, not the NBC execs.

  12. I seriously hope season 7 is not the last! The show lost its way a little this season, but the past 3-4 episodes have all been absolutely fantastic. I know they still have a lot of fuel left in the tank. I can understand maybe season 8 being it, but season 7 just seems too soon. Especially when the ratings continue to go up!

  13. @ChristmasGoose
    I quite agree with you and I hope NBC is listening.

    Yippie, am really happy about this, congratulations to THE OFFICE crew.

  14. #21, nv – well said. I agree 100%. It’s going to be sad when the show ends, obviously, but it would be much less so if it went out with a bang rather than a fizzle.

  15. I, too, hope season 7 is the last. We see Jim move on to bigger and better things. We see Angela and her baby with beet stained teeth. And, we see Michael and Holly together at last….this is my dream anyway…

  16. I’m glad I’m not the only one hoping next year is the last. This whole season I’ve felt that the show is losing its steam. I love, love, love this show, but it hasn’t been the same. There have been some great, great episodes (Niagara, Murder, Secret Santa, Sabre, The Delivery), but this season as a whole doesn’t compare to previous seasons.

    I want to see it put down easily. Seven years is an incredible run! Especially for a show they thought wouldn’t be picked up. Because I care about its quality, I don’t want it to continue for another three years in mediocre fashion. And honestly, this is one of the two or three most re-watchable shows out there. I’ve seen every episode of the first five seasons at least thirty times (appx.).

  17. Finally beat Grey’s! YES! Personally, I see no reason for The Office to end, ever. There are so many interesting characters now and so many story line possibilities, it could just go on and on and on, so I don’t want season 7 to be the last. It makes sense to me that Pam and Jim would stay where they are for the next few years– when you have a kid, priorities change and having a stable income is important. And anyway, they aren’t the only ones on the show. We need to see more Erin, Andy, Kelly, Creed… you get my drift. Win, win, win.

  18. While the show isn’t as funny as it was when it started out, in my opinion it’s been a lot worse than it is now (season 4). Despite it having gone downhill somewhat, it is still one of the funniest, if not the funniest, show on TV in my opinion. So unless NBC can replace it with something better I don’t see it going off the air after season 7 as long as the cast sticks around. If they decided to start focusing on some of the less popular characters a little more the show could go have so much more life in it. So unless they really screw the pooch on season 7, I would love to see a season 8.

  19. The Office is what keeps me alive, it is the one thing I look forward to every week and in between seasons is when I watch the older season. I love the office and am so glad that it will continue. Great show, great cast, great job!

  20. Can I call it now? Cecelia Halpert takes her first steps in the Dunder-Mifflin office…wait for it…from the reception desk to Jim’s.

    And there you go. Seriously writers – take it, I won’t even be mad!

    Woohoo for season 7!!! Thank you!!!

  21. @29 (jj)
    I think that the current season is one of their best yet. I did think that the show had gone downhill (My previous fav. season was 3, followed by 2, then 1, then 4,5) but this one has been absolutely fantastic. If the next is anything like the current, then I can’t wait!

  22. Lucky number seven. I, too, think this should be the last. As the ever-present SHE would say, always best to go out with a bang.

  23. Has it already been pointed out that Carell’s contract was only extended through 2011?

  24. Yeah, seven should be the last. I will miss them all, but it’s time for something else.

  25. to #31 (Erin)

    I LOVE YOU. that is the best idea ever. future writer right there =)

  26. The Office should go on forever. Seriously. I’d like to see any station try to come up with a better idea and find a better cast with better chemistry than they have. No. I hope there’s a season 8, 9, 10– well maybe 10 would be enough. We’ll see. But certainly not 7 or 8 being the last!

  27. the office is an excellent show!! I just turned 17 today and i have gotten at least 5 of my friends (seriously) addicted to the show. They love how stupid michael is! There is no reason why NBC should cancel the show because it is passing over to younger generations and they love it too! Yayyy for the office!!! ~i think in next season they should take a trip to San Francisco because that has a lot of funny potential!~ writers you can take this idea also

  28. Good news!
    I really love the office, great humor!
    Greetings from Holland

  29. This is my all-time favorite show. I hope it goes on longer than the Simpsons!

  30. I didn’t read all of the comments but i heard this next season is Steve Carell’s last. Really upsetting, but by the time it’s over i’ll be able to drink the Thursday nights away(after Community,30 Rock,and Parks and Rec, of course.)
    Also if The Office went on as long The Simpsons, we’d be following their retirement, and Creed’s 1 hr long funeral episode.

  31. I would LOVE to see The Office reach 9 seasons and tie with Seinfeld. However, I feel that if Steve Carell leaves the show it will lose its humor and it will be cancelled very quickly.

  32. This was by far the worst season of the show. Losing GD and Mose to P&R has been debilitating and the show has gone downhill since. The show should have ended with “Goodbye Toby” but with Jim and Pam engaged. They would have had resolution for JAM and hope for Michael. Gervais and Merchant were smart enough to know when to walk away. When Steve Carell leaves, the Office has to end – there can be no Office without the Scott/Brent character.

  33. A. Greg Daniels spends time with both shows.

    B. Merchant directed an episode last year (after Goodbye Toby) and did a commentary for the episode where he went on and on about how much fun he had.

  34. can’t WAIT for season 7! wonder what the writers will come up with next…almost all the episodes always surprise me. fantastic job!

  35. Great show, Ed Helms was a great addition. Ellie Kemper’s been good too. Who will end up being the Scranton Strangler? The obvious choice is Creed but….I’d put money on the guy Michael fired in Season 1 (Devon).
    If they make some quality casting moves,it could go past next year. Then again, I’m not sure it can go on that long (that’s what she said).

    peace and love to the writers…love the writers!

  36. The office is the best show ever. Steve Carell is the heart of the show and if he leaves….well the show would be lost. Even so the other characters are very funny!!!!!!…….long live the office!!!!

  37. the strangler is in the first season. and season seven is going to be amazing…

  38. The office is the best show ever.

    Best characters
    Best personality
    Best writers
    Best Music

    Greetings from Belgium

  39. Can somebody reassure me about this series? We all like it, most of us love it. But, let’s be honest. Season 2 was legendary; season 3 was great (arguably as good as season 2, per some). Season 4 was consistently very good. Season 5, which is also when I notice inconsistency in the creative staff, saw the first off-season of the show, but it was 70% good and had a great arc in MSPC. Then, season 6 happened- pointless cold opens, the single-lamest finale to-date, no heavy stakes, little in heart-felt moments (aside from weddings and babies), and just honestly— the first season of the show I thought wasn’t good.

    Please… tell me these actors whose names have grown will commit to a great season 7 and get this series back on track. In all honesty, even THEY have to realize the quality’s diminishing. I WANT THIS TO BE A GREAT SHOW AGAIN- starting season 7.

  40. If Jane Lynch became a regular on this show I would never watch it again, and I am a die-hard Office fan

  41. My problem with season 6 is that Michael and Dwight weren’t friends and that ruined two of the best characters on the show. Now that they are friends again I hope they will have their usual shenanigans in season 7

  42. I have the only person who can actually replace Michael Scott as Regional Manager….. Todd Packer, think about how funny he would be as the new boss.

  43. The show lost its oooomph when jim became more serious with his promotion. I noticed in season 6 there was much less fun. Everything was serious. Far fewer pranks on dwight and andy. There was too much focus on love. 5 relationships to focus on is a bore. It was good when it was pam and jim and michaels horrible failures and kelly and ryan being ridiculous. that extra relationship kicked it over the edge. Get back to pranks and people will enjoy the story line even more!

  44. The Office is hands down the greatest show I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. I am a die-hard fan. And it hurts me when everyone says things about how the storylines in the new seasons suck. I admit that other seasons were better than season 6, but these are still the characters we love and we have to keep up support if we want the show to flourish. And you also have to remember that changes are bound to occur and with that we have to expect different storylines.

  45. I too am a die-hard Office fan. My heart is broken over Steve Carell leaving, and I agree that the only replacement possible could be Ricky Gervais. I love every single episode, what a brilliant team the writers are, and the actors are just so loveable! I wish I worked in ‘The Office’. Don’t ever stop!

  46. If they made Todd Packer the boss of that branch I would probably quit watching unless he was just a recurring character. Every sequence that includes him saddens me.

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