‘The Office’ retains 9pm slot in 2011-2012 season

NBC has announced its Thursday night line-up for 2011-2012, with The Office retaining the 9pm slot for its eighth season.

Here is the new Thursday night schedule:

  • 8-8:30pm: Community
  • 8:30-9pm: Parks and Recreation
  • 9-9:30pm: The Office
  • 9:30-10pm: Whitney (new comedy starring Whitney Cummings)
  • 10-11pm: Prime Suspect (new drama starring Maria Bello)

30 Rock is scheduled to return mid-season; Outsourced has been canceled.


  1. I’m really disappointed with this schedule. Parks & Rec really benefited from the 9:30 slot, I don’t really care for Whitney Cummings, and 30 Rock is getting held back until the midseason!

    The Office stands sentinel in its 9:00 slot as always :)

  2. I see good and bad in this whole schedule. Good: The fact that a) The Office and Community (both great shows) are back in the same timeslot as last year. and b) Parks and Recreation is where it SHOULD have been at the beginning of the year. In the 8:30 timeslot, which gives the network 3 great shows back-to-back-to-back. Bad: This past year, that 8:30 timeslot really killed 2 shows and, as great as Community is, that show isn’t a ratings juggernaut that you would trust a show like P&R to keep the ratings up for the Office (which, let’s face it, is on its last leg without Steve Carell)

  3. I’m sure the 30 Rock thing is so Tina Fey can be off with her new baby. Good for her.

  4. LOVE IT! My three favorite shows on TV (Community, P&R, and The Office) back-to-back! Feel bad for Outsourced. Seems like it had potential but got killed by the 10:30pm time slot.

  5. I was really disappointed to see Perfect Couples canceled. I know it didn’t get a lot of great reviews, but I loved it. Was I the only one?

  6. As long as P&R and The Office are back to back they can be in whichever order NBC likes.

  7. Dan – I was enjoying that series too, and don’t think the network gave it much of a chance.

    Sorry about Outsourced (it was doing okay in the ratings and NBC just killed it by moving it to 10:30). Glad they got a chance to wrap things up in the final episode, at least.

    Not really sure why NBC is sticking with the 8:00 timeslot for Community – love the show, but it can’t anchor the evening. Maybe they are hoping it will get an Emmy nomination and then people will watch?

  8. Very glad that The Ofice is returning, but sad to see Outsourced cancelled, I really liked that show.

  9. Good to see P&R get back to its DESERVED 8:30 timeslot. It’s slowly evolved into the best show not only on Thursdays, but on NBC’s schedule. It’s the natural successor to The Office and should be treated as such.
    Community is good, it’s sad there’s not more of a following.

    Perfect Couples was poorly cast and essentially unwatchable.

    Outsourced completely sucked.

    The Paul Reiser Show would have been better had it not been a carbon copied (if not slightly homogenized) version of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  10. Nice to see Parks and Rec and The Office still back to back, but I think I’d rather have The Office first, since The Office is probably gonna be iffy without Steve, and even with him it isn’t always amazing, but Parks and Rec has been absolutely brilliant almost 100% of the time since Season 2, and I like watching it after The Office so I don’t get too annoyed with the issues on the show. But just as long as they’re both together, I’m good.

    And Outsourced started out okay, but a few weeks after it got moved to 10:30, i just never wanted to watch it anymore. i’m perfectly fine with it going.

  11. 11) Ellie603- A agree. P&R is legitimately the BEST comedy on T.V. right now. It’s the first show to ever beat The Office in five years for my Thursday night preference. Great to see Parks & Rec in its rightful time slot.
    Now we have 3 awesome shows back to back to back, and hey I’ll give anything NBC throws at me a try, but this last year was just terrible for new programs.
    Outsourced certainly wasn’t my cup of tea, I won’t miss it. Good riddance to that GOD-AWFUL Perfect Couples show. Paul Reiser never stood a chance.

  12. I like the schedule except Outsourced should come back at 9:30pm. This Whitney crap doesn’t appeal to my family. The perfect TV night would be 8-10pm with Community, Parks and Rec, The Office and Outsourced being shown back to back respectively. BIG MISTAKE NBC.

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