The Office ringtones

How to Install an iPhone ringtone (Mac)

  1. Click any of the iPhone links on the previous page.
  2. You’ll see a window like this one in Firefox. Click Save File to download the file.
    How to install an iPhone ringtone
  3. Open iTunes and choose File > Add to Library. Choose the file you just downloaded.
    How to install an iPhone ringtone
  4. In iTunes, you should see the ringtone you just added in the Ringtones section.
    How to install an iPhones ringtone
  5. Connect your iPhone to your computer. In the left pane, click your iPhone in the Devices section. Then click the Ringtones tab.
  6. Select the Sync Ringtones checkbox and make sure the ringtone you just added is selected in the Ringtones section.
    How to install an iPhone ringtone
  7. Click Apply to copy the ringtone to your iPhone.


  1. Too Coool!! BUT….I’m an idiot when it comes to cool techy stuff…HELP! Anyone!

    I have a Nokia 3120 with Cingular that plays polyphonic tones… will any of these work with my phone? I was thinking MIDI…but I don’t know what to do! If one of them will work, can someone please tell me how to get it on my phone?

    Thanx, Guys!!


  2. Anyone know how I can get the ringtone onto my Verizon phone without a data cable or bluetooth hookup? I don’t mind paying for it if the site supports Verizon.

  3. Any cingular customers have trouble getting the ringtone from the NBC store? I sent the text message like it says, but didn’t get the ringtone.

  4. Can anyone point me to the place to get the UK’s opening music for a ringer or an mp3? (I have verizon)

  5. drew-
    I had the same problem and it’s kind of frustrating not being able to get it.
    Let me know if anyone who has Cingular gets The Office theme to work as a ringtone.

  6. I have a T-Mobile Blackberry 8700g. I tried to get it from the NBC website by I get an error message. Anyone else have it?

  7. I see that people are having the same problem Iam, so what is the solution. I have cingular phone, make is a LG L1400i Thank you for your help.

  8. Is it possible to download the MIDI file to a Motorola V550? I have Cingular and was able to download the polyphonic, but at one point during the ring it just sounds like noise and it takes away from the awesome Office theme song sound! Thanks!

  9. I found a way to get this on my iTunes! Now i have a 32 sec song that i replay alot…. nice…

  10. I have verizon and the LG vx8300. I make ringtones all the time for my phone. If your phone supports mp3 ringtones just make sure that the clip is under 300kb. i use dBpowerAMP to do this. then i use to send the ringtone to my phone.

  11. Awesome! Thanks for posting these. I really can’t believe how hard it is to find a decent The Office theme on the internet. If you get the .wav (the only one I could find), it doesn’t sound exactly like it… Even iTunes doesn’t have it! Thanks again…

  12. For some reason when I download the Midi file to my mac I am only getting the background piano part of the song. It doesn’t ever kick in to the keyboard synth… Any Suggestions?

  13. love song, love season, trying to find on itunes, so happy you guys have it, listen to it everyday!

  14. I actually downloaded mine from the Myspace Page. I got it onto my Verizon Phone, but It is just in MY Sounds and I can’t get it as a ringtone. Help!

  15. I have a Verizon RAZR and so far none of the tricks that anyone has suggested in getting the ringtone on my phone. I tried compressing the mp3 and sending either by email or the uploader that someone posted, but no luck. Anyone have any success with a Verizon RAZR?

  16. Hey, I got the ringtone to work. I’m a member at a mobile community called Mixxer. Download the version of the theme song that you want from the link above. Then go to their website, register (for free I might add!) then upload the .mp3 or MIDI to your “Personal Files”. From here you can use their service to get the song onto your phone. It’s completely free! It did the whole thing in less than a minute.

  17. For the Verizon RAZR phone – Alex – I downloaded the theme then followed the website from post #16 – funformobile…. and that worked for me. Good luck!

  18. i can’t figure out how to download the theme from this page. when i click on the “mp3” link it just takes me to a webpage that uses quicktime and plays the song. can someone tell me what i am doing wrong and how i can download it in mp3 format rather than just playing it.

  19. When I tried to get it as my ringtone, my verizon phone sent me to vzwpix.xom to get it but I couldn’t get the ringtone from there to…anyone with a verizon phone that can help????

  20. soo…i figured out how to get the format to work but now i need the file to be shortened by 2 seconds since verizon won’t let be have it be 32 sec. It needs it 30 sec. HELP

  21. So did anyone who got the message saying their text wasn’t understood get it to work? I really want this ringtone, but I don’t have a cable for my phone. Please help!


  22. I am practically computer illiterate. Are there any other ways to compress the file to send to my phone? I went to DbPowerAmp and am hesitant to download it as this is my work computer. I guess I can wait till I get a chance at home, but I am impatient! Any suggestions?

  23. to compress or shorten mp3’s into ringtones, try its a great program.use it for all my ringtones. i use vzw.

    if you dont have a cable for your phone, but you have a memory card for your phone, just transfer the mp3 to your memory card into the right folder.

    if you are trying to do it through with an email, you have to attach the file to the email.i was trying that today but my internet was acting up and i didnt have the patience.

    using a usb cable,bitpim is also a good program for cable or bluetooth transfers.

    as for me, my friend wants this ringtone, so i used bitpim to compress it so its small enouh to send in a pix msg (150kb) and put it on my memory card through a card reader.

    hope this helps

  24. I have the LG 8100 with Verizon, and the above advice didnt work. It transferred the sound to my phone, saved it as an .mid, but is in my sounds folder and cant be used as a ringtone. Any more advice?

  25. Just curious to see if you are gonna work on the Andy’s version of “Rockin’ Robin”. That’d be a great ringer. Thanks!

  26. For any who are interested to know, I am a Cingular customer who just figured out how to get the ringtone. You will need to follow a couple steps from others above. First, download a file from above. Second, download Third, convert the file in the bitpim program. Fourth go to the funformobile link above and complete the process! You’re done! Thanks for all your help guys.

  27. Hi. I have been trying to download the MP3 and WAV files via Funformobile to my Verizon Razr phone and get the message “Unable to download PIX-FLIX message”. I have also dowloaded others that DO download to my phone but then dont play. PLEASE HELP!


  28. To those who asked about the Rockin’ Robin ringtone, you can find 2 versions of it in MP3 format here

    I have most (if not all) of the songs sung by the actors on the show as well as 1000s of audio clips – all available in MP3 format.

    Thanks again to Jennie for having my site on the links page here at OfficeTally! ;)

  29. Mike (post #40) – Thanks from one Verizon customer to another!! I’ve been looking everywhere and your ringtone links worked!

  30. I have not been able to find the office theme for my verizon phone anywhere. It is a LG vx5200. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  31. Wow, MIKE you rock my world, i couldnt find the office theme ringtone for the life of me, but with your link it was so very easy!! i love you!!!

  32. yo i’m trying to find Michael Scott’s ringtone for my sony ericsson z520a phone. the “the humps” by black eyed peas….

  33. Thank you. Worked absolutely perfect downloading to my PC and using my USB cord to my z520a. :)

  34. I have a verizon 650 treo, and was just wondering how to download the office’s theme song as a ringtone? If anyone could help me that would be great. Thanks

  35. I see that the MP3 is on the office website, and I can play it… but how do I save it to my computer so I can use it as a ringtone? Please e-mail me with the answer if you know.

    [email protected]

  36. I’m so excited! i was able to download the song directly to my verizon phone using Mike’s advice and link above. it’s not very loud but i’m just happy to have it! thanks!

  37. I have a LG VX5200 and can not figure out how to download The Office Theme Song from anywhere! Please help!!

  38. Geez, a little bit of research will do people wonders. Check out – and use the PHONE UPLOADER option. Save the file you want to your computer, upload it to the site, and then use your mobile browser to the address the site gives you – it’s fast, it’s free, and it works with a great number of phones and carriers. I’m using an Audiovox phone on Bell Mobility in Canada and it works wonders.

  39. My Verizon LG 3450 phone is not a camera phone, and evidently must use java somehow to get the ringtone. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do that?

  40. I have a Motorola I850 phone with Nextel as my provider. I have not been able to find anywhere on the Internet on how I can get The Office ringtone for my phone. Does anyone have any suggestions or help?

  41. I want this tone more than anything but i can’t download it!
    i have a USB cable to my phone but i just can’t get the mp3 to put it on

    please please help me

  42. I tried to buy the ringtone from I receive a text telling me to reply with the word “BUY” and when I do it tells me that it doesn’t understand it (or something like that). Any advice?? I’m using Ericsson W810i.

  43. Hi,

    My name is Ngoc and I work at which is formerly Just thought let everyone know that we have change our name and website. This is in regards to the 27th comment from Gary.


  44. I downloaded this MP3 and transferred it to my SLVR L7 through Motorola Phone Tools. Sounds great! :D

  45. Hi, I recently went to the NBC website (not through the link above) and now I can’t get the office ringtone! I’m making due with the one available through cingular, but it’s not the same as the other one. Any word on when I can get the one from NBC, or at least how to get it’s equivalent? Cingular’s is a little slow in tempo. thanks :)

  46. whenever i click on any of those formats (mps, wav, midi) it just goes to a link and i cant download anything. does that happen to anyone else?? im trying to put it in my verizon motorola razr. thanks


  47. I can open the link for the song and it comes up in a new browser page, but how do I download it to my computer?

  48. I have tried a lot of sites and just want the office ringtone. I will pay for it one time but DO NOT want a monthly charge which they all do. HELP!!! Which site does not have a monthly fee?

  49. Thank you so much for this!! I’ve been wanting The Office ringtone forever now, but could not figure out how to do it, lol.

    Thank you to the kind people who have left comments on how to do all this.

  50. To TheOfficeB*tch (#74), I’ve got a Chocolate (from Verizon) and what I did was download the MP3 to my computer, attach it in an e-mail and send it to my phone. The address would be [email protected]. Send the e-mail and it should come through as a picture message, then just save the sound to your phone and set it as a ringtone! It may take a little while. Mine took about 4 hours to finally come through, cause it’s a pretty big file, but it’s totally worth it! I hope this helps!

  51. In addition to what #74 (Britney) says to get the ring tone on some Verizon phones. You may need to change the extension on the MP3 from .mp3 to .mid before sending it to your phone.

  52. It’s usually just as easy as copying it to your phone and setting it as the ringtone in settings, but most phones you must send the file through a message and/or get it in a different file type. Different phones accept different types of music as rings!

    The whole point of these files is that you can save them in their whole, unaltered state without having to buy anything or paying for data services. Most phones won’t be able to use mp3s as ringtones, but new ones just need the mp3 file saved to them.

  53. 77: Go to directly from your Pearl and click on the link for the mp3 format of the ringtone. the song should play for you on your blackberry. Press the menu button and save the file on your blackberry or media card. =)


  54. Thanks Brittany! I’m sending right now to my phone, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    I really do appreciate your help

  55. I bought this ringtone from at&t and is only like half the song how can I get this one? How much is it?

  56. Thanks Brittany and Jim. I sent the MIDI and MP3 files to my phone but only the MID sent successfully.

  57. You do not need iLife for the iPhone. Follow the directions given in the video as they are. I don’t have iLife and have had no issue converting songs into ringtones.

  58. Happiness is hearing The Office Ringtone on my iPhone. The CNET video instruction is wonderful. You can download the video to iTunes and watch it as a movie. Thanks so much.

    [from tanster: I 100% agree! Thank you, CNET!]

  59. I found bluetoothing the MP3 to be the easiest to my samsung. I had the song set as my regular ring less than a minute after reading the post. Now if only someone would call….

  60. Hey guys, I’m really bad at all this kind of stuff so do you think someone can help me out? I have t-mobile with a samsung phone but I think I lost the usb and I have no idea how else to get the ringtone on there. I’ve already tried e-mailing it to my phone but that didn’t work either. I’m getting really desperate…I really want this ringtone…what do I do?

  61. I have bell mobility, how can I get the office ring tone using this particular wireless service 8D

  62. alright…so I have the link on my phone by using my mobile browser…how can i add the midi file as a ring tone instead of it sitting in the bookmarks of my web on my phone?

  63. I’ve had The Office theme on my phone (Verizon/LGVX5200) for a while now. BitPim is your friend! (Though it was somewhat of a hassle getting it set up). Appropriately enough, the ringtone is reserved for co-workers who call me. :-)

  64. I easily got my Office ringtone over a year ago, using the website You just download the ring tone to your computer using one of the files that tanster provided above under “THE OFFICE THEME SONG IN VARIOUS FORMATS.” Then, mobile17 will convert it into a ringtone and send it to your phone for free. I have a Motorola RAZR, by the way, but most phones are apparently compatible.

  65. THANK YOU for the cnet link. I’d been trying to figure out how to do that, and all the other links made it sound so much more complicated than it actually was. That was easy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I tried everything to get the ringtone to my phone, nothing would work because nothing really supports my phone in the way of sending mobile content, but is great!
    All you do is browse your computer for the file you want, click upload, and then it’ll give you a code and a url to go to on your mobile, and you enter the code and it’s downloaded directly to your phone. And it’s free!
    (you can send pictures too)

  67. For all people wondering how to set this as their ringtone on their Verizon cell phone here is how you do it.

    1. Click MP3 up at the top of the page
    2. Go to the recording feature on your cellphone
    3. Record the 30 second clip
    4. Save the clip on your phone
    5. Send yourself a picture message with the sound clip selected as the audio
    6. Receive the message with the sound clip and you are now able to save it as a ringtone.

    Basically you can’t set a directly recorded sound as your ringtone so the trick to get around it is to text it to yourself.

  68. I have Cingular LG shine… and a mac. how do i get the ringtone… I am not all that computer savy…. thanks!!

  69. i would use that website but i dont want to get mysteriously pulled into something i have to pay for. thanks anyways.

  70. i know this is probably a stupid question… but how do i download this onto my mac?

  71. Is that the same Jay Ferguson that was the 70s rocker who performed Breakdown Cruise and White Noise?

  72. Thank you so much!! I am putting together a mix as a parting gift for my roommates of all the songs that remind me of them, and it wouldn’t be complete without this song!

  73. hi i was just wondering how u get that onto your ipod because i have no idea how to!!

  74. I have an Alltel Razor and I have the ringtone on my phone in the sounds file, but how do I set it as my ringtone? It doesn’t give me that option.

  75. Thanks a million!!!! I’ve been dreaming of this song!!!! Have it as a ringtone now :))))) Happy happy!

  76. Yes, “The Office” is very good cinema!!! I’m from Russia, and it’s only recently begun to show. I am happy!

  77. You guys are awesome. I have several clients in Scranton, they are now set up with the perfect ringtone.

  78. Go to htt:// for free ringtones, they have tons of the office ringtones that can be sent directly to your phone

  79. I’ve been wanting to download this on my iPhone forever! I think I will never answer the phone again just so I can listen to it over and over again.

  80. Hi ok so I have a Tracfone. Is there any way I can get this ringtone for my phone? This is the best show ever!

  81. Hey! I have a Samsung Cingular (but i think it’s AT&T now) phone. I have bluetooth, but have NO clue how to work it. I just want a free office ringtone.. how do i get that? if it is sent to my phone, i know how to save it and set it as a ringer. but how do i send it to my phone? if anyone can help, please do! thanks!

  82. is there simply a way to buy it on iTunes? when i went searching on iTunes store, i’ve typed “the scrantones” “the office theme” “jay ferguson” and nothing seems to work, please help if possible (:

  83. I justed wanted to ask, why did the writers shorten the theme song for some of the episodes? It’s not a big deal but for some reason I like the longer version better.

  84. So I guess I just don’t know what I’m doing but when I click on the link for the iphone ringtone a page opens with a bunch of code. How do I get the song into the itunes ringtones?

  85. haha, thank you SO much for it! i just downloaded this for my iPhone, and it’s awesome! i love it!!

  86. When you use those websites to send the ring tone to yourself as a picture message is there any extra charges?

    I have picture messaging on my verizon phone, but I was just wondering if it’s different since the message is coming from a website.

  87. p.s. for those who do not know how to put it on your phone. just download the mp3 copy and send it to your phone as an email attachment.

  88. The 6th comment talks about converting the 506kb mp3 to a file smaller than 300kb. I don’t have a converter and can’t download one. Can anyone post a smaller mp3 version?

  89. my friend had the office ringtone and just texted it to me, and it works great! I don’t know what version she had, but it got to my phone (and to hers via someone else) perfectly!

  90. Verizon customers:

    Attach the ring tone to the blank email and send it!

  91. Could we somehow get the ringtone Andy made (Rockin’ Robin)? That would be amazing. . . I keep hoping this will occur to someone else, and it will appear somewhere. . . :-D

  92. I have a Blackberry Curve 8310. How do I use one of these links? I can’t even figure out how to download the song to my computer, much less my Blackberry.

  93. thanks for the ringtone for my itunes, but how do I convert it to an iPhone ringtone without the bell icon next to it?

  94. For those looking for more ringers, there are a bunch of Office songs here

    There are plenty of The Office soundboards, and I know I saw the Hunter song on one of them. I’ll keep looking

  95. And finally, jsalny, here is a site where you can get an MP3 of the full Hunter song: “That One Night.”


    Sorry to use three posts, but was posting as I found things.

  96. I have a verizon motorola razor Maxx and I emailed myself the .mid ringtone as an attachment and the only way I could save it was under “Saved Sound”. So now it’s under “My Sounds”, which I cannot make it as a ringtone. any suggestions?? :/

  97. I was hoping someone has seen the ringtone or mp3 for the commercial made by Daryl, Creed, Andy, Kevin and Kelly in the “Local Ad” episode. Thank you in advance.

  98. OMG thank you thank you thank you!!! i’m sooo happy i was able to get this on my iphone! whooo hooo

  99. For those on a blackberry – one way to do it.

    Right click the link you want (i.e. MP3) and “Save As” on your computer. Then attach the file in your email. Then save the attachment on your blackberry as a ringtone.

  100. Soooo blackberry users can’t use the Idiot ringtone because there isn’t an MP3?

  101. My nephew made a ringtone of the Dunder Mifflin song from “Local Ad”. I have it on my iPhone and it cracks me up everytime it goes off…Tanster..I can send it to you if you’d like!

    [from tanster: please do — i’ll add it to the list! [email protected] – thank you!]

  102. Thank you!!! The first time I thought when I watched the episode was where I could get the ringtone. Of course, I knew the answer…

  103. Sorry for any confusion…
    Blackberry users can download the “Idiot” ringtone.
    Right-click the WAV link and choose “Save Target As” to your hard drive. Then email and download to blackberry.

  104. Can someone please make a ringtone of Dwight and Andy’s rendition of Take Me Home, Country Roads. Please!

  105. aaaaah all i need now is an iphone and i’ll be set!! :)

  106. Can we get Andy’s “Rockin Robin” as well? That would be amazing.

  107. can’t wait to wake up to “idiot idiot idiot” every day! haha

  108. Anybody know how to get the Rainbow Connection ringtone if I don’t have an iPhone? I have the Android G1 phone.

  109. YES – Rockin Robin, please!

    I would call myself all the time just to hear it.

  110. Can somebody please send me a link to a website where i can download the Idiot-ringtone
    I REAAAAAALLY need it
    thanks guys!!

  111. Thanks alot for the ringtone. I had searched so many places with no success. I can now enjoy listening to the ringtone when ppl call instead of the annoying tones i had before

  112. I need some help. I have a Samsung Propel with no internet service. Is there a way I can get one of these ringtones? I’ve followed some other suggestions, such as going to, but I still can’t get it to work.

  113. Hey does anyone know if I can get the Rockin Robin ringtone for just a plain Samsung phone? I can play mp3’s on it but it’s no fancy blackberry or iphone. thanks.

  114. OK, I give up. How do I get these on to my phone? Clicking on the MP3 link just plays the song but nothing else.

  115. Does anyone know if the sound effect for the Scranton branch’s phone system is available as a ringtone?

  116. Looking for info on Pam Beesly’s ringtone in the Episode titled Weight Loss. Trying to collect all tones fron every character’s phones on the Office. Thanks in advance…

  117. I’d really like the Rockin Robin, Idiot, and Lazy Scranton ringtones. That would be really awesome! Thanks for the ones that have been posted already!

  118. Thanks! I used to have the Office theme song as my main ringtone on my LG, but the iPhone wouldn’t let me use it when I got my 3G. I’d given up on that working with the iPhone 4, but there it is.

  119. Hi :)
    Can you PLEASE add the epilogue ringtone of “the office” to the download section

    Thanks a lot,

  120. I am using The Ringtone Maker to convert my songs into ringtones.
    It makes them into the format suitable for my mobile.
    I can create ringtones for iphone, from youtube videos, which I think is great.
    It cost me a small one time fee but I don’t mind

  121. Can you please add the song that they all sang to Michael at the last Dundies? Thanks.

  122. Last ditch effort to find the actual ringtone used on the phone at reception. Not the theme song because THAT is everywhere. Anyone that could help, I would be most appreciative!

  123. I think “Just Sit Here and Cry” should be added to this page. Get to work, internet

  124. Wouldn’t it be great if we can make Michael Scott saying “Dwight, you ignorant slut” our alarm tone! :D I wish there was a season 10 :(

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