1. that was a GREAT episode.

    yay jam! i got butterflies… :)

    and finally- i shun officetally.

    shun lifted.

  2. OMG, so funny! Plus, Jim and Pam werew\ side by side all night and no tension. This is the way more episodes should be. I could not stop laughing at that “Sea Monster” comment!

  3. Brillant. Loved every moment. the betting was AWESOME! Darryl is so great.

    BJ wrote a fantastic episode :)

  4. GREAT Episode!!! For the first time i didn’t watch any preview clips and stayed away from spoilers, and it was soooo much better!!!

  5. So good. I loved this episode; much better than last week, and the tension was lowered with great comedic effects.
    “There is a castle!” and the Creed moments? Priceless!

  6. During Ryan and Kelly’s conversation about Netflix (classic), anyone notice that Ryan’s back at his old desk… which was Jim’s old desk?!

  7. Oh my gosh, what a fun episode! The betting was so great! I loved Creed biting into the potato!

  8. Sometimes the show just doesn’t seem long enough. Supersize every week! I guess Jim and Pam are back on speaking terms. I thought Creed was so funny. First the potato and then him zipping up his pants.

  9. what a fun, dare i say “old-fashioned”(if you can call last year old, but it seems so distant!) episode. loved the betting. loved michael’s rediculous insecurity. and, once again, poor toby!!! and creed and the potato!!! so many great moments!

  10. I’m interested to see how people read into the small details of the episode…

  11. There doesn’t have to be some dramatic scene between Jim and Pam for me to be happy. I am happy that they were together most of the time. Reminds me of season 2 with “The Fire.”

  12. 22 | dwigt No Idea, I loved it, was a nice break from the suffocating Tension of late

  13. IMissJim — what do you mean no JAM moments? I thought there were plenty. Like when Kevin said “That’s not fair, you stood over here for hours and hours and hours for years.” And then Pam and Jim stood next to each other for most of the episode, and the castle thing when they realized what Michael was gonna do and then working together to make him come down.

    I thought it was like the old JAM again, it was great.

  14. That was a great episode!
    Cant wait for quotes!

    “If that was Stanleys car, alert the police. Tell them it was a hate crime”

  15. Kevin to Jim: “You spent hours and hours and hours at reception… FOR YEARS…”

    Karen: *sad look on face*

    Me: Yay!

  16. 1) Nice to have a breather from JAM stuff.
    2) Kind of disappointed in this episode from the Michael Scott end of things. It set up some funny ideas – the castle, “I have plenty of watermelons in my trunk” – but come on. It was trying to be ludicrous but missed the mark, for me.
    3) The betting was great.
    4) Yay Patrice and Craig! And “Pudge”.
    5) Watching the promos really isn’t such a good idea.
    6) See? Andy isn’t so bad.
    7) Overall, not my favorite episode. Still, nothing else on TV (or in general really) makes me laugh as big, so I’m devoted.

  17. Pretty solid, average episode. Didn’t dislike anything about it, but not all that funny. It was a good time though.

    I loved Darryl’s speech at the end and Kelly explaining Netflix.

  18. Amazing episode, filled with great lines, and JAM. They didn’t have some dramatic moments, but they were friends and thats all I need!

  19. This episode was awesome!! The whole thing was funny, especially the betting thing. Also, a “sedimentary” life??!?! I was rolling!!!! Vomit from boredom? Another great phrase that I can now used whenever appropriate.

    I thought it was a really good JAM episode. No, there were no real angsty moments but…they were TALKING!!! That is so HUGE! The show can sometimes get weighed down by all the angst. There’s been so much of it lately. It’s good to see a reminder of why we’re pulling for Jim and Pam in the first place. They were kinda back to their Season 2 selves a little bit. And the part with the jelly beans and Kevin going on an on about how many hours and years that Jim at spent at reception with Pam was great! Especially since it was in front of Karen.

    It had me laughing out loud and I can’t wait to watch it again. GREAT episode!

  20. As for JAM working together, I was happy to see Pam take so much leadership in actually getting Michael down. Granted, she didn’t do the big work like Darryl, but Jim was just kinda there, supporting her.

  21. CH – i completely agree. i said during the episode i love this episode because for the first time since office olympics you have the whole office participating in something instead of working.

  22. fun episode. the lowered jam tension was a relief this week. jim and pam seemed like they did in season 2. karen felt so absent in all the outside scenes. the netflix part was hysterical.

  23. In my mind, Season 3 has lost the magic it had in Season 2. This ep was a 3 out of 5 IMO.

    Although the betting was AWESOME.


  24. Only okay for me. Not as many laughs as last week.
    But some good parts…shunning and deshunning of “Drew”, Michael’s performance (as Jim put it), Kelly’s Netflix discussion, Creed and the potato, oh and I think Creed peed outside near the castle because did anyone notice he was zipping up his pants after saying there was a castle there? (ewww). I like Darryl though, he’s been funny in these episodes.

  25. This whole episode was very funny, although it didn’t pull as many jokes as The Negotiation– though there wasn’t any JAM angst from what I can really see, which I think evens it out a bit.

    The betting was hilarious- Pam raked in a lot of money… you know, considering Toby’s love of gambling you’d think he’d join in more: he could have won the Kelly/Ryan bet.

    And Ryan is out of the annex!

  26. Good episode, not great. It looks like Andy has decided to suck up to Dwight instead of Michael. The betting was the bet part – and Kevin saying that Jim spent hour after hour for years talking to Pam.

    At the end I was wondering if Jim tried to talk Michael out of jumping because Michael would get hurt or because he would owe Kevin $100,000.

  27. This episode totally made sense for Michael’s character. He felt insulted by Darryl. He wanted to give the same type of “fun” safety training presentation as Darryl did. Michael is on and off in terms of sanity and stupidity. He was at his “smartest” and sanest when Andy was acting like a lunatic.

  28. The betting was great of course, but I really liked the opening conversation between Jim, Andy.. I mean “Drew”, and Dwight.
    “An- oh, he’s too far away.”

  29. I am really enjoying the change in Ryan. He is more relaxed and fun, and more likable, in my opinion. I am loving the relationship with him and Kelly.

    Also, Karen and Pam had a friendly moment, which I was surprised to see.

  30. One of my favorite episodes all season. I love this show so much when it’s heavy on the ensemble humor and light on the angst.

  31. I agree with most of the comment on here about the episode being good, but not great. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that it was a regular ol’ 30 minute episode and not super-sized like last week’s. The betting was hilarious, how Kevin supposedly kept track of everything Kelly said for the payouts is ‘mind bottling’. But I don’t believe Ryan is out of the annex, ‘Anne’, I think everyone was in the main room because of all the betting going on, and Ryan just happened to be sitting at his old desk.

    Creed eating a potato…CLASSIC!

  32. i loved the shunning and unshunning…i’m so glad that JAM finally appears to be talking again…this is nice.

  33. Not my favorite episode, not my least favorite either. Still had some very funny moments though!

  34. Great episode! it was deffinatly a reminder of why we love this show so much..maybe a little too much. These kind of casual but still importaint JAM moments leave me much more satisfied than the big dramatic scenes we’ve been left with lately!

    Also, this episode reminded me that Karen could be likable. She wasn’t wierd to Pam, and i think that shows a lot about her character under the circumstances. It makes her more realistic and makes Jim’s decision to still be with her more realistic. But i still wish jim and pam would just make babies already!

    I love the way they have developed Ryan. He seem so much more likable and relaxed in this episode! BJ does a great job with him!

  35. Where was Karen in this episode? I mean you saw her in the scene with the jellybean bet, and her saying ‘she didn’t know the office as well as she thought’ but that was it. When they were outside Pam and Jim were awfully close to one another, where was Karen? I thought she was always trying to get in the way of those moments?

    I love the ensemble moments but the one downside is that we don’t get to hear from all the characters as much as we would like. Did Angela have any lines at all in this episode?

  36. I agree, # 53. I don’t think Ryan is out of the annex yet either. He just happened to be sitting there at that moment. The desk appeared to still be empty of any personal belongings.

  37. Hilarious 30 minutes, but I think we got spoiled with the supersized episode last week. I was thinking tonight that wanting hourlong episodes is unrealistic except for certain occasions, but I wouldn’t mind 40 minutes a week. I think NBC should experiment next season with 3 40 minute comedies every Thursday night.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  38. i agree. i loved the jam happenings in this episode.
    i likes how the plot didn’t move along at all and it was just like we were getting to know all the characters a little bit better. the beginning was a little boring… but i loved it!

  39. Looks like Jim and Pam are friends again…or at least comfortably talking to each other again.

    All the betting cracked me up!! And Dwight’s interaction with “Drew” was hilarious! Un-Shun! Re-Shun!

  40. I liked this week’s episode. I hope old jealous Andy/Drew returns.

    Luckily not that much JAM stuff, I wanted happy comedy Office.

  41. A solid, carry-over episode. Not amazing (the betting was great, though) but definitely seemed like it was just a function of moving closer to the finale.

    Loved the little kiss Ryan gave to Kelly. Adorable.

  42. As for Jim and Pam talking to each other again, I don’t feel like they really talked this episode.

    There was a lot of nonverbal communication. They just KNOW what the other person is thinking, which is why we love them so much.

  43. I really liked this episode in general. Had some really funny moments…I thought Michael on the roof was a hair over the top for my comedic tastes and I was bummed they didn’t have someone in that bouncy castle. That prop screamed for something else to be done with it.
    Loved the betting, the shunning, the classic Jim/Pam, good to see Madge again.

  44. Can some one sum up or transcript the JAM moments? My TiVO didnt work!!! Thanks.

  45. I taped the wrong channel! :(

    I just downloaded Itunes – how soon are the episodes available after they air?

  46. I don’t know… this felt like “The Convict” all over again. Instead of the Stamford guy (forgot his name) talking about prison being better than the office, we have Darryl talking about the “nerfy” life of office work.

    Then Michael spends the rest of the episode proving him wrong, and doing something drastic (locking everyone in the conference room/threatening to jump) until someone convinces him it’s OK, and he’s OK.

    C’mon BJ… I know you’re capable of better

  47. Hey, they shot this episode when the show and steve were nominated for a SAG award. I remember Pam’s outfit and also, Jim’s hair is normal. LOL

    I loved the Andy and Dwight interaction.

  48. #53 & #58
    Could it be that Ryan’s back at his old desk because Andy, oh, I’m sorry, “Drew,” is now in the annex with Kelly? Didn’t they show him walking towards the back?
    Great episode, not desert island worthy, but still good.

  49. I almost voted “loved it” – b/c I really did love it, however, I figured I better leave room for a “loved it” for the awesome JAM season finale! So it’s a “liked it (a lot) for me!! :)

  50. I didn’t like this week’s episode. It’s one of my least favorites for this season, thus far.

  51. Is it just me, or does any one else notice that whenever there is an AMAZING episode (like this one), that has hardly any of the jim/pam stuff, it seems like people don’t like it as much? Well…. I may be in the minority here, but this episode just proved that The Office is soooo much better without the “jam” drama! If this episdoe had a awkward “jam” moment as people call them, there would already be 100 comments on this board taking about it. I don’t know, i watch The Office to laugh. i get my drama everday during young & the restless lol

    Ok… sorry for the tirade lol, it just really irks me

  52. This was the weirdest episode…
    Season 3 has become so wacky.
    Of course it had its funny moments, but it was just so strange.

  53. the reasons i liked this episode
    -positve jam
    -not much karen (love rashida, hate jim/karen)
    -great great kelly scene
    -no awkward relationship moments that make me cringe (i.e. pam/toby)
    -creed creed creed!

    the reasons i voted “it was ok” on this episode
    -angela was totally missing? she had like.. one line
    -also, dwangela was missing. angela and dwangela are two different aspects
    -i dont know why, but daryll’s talking to michael about the nerf life was a little ‘in your face’ to me.
    -michael’s fake suicide attempt was a little stupid. even for michael.

    i’ll probably like it a LOT more when i rewatch it though.

  54. I loved Dwight in this episode. The whole Shun/Un-Shun bit was hilarious and had me rolling. It was good to see some positive interaction between Jim and Pam, even if it was scarce. The part with Kevin and everyone at the reception desk was classic. Hours, and hours, and hours..

    And did anyone seem to notice how Karen sort of felt out of place during all the betting? She said they were cleaning her out and that she didn’t know the place as well as she thought. I wonder how that’s going to pan out in future episodes for her and Jim.

  55. This episode we saw a lot of independent Pam. Pam being cool on her own. And JAM was healing nicely too (even though Jim is still a little out of it).

    2 (for me) funniest moments of the show:

    * Dwight at the beginning about not saving the oil from the can of tuna, and

    * Creed zipping up his fly. This shot was filmed so perfectly — as if the person filming it said to him/herself, “Whoa! Quick! Over there! Gotta get that shot!” and just flew over and caught it — perfect. Also hilarious how Creed doesn’t really care. :)


    * Seems like there was no real consequences of Michael causing Darryl’s broken ankle. Though, maybe Darryl let it slide and that’s why the warehouse guys were able to come down on him so hard without getting in trouble.

    * Michael actually considering suicide. Not only a low note for a comedy, but also seemed out of character.

    * Not sure I remember seeing Meredith in this episode… was she?

    On a positive note, they’re doing a good job of refitting Andy back into the show. Nice an’ easy.

  56. Personally, the delivery on Steve Carrell’s “How’s it hangin” line was the single- best second of acting I’ve ever seen out of him. Which is saying a lot, since it’s steve carell.

  57. I didn’t think this was a great episode.

    It had some funny moments with the betting, and I was glad to see some positive Jam interaction.

    At the end, I was just asking myself if that was it.

  58. #72 hit the nail on the head. Michael and Dwight were too stupid here, but the betting was funny. It felt kind of like a filler episode. The Office is still definitely my favorite TV show but this wasn’t one of the better episodes.

    P.S. Every episode doesn’t have to be a JAM love story for this show to be good.

  59. I thought this episode was slightly better than average compared to the rest of the season. There were some really funny parts, but the whole Michael kicking out the ladder from under Darryl and also planning on jumping off the roof onto the bouncy castle was on the wrong side of believability, even considering it was Michael. I look forward to reading Julie Elgar’s blog entry about the potential litigation Dunder Mifflin would face from the stuff in this episode.

    My favorite parts:

    5. Michael reading from the office safety manual about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I think the Produce Pete segment on Mulled Apple Cider that Steve Carell did for The Daily Show awhile back is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen from him, and this reference to that made me smile.

    4. Jim’s mini-prank on Dwight in the cold opening (“Damn you.”).

    3. Michael on the roof. This whole thing was completely ridiculous, even for Michael, but there were some pretty good laughs here. My favorite was Michael’s exceptionally clear thinking right after Dwight dropped the watermelon off the roof onto the trapoline at which point it took a major horizontal bounce onto a car (which was still funny even though it was the exact same bit from an episode of That ’70s Show when they dropped a bowling ball on the couch to see how high it would bounce and it bounced right into Red’s TV).

    Michael: “Deactivate the car alarm, clean up the mess, find out who’s car that is. If it’s Stanley’s, call the offices of James P. Albini and see if he handles hate crimes.”

    2. Even though it ended in a serious injury and it was just slightly less ridiculous than the whole roof thing, Michael’s ladder “prank” on Darryl still made me laugh.

    Darryl: “We do safety training every year, or after an accident. We’ve never made it a full year. This particular time, I was reaching for a supply box on the top shelf when one office worker, who shall remain nameless, kicked the ladder out from under me and yelled…”
    Michael: (Barely able to keep a straight face) “Hey Darryl, how’s it hangin’?” (Busts out laughing)
    Darryl: “And I fell and busted my ankle. I’m legitimately scared for my workers.”

    1. The bets. From Kelly’s explanation of how Netflix works (“You’re such a ditz!”), to Jim switching Creed’s apple with a raw potato, these were the highlight of the episode to me, and my favorite moment was Kevin’s protest after Jim got the closest to the actual number of jelly beans in the dispenser.

    Kevin: “That is not fair. He has spent hours up here at reception with you. Hours… and hours.”
    Jim: “Okay, okay.”
    Kevin: No, constantly, like for years.”

  60. HAHAHA, I liked this episode. Michael is so pathetic… one of his best lines was when he threw the watermelon and it hit Stanley’s car and he wanted to call the lawyer because he thought he would be charged with a hate crime.
    Hmm… what else… Dwight and Andy… HAHA, I hope they keep that going.

  61. re. 72 | Jesper: “C’mon BJ… I know you’re capable of better”

    Ahh… didn’t realize BJ wrote it. No wonder Ryan got to kiss Kelly. ;)

    re. 68 | Sydney: “sum up or transcript the JAM moments?”

    There weren’t really any JAM moments. Approximately zero chemistry between them this episode. Though, there was no animosity like last episode either.

  62. Ana, I believe Andy is sitting in front of Creed now, in Martin/Devon’s old desk in the the back corner of the main office, not in the annex. But I’ll have to watch it again (itunes) to double check on that.

  63. good episode. this show isn’t about Jim and Pam. there are other characters as well.

    i’m glad they stayed at the office and didn’t take any trips or whatever. this was a back to the basics, just showing the overall goofiness and silliness that takes place at Duner Mifflin, and that was what made it good.

  64. “God” (#81)- you can’t honestly say this was weirder than “Benjamin Franklin”…that takes the cake on the strangest/most awkward episode ever! I actually enjoyed this episode :-)

    Also, did anyone else catch Ryan’s “how about a long-sleeved T” line *twice*? Did I miss something, was it like part of a bet?

  65. noticed pam and karen had a little moment.
    after roy went after jim in the last episode, isn’t it impossible for karen not to know that roy and pam were engaged and jim essentially broke them up?
    i really like that the episode had a season 2 feel, and of course that will all be sorted out in the next 5 episodes, but any pam/karen/jim interaction just doesn’t make sense with everything going on.
    i guess the karen haters will say that she is just that clueless/stupid/desperate.

  66. Its a comedy, its not supposed to have a deep story arc that needs to be addressed every episode…

  67. I loved that Andy was really trying to be cool with everyone. I wonder how long he’ll last.

    I was surprised that they didn’t show Pam’s reaction to Kevin’s comment, although it was apparent that Karen was feeling less and less a part of the office this episode. It looks as if they are preparing for her release maybe? She acknowledges that she doesn’t know the office as well as she thought, and was cleaned out, while Pam cleaned up. Foreshadowing?

    I liked the transition of Michael’s demonstration to Michael’s true insecurities; I don’t think even he expected that. And the fact that he re-did the training reminded me of diversity day.

    I like that we are getting more Darryl. He’s just great. He could probably do some serious damage to “Mike,” for that “how’s it hangin,” episode, but he doesn’t. And he really knew what to say to Michael about his life. It was cool.

    To me, thinking about whether this was a better episode than another is like asking me if I liked the first 20 minutes of a movie better than the fourth 20 minutes or the last 20 minutes. They are all a part of a continuing episode, and as such, I love them all. That being said, I agree with the many comments that this reminded me of season two. It was nice to not have it so intense, but just funny. Especially the bets, (Kelly’s awesomes and romantic movies) which makes me wonder what else they could’ve bet on.

  68. I LOVED this episode. I taped it and when I was watching it I was just so happy! (yay for JAM interaction) Although FFW through the commercials made it seem really short… More super-sized episodes por favor!

  69. Let’s cross our fingers that John Mellencamp wins an oscar…for Kevin’s sake

  70. I actually really did like this episode…even though it didn’t have a point, but anyways i thought is was great! First of all you didn’t hear a lot from Karen( which was great). It actually showed Jim and Pam in a happy mood, even though they didn’t move much with that storyline, which I actually kind of liked because normally all the crap from them makes me mad. and Michael was actually semi-normal which I guess kind of turned out to be boring. It was actually kind of cool though. I think Michael saw for the first time in a while the reality of who he really is.
    I will have to say AWESOME with the betting and the watermelon and the Ryan/Kelly stuff, you could see he does care about her.

    Product Recall better be really good

  71. I don’t see why people can be disappointed in an episode where “nothing happens,” which obviously means there was no Jim-Karen-Pam love triangle action. Look, this isn’t Gray’s Anatomy. I think the writers are starting to realize they’re potentially losing some of their fanbase with the drama, and they’re harkening back to a less complicated, funnier 2nd season-style isolated episode with “Safety Training.” Less Jim/Pam=more comedy. And the world is right again.

  72. Another great night of THE OFFICE!!! It was really nice to have everyone from the warehouse on the show too. Let’s hope they keep it that way. Lots of laughs, it was fun watching everyone getting into the betting. When Michael almost knocked Darryl over, poor Darryl!! I thought the jumping off the roof was a little over the top, but I was actually wondering if he was going to do it. Crazy huh? I think that Stanley is a little upset. Loved this show!!

  73. I really liked this episode. I don’t think a comedy like this can have a “filler” episode–which s2 episodes (besides “Dwight’s Speech”) would be considered fillers? I think they all contribute something to the plot, and I never though Michael was going to actually jump. My only complaint for the episode was that it was slow to get started, and I agree that Darryl was very “in your face” in the beginning (though I’d be peeved too if the guy who broke my ankle was making light of safety). Once Michael got on the roof and thebetting got going, this felt like the good old Office that’s been out of commission since Ben Franklin. I loved it.

  74. Ig Sl: Forgot about the long-sleeve T line. That was gold. :)

    Say, since this episode contained betting, I think we should start a bet here on OfficeTally: How many tries did it take for Rainn (I’m only guessing it was him) to get the watermelon bounce just right? *Someone* must be able to find out the answer for us…

    My guess is that it took 11 tries.

  75. More loves. Dwight responding so indignantly about the warehouse guys’ training. “Idiots!”

    Ryan noticeably (but not to Kelly) watching his watch while everyone sporadically drops money on the desk.

    Toby setting us up for the Creed potato switch. Felt like a wildlife documentary for a moment, and Toby was playing for once.

    Jim and Pam executing the switch like the pros they are.

    “Try to land like an eight year-old.”

    “Will I be to warm in a long-sleeved tee?”

    “I think I’ll bring my parents for the matinée.” (can’t remember that exactly)
    And how is that?

    “I Braveheart.”

  76. I loved Kelly’s explanation of a Netflix queue, hahaha. I thought this episode was hilarious!

  77. my favorite part of the episode was the running gag of michael calling Madge something different everytime like Pudge or Padge

  78. i have to say, i have enjoyed the office ever since it came out, but i have to say season 3 is beginning fade out for me. tonight’s episode wasn’t terrible, but I thought it was getting a little over the top. Michael is getting a little too stupid!

    I loved the British version and I am a little disappointed the creators/writers of the show are starting to shy away from the original ideas. Not that expanding and trying new things are bad and doing a complete rip off of the British version would be no good either…I guess I’m just saying it’s starting to feel less and less like a documentary (which it is supposed to be) and is starting to feel more like a regular sitcom.

    all in all I still love the show…I just hope season 3 ends well…and yes, less JAM…

  79. Hey, just to tell y’all, the first deleted scene is up over at NBC.

    “Do you want a cup of ‘No Coffee?’….?”

  80. Michael called the warehouse worker “Pudge”. I thought that was really funny.

  81. It was just a classic Michael/Dwight episode. They don’t need to run Jim/Pam into the ground all the time, this was a nice break from the regular storylines and a great way to bring back Andy or “Drew” to the show, as trying to be Dwights “friend”. The shunning/reshunning was a great part, but the greatest part has to be Stanley’s face when he looks at his car at the end, it was PRICELESS!!! Not everything HAS to be related to a storyline, it is about the workings of an office sometimes. That’s why this was a good episode. A lot like Diversity Day, which was one of my favorites. Season 2 had a lot of these type of episodes and that’s what made this show how it was. No real storylines, those were on the back burner, but whatever, that’s just my opinion. Best line? Dwight you ignorant slut. That line cracks me up. lol.


  82. 110 | office fan: “I guess I’m just saying it’s starting to feel less and less like a documentary (which it is supposed to be)”

    Just to chime in on that, I did *not* like Michael on the trampoline talking directly to the camera. I think this was the first time they had someone do that on the show, and although it’s good to try new things, I thought it really broke a dynamic that’s critical for the show.

  83. how is talking to a camera not like a documentary…it’s sure not like other sitcoms…you don’t see tina fey talking into the camera

  84. Unshunned::
    I think it’s so funny the people who are upset that it didn’t move the story forward or whatever. All I’ve read lately is how it’s not like season 2, but season 2 were mostly episodes that could stand alone (like someone else already mentioned). The Fire and The Injury are two great examples.

    Can’t everyone just be happy that for 30 mins a week, you get a chance to laugh?? Man…

    And it’s not every week that you see Toby pull a prank. Awesome dawesome.


  85. What’s up with this? First people complain that they’re concentrating too much on plot and the Jam situation, and now that we have a perfectly hilarious episode with very little of any of that and everyone’s all, “eh, it was okay.” I loved this episode because it had me laughing all the way through. We got to see more of the minor characters and the whole betting thing was GOLD. Loved Jim and Pam being normal around each other and I don’t really get how the episode can’t have a point. Isn’t the point to make us laugh? Whatever, I liked it. I guess I don’t get the whole “it didn’t add to the storyline” argument. I mean, it had subtle moments as far as Jam, just because nothing pivotal happend doesn’t make it a bad episode. Besides last week threw so many plot twists at me I’m still trying to recover. Totally not complaining about it though. It was amazing how much happend that I was totally not expecting. Just thinking about Jim’s reaction to Dwangela make me crack up a week later. And without these “filler” type episodes, the ones with the huge pivotal moments wouldn’t surprise/delight me as much as they always do. Okay, I’m officially stepping down from my soap box. I guess I’m just sick of reading comments that complain about the episode when I just feel like quoting everything with other Dunderheads.

  86. I agree that this felt like season 2, and it had some great laughs. I wish the show could get back to doing these episodes, without being disappointing at the same time. But the reality is, they’ve built up the JAM thing so much that until it is dealt with, episodes like this will always get mixed reviews.

    When this one ended, I said “that’s it?… what a bummer.” After reading all the posts, I realize that I really did like it, but the writers need to quit creating these great sub-plots, and then choose to not deal with them. Especially after the 5 week hiatus, and next week’s repeat.

    Yeah, I know, we’re building up to the finale. But let’s deal with the JAM thing, so we can continue to love this show without feeling let down.

    I think maybe I’m just too addicted. Can we start a petition for next year to demand that The Office and 30 Rock both be converted to 45 minute episodes?

    Michael: “What’s an office worker’s biggest fear?”
    Dwight: “Wolves”.


  87. Oh, and Big Turkey…100% agree (with bold lettering and flashing lights) about the season two thing. Can’t we all just laugh and enjoy?

  88. I didn’t mind this episode for focusing very little on Jim-Pam, Jan-Michael, whatever. I thought most of it was pretty funny. But, I still think I enjoyed it less than other episodes because the whole ending was really awkward to me.

  89. I was seriously hoping the last clip would be someone, anyone, bouncing in the bounce house…but Stanley’s face was priceless. I guess I can see how the end part (not the Stanley clip, but before that) didn’t really bring the episode to a solid end (if that’s what you mean by an awkward ending). But the rest was absolute gold IMHO.

  90. I just don’t understand what is going on with Karen…how in the world doesn’t she know the whole story by now? She works with Kelly Kapoor. Honestly.

    And I’m kind of done with the Michael/Darryl stuff since last week…that was plenty, and I wish this episode had come later in the timeline. Too much needy Michael.

    But I really did enjoy the Office Olympics feel of the show tonight; good times.

  91. that was an awesome episode

    right now, any jam free or very little jam episode is fantastic, but last week was awesome too

  92. Continuity Conflict: In the season two episode “Boys and Girls”, after Michael destroys the warehouse Madge erases a sign that says this department has worked 936 days without a lost time accident and yet Darryl said “We do safety training every year, or after an accident. We’ve never made it a full year.

  93. definitely felt like a filler episode to me. i thought the whole michael on the roof thing was over the top, but overall a pretty funny and light episode (i’m actually glad they gave us a little rest from the whole angsty jim/pam/karen love triangle). I get the feeling they had this episode to let us rest before giving us the remaining few episodes to come which, i’m guessing, are filled with angst (kinda like “Drug Testing” before “Conflict Resolution” and “Casino Night”). Anyways, some of my favorite moments in this episode were:

    -the bets around the office. reminded me of “Office Olympics”

    -the pam and karen interraction. glad their still friendly with each other.

    -creed peeing in the bushes. classic.

    -darryl’s explanation of why he’s on crutches.

    -the ryan and kelly interraction.

    -andy’s, oh wait, “drew’s” return

    -dwight’s shun, unshun, and reshun thing.

  94. I thought there were some great moments – but I’m sure I’m in the minority in thinking the ‘shun’ ‘reshun’ was rediculous, and not funny. Classic moments were there – like the Jam interaction, but it had a very different tone than last week – Jam has done a 180.

  95. just out of curiosity …

    from the tone of so many of these comments, it seems there’s bunches of people who watch the show “just for the comedy”, others who watch primarily for the drama, and others who actually dislike some of the characters. am I actually in the minority as someone who just likes everything about this show – drama, comedy, every single character and subplot? ’cause that would be weird, especially at an Office fansite.

  96. 106 | John – “Say, since this episode contained betting, I think we should start a bet here on OfficeTally: How many tries did it take for Rainn (I’m only guessing it was him) to get the watermelon bounce just right? *Someone* must be able to find out the answer for us…

    My guess is that it took 11 tries.”

    What are the odds? 10,000 to 1? :)

    My vote is 20.

  97. I don’t think Michael was being stupid so much as he was suffering from a wounded ego and hurt feelings and he wasn’t making good judgment calls.

    I mean…No one wants their life to be compared to a nerf ball.

    Also: Daryl is amazing!

  98. 132–Petra:

    Do you mean how many times did he do it to get it to bounce correctly, or how many times did they do it because it must have been awesome to throw watermelons off of rooftops and onto trampolines? :)

    Was it one unbroken shot?

  99. by the way, the “ignorant slut” thing is, if I’m not mistaken, a reference to SNL. I think it was Dan Akroyd’s line: “Jane, you ignorant slut.” of course, very funny because it’s Michael saying it to Dwight. twice.

  100. Tyler,

    everyone watches “The Office” for different reasons. nobody likes it for the same reasons. i don’t think your in the minority for liking everything about the show. i think it’s perfectly fine. i watch the show because i like everything about it too.

  101. 135 | SoftShellCrab :

    Good point, I would love to see the outtakes from that scene (if there are any!)

  102. This was a fantastic episode, very season 2 in the JAM interaction. I know a lot of people are complaining about it but I much prefer this (they are friendly with each other) as opposed to episodes that center on them.

  103. Oh, and #118-WORD. I agree with you 100%. This episode had so many wonderful quotes. “Dwight, you ignorant slut!” “Re-shun.”

  104. I’m not so cool with Sea Monster telling Kelly, through Ryan, to shut up. Maybe he should learn how to deal with the grumpies…

  105. 106/132: There is a noticeable watermelon impact splotch on the trampoline, so it’s at least the second try. I’m amazed they got it to work at all – that was some precision watermelon-tossing.

  106. Creed just killed me in this one–biting into a nice juicy…potato, zipping up his fly! Can’t wait to watch Kelly’s Netflix explanation again because we were laughing too hard to really hear most of it. This was such a lighthearted, funny episode and the camera shots were great. Loved it!

  107. My favorite part was when Pam won that netflix side bet, and then she did this celebratory dance. So cute.

  108. 116 | Samantha wrote: “how is talking to a camera not like a documentary…it’s sure not like other sitcoms…you don’t see tina fey talking into the camera”

    The unwritten rule of The Office has always been that you never talk to the camera unless it’s during a “talking head”. The inhabitants of the office try their best to pretend the cameras aren’t there. This is an effective scheme, because when someone actually *does* steal a forbidden glance at the camera, it’s like a special treat. I don’t want to see that treat diluted.

    135 | SoftShellCrab: my original bet question was assuming that Dwight was the one tossing the watermelons and that the whole thing was real. After looking at the episode again, you can see that Dwight is actually the one tossing the watermelon, but after the bounce it exits the shot momentarily. Considering the high quality of the show, I’m guessing that it wasn’t fudged and that Rainn stood up there trying until that melon bounced and hit the car.

  109. I thought this episode bordered on a disaster. It seemed like a bit of a mess to me; I could see the attempt at some Michael pathos, but it really didn’t work.

    The betting stuff was funny, indeed. But that’s about all this one had going for it, to my eye.

  110. I really enjoyed this episode for three reasons: 1)no JAM drama, 2)the shunning of Drew and 3) watermelon bouncing off trampoline onto Stanley’s car, and Michael telling Dwight to call James P. Albini because he’s probably going to be sued for a hate crime.

  111. #128 Maybe the daryl accident with prison mike didn’t cause lost time, could be just when someone gets hurt they have to do it. Just trying to see their side, but it wouldn’t be the first time for a continuity mistake by any account.

  112. Umm…this was a MAJOR jam episode, and it looks like no one caught it. VERY subtle foreshadowing. Let’s just say someone caught Karen’s eye in the parking lot. Go back and check your Tivos. :)

  113. Didn’t think this episode was all that funny, though it had some moments. My favorite was Stanley’s look at the end when he sees the smashed watermelon on the roof of his car.

  114. I thought this episode was fantastic…I laughed the whole time… I knew it was going to be good in the beginning with the Dwight/Jim exchange…I DIED when Jim whispered Andy and then said, “no that’s too far.” Well done.

  115. This episode was good.

    Funniest/laughoutloud moment was when Darryl was talking “Mike” down from the roof and says he’s the bravest man he know because he wakes up every morning knowing that “you have got to be you”…HILARIOUS!

    #130 I agree, I thought the shun/unshun thing was rather silly, not funny.

    Loved the non-tension between Jim/Pam…just fun stuff, so we’re getting back to the good (& funnier) times

  116. I disagree with people here saying the episode was too over the top or sitcom-like. The craziest most out of character episode ever is still everyone’s favorite from season 2- The Injury. Also, The Fight from season 2 is a great example of Michael feeling his manhood is threatened and doing something completely ridiculous. If anything this season has been much more in the spirit of season 1 and the original series.

  117. Great episode last night, hilarious! Only Michael would get up on the roof and jump on a trampoline/kiddie castle to prove a point.

  118. My favorite moment…Kevin complaining about Jim winning the jelly bean bet. I would have loved to have seen Pam’s reaction to Kevin’s comments. Bringing everyone together with all the betting was great. Angela was probably not featured in this episode because she doesn’t approve of gambling (Casino Night) but she’s had her share of screen time this season. I know it’s mean, but Karen feeling left out made me happy. Overall, I was left satisfied and smiling with this episode.

  119. Was Netflix a sponsor last night? I TiVo’d, so I didn’t catch if they had a commercial right after that scene.

  120. I just don’t understand how the warehouse staff keeps getting away with being so rude to Michael. Even if it IS Michael . . . you just don’t talk to a boss that way. I work in a department where we have the office people, and the worker people. And seriously, if any of the workers spoke to the boss disrespectfully? They would be fired on the spot. Seriously.

  121. Oh, I seriously loved this episode. The whole “Shun/Unshun” thing cracked me up every time because of that Charlie the Unicorn video on YouTube. “Shun the non-believer!” Great stuff. Check it out if you have a chance. It was a great release from the tension and drama of the last few eps. I *loved* Jim and Pam’s faces while Darryl was telling Michael how much courage it took to wake up in the morning and be himself.

    “You Braveheart, man!”
    “I Braveheart.”

    I agree about this episode feeling a lot like Office Olympics, and I definitely think the Karen TH was foreshadowing, but it makes sense that she wouldn’t know everyone’s quirks after being there for only a few months. Pam has years of advantage over Karen in that respect.

    Oh, and the “hate crime” reference for the person who asked about it was pure stereotypical Michael in that, at least stereotypically, African Americans supposedly have an affinity for watermelons. So someone throwing a watermelon at Stanley’s car could possibly constitute a hate crime based on stereotypes.

  122. This felt like a season 2 episode, and that’s a good thing. One of the better episodes this season!

  123. Episode mixed for me… Adored the betting & was also instantly reminded of Office Olympics. Someone said it allowed a little low-key healing in JAM and I think thats true. Grt line from Kevin. But Darryl’s nerfy life speech was overdone, almost too mean. Nearly redeemed himself when he talked Michael down “I don’t know how you get up every morning and be you. I couldn’t be that brave” And Michael, in characteristic sweet innocence, takes it completely at face value. Reminded me of when Oscar told Michael that his welcome back party reminded him of The Three Amigos and Michael was so flattered.

    I also think they did a grt job reintroducing Andy… dramatic tension is when will he inevitably blow his lid again. Also love the idea of him being Dwight’s minion, foreshadowed by Dwight telling him to get Bounce House. I love this idea of a looney hierarchy of Michael, Dwight, Andy, I mean Drew… Drew nearly makes Dwight Shrute look sane.

    So, it is abundantly clear that Karen will not survive this season… every episode there a clear line showing she’s not a fit in The Office or for Jim. Will she get another job in The Job, or lose patience and dump Jim? Maybe they’ll both look at each other and admit they tired of trying to push the relationship uphill. And what of Fancy New Beesly… we are owed something there… Thoughts? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

  124. That watermelon bit was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I loved this episode!

  125. i am seeing so many negative comments about the show. i am a loyal office lover and i love every detail about this show. its brillaint. in reference to all the negative thngs about the show: although the lives of the characters have evolved in front of us, we dont need the jam drama or other more serious issues to take over the show. there is more to it than that and we can see them on different level in episodes like this, every episode does not need to fulfill some importnant need of the show. i love episodes like this fur the pure entertainment value. the shunning by the way was hilarious. so filler or not, this episode was awesome.

  126. Just got to the boards this morning, wow this episode was some weaksauce. What did they do to my boy Andy?

  127. I’m wondering if the whole “Drew” thing is part of Andy’s starting over…or if he just likes the name. Either way i love it.

    I loved all the betting and Karen’s “I don’t know this place as well as I thought I did.”

    Best Part: Creed taking a bite of that potato. I loved Jim and Pam’s little diversion to do it too.

  128. It was nice to have an episode without the romantic drama..I thought they were leaning on that a little too much lately.

  129. I wouldn’t call the episode a disaster, but it wasn’t spectacular either. Definitely a season 2 feel (which I loved, especially Jim and Pam acting like they used to), but also not as funny as classics like The Fire and Office Olympics.

    Michael is so over the top now he is starting to grate on my nerves. My request: more Creed, and less cringe-worthy Michael.

  130. I loved the betting stuff, but the whole Michael part sucked. In my opinion they need to tone down the Michael and bring more secondary characters up..

  131. People are so critical of the show. It’s still the funniest show on television and I give it so much credit for making it last this long and still maintain its relevance and hilarity. Stop worrying about the show changing, because all shows do. Just sit back and enjoy it while it’s still on.

    The fact that it still makes me laugh my ass off every week after three years- I give it the benefit of the doubt if they have a ‘weak’ episode every one and awhile. (Which, by the way, I don’t think they’ve really ever had.)

  132. This seemed to get the show back more towards Season 2. Just a funny episode with lots of great character moments (I

  133. Hey Folks-

    I see a lot of people grumbling about how The Office has been going downhill this season, or about how this episode didn’t move the plot along. Move the plot along? This is The Office, not Heroes. We’re not waiting to see if Jim explodes down in the warehouse, or for Pam to let on that she’s the kingpin of the Company. Sure, we have JAM to look forward to, and some people say that there wasn’t any JAM interaction this episode. Oh, but there was. First, with Kevin reminding Jim of how much time he spent at reception, of all the good memories, is definitely a plus for JAMmers. Also, they worked together when they realized that Michael was actually going to jump. Where was Karen during all of that? I didnt see her with the microphone, telling Michael that she has a present for him.

    Is the pairing of JAM inevitable in this season or the next? Yes.
    Does every plot have to work toward that? No.

  134. Re: #170 and #172. In total agreement with you guys. I think talk in general that “The Office” is in a slump (including a recent article by TVSquad) is just folks projecting the trends that they have seen in other TV shows (past and present) onto “The Office”. I personally think that the show has been consistently terrific and hilarious this season. The episode last night certainly has a “filler” feel to it, but I liked it, and happy Jim/Pam is always a treat!

    Those complaining should watch the filler episodes that “Battlestar Galactica” populated its second half of this past season with to appreciate how good a job “The Office has done this year. I am a big “Battlestar” fan and think it’s still great but this just shows how difficult it is to maintain a consistently excellent level of quality from season to season, which I think “THe Office” has done.

    To me, I think “The Office” should be applauded. It has adopted a darker tone this season, and the fallout from Jim/Pam in “Casino Night” means Season 3 has a greater narrative burden than Season 2. With all these major changes to the structure of the show, and for it to still have the fantastic season it’s been having, we should be giving it a standing ovation and a Dundie. Just my two cents worth.

  135. comment 119.

    Michael: “What’s an office worker’s biggest fear?”
    Dwight: “Wolves”.

    I laughed out loud so hard that my husband heard me in the next room. ha

  136. I have mixed feelings about this episode but I think that the things I didn’t like (mainly fewer featured side characters, less plot) were due to time constraints and unavoidable. Also, the Michael even fake killing himself plotline was a little too dark for me. Overall though, I enjoyed it.

    Some thoughts though-

    1) Did this episode feel out of order to anyone else?
    It kind of felt like it fit in more 2-3 episodes ago. Maybe that’s just me.

    2) Michael and normal office events are what bring Jim and Pam together again past the angst. Fear for Michael’s life gave them something outside themselves to focus on so that they became a team again.

    3) I think we did move the story forward. I think this episode when we look back at it will be a necessary step – Karen’s feeling disconnected a little (she doesn’t know the office as well as she thought), and she’s finally realizing how long standing the Jim crush on Pam was. It’s one thing to hear “I used to have a crush on Pam”, even to hear that he still has some feelings for her, but to hear that it wasn’t a passing fancy – that he spent every day up at that reception desk for years – that’s a blow. I think we’ve nudged Karen that much closer to leaving.

    4) Moments of awesomeness: Kelly’s explanation of Netflix, Kevin’s statement of how much time Jim spent at reception (and Oscar’s “you are a professional accountant”), Creed eating the potato and peeing in the bushes, and the shunning.

  137. Is it just me or was it rather obvious in the roof scenes that they were filming in Southern California and not Scranton Pennsylvania? They didn’t even try to hide it. Curious.

  138. When I watched Safety Training last night I thought it was a good but not great episode. But after watching it again, and catching a few thinks that I missed the first time, and the more I read the quotes from the episode the better I like it.

    There were lots of great lines, as usual. Dwight’s “wolves” like was hilarious. But I thought he was going to say “flash floods” Creed peeing in the bushes even though he was only 15 feet from the building was classic Creed. Kelly explaining netflix to Ryan while he and Jim look at their watches, and everyone drop money onto Ryan’s desk was great. Pam earning extra money because Kelly used “awesome” 12 times was just icing on the cake. It was nice to see that bit of Ryan and Kelly’s relationship, and it also showed the whole office coming together and how well they know each other.

    Darryl telling Michael that it takes courage to wake up every morning knowing that you have to the you was the kind of insult that Michael never picks up on because it sounds like a complement.

    I missed Michael’s line about calling the lawyer about the hate crime the first time I watched so it was nice to be able to watch it again.

    The Office is like a Simpsons episode of 10 years ago. There is often more going on than you see the first time you watch it.

  139. I hate the JAM stuff personally, what makes the show for me is Andy telling jim he’s “sooo horny” or Jim tricking Dwight into thinking its a saturday, or Dwight telling Ryan hes going to plant his seed in him. So while the lack of JAM was really refreshing, they didnt fill it with anything particularly funny ya know. Im not a season 3 naysayer, i love it and watch em all a bunch a times, but this episode had my favorite character returning and he didnt even do anything! This one was a letdown, specially in contrast to Negotiation which was funny

  140. Oh, also in reference to BandGeek’s comments earlier:
    I agree. Reports of the Office’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. I actually think season 3 has had episodes that have made me laugh out loud harder than anything in season 2. Has it been as carefree? Well, no. But as you mentioned, it had a greater narrative burden this season and I think they’ve handled it fairly well.

    My favorite laugh-out-loud eps this season – Gay Witch Hunt (possibly the funniest episode ever), Initiation (Cousin Mose in the “Fear” shirt. Hilarious) Grief Counseling (His Capa was detated from his head!)A Benihana Christmas, Traveling Salesmen/The Return, and The Negotiation. I would stack any of those episodes against any episode from the previous seasons.

    Season 2 wasn’t infallible – it had a couple of filler eps too – I don’t find myself going back to rewatch “The Carpet” or “Michael’s Birthday” very often. I think every season is going to have a handful of fabulous episodes (my picks for season 2 – The Injury, Casino Night, The Dundies, Office Olympics, Booze Cruise, Conflict Resolution (Cage Match!)) and then another few that are more forgettable. The thing that’s great about the Office is that even the forgettable episodes have moments of brilliance.

    While last night’s episode, was closer to the forgettable scale for me, it had its moments. This makes it still better than most anything else on television. And I think season 3 as a whole as had as many moments of brilliantly fabulous episodes over all as anything that came before.

  141. there’s been theories that Phyllis is pro JAM, but I’m starting to think that Kevin is, too. Last episode he asked Karen how he felt that her boyfriend almost got beat-up because of another woman, and the current episode he was rubbing it in — in front of Karen — about how much time Jim spent talking to Pam. It’s like they’re all trying to chip away at her bit by bit until she gives up. heh.

  142. re. 172 | BandGeek, the problem (I think) is that the writers tortured us for too long keeping Jim and Pam apart. That got everyone fumed up and hooked on that one aspect of the show. I think they just need to get Jim and Pam together and then move on.

    By the way, upon re-watching the ep, I noticed one actual JAM moment: when they walked back behind the hedge to see the castle, but just before the scene zoomed out and we see J&P realizing that Michael might jump. For just an instant they seemed to be laughing together.

  143. I loved this episode. It’s one of those episodes you have to watch more than once in order to catch everything.

    At this point of the season I’m kind of bored with all the over-analyzing of the Jim/Pam thing. I for one think that the relationship is portrayed very realistically. People are like that, I know very many couples who have gotten together after being in love for many years. That’s real life. There’s other people involved and situations that we cannot do much about. How it relates to the Office? Well, it’s a tv show about real people (well, at least some of them are normal…). And I mean like many of you said here, not every plot has to have a significance on the whole JAM matter, it’s not Grey’s Anatomy(thank god for that!!!). This was a great reminder of season 2 chemistry though, and how they are slowly building ‘the relationship’ again. I mean it’s clear, they both see each other very differently than last year, so much has happened!
    And as for Karen.. I feel bad for her, because I genuinely don’t think she’s there to stay and she knows it too.

  144. JamesSterlin-

    It is so odd because they have tried hard in the past to make us believe they are in Scranton, PA. Looks like now they’ve all been bundled up “shivering” in the 100 degree weather for nothing as they apparently are no longer going to even try and pretend they’re not in Southern Cal. There were palm trees in the distance for goodness sake!!

  145. 148 | John “Umm…this was a MAJOR jam episode, and it looks like no one caught it. VERY subtle foreshadowing. Let’s just say someone caught Karen’s eye in the parking lot. Go back and check your Tivos. :)”

    I didn’t notice whatever it is you’re talking about. I don’t have time to go back and check my Tivo. Clarify, pretty please with cherries on top. :-)

    Oh, and my favorite line of the episode?? When Michael asks what the killer was, and Dwight responds, “Wolves.” I almost lost it on that one…

  146. Anyone notice that great reference to a Season 2 classic?
    Mike’s favourite lawyer, James P. Albini up in this HOUSE!

    This episode was pretty good, not my favourite but it’s new Office and i ain’t complaining. even an ‘okay’ The Office is a bout 100x funnier than anything else on TV right now. especially.. *sigh* “Two & A Half Men”. The comedy for people of a generation where humour consisted of stale comedic routines and worn out punchlines.

    I do NOT foresee Karen getting together with Darryl. She just gave him an amicable smile because he went up and stood near her, so all she did was acknowledge his presence.

    Lastly – is anyone else still hating the fact that JIM’S NOT BACK AT HIS DESK YET?!!??!
    When I saw Ryan back in it I nearly died..

  147. So, I missed the beginning of the scene where Kevin, Jim, Karen, and Pam are talking about the number of m&ms in the candy jar. Would anyone be able to give the quotes from the beginning of that scene? I read that Pam defended Karen – and I didn’t see that in the rest of the episode, so I’m assuming it was in the m&ms scene. I’m goin crazy here, so if anybody could help me out that would be fabulous!

  148. I loved last nights episode. It was a breath of fresh air after such a heavy episode last week.

    JAM was back! I don’t understand why so many people are saying there wasn’t much JAM in this episode. Tonight was huge for them! They really were back to their S2 cuteness, which was a complete 180 after last weeks episode.

    No plot to this episode? Huh? Andy came back, JAM is reuiniting, and Karen gave us the indication she might not be there much longer. All of that is super important for the finale. And for those that still think this wasn’t moving the S3 storyline along, who cares? The Injury had did absolutely nothing to further S2 and it’s so many people’s favorite episode!

  149. This episode was just ok, nothing special. Maybe the writers were sitting on their biscuit not having to risk it. The hyper-JAM pace we’ve been on the last few months gets a little old, so I am ok with the small amount of JAM. Kevin’s comments regarding how much Jim used to visit Pam at the front desk and Karen’s reaction was pretty solid.

    I thought the episode was one of the better ones until it became bogged down in the Michael on the roof scenes. I thought that was a little dark, and not very funny. It was almost like Phyllis’ Wedding where Michael was way over the top (more than usual), and it just had this awkward feeling.

    The big positives for me were the return of Drew (I think we all know Drew will have a meltdown at some point next season), the various betting going on the the office, and Darryl’s training scenes, and Sea Monster.

  150. I thought this episode was one of the more forgettable ones. Not because of the lack of any JAM moments, but more because of the overuse of Michael Scott, and the betting sub-plot seemed to go all over the place. But not all episodes can be great. Here’s to April 26th!

  151. am i the only one who was really really happy that there was very little jam in this episode? the episode was so funny without all that crap going on, almost as good as last week’s, which I thought was absolutely awesome

  152. this was quite possibly my favorite episode of all time. there were finally some great Kelly moments (even better than last week’s ep) and i couldn’t stop smiling the entire episode. SOOOOOOOOO great :)

  153. My favorite quote was when they were betting on jelly beans, and Kevin guessed TEN! Haha.
    Oscar: Are you kidding? You are a professional accountant!
    Jim: Yeah, there are like 10 green ones.

    And then she counts ten and Jim is like, Kevin is out!

    I guess I just love the comedic genius of Brian and crew…

  154. Agree with 188. This was a big Jim and Pam episode. We finally saw normalcy return to their relationship. Their back to office antics (with the rest of the group), the teamwork on the Creed prank, outside talking Michael down. This definitely sets up a way for them to start having a normal relationship again. (Or normal for them.) And I’m not one who watches the show for them. Really couldn’t care less about them. I watch it because it’s the funniest thing on. All the complaints from everyone because every week goes by without Jim and Pam ending up married at the end of each episode, go rent a romantic comedy. Two hours and the whole thing’s sewed up. Have some patience, people!

  155. Going back to a comment way back, #128 About not going a full year without an accident. That’s exactly what I was thinking about when Darryl said that. I was like, “wait? that’s not right.” GOod job pointing that out DwighttheShunner

  156. Agree with 188. This was a big Jim and Pam episode. We finally saw normalcy return to their relationship. Their back to office antics (with the rest of the group), the teamwork on the Creed prank, outside talking Michael down. This definitely sets up a way for them to start having a normal relationship again. (Or normal for them.) And I’m not one who watches the show for them. Really couldn’t care less about them. I watch it because it’s the funniest thing on. All the complaints from everyone because every week goes by without Jim and Pam ending up married at the end of each episode, go rent a romantic comedy. Two hours and the whole thing’s sewed up. Have some patience, people!

    191- Jellybeans on Pam’s desk. Not M&Ms. Kevin guessed 10. Jim told him there were at least 10 that were just green. Don’t remember the other guy that was guessing. Andy? Oscar? Whoever it was guessed like 38. Jim guessed 50 and Karen guessed 51 in a classic Price is Right move. The guys complained about her bid and Pam stood up for her saying it was a smart strategy. There ended up being like 48 or 49 and somehow Jim won. So it must have just been closest number, whether over or not.

  157. Gahhhhh iTunes needs to put up the episode because I had to work last night. I had three people who I turned onto The Office, calling me this morning to talk about how awesome the episode was. I need to see it before class!

  158. Question (wow I sound like Dwight): Was this the 50th episode that Angela and Jenna were so excited about in their blogs? They said Harold Ramis directed it, but I dont know if they were referring to this or to Beach Day (which we will enjoy in a few short weeks!)
    Tanster, I assume this is the episode you and GMMR got to enjoy the filmong of (cut to me green with envy!) did they mention if this is the magical number 50?

  159. Well, I admit that for me, Jim and Pam are the heart of the show, but it’s best doled out in little bits and pieces of subplot. The last thing I want is a ‘very special’ episode of the Office. I admit, Jim and Pam are a big part of why I’m hooked on the show, but I wouldn’t keep watching if it were not also consistently funny. (And I really hate the phrase “Jam”. It just makes me think of fruit preserves and I’m personally of the opinion that being in a relationship with someone does not in fact make you lose your own identity.)

    Here’s my question though (that I feel like asking a lot): Where was Meredith last night?

  160. Terrific news, Office-fans!!! Overnights posted by “Media Life” puts last night’s episode of “The Office” with a 4.1 ratings in the all-important adults 18-49 demo, which is the highest amongst all NBC shows for the night, building in from the 3.1 ratings of its lead-in “My Name is Earl” and trailing only “Survivor” (4.4) for the 8-9 pm hour. Well done!

    Slump? What slump?

  161. I liked this episode. The roof scene when Michael launched the watermelon that eventually splattered on Stanley’s car was hilarious. Humor drove this episode, not Jim/Pam or Mike/Jan.

    Although I think we’re to believe that the documentary crew is either rooting for Jim/Pam or is cognizant of their stronger than a friendship because in several scenes last night, Jim and Pam were centered on the screen…even when Karen was standing next to Jim, they panned to Jim/Pam not Jim/Karen.

  162. Since the chemistry between Jim and Pam seemed to be a bit better, does anyone think there’s a chance they rekindled a friendship away from the office, out of the camera’s range? I’m not suggesting anything sexual, but the camera doesn’t see everything done by each office worker. Perhaps they talked and kept the conversation private by not disclosing it during a talking head sequence.

  163. I loved this episode. It felt like The Office again. I am a sucker for the drama, but overall, I needed a break. And this episode was hilarious.
    If you had told me a while ago I would end up LOVING Andy, I would not have believed you, but “Drew” is my new favorite character!
    Maybe he & Pam should hook up for a while (or at least buddy up).

  164. 204 – Where was Meredith last night?

    She went over with Jim and Pam to see the inflatable castle, you see her from the aerial shot (wow I watch this show too closely…LOL).

    That’s the only time I recall seeing her.

  165. This episode was just OK for me.

    I mean, I like the break from JAM and all but I didnt find the scripted lines all that funny, and I think the “shuned” and “unshunned” thing with Dwight was a really cheesy and cliche.

    Feel free to flame away though!

  166. I really enjoyed this episode. I’m not sure if anybody else caught it (and I admit I’m too lazy to check over 200 comments), but did anyone else notice John Krasinski laughing into his hand when Darryl was telling Michael that it must take a lot of courage just for him to wake up in the morning and be himself? It happened a few times, and it looked as if he shouldn’t have been laughing in that scene. Heh :)

  167. I loved the episode. My favorite part was Creed and the potato. Too funny! I am also glad that Jim and Pam were sort of acting like friends again. I was very happy about that! I hope it continues!

  168. I loved this episode. Just watched it.

    I thought Rainn OWNED this one. I was nearly peeing myself during the un-shun, re-shun moments, as well as his guitar solo.

  169. just a random thing
    did michael wikipedia the stuff about depression? cause that would be classic.

  170. @213 (This Guy!)

    how is the shunned thing cliched? pretty sure no one has ever done that…

  171. I thought it was an awesome episode! If I use that word 11 more times, I’ll be tied with Kelly.

  172. I thought this episode was one of the funniest. It got back to the heart of the show, an weird ensemble of characters interacting with each other without the “drama” we have seen lately. BJ Novak did a fantastic job writing. There were so many great parts but Kelly explaining to Ryan about Netflix was priceless.

  173. Any other St. Louis viewers feel mad angst because the NBC affiliate cut off the beginning AND the lead-in from the first commercial break?

    Jeez, first we’re not in the walk-on contest and now this. Anybody care to transcribe the cold open and/or the first lead-in up to Kevin’s “hours and hours” line? You will make a friend for life.

  174. 215, lura, Jim was laughing because Darryl was not complimenting Michael with what he said. Everybody had smirks on, purposely, because he was making of Michael.

  175. The jump in ratings is not a shock. NBC had to see the drop in ratings last week coming after a 6-week hiatus AND a different start time

  176. would’ve made the ending better if Michael had shouted “FREEEDDDOOOMMM” after Darryl said he was Braveheart

  177. 221: The cold open is quoted in the “favorite quotes” section above. I’ve made a few minor additions from memory, but I think they’re pretty accurate.

    (Andy walks into the office carrying a box of his things)

    Andy: Hi, Pam.
    Pam: Oh, hi Andy.
    Andy: Drew. My name is Drew now.
    Pam: … oh, OK, sorry.
    Andy: Apology not accepted. Because it wasn’t even necessary in the first place.

    Andy (TH): Several weeks ago, Andy Bernard had an incident. [flashback of Andy hitting the wall] But after five weeks in anger management, I’m back. And I’ve got a new attitude, and a new name. And … a bunch of new techniques for dealing with the grumpies.

    (Andy proceeds to Jim’s desk)

    Jim: Hi, Andy.
    Andy: You can call me Drew.
    Jim: No, I’m not gonna call you that.
    Andy: Cool. I can’t control what you do, I can only control what I do.
    Jim: Andy.
    Andy: (grimacing) Drew.

    (Pan to Dwight looking at his computer screen with hilarious expression of studied indifference)
    (Pan to Andy)

    Andy: Hi Dwight.

    (Pan back to Dwight in exactly the same attitude as before)

    Dwight (TH): Yes, I have decided to shun Andy Bernard for the next three years. Which I’m looking forward to. It’s an Amish technique. It’s like slapping someone with silence. I was shunned from the age of four until my sixth birthday for not saving the excess oil from a can of tuna.

    Dwight: Jim, could you please inform Andy Bernard that he is being shunned?
    Jim: Andy, Dwight says welcome back, and he could use a hug.
    Dwight: Okay, tell him that that’s not true.
    Jim: Dwight says that he actually doesn’t know one single fact about bear attacks.
    Andy (walking away, smiling) You guys …
    Dwight: Okay, no, Jim, tell him bears can climb faster than they can run. Jim! Tell him!
    Jim: (weakly) Andy … nah, that’s too far.
    Dwight: Damn you.

  178. This episode was great. Even though Andy annoyed the crap out of me for a long while, his new attitude dealing with “the grumpies” and Dwight’s “un-shun, re-shun” got me giggling. I love all the story lines… the betting going on was pretty funny, especially the Ryan/Kelly bet they had going.

    Great episode… I love Thursday Nights!!

    “I Braveheart. I am.”

  179. Why is Jim right beside Pam in the parking lot, while Karen is behind him. They’re a couple, it should be reversed. Is Jim (and the director) forgetting this? Seems a tad unrealistic.

  180. i just realize that phyllis wasn’t in the episode.

    where was she? she was in last weeks, so she’s not still on her honeymoon right?

  181. The bottom line: the episodes that BJ Novak writes (himself into) are never funny.

  182. Loved how Jim and Pam reflexively teamed up to deal with the Michael crisis. JAM powers, activate! The subtle touches in that relationship are the most fun to watch.

    Also love Darryl’s increased role – what a great, great character. Hope we also get to see more of the rest of the warehouse crew, Sea Monster and all.

  183. Shun.

    Not so great. Like Phyllis’ Wedding, except more of the characters got to talk.


    But….good subtle JAM and Karen realizes she just doesn’t belong. Yay for Kevin! The betting was humorous.


  184. Great individual lines and performances, but somehow this one didn’t add up for me as a cohesive, great episode. Also agree that Jim and Pam standing next to each other was strange…a pandering to the JAM audience? Also expected Jim and Pam to start bouncing around inside the castle when they were in front of it.

    Def liked the betting things and Karen not understanding the extreme traits of her Scranton co-workers…and “shun/unshun” is an instant classic.

    I’m sure Andy/Drew is headed for a meltdown/grumpies again though. No way he can stay this level, esp. with Dwight acting the way he is. That’s when the sparks will fly once again no doubt…

  185. The Office is really going down hill. Last night was almost unbeaerable. The writing has gotten lazy and is going for the cheap, over the top humor. Season 1 was simply brilliant. Season 2 was okay. Season 3 sucks!!
    Too many relationships, too many story lines that go from episode to episode.
    The writing is not keeping with old story lines. Last night Darrell said they have never gone a full year without an incident, however in “Boys& Girls” they said they went 936 days w/o incident. Also Andy returns after 5 weeks in anger counseling. He was gone two episodes before Phyllis’ wedding. She went on a six week honeymoon and has been back for a couple of weeks. Does not add up.
    Come on writers, stop being lazy, get back to what made the show great.

  186. Dwight’s shunning of Andy/Drew/whatever was funny mostly because he really wasn’t shunning Andy at all.

    Darryl telling Mike (he’s the only one that calls him Mike)that it must take courage for Michael to get out of bed every day and be Michael was the sort of insult Michael never gets. It was weird watching Michael on the roof. When he starts talking about his relationship with Jan I wasn’t sure if he was just acting depressed. Usually in the talking head Michael would explain how he successfully made his point but instead he says he is a hero for saving himself. That was weird.

    In the Performance Review episode there was a reference to a depressed former employee who committed suicide.

  187. 235-Don’t forget Michael’s money problems and the fact that he’s gotten more stupid.

    That Baler scene bugged me. Lame product placement. More Chilis please. And was I the only kind of worried for Dwight’s safety?

  188. 237 | Elisabeth wrote: “That Baler scene bugged me. Lame product placement.”

    Not *nearly* as bad as that paper shredder product placement they had Kevin do. I was barfing during that one. I hardly noticed the baler was an ad until it was pointed out to me (then I noticed).

  189. why didn’t stanley notice the watermelon on his car when they were in the parking lot? it’s very obvious that there are huge chunks of melon all over his roof and trunk. not something i wouldn’t have noticed…

  190. John (148)-

    What or who caught Karen’s eye in the parking lot? I am a poor, unfortunate soul without a tivo…

  191. 241 | Kate, I’m the other John, not John 148, but I checked the tape. There’s no look there. John148 was suggesting that Karen checked out Darryl, but there was nothing there. She merely acknowledged Darryl.

    228 | Gab, I think the idea was that as soon as Creed saw the castle, both Jim and Pam simultaneously ran to see it (see how much they have in common?). After that, until Michael comes down the ladder/fire-escape, Jim is next to Pam.

  192. Not John 148: Darryl! There’s one solution. DAREN.

    Second viewing, I liked it a little bit more. Jim smiles at Pam and then acknowledges the camera catching him do that.

    And what was with Karen trying to make Jim faces in the warehouse? Poser. Get out of here Karen. Not trying to start a thing, but Karen still dating Jim is making me really dislike Karen in any form.

  193. Anyone have any idea why at the end of “The Negotiation” Andy comes back and gets maced….then in this episode he shows up like its his first day and no one blinks an eye?

  194. Jim/Pam locations…I had almost the same scenario (trio) at a previous workplace and I must admit, during meetings & team functions, I always made a point to sit/stand next to the one I actually wanted to date.

    The sad part is that I knew the one I was dating would follow suit and end up sitting/standing on the other side of me, so it allowed me to not alienate her while still sending signals.

    Eventually the one I wanted to date started sending me body language signals as well…which I think is what may start happening with Pam. Body language is an easy way to say something without the risk of saying it, which would align perfectly with Pam’s character.

  195. did i miss it or did no one comment on the fact that you can see the california hills or mountains or whatever behind Dwight and Michael on the roof. There is no place east of the Mississippi that even vaguely resembles that kind of landscape. Certainly nothing in PA. I was bummed about that because they could have used a really short depth of field for the shots and blurred the background enough that no one could notice. It seems like they’ve gone so far out of their way in the past to keep the PA illusion that they really just blew it with this!!

  196. Yeah Torres that’s definitely a weirddd thing. Andy’s whole storyline has been confusing and screwed up for a while here. I think this may just be one of the writers issues with continuity.

    It bothers me that it’s very obvious that each episode has been written by somebody else. It seems like the characters and the plot lines don’t connect sometimes.

  197. Torres, I think Andy come to say hello in The Negotation and tell Michael that he’s gonna be back. In ST he cames with his stuff, so is his first day back.

  198. I was entertained! I think it has to be one of my favourite episodes so far. Nothing in it annoyed me at all.

    Michael: I saved a life — my own. Am I a hero? I really can’t say. But, yes.

    has anybody noticed this hero theme cropping up all the time!!?? I love It :D

  199. This episode was at least the second time that Kevin has goaded Karen about Jim’s relationship with Pam. In last weeks Negotiation he directly asked Karen how does it feel that your boyfriend was attacked over another woman. I’m starting to think that Kevin and Phyllis (who I think is the only one that really knows what’s going on between Jim and Pam) will somehow push Jim and Pam together.

  200. Isn’t it great that we all love the same show and a lot of for the same reasons but we all have different feelings for the episodes we like. I loved this episode. I thought this episode definitely had a season two feel. Almost like it was a homage to season two. Now if we could have a slightly darker humor episode to give us our blast from season one, I guess that could’ve been the bat episode.

  201. Alright. So it seems like this episode wasn’t hugely popular with most people, but I for one LOVED it.

    It was SO Funny.

    Seriously, there were so many great lines and great scenerios, and while the entire episode might not have seemed to be in sequence or whatever, I still think it was hilarious. It had parts for a lot of the characters, and it didn’t drag to freqently on any relationships.

    I much preferred it to last weeks episode, “The Negotiation”, which seemed to drag (it WAS a supersize episode) and wasn’t very humorous. Except for Michael wearing a woman’s suit, of course.

  202. Seriously, I love Kryan (and for that matter I love BJ and Mindy as well), but did anyone feel like Ryan/BJ stopped acting and was just a happy boyfriend? It didn’t seem to fit Ryan, who always seems a little cynical and just a tad cold at times. (Remember, he kept trying to break up with Kelly? He stole Jim’s desk and his rude comment to Jim when Jim wanted his help with a prank on Dwight.)

  203. This wasn’t my favorite episode. It felt disjointed, there wasn’t really any character development, and Michael and Daryl both seemed particularly unlikable. But it was still pretty funny. BJ’s long-sleeved tee comments had me cracking up…

  204. I think Ryan and Kelly have their good moments – I read an interview with BJ where he said Ryan just liked being loved, or something. But he was still a little cynical – using your girlfriend to win a few bucks. I did love the betting stuff, and Michael on the roof = moderately funny. My question: why “sea monster”? I mean, I know the dude’s big, but….like a….whale? Didn’t get it. That whole scene made me uncomfortable. I know Kelly’s annoying, but telling a girl she wants to sleep with you and then telling her boyfriend to shut her up…not funny on its own, and they didn’t do anything to make it laughable. To me.

  205. I dont think that it felt like the whole dialogue with Ryan because we usually hear so little from him. He just seems like the person who wants to keep to himself because he’s too afraid to open up. He prefers to stick to business and maybe he’s even a little shy and that’s what comes off as arrogant and pretentious. Maybe the comments Michael made during the business school episode made him want to open up and become a little more part of the office.

  206. Haha! I loved that episode! Especially when Michael says ” Dwight, you ignorant slut. “

  207. I was thinking this morning, and something occurred to me. Why does there HAVE to be plot development?? It’s just a day… safety training day to be exact.

    Could you imagine if every day of your life you had plot development? I know I don’t want that. I need days where nothing all that exciting happens. And if there is something dramatic going on in my life (like a Jim/Pam thing), it wouldn’t be drama-filled until it was resolved. Sometimes you pretend like the situation isn’t there and act normal just to get through the day.

    Why were Jim/Pam acting somewhat normal? Because it’s easier to do that, sometimes, than talk about it five nights in a row. :-) It’s supposed to be a documentary, and just like in real life, sometimes you just have days and weeks where nothing substantial happens.

    Although I think a fake near suicide is something substantial. Can I get an amen?

  208. I dont know what to think about this episode. It was just a little bit everywhere. Personally, not a huge fan of BJ writing any episode. Dont hate me for that, its just how i feel.

  209. I didn’t like this episode at first but after watching it on my ipod a few more times it kind of grew on me. And can someone please explain the Creed/Apple/Potato thing to me?

  210. uhshun-reshun-

    They had a bet going that Creed wouldn’t notice if they swapped his apple out with a potato. And he did not. Because he is a gross (but funny) old man.

  211. I definitely thought this was the funniest episode for months. I love all of the romance, of course, but it was nice to take a break from that for a week. So many things were going on, with the betting, and the shunning, and Michael’s plan… I thought it was HILARIOUS!

  212. THANK YOU, Amy! So did I. I thought this might have been the funniest, and simplest yet most brilliant episode of the season. I watched it twice in a row and loved it both times!

  213. I must be one of the rare people that thought this was one of the more weaker episodes, but I guess it’s hard to follow up The Negotiations, which I thought was HILARIOUS

  214. The Darrell character has really impressed me the last few eps. His relationship with Mike delivers some great laughs. More Darrell!!

  215. I think the important thing to consider in this episode is the tone. Negottations left an odd, un-office like taste in my mouth, not that it wasn’t an excellent episode, but hearing Pam describe Roy’s and Jim’s altercation was kind of overwhelmingly serious, more serious than death had been in grief conseling or any other 1/2 an episode i can think of.

    Safety training showed to me that the show and life had returned to a sense of normalcy, which of course means maddness if you factor in jim and dwight. it felt ridiculous and fun even when discussing suicide, and i think daryl v mike interactions are amazing. Big fan of BJ’s episodes too on a whole.

    One more thing that bothered me was the supersized negotiations seemed off a little to me. I didn’t need angela asking everybody what they thought of the fight, although creed’s description was hilarious. Also, it seemed unbelievable that dwight had all those weapons, when in previous episodes he talked about bringing his potato spud gun as if it were his only weapon. (can you imagine if i was deranged.)

    safety training was neccesary and consistently hilarious. give me dwight rocking out on the moon and shunning dwight over pam moping any day. and more ryan

  216. when did dwight and angela break up and why?? Sorry, I am new to the show and I am looking but can’t find it on the internet!

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