It’s The Office Season 6 premiere week!

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Describe what you’d like to see happen with Michael Scott this season.


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The Office Season 6

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  1. I’d like to see Michael “branch” out and try to get more local Scranton businesses to buy their paper from Dunder Mifflin. The thought of him trying to get some of his peers to buy his paper makes me smile!

  2. Michael Scott will go a dating game show, make a fool of himself, yet still come home with a girl.

  3. I’d like to see Michael enter a magic competition against children . . . and make the branch come along.

  4. Michael Scott should rekindle his relationship with Holly and try not to screw up PB&J’s wedding.

  5. I’d like to see Michael start a Bromance with someone and then start to think about how it is getting too ‘friendly’. I like when Michael is in uncomfortable social scenarios, especially ones where he becomes a little un-PC.

  6. WOW! All great scenarios above!! Being a romantic at heart, I would love to see Michael Scott attempt to stop Holly’s wedding…showing up on a true white horse (in a great Michael Scott way)…only to “see” that he is too late….when truly the wedding never took place as Holly cancelled it. It’s always nice to see the “softer” side of Michael Scott.

  7. I’d like to see Michael get promoted, make a mess of corporate, and then get demoted back to regional manager.

  8. I would love for Michael to dream a world where he is caring and empathetic. Then wake up not learning anything.

  9. I would like to see Michael make a complete fool of himself at the wedding trying to at like Pam’s dad and try to give Pam away to Jim.

  10. Michael invites the office to see a show, which turns out to be an open mic comedy night, and he’s actually good.

  11. Michael adopts a puppy. After training classes, he’ll try out his new “pack leader” techniques on his office staff.

  12. I would like to see Michael Scott try to become Jam’s baby’s godfather. He’d mimic movie quotes over the baby!

  13. I’d like to seem Michael recognized by Corporate for his years of service, and his ability as a salesmen.

  14. I really want Michael to go back to his Shoe-La-La idea and see what happens with it, now that he has experience with having his own business. Also, seeing Michael in Bartender School would be pretty hilarious as well.

  15. Michael will quietly pine for Holly up until Jim & Pam’s wedding, when he will become so distraught, he gets up and leaves halfway through it only to drive right then and there to Nashua to reclaim his dream girl.

  16. I would like to see a man start to want a “friendship” with Michael, much like Michael has for Ryan. Except that guy is gay and everyone in the office realizes this except Michael.

  17. Michael wants be the next Billy Mays, so he tries to invent something. Problem is, all his ideas already exist.

  18. Michael Scott has mid-life crisis, buys a motorcycle and joins a rock band, which is a total disaster. Band practice is conducted in his office during business hours and Dwight tries to become a groupie, with Aqua-Net and eyeliner in hand. Michael encourages Jim & Pam to allow his band to play at their babies’ baptism/christening. Kevin gets upset at this idea because he knows his band is better; ultimately causing a battle of the bands to take place in the warehouse.

    Michael then attempts to stop Holly’s wedding by crashing through the church doors and riding his motorcycle down the aisle. At that moment, Holly realizes that leaving Michael was the worst decision she ever made. Holly hops on the back of the bike and the couple attempt to flee the scene, only to have a flat tire in front of the church, they then begin to run down the street. Dwight happens to be driving by the church while on deputy patrol, and picks Michael and Holly up and takes them to his Bed and Breakfast.

  19. Michael trying his hardest to convince Jim and Pam to name their baby Michael, even if it’s a girl.

  20. Michael tries to convince Jim to let him be the best man at his wedding (by telling Jim he’ll be his best man at his own wedding).

  21. I want Michael to be the victim of a female stalker!! Preferably, Dwight gets in on the action…

  22. Michael proposes to Holly at her wedding to AJ. He also accuses Pam of “letting herself go.”

  23. I’d love to see Michael play more pranks on people and fail, setting up Holly to come back to him.

  24. Michael goes on an adventure with Todd Packer and finally gets the girl, who happens to be Jan’s estranged sister.

  25. Michael makes a memorial for Michael Jackson, dresses up as him, and makes too many jokes waaay too soon.

  26. On JAMS wedding day, Michael appears with Holly, announcing their marriage. Michael tries to make JAMS wedding about his marriage.

  27. Michael is pursued by a Vance Refrigeration gal and is intially creeped out…but later finds love.

  28. I’d like to see Michael take his improversation skills to the stage, maybe an open mic night. Or Star Search.

  29. Michael shows up at Jam’s wedding and hooks up with Pam’s sister. They announce they are getting hitched.

  30. He sends the Threat Level: Midnight screenplay to producers, receives an offer, then bails when he can’t be Agent Scarn.

  31. Jim is coming after Michael’s job this season. However, Michael will challenge him to a battle royale for the position.

  32. Michael lands a second job as the Princess Unicorn spokesman. He finds love with the woman that plays the Princess.

  33. Michael tries to join Pam on maternity leave, so that Jim can have all his responsibilities and ‘man-up.’

  34. As Michael “experiences” parenthood with Jam’s baby, he looks for different ways to become a parent himself. From adoption to foster homes to Chuck E Cheese, he starts the search.

  35. Michael will pursue a beautiful woman (played by Jen Celotta) who turns out to be a Schrute…and completely crazy.

  36. Michael feels threatened by Jim’s move up the ladder and starts to pursue ways to make himself less expendable.

  37. I would like to see Michael bring his mother into the office (played by Carol Burnett) with hilarious consequences.

  38. Michael quits Dunder Mifflin and starts a chocolate factory, takes staff with him, and attempts to impersonate Willie Wonka.

  39. Michael and Holly should have a booze induced one-nighter, causing a pregnancy “scare” which terminates Holly’s current relationship.

  40. Michael elopes with Meredith and then decides to join World Wrestling Entertainment, where he ends up being beloved.

  41. Michael and Ryan realize their true love for each other and run away to Iowa or Vermont to get married.

  42. Michael has to go to the corporate office for business, and runs into Holly. They decide to hit a karaoke bar and perform a duet which gets the people dancing. Afterwards, someone sings a love song and Michael and Holly share a slow dance only to realize that they still love each other.

  43. Michael becomes obsessed with Project Runway and enlists Kelly to set up a fashion show, fashion show at lunch!

  44. Michael diagnoses himself on the internet, believes he is dying, and puts the PPC in charge of his bucket list.

  45. The fire with Jan (and Astrid) is rekindled when suddenly, Holly winds up pregnant. Michael is the suspected father.

  46. Michael discovers tweeting, his are TMI. Dwight believes the computer created twitter as part of a conspiracy plan. Must save Michael.

  47. Michael tries to adopt but has trouble. He writes down Dwight as his partner, mistaking the question for “business partner”.

  48. Michael tries to “green” The Office by starting a recycled paper line, homemade by the Schrutes, and completely unusable.

  49. Michael has a new girlfriend that he takes to a Dunder Mifflin conference in Vegas. After a drunken night together, they decide to marry. The next morning, Michael runs into a newly-single Holly. Michael will, naturally, end the episode with wise words gleaned from Katy Perry’s “Waking up in Vegas”.

  50. Besides, obviously, wanting him to get back together with Holly, I’d like for us to see Michael’s business savvy. And, hopefully, if we’re lucky, he’ll patent his chair pants, and they’ll be sold at the NBC store.

  51. i would like to see Michael G. Scott to show his true feelings for Ryan Howard, and wondering if he’s gay. So Michael and Dwight go do some of their fascinating research, But in the end he’ll end up with holly.

  52. Holly should stop by to see Michael unexpectedly; Dwight should be loyal to Michael again; Wallace should apologize to Michael.

  53. michael wins the lottery, but spends all the money producing “Michael Scarn, Threat Level Midnight”

  54. With a little luck, total obliviousness, and some subtle skill, save DM from the brink of financial collapse and ruin.

  55. Most definitely love to see him move-move, shake-shake, and drop his bad self and get his swag on!

  56. It would super sweet if Michael helped raise Jim and Pam’s baby and turning the conference room into a nursery.

  57. Michael becomes more of a mentor. His age becomes apparent to him and he treats employees more like a father figure.

  58. I hope Michael finds love outside of the office, parody an Aerosmith song, and actually do well at his job.

  59. I want Michael Scott to think that Jim and Pam’s baby is the “office” baby and try to steal it!

  60. Have D-M follow through on Jan’s recommendation that he be reinstated as a salesman rather than a manager.

  61. Michael help Dunder Miflin from going under and gets promoted. Then he tries some crazy things to get Holly back.

  62. Michael does not get invited to Jim’s Bachelor party. Irritated Michael calls up Roy and they crash it.

  63. Michael tries to convince Jam that he should be the Godfather of the baby using his best Corleone impressions!

  64. I would like to see Michael decide to save Dunder-Mifflin from bankruptcy by performing a comedy show. All employees would be required to sell tickets. His act would include, but by no means be limited to, Parodies, impersonations and skits. The set designs would be done by Pam and the PPC(minus Pam but including Ryan) would be in charge of everything else. At the end of Michael’s show he would attempt to crowd surf.

  65. Michael will convince the White House to use Dunder Mifflin and asks fellow Scrantonite Vice President Joe Biden for help.

  66. Michael get’s back with Holly, Michael and Andy become better friends. Michael get’s someone (Hopefully GF) pregnant with his child.

  67. Michael becomes paranoid about his job when David Wallace promotes Jim to co-regional manager. Revenge and hilarity ensues.

  68. I wanna see Michael get arrested for trying to kill Toby, and trying to steal Pam and Jim’s baby

  69. I want to see Michael perfect his own version of Meryl Streep’s impression of Julia Child from “Julie and Julia.”

  70. Michael wants to be Pam’s maide of honor after seeing the chick flick, “Maid of Honor”. He also thinks he and Patrick Dempsey look very similar.

  71. Michael is going to insist that he is part of Jim and Pam’s baby’s life and find different ways to get in on the baby.

  72. I’d like Michael to start up a side business of work seminars aimed at management after being inspired by a baffled corporate consistently asking him why his branch is performing the best. We saw a taste on his tour of the DM branches and Ryan’s business class, but giving the viewers more of perhaps monthly management seminars (in the improv class style) by Michael would be fantastic. Exposing more completely unprepared, innocent bystanders to the walking disaster that is Michael Scott is just phenomenal.

  73. Michael saves Dunder Mifflin through a series of disasters that somehow make the company money. Andy takes credit; Dwight retaliates.

  74. Michael takes cafe disco to the next level, opening an after work Scranton hangout inviting Holly to the opening event.

  75. Michael misses a week by taking “paternity” for Little Tuna. Dwight brings Mose on Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

  76. Michael becomes Nashua’s regional manager to rekindle his relationship with Holly; he obstinately trains Jim to be Scranton’s regional manager.

  77. Inspired by Jim and Pam, Michael again decides to pursue adoption. After unsuccessful attempts, Jim and Pam make Michael the Godfather of their little “jambino.” Inappropriate horse head jokes are made.

  78. Michael throws a baby shower and performs the parody “My Bump” and wants co-guardianship, while Dwight makes a beet onesie.

  79. I’d like to see Michael tell the world’s first hilarious AIDS joke, and subsequently become comedy czar of the US.

  80. Turning Cafe Disco into an after hours place, it becomes huge and Michael has to decide between his two jobs.

  81. I would love to meet Michael’s mother this season!And she was hilarious and cool, everything Michael wants to be!

  82. Michael attempts to expand Dunder Mifflin’s product range by inventing his own “Business 101” kits for new businesses.

  83. I would like to see Michael Scott make up some new words like he did in Stress Relief. (“Cut off your nose to spider face.”)

  84. Michael attempts to be godfather of Jim & Pam’s kid and try to name it “Chevy”, (M or F). Middle name Michael/Michaela.

  85. I would like to see Michael wear a Michael Jackson glove and attempt to moonwalk across the office.

  86. I would like to see Michael attempt to gain more responsibility in Dunder Mifflin and I would like him and Holly to spend some time together.

  87. Michael tells Holly how he feels about her, wins her back, then announces HE is pregnant to upstage PB&J.

  88. I’d love to see more of the Super-Boss Michael we saw during the MSPC storyline, specifically with ‘Broke’. Plus Mikey needs loving!

  89. Michael crusades for JAM to name their baby “Paper.” He confronts demons when Holly & Angela have their own baby news.

  90. Michael offers to provide in-house day care for Jim and Pam’s baby, without first clearing things with David Wallace. Much hilarity ensues, but he is eventually able to convince David. Michael comes out looking like a winner because he’s such a sensitive new-age guy to consider the parent’s needs…and he is actually increasing productivity by allowing them to continue to work while the baby is nearby. AND Michael plus babies equals comedy gold!

  91. Michael dates Elizabeth the stripper but ultimately ends the relationship after falling in love with Pam’s mom.

  92. Michael tries to be a father figure to Astrid to show Jim and Pam he could be a “cool uncle”.

  93. This being season six, we begin to see what life after Dunder-Mifflin could hold for Michael.

  94. Michael meets the real Ryan Howard (of the Phillies) and attempts to make HIM his new best friend.

  95. I wanna hear “That’s what she said,” “Conference room, five minutes,” and “Shhhhhhut it.” Again.

  96. I think it would be funny if Michael decided to go back to school and get his degree. It would be easy to have it as a funny background story while still keeping the overarching themes and plots of the series in line.

  97. Michael is assigned a corporate mentor to help him improve his management techniques — and rebels!

  98. In the tradition of Beach Games and Company Picnic, Michael plans a trip to an amusement park or haunted house.

  99. Michael’s mom dies leaving him an unexpectedly large inheritance, rich Michael steps down to sales, giving Pam his old job.

  100. For Michael to go back to his crazy, weird ways, pre-Holly/Jan. But give him someone to seriously befriend.

  101. Michael will discover the “fun” side of Angela, and they will become closer than Michael and Holly.

  102. Does anyone know if the premiere is an hour long, or just 30 minutes? I think my Office premiere party will be a little short if it’s just 30.

  103. i just want to see michael drunk. i think michael scott + too much alcohol is the PERFECT combination.. so many opportunities.

  104. Michael decides he would also like children and steps towards starting a family, After realizing adopting isn’t as much fun.

  105. Michael sells his movie ‘Threat Level Midnight’, and moves to Hollywood. His movie actually becomes a success. Dwight calls to tell him that Holly has broken up with AJ and has been trying to find him. Michael then plans a special screening of the movie in Scranton, and Dwight gets Holly to attend. Just as the movie is to start Michael appears on screen, and he tells Holly everything that he wanted to tell her in the picnic. Holly is moved, Michael appears behind her and they re-unite. She moves to Hollywood, and they marry on the set of his latest movie ‘Threat Level Midnight part 2’. Michael films it and incorporates it into the movie.

  106. J-AM asks Michael to be “God-father”. Jan walks in on Michael’s “fatherly sensitivity”. He’s later asked to manage Holly’s branch.

  107. Definitely, Michael in the delivery room with Jim and Pam.
    Pam yelling, “get it out.”
    Michael, “That’s what she said!”.

  108. Please, please, please don’t make Andy gay! Pleeeeaaaseee noooooo! It’s like when a sitcom brings in a baby=(

  109. Michael makes the office into a haunted house for children to trick-or-treat in, but goes way overboard.

  110. Being that Phyllis’ Wedding is my least favorite episode of the entire series due to Michael being too over the top, I would like to see him smile happily and sit QUIETLY at Jim & Pam’s wedding and reception.

  111. Michael gets demoted to Assistant to the Regional Manager — with the Regional Manner being a recently forgiven and promoted Ryan.

  112. Darryl “teaches” Michael the “Scroll it down” handshake. Then shows him a street move called “White knight and black stallion”.

  113. Michael convinces Jim and Pam that the name Michael would be the most appropriate name for their baby.

  114. Michael Scott meets Stephen Colbert when he comes to town to shoot a segment of “Better Know a District”,for the Colbert Report.

  115. Michael starts his own food critic website and makes a catered lunch that he forces the office to eat.

  116. Jim puts Dwight’s desk on the roof, and Stanley’s Daughter interns at Dunder Mifflin. So Andy starts to hit on her but does not know that Stanley is her father. Stanley finds out about this little factoid, and gives Andy one of his famous speeches (wink wink).

  117. Michael gets jealous of JAM’s baby getting all the attention so he pretends that he himself is a baby.

  118. I would like to see an episode about Michael attending his family reunion and the office is also invited.

  119. Michael agrees to have a beer with Charles, and they discover together how much they enjoy karaoke.

  120. Michael files a restraining order on Jan as she tries to win him back when Holly transfers back to Scranton.

  121. Michael finds out that Holly is upset about her relationship so he jumps on the opportunity to win her back.

  122. Since the premiere is tomorrow, everyone on Twitter should tweet #TheOfficeSeason6, they have a Bones one, WE NEED AN OFFICE ONE!! Let’s try to make it trending by tomorrow before The Office premiere starts! =D

    [from tanster: checking with nbc right now on what the plan is …]

  123. I am soooo ready for Season 6!! I got my new iPod Touch this week, so for the first time I’ll be able to download episodes to carry around with me. God Bless America!

    P.S. My iPod came with free engraving on the back. I put my name on one line, and “That’s what she said…” on the second line! I smile every time I look at it!

  124. Good idea Megg.

    Come on tweeples, get twittering!

    Feel free to re-tweet: Premiere of The Office Season 6 is tomorrow! One. More. Sleep. #TheOfficeSeason6

  125. Michael will notice changes around the office and in his silly way try to keep them from happening.

  126. I want to see Michael get back together with Holly. They were adorable. Maybe even a baby can come into the mix since we know Michael’s so desperate for one.

  127. I want to see Michael Scott punch Holly’s boyfriend in the face and steal Holly away from him. He and Holly move in together and have kids finally giving Michael his lifelong dream to have kids some day.

    And hopefully get a good ol Dunder Mifflin raise!!!

  128. I hope to see Michael and Holly back together. They are perfect for each other! And get ride of Jan.

  129. Michael runs into Jan, her absence is explained, and when she tries to take advantage of him again he stands up for himself and tells her off once and for all.

  130. Michael realizes he is never going to be a father. Steals Jim & Pam’s baby and pretends that it’s his.

  131. I want to see Michael get a nice girlfriend. Someone he can relate to. Holly was great but then she left. I would like to see her come back and Michael and Holly get together for good. He deserves to be happy. It would be funny for Jan to come back too and stir up the office.

  132. Michael should find out there are tax incentives for having a handicapped employee. I’d love to see the interview process.

  133. I would love if Miichael, after having no luck in the love department decides he’s going to try men. He spends several episodes trying to convince Oscar to give him lessons on “how he could do that to another dude”.

  134. Michael starts a fancy manure supply company called Poo La La. Becomes official supplier for Schrute Farms Beets.

  135. Michael should make ongoing not-so-subtle hints of wanting to be the godfather to Jim and Pam’s baby.

    (I’m in Japan, but if you mail something you can send it to my brother in California.)

  136. Dwight finally convinces Michael that computers are becoming sentient so the two hit the road to take down Skynet.

  137. Michael has mid-life crisis, buys motorcycle and starts wearing tight shirts. Finally gets some dates, then realizes Holly’s the one!

  138. Michael interrupts an acceptance speech and inadvertently gives birth to an office-wide inside joke. His dream is realized!

  139. Become his alter-ego Michael Scarn and save Scranton from the ‘Five Families’ evil plot to rid the world of paper!

  140. Michael goes to a conference and hooks up with Holly. Later he makes peace with Toby. Godfather to Jam Baby.

  141. I’d love for Michael to finally find love (with Holly) and finally tie up some loose ends (with Jan).

  142. I want Michael to get back together with Holly, and then have Pam’s baby named after him. Also, I want to see him dance. All. The. Time.

  143. Michael should make Holly a movie in which he tries to tell her how much he loves her but then he sends her an embarrassing one, which makes her realize how much she like him.

  144. I would love it if Michael started doing things that he’s always wanted to do. Also if when talking about JAM’s baby, he refers to himself as a “baby daddy” himself.

  145. He should have holly come to him and say she’s in love with him. Tell Jan off. Have his mother come into work with his lunch b/c he lives with her. Then he wins a scratch off lottery ticket w/a small sum 5grand instead of moving he gives the money to Dwight to save the beet farm b/c holly thought it would b sweet. Not to worry holly ask him to move in w/ her

  146. Michael will want a baby when he hears about Jim and Pam. Holly will come back to visit the Scranton branch after Michael tries to talk the new receptionist into “Sarahgating” the baby with him. Holly will get jealous and will give away that she has feelings for him still. Michael will propose to her (by driving back to her office again) on Christmas with a puppy. :*)

  147. Michael wins the lottery using Holly’s birthday and measurements, tells noone, secretly buys control of Dunder-Mifflin, but remains district manager.

  148. Yay! It’s tonight! I’ve deliberately kept myself away from the Office Tally these last weeks just to get the full impact of the upcoming season!

  149. It’s very important for Michael to learn more about himself first before seeing him jump into another failed relationship.

  150. Michael takes pain meds & is convinced that he was abducted by aliens, he admits his true feelings to Holly.

  151. I AM EXCITED!!! …but unfortunately there is a football game on the premiere night!!! thank heaven for dvr!

  152. i hope to see michael find love this season. he totally deserves his chance! especially if its with Holly!

  153. I would like to see Michael compete in SAINT UBALDO. He could carry one of the sacred statues and accidentally drop it or something. Saint Ubaldo is a NEPA tradition, the show needs to do an episode on it!

  154. Not original, but I want to see more of Michael and Holly! They are hilariously dorky together. Would also love to see anything that inflates his ego for a while- pompous Michael is the best.

  155. Michael becomes obsessed with “SYTYCD” and, in celebration of JAM’s nuptials, choreographs his audition to Celine Dion’s “Power of Love.”

  156. I would love to see Michael find a woman who appreciates his good heart and what he has to offer.

  157. I hope Michael gets back together with Holly, and they get married and have 100 kids so he’ll 100 friends.

  158. I would like to see Michael make an outrageous birthday cake for Jim and Pam’s baby shower.

  159. Michael installs a new 19 inch plasma screen for his new place to show off (the kind that can push into the wall). He holds another Dundies-Jim and Pam win best secret pregnancy (and whitest sneakers)!!! Michael invites Holly, then they become friends and pretend they don’t love each other and then after 3 seasons they finally get together!

  160. Loved Jenna’s message to the fans. She seems the sweetest, most down-to-earth celebrity in Hollywood.

    [from tanster: hi gail! yes, jenna was super sweet to record this message. she is awesome. :) ]

  161. Aw Jenna’s the best! I love how she know’s that we OfficeTally-ers know about the pregnancy, despite all the mags and websites calling it jim and pam’s “secret.” I’m so excited for tonight – and for the wedding! I really hope that turns out to be the best episode yet, since it should be! Thanks for bringing us the message, tanster!

  162. I am soooo excited!!!! Less than 12 hours here in the Eastern Standard time zone. I can’t wait!! And Jenna’s message to the fans was so sweet. I love this show!!

  163. I’m at work, so I can’t listen to Jenna’s message, but how awesome of her to do that for us! Just one more example of why this show has, hands-down, the best cast ever.

    I can’t believe Season 6 Premiere Day is finally here! I haven’t been this excited since … well, since last season’s premiere. ;) Only 10 hours and 39 minutes to go here in the Central time zone!

    [from tanster: darn! not even on headphones?]

  164. If only there were some prize that Jenna could win in recognition of her performance. You know, something other actors might vote on and would be awarded at a big, televised ceremony. Maybe some day. Thanks for posting her message Tanster.

  165. Jenna posted a blog about the premiere as well. Seriously, she’s so awesome to the fans!

  166. I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again… I don’t think it is possible to love Jenna as much as I do right now! :)

  167. I am so excited for tonight I can’t even count how many hours are left…… also changing my office wipeoff board to read “0 more days till season 6!!!” was beyond fun this morning. Yes…. my desk is the only one with office stuff. It’s kinda hard to miss. lol

    Yay to Jenna for the message!!!

    PS #246 … kudos on the name. Well done. hahaha

  168. Something curious about Jenna’s blog entry: why does she say “Mindy and..Erin..had to be here at 4:30”
    Hmm, some kind of cryptic spoiler? Like maybe Ellie has a stunt double in this episode?

  169. @256 nv- Or maybe someone is dressed up as Erin for Halloween? She did say Oscar’s costume was the favorite thus far, maybe he goes as Erin?

  170. That’s so awesome of Jenna to do that! I’m so stoked for The Office that I can barely contain myself. It’s all I care about today! WOOOO!

  171. This should be a national holiday. I have so much work to do, and I can’t EVEN!

    What a lovely shout-out to you on Jenna’s blog, Tanster!

    [from tanster: Miss Jenna is the best. :) ]

  172. I think that Jenna maybe used the periods because she used the character name and not the actress (Erin, instead of Elle). Just a guess and it certainly could be something more.

  173. I am totally kicking it tonight with my Season Premiere tradition of The Office & some Champagne!

  174. Just listened to Jenna’s message – love her! (stupid corporate wet blankets block online audio/video content at my workplace) ;) I can’t believe they’ve already shot six episodes! I absolutely cannot wait to see everything that’s in store for us this season.

  175. I thought the premiere tonight was good – not great, but still good. I am SO looking forward to what happens this season, and I just love Jam so much that that storyline alone will keep me watching.

    On a side note, I’M READY FOR THE RESULTS OF THIS CONTEST!! There were so many good entries and I need to know who wins! Are you actually going to give these suggestions to the writers?!

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