The Office Season 7 at iTunes

A couple of new Office items at iTunes:

Season 7 Season Pass: iTunes is now offering a Season Pass for The Office Season 7. If you subscribe now, you’ll be able to download “The Podcast” webisode for free.

Season 6 recap: The Office Recap Special offers a 7-minute recap of Season 6. It only covers the wedding, the baby, and the merger. (And provides an unsettling change of music for the wedding procession.) Download for free!

Find more at The Office at iTunes.

Tipster: pgwodehouse


  1. Ew @ the change of music for the wedding procession. Made me cringe.

    [from tanster: yep. didn’t like it either.]

  2. The song sounds dated, like it was from 10 years ago, and despite the song’s lyrics, it doesn’t fit at all with the show.

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