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The Office Season 6 DVD

Release date: September 7, 2010

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September 8, 2010

UPDATE #1: here are photos and information on the Target and Best Buy special editions, thanks to Tallyheads feared and loved, kreidy, Dustin, Justin, and Megan!

UPDATE #2: Tallyhead Christopher reports on a Costco special edition.

UPDATE #3: Tallyhead Megan describes the new scenes in the Sabre and Whistleblower extended episodes on the Target special edition.

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  1. wishlist: a boxset dedicated to bonus material of deleted scenes, commentary, and bloopers.

  2. Longgg blooper reel and lots of commentaries! Definitely the best two things in the DVDs.

  3. Commentaries by the actors and writers rather than craft services and the AD would be my preference. Also, more bloopers.

  4. More bloopers and commentary! I’ve missed Steve Carell and John Krasinski on the commentary, although I know they have been busy.

  5. Well that certainly is happy news! I would love to see as much extra material as possible on Niagara and The Delivery, especially commentary from Jenna and John. Jenna’s commentary is always so informative and delightful, and it’s been so long since John has joined in on the fun.

  6. All that extra footage that was shot for Niagara! Jim and Pam dancing down the aisle, the wedding kiss dip, the dialogue from the boat. Definitely commentaries for Niagara and The Delivery with John and Jenna! I would love all the years of Adventures with Angela to appear. As always, lots and lots of bloopers!

  7. Standard deleted scenes, outtakes, commentary along with webisodes and olympic promos.

    Also, I’d love to see some character specific extras similar to those on the season 3 set (‘Kevin Cooks Stuff, ‘Toby Wraparounds’, ‘Dwight Schrute Music Video’). I’d love to see Stanley, Phyllis, and/or Meredith shorts since Creed, Angela, Erin, Kelly, Ryan, and Andy all get a lot of face-time in the recent webisodes. I could definitely see a Meredith bartender scene similar to Kevin’s cooking short. Or a grumbling Stanley similar to Toby’s mumbling rant…

  8. – Commentary on Niagara and/or The Delivery with John AND Jenna. Pretty big episodes in terms of their characters’ relationship, so it’d be great to hear insight and BTS tidbits from them.

    – Longer blooper reel!

    – Footage of the actors inside the tiny closet that was used in The Delivery to record the birth scene.

  9. long long long LONG bloopers reel please!!!! (twss??)

    dream come true? entire disk dedicated to the wedding and one to the baby episode. extras, bloopers, commentaries, behind the scenes, making of, whatever… just for those episodes.

  10. Remember back when there was supposed to be a table read for “Did I Stutter”? It’d be awesome if the season 6 DVDs included a table read or some kind of feature that focused on the process of producing one episode. From the break down in the writer’s room to the table read to the filming to the editing.

  11. I can’t wait! How about the webisodes as “play all” so we can watch them as one continuous story?

  12. It would be great to see behind the scenes footage of the writers room and just an insight on how planning for an episode goes down, since we’ve gotten a few glimpses of the set,the writers room is still a mystery to me.

    Also the dance rehearsal they had to do for Niagara would be really funny to include.

    As well as a table read :)

  13. Since they always say the deleted scenes are part of the storyline and they hate taking them out for TV, Dave should place the deleted scenes “back” into each episode!

    Also, a behind the scenes tour of the 2 sound stages, actors trailers, entire lot, etc…

  14. I’d have to agree with all the commentary requests. On the S5 DVD, Jenna and Rainn were only on one episode each, John wasn’t on any, and Steve wasn’t either (though Steve hasn’t been on one since S1 so I don’t really expect it). It definitely would be awesome if they could get John and Jenna on the commentaries for the two hour-longs. My other request is to limit it to no more than 5 people on a commentary track. More than that becomes too confusing.

    Oh, and of course lots of deleted scenes, and I’d also love to see a “making of” documentary where they show the process of making an episode like Niagara.

  15. The important thing to me is the Blu-ray release. Last year all the episodes and special features (including the deleted scenes) were in 1080p! The more people that buy Season 5 & 6 on Blu-ray, the more it encourages Universal to re-release Seasons 1-4 in Special Edition blu-ray sets!

  16. Lots of bloopers, commentary, and behind the scenes stuff with the cast and crew! I would love to get a look into the writer’s room and what goes on there too.

  17. Gotta echo the want for John/Jenna commentary on Niagara and The Delivery. I know the only other time they did 2 commentaries for one ep was the pilot, but I’d also be interested in a separate Greg/Mindy commentary for Niagara just because it was such a huge ep and involved travel and other things that aren’t in every episode.

    Other than that, the standard webisodes, deleted scenes and of course 8 hours of bloopers. :)

  18. They need to include the audition footage that they talked about in season 1 commentaries! I need to see that.

  19. i completely echo everyone’s bloopers & commentary requests. i don’t care if you have to tie them up and drag them in, but jenna and john HAVE to do commentary for “niagara” and “the delivery”!!!!!

    and YES, set tour!

  20. It would be really cool if there was a way to play the deleted scenes as part of the episode. Watching after the fact can be annoying. Also, EVERYTHING that was region-blocked on the internet!

  21. Besides all the regular stuff, I hope they include the flip book version of the Male Prima Donna video. And although I realize it isn’t very likely, that would be great if they included the original broadcast versions of Traveling Salesmen & The Return.

  22. I would really, really, really love to see video of a table read. Pretty please, someone make this happen! Actually, any and all behind-the-scenes footage would make me incredibly happy. And though it’s been said plenty of times already, I’ll say it again – a super-long blooper reel would be awesome.

  23. My #1 wish is John and Jenna doing a commentary for either Niagara or The Delivery. Any additional scenes from Niagara that got cut would be a bonus.

    I’m all for as many bloopers and additional deleted scenes.

  24. Commentaries with multiple cast members (including the principles), which were sorely lacking from last season’s. The crew commentaries were charming, but we really want to hear the actors. And PLEASE nothing on a Blu-ray that us regular DVD watchers don’t get!!

  25. I love the idea of showing a table read AND for a set tour. Also an idea for commentaries…I think it would be fun to show the actors doing the table read in the corner of the screen. Kinda like a picture in picture.

  26. John and Jenna commentaries for Niagara and The Delivery. Arguably the two most important episodes in Office history. I would love to hear their thoughts on those episodes. They have taken Jim and Pam on the most wonderful (dare I say realistic) journey of two fictional characters and I’ll never feel The Office is complete without their thoughts. Also, it appears, as evidenced by the NBC photos) that there were more scenes to Niagara than we got to see. Anything and everything Niagara/wedding related.

  27. Commentaries with the cast on as many episodes as possible. Steve, John and Jenna need to get in there, especially John and Jenna for the two hour-longs.

  28. A table read PLEASE! Those are the best extras on the 30 Rock DVDs…. pleeeeease?

  29. Would love to see the full wedding ceremony from Niagara, including all of the dancing down the aisle that didn’t make it into the episode.

    And how about an interactive Halpert/Beesly family tree for the Blu-ray?

  30. -Longer blooper reel (at least 30 minutes)
    -Any table read
    -Behind the cameras footage of 1st time episode directors JKras, Rainn Wilson & Mindy Kaling
    -Commentary featuring Andy Buckley
    -Olympics promos

  31. Would you believe where I live I still cannot get S4 on dvd never mind season 5 or 6!!! thank god for this site.

  32. Take a cue from the “Seinfeld” dvds, those were done perfectly. I think “The Office” dvds have been 90% perfect, but we certainly want as many bloopers as possible, a table read is a great idea, something like “Inside Looks’ into each episode. We’ll watch everything they give us!

  33. I agree with those who asked for a table read! We were teased with the possibility of one 2 years back. I’d love to see one.

  34. Echoing some of the others:

    1. Jenna and John’s commentary on “Niagara” and/or “The Delivery”. Two of the most important episodes in the love story of Jim and Pam so please, indulge us fans!!

    2. Longer blooper reel. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

    Thank you!

  35. I echo #16 and #25 — I’ve always wanted a way to watch the episode as aired or watch it with the extra scenes in their proper places. It can’t be that technologically hard to do, right? (As if I know…) Fun as deleted scenes are, it takes you out of the flow of the story to watch a 22-minute episode as it aired, *then* watch 3 to 6 minutes of deleted scenes, figuring out as you go where they would fit in the episode.

  36. MORE bloopers, John/Jenna commentary on Niagara and/or The Delivery, and a Table Read would be AMAZING!!! :) I LOVE the The Office DVD’s… can’t WAIT!!! I’m actually excited to see more deleted scenes from Niagara!!

  37. I thought of another one…behind the scenes footage of John Krasinski directing (and Rainn and Mindy and BJ)!

  38. Maybe I’m just too much of a commentary buff, but I’d love to have an Office DVD that has commentary on every episode. I realize it’s a bit of a hassle, but sometimes I watch episodes with commentary on, and it’s like watching a brand new episode. There are a few shows that release DVD’s like this, and it would be amazing if The Office could do such a thing for their technical/writer/brainstorming fans.

  39. @27: If you have Netflix Instant Streaming, they have Traveling Salesman and The Return in their original, separate, broadcast versions. I’d imagine if you can get them on Amazon VOD or iTunes they’re probably in that same form, too.

    So given that it’s already available I really doubt they would put S3 episodes on the S6 DVD.

  40. @44: Because of the way DVD chapters work, I don’t think you could have both the “original” and “with deleted scenes” versions without having two separate copies of the same episode. That’s something they could do easily on Blu-Ray because of all the space, but probably not on DVD without the number of discs doubling.

  41. Of course longer bloopers, but I especially want bloopers between John and Jenna because I’m sure there are some good ones out there.

  42. I’m in the longer bloopers camp! Also, behind the scene stuff on casting the babies and other stuff. I want to know how hard/fun it was for Lee Kirk to do that scene w/ Jenna & John.

  43. More bloopers and behind the scenes, esp. the wedding ep. More cast commentary. Commentary from John & Jenna.

  44. I’d love a tour of the set of the Office, with close-ups of the posters, signs, and awards so we can read the often hilarious things they say!

  45. Loving the package art! Even though it is a bit odd they’re holding hands! Is that supposed to represent solidarity or the strength of Dunder Mifflin or something? Or am I reading too much into it? lol. Either way, love it! Glad Andy’s on it again!

  46. 1. Definitely more bloopers
    2. All of the webisodes (because I’m still not over “Male Primadonna”
    3.More commentaries with Steve Carell

    I kinda like the picture, but another half keeps asking, “Why the Halpert are they holding hands?!?!?!?!?”

  47. okay… the dvd cover is awesome but weird…
    and also…
    i thought it would be more creative… is there a background to the idea of this cover? (hands)
    and was Ryan really a main character? Did he deserve to be on the front cover?

  48. I’m assuming the hand holding is a nod to when Michael found out they were engaged…. “My heart soars with the eagle’s nest” when he held Pam’s hand and Jim’s but Jim was still in his chair??

    Ehhhh it’s not bad but I’m always slightly disappointed with the graphic. I don’t know what I’m expecting more than just a photo of them… but still. lol

    Also – table read would be awesome… but again more bloopers and more behind the scenes stuff :) (a look at the actors who directed would be awesome)

  49. Shouldn’t Ryan be wearing one of his weird, pretentious, season 6 outfits?

  50. Not really digging the cover art. Limp body language and stale expressions? And looks like they just took last year’s photo shoot and photoshopped new colors for Pam’s and Michael’s clothes. I hope the content on the inside is much better. And I guess we can assume Ryan, Dwight, and Andy are holding hands as well? Ha.

  51. LOVE the cover!!!

    The hand holding represents Jim & Pam as a couple, but of course, Michael, is in the middle because he HAS to be a part of everything.

    Remember on “The Delivery” when Jim’s giving Pam the pre-drive to the hospital pep talk? Michael was right there in the middle.

    Genius idea for the cover :)

  52. Am I the only one who loves the hand holding thing due to the fact that it is awkward and hilarious? Their stale expressions only add to this. Not only will the show make you laugh, but so will the cover! And those three really are what “holds it all together” (like the pun?) I think it works beautifully.

  53. more bloopers
    behind the scenes
    interviews with the actors

    and the cover is amazing, they’re all so cute and it’s so much better with Andy on it!

  54. I assume the hand-holding represents the fact that Dunder Mifflin is what brought Jim and Pam together, and Season 6 is when we got to watch them commit to one another forever. I think it would seem a little less weird, though, if everyone looked a bit happier. The wooden expressions kind of take away from the symbolic sweetness. But it’s no big deal – what matters is what’s inside. I get giddy thinking of all the special features – especially the gag reel! Can’t wait!

  55. For whoever complained about their expressions…go back and look at all the other DVD covers from past seasons. They never look happy.

    I love the hand holding thing. Michael really believes he’s a part of Jim and Pam’s family.

  56. I don’t care what the cover looks like, I just want it to be September 7th now!

  57. I guess they’re going green by recycling the Season 5 photo shoot with a little color modification.

  58. They’ve never looked particularly enthusiastic, but on this cover they look especially plain. Just an odd decision for the cover all around in my opinion.

  59. I love it! I mean seriously, they’re not supposed to be smiling, that would be too normal :)

  60. The best DVD cover, imo. And they don’t look oddly photoshopped like most of the other ones. I also love that they look totally bored.

    I think the cover is supposed to be like Michael being the surrogate priest with the married couple on each arm. LOL

  61. The mundane nature of the cover is fitting, in my opinion. I love how Michael is right in the middle of Jim and Pam – like he was through the major life moments they had this year. The only thing that doesn’t fit is Ryan – when did he actually wear a suit this year?? This was funky dress year for Ryan.

  62. Jim’s arm where he’s holding hands with Michael looks abnormally long!

  63. I think it’s super cute! I wonder what the DVDs will look like? Thanks so much Tanster! we can always count on you!

  64. I’m not a big fan of the cover. I don’t think Ryan has been featured enough on the show to deserve being on the cover. Also, the way Pam is standing and holding hands with Michael looks like she’s in Riverdance.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  65. So terrible. Ryan really doesn’t deserve to be on the cover. He has to be one of the most useless characters ever.

  66. 4 hours of Deleted Scenes! YES YES YES, This has to be the longest to date correct? I hope the blooper reel is longer than last season’s DVD. Dvd day is better than Christmas, I swear. I take off work, go to target when it opens, and watch it over and over again. Thanks for the info.

  67. I’m a little concerned that there is no mention of the other webisodes (including Subtle Sexuality) being on the DVD.

  68. First of all, I’m not really sure why anyone would really care that Ryan is on the cover. Everyone else is usually pictured on the the back or on the inside of the case anyway.

    Second, although Ryan has a smaller role now, he was one of the original “main” characters. I’m sure there’s all kinds of contract issues involved with putting someone in or removing them from the main credits or DVD covers.

    Third, that minisode sounds awesome.

  69. Ryan is on the cover because he’s still one of the official leads who appear in the main credits. And BJ Novak was in “Inglorious Basterds”, which helps.
    Ed Helms was pictured (along with Rashida Jones) on season three but not four. Being in a hit movie such as “The Hangover” didn’t hurt his return to the season five cover and his promotion to lead actor in season six.

  70. Jeeze. My favorite character turns into a jerk, gets relocated to a closet, and now people complain about having to see him on a dvd cover, of all things.

    A Ryan fan just can’t win.

    On a more positive note, this picture is hilarious. I love how stoic Pam and Jim look, like they’ve finally become resigned to Michael’s intrusions. Best cover yet, imo.

  71. I have to admit, I am down right excited about the webisode with Gabe. He became one of my favorite characters this season, and this webisode sounds too funny!

  72. Well DANG it, I am old and somehow turned Minisode into Webisode. Doesn’t matter! Still can’t wait…

  73. Tanster, any inside info on Subtle Sexuality webisodes being on DVD and or who specifically is involved in commentary?

    [from tanster: no, sorry, i don’t know anything yet!]

  74. john & jenna had BETTER be the ones doing the commentary on “niagara” and “the delivery”, or i will be one incredibly cranky fan.

  75. Not that any of this matters, but based on Season 6, Erin deserves the cover more than Angela. And Pam should be blonder. And pregnant. But all of this is nitpicking. In the end, it’s what’s on the dvd that counts. Not the box.

  76. I snorted with laughter upon reading the description of the minisode. A “small, meaningful profile of Kevin”? That phrase alone is hilarious to me! Not to mention I’m really digging Zach Woods as Gabe, so I’m super-excited to see this. Come on, 9/7!

  77. I agree with @98 FlonkertonChamp….here’s hoping it’s them.
    Also the issue with Ryan: legally he is a major character, because he appears in the credits and has been since season 1. I really don’t think that changes one season because “he doesn’t have many story lines.”

  78. This is quite simple, people. The six characters who are featured at the start of EVERY EPISODE in the theme song are on the cover. The others are not.

    Now, whether or not you believe certain characters (like Ryan or Andy) SHOULD be main characters is a different issue. For now, the point stands: The MAIN CHARACTERS, as dictated by the theme song, are on the cover.

  79. The whole cast should be featured on the cover. Especially since Ryan made the cover…he didn’t do anything this season. Honestly, I question keeping him in the opening credits.

    Ed Helms, however, definitely deserves to be on the cover. He had an amazing season.

    To echo want everyone else said, longer blooper reel! They always seem so short. You’d think they’d have an endless blooper reel as much as the cast says they laugh on set.

  80. Ah, I’m so excited. I really hope John & Jenna take part in some of the commentary for this season. Especially as it was John’s first time directing an episode. I can’t wait!!

  81. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I doubt Angela Kinsey is losing any sleep over the DVD cover.

  82. I actually kind of like this cover, but I absolutely agree with those who say Ryan shouldn’t be there. I don’t think he ever should’ve been actually. Angela and now Erin are both more significant characters, and they deserve a spot there more.

  83. I love the cover but we need more women on the cover. Can’t wait for it to be september

  84. I do think Angela should’ve gotten the cover instead of B.J. Novak. She has had more screen time than him and she’s had a bigger role than him. But, I think when Steve Carell possibly leaves after the 7th season, and then they carry the show into an 8th, she’ll be on the cover.

  85. I explained earlier my opinion on the MAIN characters getting the MAIN spots on the cover. But on the specific issue of Angela Kinsey… other than her 3-episode prenatal contract subplot, what has she done all season that makes her any more deserving than Stanley (who had his cheating subplot at the season’s start)? She does not deserve a position on the cover for past work any more than Ryan deserves a spot for his past work (which you guys seem to all be forgetting). Arguably Ryan should not be a main character at all, but his cover position is justified due to the fact that he IS a main character.

    @Marie (111)… we do not know for a fact 70% of Office viewers are women. Therefore, it’s not fair to make an argument based on an assumption.

    There is only one leading lady on this show (Pam), and all the others (excepting Erin and, in some seasons, Angela) are supporting (read: not lead) characters. So don’t freak out or say that this is gender discrimination. It’s not. It’s a season cover, and the show has a right to put its main characters on the cover. Chill.

  86. Crentist, don’t you think that’s all just a tad sexist? Since when is it a proven fact that men are funnier than women? Since when is it a proven fact that Jenna has never made us laugh? That Mindy, Angela or Phyliss never made us laugh? It’s not at all and please do not state it as such, because as The Office proves, women are just as funny as men and both men and women can bring heart to a show.

  87. To Josh No. 116, never meant to come off “sexist”. My comments were strictly about comedy in general and The Office.
    Pam is an intelligent, wry, snarky, character written with great emotional depth. Funny, no. Amusing, yes. As to Angela, Phyllis, and Kelly (Mindy), maybe it’s a guy thing, but their characters play out as serious, sometimes amusingly dysfunctional, though hardly funny.
    For 50 years of TV sitcoms, men rule, with the exception of Tina Fey, who brings a VERY rare combination of funny & heart.
    Men bring the comedy, women bring the heart. Michael & Jim may sometimes get weepy, or lovey-dovey around their women. Andy occasionally may get lovesick sappy with Angela & Erin. Dwight may get horny around Angela or any other child-bearing possibility. Ryan may pretend to have a heart with Kelly. But none of their actions bring real heart, with Jim being the ONLY exception. As to the minor Office guys-Stanley, Creed, Oscar, Kevin-where’s the heart!
    On TV, as in life, women are simply NOT funny like men. And men are NOT heartfelt like women. Men make us laugh. Women make us feel. Viva la difference!

  88. @TWSS Forever (117)

    I’m not arguing with you whether or not Angela Kinsey should be on the cover based on merits, although I can see how you might have thought that based on my second comment. I’m just pointing out that, every week on the opening credits of Office, there are six people mentioned: John Krasinski (Jim), Jenna Fischer (Pam), Steve Carrell (Michael), Ed Helms (Andy), Rainn Wilson (Dwight), and BJ Novak (Ryan). Therefore, those six people get the DVD spots. Angela Kinsey is absolutely nowhere on those opening credits. So maybe she does deserve to get a spot on the DVD. Maybe Ryan and/or Andy don’t deserve spots. But that’s entirely subjective, and I’m not going to try and argue about that because everyone will approach that differently. I’m just trying to explain *why* these six people made the cover.

  89. Horse(119)I get it. Whoever is on the opening credits makes the DVD cover. Angela’s not there. If that’s the reasoning, so be it.
    This raises a bigger issue that may get me in trouble here. First, I’m no feminist, as my user name indicates.
    BUT…Angela Martin/Kinsey should also get Opening Credits too! Seems the writers on The Office, mostly young guys, love writing for and identifying with goofy guy Andy, played by funny guy Ed Helms. So much so, that they promoted Ed to Opening Credits.
    With the exception of producer/writer Jen Celotta, The Office doesn’t seem to show the same scriptwriting love for Angela Martin. Maybe if more women wrote & produced scripts, the Angela character would have blossomed like Andy, been promoted to Opening Credits & made the DVD cover.
    Both Ed & Angela K are first-rate comedic actors. Ed got scripts to match his talent, Sadly, Angela hasn’t. One glaring writing omission is the failure to develop a funny Pam-Angela M friendship, a mirror image of Michael-Dwight. A Jenna & Angela Office friendship just might revitalize the inspired comedy of The Office.
    Holy smoke, I’ve become a hard-nosed feminist…TWSS!

  90. @120 Sure, Angela should probably be on the cover, but in that regard, shouldn’t the whole cast? The part I take offense to is the implication that the writers are sexist. Do the names Mindy Kaling, Caroline Williams and Jenn Celotta ring any bells? They’ve all written more episodes than most guys.

    If anything, blame a lack of Angela on the cover for her lack of star power. Ed’s first cover was right after the success of the Hangover. BJ Novak simply was one of the main people behind the show, and you have to include the four main characters.

    Any hidden sexist agenda is probably just misconstrued.

  91. Does anyone know when we will be getting some specifics about each disc? The release date is getting closer.

  92. I could do without the full length Welcome to Sabre video, but the rest sounds pretty good.

  93. Unfortunately since Season 3, there’s no commentaries on the DVD sets of The Office released in France (where I live). I don’t know why but it’s a shame and unfair.

  94. seriously?! No Mindy commentary on Niagara?! I was really looking forward to that… Also, why doesn’t Mindy and BJ do commentaries together–they are hilarious together.

    Booo… I’m disappointed.

  95. Glad to see Greg Daniels on a couple commentaries but it’s rather upsetting there’s no Rainn, Steve and John.

  96. I’m happy to see Greg doing some commentaries, and Jenna, Angela, Oscar, and Brian too. I love when they do commentaries. And they’re doing commentaries on most of my favorite episodes from this season. This is pretty good. :-)

  97. I’m disappointed…they can’t get John and Jenna to do a commentary on Niagara? Come on, the fans deserve a little something for all their support, don’t they??

  98. @Sara: Greg and Mike, 2 producers on The Office, created Parks and Rec. Probably just trying to promote it a bit by putting it as a bonus feature. Hunting Trip is a great episode!

    [from tanster: it is, it is. it’s hysterical!]

  99. Are they really sticking with that cover art??? Disgusting! Bonus features better have the Subtle Sexuality webisode.

  100. i’m so bummed there’s no jenna/john commentary on “niagara” or “the delivery”! but at least there’s jenna commentary on “the delivery”, so i guess i can live with that.

    btw, i saw a picture today in US weekly of john… and you can catch a glimpse of his wedding ring. i almost cried. (not really, but *whimper*)

  101. These special features kinda suck. Why aren’t any of the “big stars” doing any commentary?!

  102. Not that I don’t appreciate their insight but I could do without the commentary from craft services and the like. Save that for a ‘behind the scenes’ video and give us the good stuff!! (Please!)

  103. I wonder if there is going to be a Best Buy or Target DVD gift pack this year.

  104. The Office only did 6 commentaries and Community did a commentary on EVERY episode of their season? That really says something about how much they all care about their shows. I am hoping they will really have some fun this season and make Steve’s last amazing.

    I really hope to see Subtle Sexuality on there somewhere; that was my favorite thing The Office did last season!

  105. I’m excited no matter what! Maybe this is all they released for now. There might be more commentaries/bonus features. Be grateful they’re at least giving us something.

  106. The amount of DVD commentaries actors do has nothing to do with “how much fun” they have on the show. The show’s been on a while now, and the actors have other projects. This was Community’s first year, so of course they’re really going to try and promote that.

  107. I am so disappointed with the extras this season. I can’t believe that John and Jenna weren’t able to do either Niagara or The Delivery. I know they were very busy but those were such important Jim/Pam episodes. I was really looking forward to that. This is the first time I’m not going to be at Target at 8:00 a.m. when this is released.

  108. I’m so disappointed, is this all they could offer us? Mediocre commentaries, no subtle sexuality webisode, etc I’m just so disappointed i can’t say much right now

  109. The saddest thing about the lack of webisodes (Blackmail, Subtle Sexuality and The Mentor) is that DVD was the only way to get them outside the US, as the NBC site blocks them for foreign countries.

    Foreign DVD editions never feature additional content compared to the American version, so it looks like we’ll never be legally allowed to watch them.

  110. I have all the seasons of The Office on DVD and I have heavily enjoyed all the bonus features on them but this season barely has any commentaries and where are all the webisodes?

  111. Hi Tanster, just got an email from Amazon saying they have Season 6 for 39% off. Over $23 in savings.

  112. We were spoiled by some of the early season stuff, so our expectations for that trend to continue are greater. Tanster, any word on special sets being done by Best Buy and or Target this year.

    [from tanster: no, haven’t heard anything yet.]

  113. I was kind of bored with the season 5 DVD’s and I’m not that excited for the season 6 DVD’s. I’ll maybe wait until the Amazon price dips below $30, or will wait even more until the price goes into the teens – I think that’s happened to all the DVD sets just before the holiday seasons started in the past few years.

  114. Best Buy’s pre-order price is pretty much the same as Amazon’s right now — $36.99.

  115. @#136 Yeah, if you don’t HAVE to have it right away, it’s best to wait. I’ve got seasons 1-5, and the most I’ve paid is $17.99. Just gotta be patient.

  116. My guesses for the two extended episodes:
    Secret Santa and Whistleblower

    We have already seen the extended secret santa… but what is the other one…

    a lot of people disliked the finale episode, and NBC didn’t release any deleted scenes…

    I bet they are hiding an extended version of it… ooh..

  117. Is there any way we can find out which two episodes they are extending? Target has been my choice since season 2.

  118. I miss the commentaries that were filled with cast, although I do enjoy informative ones as well. I’m just most sad that B.J. is only on one commentary; I find he’s the one who really goes into the episode and explains things about the writing of each episode. Guess he’s got other things going on…

    And it doesn’t look like there’s any webisodes, which saddens me even more.

  119. It kind of saddens me that this year I may not get the dvd/blu ray on release day. The past 4/5 years I eagerly awaited for the dvd to come out but last season just didn’t do it for me. I’m doing the same for Lost season 6 and I’ll probably do the same for season 6 of The Office. I’ll wait for it to hit below $25-30.

  120. Ummm..? On the Bonus Disk 3 shot… Why is Pam’s desk the reception desk?

    ‘sigh’ oh well…I’m stil pretty excited for this DVD!

  121. Ummm, yeah, Shannon, Pam’s desk at reception was a HUGE oversight. Unless maybe Erin wishes she were Pam and has her desk decorated in Pam-garb. ;) Still annoying though!

  122. Tanster, do you know if the special edition with the “never-seen before extended episodes” only will be available on target? or will also sell it? Target doesn’t ship abroad..

    [from tanster: sorry, i don’t know anything about the target special edition aside from what’s been posted here.]

  123. Are any of the Producer’s Cuts on the DVD?

    [from tanster: disc three contains two versions of ‘secret santa’ — the original cut (22:06) and the producer’s cut (29:42). that’s the only producer’s cut on the standard edition dvd.]

  124. How long is the gag reel? Is it funny?

    [from tanster: the gag reel is a whopping 23:49 minutes long, the longest gag reel ever. i’ll say more about it in my notes, coming soon!]

  125. Sounds about right. I think Secret Santa was the only episode this season that had a Producer’s Cut. Thanks.

  126. “[from tanster: the gag reel is a whopping 23:49 minutes long, the longest gag reel ever. i’ll say more about it in my notes, coming soon!]”


  127. Tanster, you will have to tell NBC about that error with Pam’s desk. How are the commentaries? Do the deleted scenes from Niagara feature more of the wedding procession? Thanks!

  128. IF you guys are looking for a discount on the Season 6 DVD, you should check out Barnes and Nobles website, in their DVD section, they have it for $28.49, don’t know if it’s sold out yet. I preordered it.

  129. Gotta love that John’s friends, his brother Paul and his nephew all made it on to the DVD screens!

  130. Chuck mentioned Barnes and Noble, and I’d agree it looks to be the best pre-order deal. I just ordered it too, for the $28, and it has free shipping as well!

  131. Responding to #158- it’s been my experience that sometimes Target lists something as online only when it is prior to the release date. It also says online only for the regular edition, as well. I’m sure they’ll both be in stores a week from tomorrow.

  132. someone please! tell me best buy is offering a gift pack again! I look forward to it every year!

  133. Tanster, do you know when you are going to be filling us in on the dvd? I always like your previews.

    [from tanster: should have it by the end of the week. thanks!]

  134. I LOVE watching everyone break in the blooper, especially Mindy and John! In the actual episode I think you can see BJ trying to hide a smile in that scene…?

  135. Christmas came early tonight! That blooper tease made my year! I never laughed so hard at a blooper before that one.

  136. Oh my God the bloopers! I am crying from laughing so hard. Steve banging his leg on the desk might be the funniest outtake ever.

  137. I remember in the 28 minute version of Secret Santa distinctly seeing Ed Helms break and duck around the corner and thinking “I can’t wait to see the bloopers from that one.”

  138. I want to pre-order season 6 from the NBC website because it is 50% off- how is that version different from those that will be sold at Target and Best Buy?

  139. Sweet! I’m looking forward to the almost 24 minute blooper reel. Bloopers, aside from the episodes themselves, are the best part of the DVDs in my opinion.

  140. My favorite part about these DVD’s, aside from the episodes, are the blooper reel and it sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear about the deleted scenes and commentaries!

  141. @173- Oh man…Sad times. I was hoping they’d show a deleted scene of Jim getting Pam and the two of them dancing down the aisle! I forgot where I read about that, but it was here somewhere. ;)

    Well, either way, the 7th can’t get here fast enough! Love me some Office!

  142. That is disappointing! There was a photo of them dancing down the aisle on the NBC website, along with Meredith and Toby. Oh well.

  143. NBC Store is offering Season 6 for $29.99 pre-order. Use the code LABORDAY20 to knock off 20% off, making it $23.98 + $4.95 S&H.

    The code also works on the Blu-ray, making that $34.39 + $4.95 S&H.

    I’m deciding whether or not the extra $4 at Best Buy is worth it for the t-shirt. If my sister wants the bonus disc at Target, I’ll probably get it at Best Buy and buy the Target bonus disc from her. I’m OCD like that. :)

    [from tanster: thanks, saw that!]

  144. dight qurt shoot!
    and ed helms’ eyes… holy. moly.

    [from tanster: yep, it was that scene with ed that made me snort out loud at work. note to self: never watch the office at work.]

  145. Looking forward to hearing what’s exactly on the bonus discs. That’s usually the route I end up going. It’s all about the exclusive bonus material :)

  146. So is the Best Buy version the normal BR version but with a shirt? Or is the extra content different than what is at Target? I’m disappointed that they don’t have a special edition like they have done for the previous years as I have bought all of those. Any ideas if the content on the blu rays of these 2 stores is actually different?


  147. I wish I could figure out why they wouldn’t give the fans some more of the wedding. We know that the footage is there. It makes me feel sad and cheated out of one of the most memorable events of the show.

  148. I would assume that, based on the wording in the Target ad, the two bonus discs contain different content.

  149. Oh tanster, thank you so much for brightening up my weekend. Everything looks amazing, can’t wait for Tuesday!

  150. FYI I asked the worker at Target to check his system if the special edition is available at the stores. It didn’t come up in the computer. I will go there Monday and ask them to check the warehouse if any of them are back there. I don’t think it will be.

  151. So Target and Best Buy both come with their own bonus disc? Or do both companies have the same exact bonus disc? Someone please clarify!

  152. My reading of the Target ad is that there’s only 1 bonus disc, and that it contains deleted scenes edited into two episodes. There is no mention of any additional deleted scenes on the Target version. I am going to guess that these are probably the same as the deleted scenes that are on the Best Buy and Amazon versions, the only difference being that they’re actually shown in the original episodes (the “Producer’s Cut”). I don’t really need another t-shirt (that comes with the Best Buy version), but the BB and Target versions are better deals that Amazon. Why is this so hard?! (TWSS) Target also lists the show as “Absurd Comedy,” which made me laugh.

  153. I am confused. The target ad says it has a bonus disc but so does the Best Buy ad. What is on the bonus discs at each store? Are they the same? The Target ad says the bonus disc includes 2 extended episodes with scenes never seen before. What are the episodes and what is on the Best Buy disc? I am trying to decide if I should pay the extra $2 for the Best Buy version or not.

  154. Huge bummer that there isn’t any extra wedding footage, but I’m going to wager that they’re holding it back for some entire series DVD collection when the show is done. They’re going to have to put some fabulous extras on something like that to entice those of us who have been purchasing the seasons all along. I ordered my special edition from Target, as they were offering shipping for just $1.99. I won’t get it on the release day, but I can handle waiting to save myself a long trip to my closest Target. So excited!

  155. Thanks phyllis*farm I saw that in my ad this morning too. I still don’t know if I’ll buy the special edition though. I need to see which two episodes are the extended version.
    Tanster are there a fair amount of JAM deleted scenes? I watched seasons 4 & 5 of them yesterday and they are between 8 and 10 minutes I think. Are we in that ballpark for this season also? Thanks again for the updates and I’m with you on the disappointment of no new wedding footage.

  156. Tanster, in the bonus features, it says “Office Promos: Dwight’s Tribute to Canada & My Favorite Things”. What are ‘My Favorite Things’?

  157. I wonder if the bonus disks are applicable to Canada?… ‘cuz I am really planning on buying the DVD..

  158. I’ve always bought the Target editions in years past, because it’s always been the only edition with extra DVD content and the packaging is usually special too (Target’s season 5 packaging was better than the standard one). But now…Best Buy has their own bonus DVD? I don’t care about the t-shirt, but now I have to check both BB and Target to be sure I get the best bonus disc…unless anyone knows exactly what’s on the BB disc?

  159. To 204 Luke, I went to my local Best Buy today and I got to see and handle the exclusive package.

    The sticker on the front says that the bonus disc contains “40 minutes of montage footage.”

  160. 100 Stanley Nickels to the first person(s) to post what exactly are on each bonus disc (Best Buy and Target). I’m not buying til I find out! :)

  161. Yes scooter, I got that answer from my Best Buy. Also there was something about a character background? Doesn’t seem to be extended version of two shows though?

  162. Tomorrow is a travel day for me, and I won’t be anywhere near a Target or Best Buy. (Otherwise, you know I would be!)

    I will be checking comments here, so if you guys have pictures and confirmed details of the Best Buy and Target packages, please post a comment.

    Thanks! :)

  163. Looks like everyone is having the same dilemma here. Which version should we buy? Target or Best Buy. I’ve been getting it at Target since Season 3. Somehow missed season 2 Special Edition and got it at Best Buy. I just assumed this year Target would win again. But now I just don’t know. I’m still leaning towards Target but if anyone gets either one, please post what’s on them. I’ll be checking here again tomorrow before I head out.

  164. I have never bought my dvd from Target or Best Buy. Does the Target or Best Buy versions of seasons 1-5 have a bonus disk that has extra footage on them?

  165. So I went to Target and bought the Season 6 DVDs but I didn’t see anything that led me to believe the set had a bonus DVD. It’s probable I jumped the gun and didn’t get the special set. Oh well.

  166. I bought the Target version. I haven’t looked at the bonus disc yet but it does come with a $10 off coupon for a bobblehead!

    [from tanster: do you have photos of the coupon?]

  167. Haven’t had a chance to watch them yet but I figured I’d pass along that the two extended episodes on Target’s edition are “Sabre” and “Whistleblower.”

    [from tanster: do you have photos of the packaging?]

  168. I am inclined to go with Target. Two extended episodes sounds more promising than 40 minutes of montage.
    I’m waiting for some reviews too :)

  169. @ 214 phyllis*farm

    Did your DVD set come with an actual additional DVD or was it on one of the 5 that came with the set?

  170. Alright, I got both cos I’m a completist like that, and it’s the same setup as Season Five: plain discs with blue writing. The bonus discs for both are simply in white envelopes sandwiched in the slipcase (as opposed to special packaging seen with Seasons Three and Four). No outer collectors box for either. The Target disc has red writing while the Best Buy has matching blue. The shirt is really plain, but I wasn’t planning wearing such a large garment anyway. I’ll try to send along some pics when I get off work in a few hours.

  171. BE CAREFUL at Target! Their setup has the DVDs on a shelf over a sign that says all have a bonus disc, but only one set had the red Target Exclusive sticker! I am sure if you bought a set and the disc wasn’t in there, you can take it back and raise hell.

    Hey Phyllis*Farm – what’s exactly on BBs bonus disc? Anything worth double dipping?

  172. I bought the Target one this morning. When you open up the dvd, there is the bonus dvd in just a little envelope, ones like you would put cds in kind of. Only thing else that came in it (which I assume would be in all the other versions) is a $10 off bobblehead online code.

  173. Scooter – I picked it up on the way to work so I don’t know yet. I hope it was worth the extra $32.

  174. The suspense is killing me! I want to know what exactly the 40 minute “montage” is at Best Buy and exactly how “extended” those episodes are at Target. So far it’s sounding like neither is that exciting…

  175. Be careful with the prices at Target. The online price with the bonus disc is $29.99, however at my local Target they are selling them for $34.99!

  176. Best Buy disc has two features.

    1- Best of Cold Opens (40 min)

    2- “That’s What she Said” Fast Reel which is just under 4 1/2 min.

  177. Thanks #223 Justin! I don’t regret going straight to Target now. And it really was selling for $29.99 at my store. So yeah, just make sure you check!

  178. VERY disappointed. Target bonus package not available in Canada (no Targets in Canada). Best Buy Canada usually offers the same package as the US offers…but I just found out not this year!! So none of the bonus cds/tshirts/codes are available to Canadians. Can’t even order off US Best Buy b/c they are first come first serve, can’t pick the bonus package. ARGH – this sucks!

  179. This is all so stressful LOL. Hopefully my friend is able to get me my Target special edition and ship it over to me in the UK. I hate how Target and BB can’t ship internationally grr!!

  180. Ok so I bought the Season 6 DVD WITHOUT the bonus disc. Target will NOT let you exchange it for the set with the bonus disc. I went through customer service at the store and called the customer service on the phone and since they are two different products and I opened the package, nothing can be done.

    Be sure to check before you buy the set at Target. I’m probably at fault for quickly picking the first one I saw on the shelf. The ones with the bonus disc were probably behind the one I got. I hope something else can be done. Both editions are priced at $29.99.

  181. Sorry about the trouble, rocketfan. That’s kinda shitty considering their sale signs in the store made it misleading that every edition was their bonus edition. There was only one at my store with the red sticker.

    Once again, Target wins the “exclusives” competition!

  182. As previously mentioned, the Target exclusive bonus disc contains the “Producer’s Extended Cuts” of “Sabre” and “Whistleblower.”

    Here are the running times compared to the regular cuts of the episodes that are on discs 3 and 5 of the DVD set:

    30:30 Producer’s Extended Cut
    22:07 regular cut

    28:17 Producer’s Extended Cut
    22:08 regular cut

  183. Does anyone know if the Blu-ray set has the bonus disc as well?

    I can’t decide whether I should get DVD or Blu-ray this year, since all my other seasons are on DVD, but I finally got a Blu-ray player recently.

  184. I wasn’t planning on buying the DVD right away this year since I thought this season was kind of “meh”, but I was nearby Target and thought I might as well stop by and check out the prices.

    Turned out that the special edition DVD was all out, and it was only like 2:30 in the afternoon. I definitely was not expecting that.

    Of course now that it’s out of my reach, I feel I must have it, and will drive to every Target I know of to get it.

    Damn this hold the Office has on me.

  185. Blacklamb

    That sort of thing happens to me all of the time. Once you can’t have it, you MUST have it!

    I have someone trying to pick up the BR copy from Target now. I have a feeling they’d be gone by the time I got off work.

    I’m still disappointed that Best Buy didn’t do a special version like they had been doing the last several years. I love those boxes with the goodies!

  186. Does anyone know whether or not the Target Extended Episodes are anything more than the regular episodes with the already-included deleted scenes spliced in? With four hours of deleted scenes, I would imagine the extra footage included in the extended episodes is nothing more than deleted scenes.

  187. I opted for the Best Buy version again. I bought it on Blu Ray this year for the first time because I just bought a player. Of course, I went to watch the bloopers first but for some reason it sticks about 8 minutes in and does not play correctly after that. There are no scratches or dust on the disc and the player is only about 2 weeks old. That seems to be the only place on the disc it sticks. Did this ever happen to anyone else?

  188. There is a detailed review of the Blu-ray here with a disc by disc breakdown:


    Unfortunately, there are no deleted scenes mentioned for “Sabre” and “Whistleblower.”

  189. No clue if this has been said yet or not, because I didn’t skim over the 200+ comments, but…

    I think the Subtle Sexuality webisode isn’t on the season 6 dvd as sort of a way to push The Office Overtime dvd coming out. I understand if that’s the reason, but was bummed it wasn’t on this seasons discs. Still LOVE this blooper reel though!!

  190. I was able to cancel my DVD from Barnes and Noble, and what a mistake that was. I’m in NYC so i went to a Best Buy, it was 39.99, and then I went to Target, and it was 36.99. I guess the prices advertised were online only.

  191. Target wins again, but as other posters have said, be very careful to make sure you get the bonus disc. If it does not have the red sticker indicating that it includes the bonus disc, then it’s not in there. My Target was only stocking the sets without the bonus disc. I noticed that there was no sticker indicating the bonus disc, but was assured by an employee that it was in there. Sure enough, it wasn’t. I had to go back in, ask an employee to check in the back, and he came back out with a box of bonus disc sets and I was able to do an exchange (thankfully). Employee confusion has tended to be an issue in past years of Office DVD release days…they never seem to know anything about the bonus disc.

  192. So i was watching S6..Koi Pond and i noticed that the cold open does not start with the halloween open…is that just a problem on my dvd? or was it not included in the episode????

  193. In response to Dreester (#244), the Halloween cold open was missing for me as well. It even mentions on the synopsis inside of the blu ray box that Halloween was a part of it. It was not in the deleted scenes either. That was a huge disappointment. I bought from Target, do Best Buy buyers have that same issue?

  194. 239 Dustin said, “Unfortunately, there are no deleted scenes mentioned for “Sabre” and “Whistleblower.”

    Now I’m really excited to see the bonus disc from Target! If I remember correctly, there were never any Whistleblower deleted scenes posted online after it aired. And if there aren’t any deleted scenes for Sabre on the normal set either, then that really makes Target’s bonus disc more valuable!

  195. My sister wanted the DVD set. I wanted the BD set. I was able to convince her to let me have the Best Buy bonus disc and t-shirt in exchange for paying her the difference between Target and Best Buy’s price ($2) and driving out there to get it.

    Should I upload a picture of my BD with the two bonus discs and t-shirt? :)

  196. Chuck – I am seeing the same thing in NYC; $39.99 both at Best Buy and Target. However, I discovered that even though the disk at BB was tagged at $39.99, there’s a separate tag on the shelf that indicated the sale price of $31.99. Be careful though, they also have a version without the extra footage and tshirt.

  197. Well after much deliberation, I got mine at Target. But I’m glad for everyone on here who warned about the special edition sticker. Because the Target I usually go to was already out of them and just had the regular ones, and the employee I had check on it told me that there were no more DVDs in the back and that the special edition was only on Blu-Ray. Well I just left and went to another Target where I got the last one on the shelf with the sticker. So now I’m happy and off to watch! Thanks guys!

  198. # 241- I am also a student in NYC and I went to best buy and it was on sale for 31.99 (The one with the bonus disc)

  199. Watching Niagara and:

    “Frankly, it’s just a different sensation. When you come…”

    How the world did this make it on network TV?

  200. The cold open is missing from my Blu Ray set, too. Boo NBC! Is this my punishment for not buying the Best Buy set with the cold open montage (I’m not interested to see if it’s a part of that)

  201. I think it had something to do w/ the whole Michael fake hanging himself. I think they had to take it out. I could be wrong though.

  202. i noticed someone had commented about the advertised prices. i bought my set at best buy today and the sticker price was 39.99 but at the register, it rang up as 31.99. hope this helps!

  203. @Dreester

    The Koi Pond cold open is suspiciously absent on my set too. And it’s not in the deleted scenes, from what I saw.

    What gives?!?! Tanster, you have any info on this?

  204. Just conjecture here, but maybe one of the costumes in Koi Pond had a copyright issue. Remember, the Staples shredder subplot with Kevin in The Merger wasn’t on the Season Three DVD.

  205. What’s weird is that in the box, under the summary for Koi Pond, it says that The Office creates a Haunted House for the kids on Halloween. And then it’s not even in the episode. Something is strange about this. They could have at least put it in the deleted scenes.

  206. Maybe something to note regarding the cold opening of Koi Pond, but during the re-airing of the episode last month, the entire Halloween scene was edited out. They seem to have meant to leave it out of the DVD for one reason or another.

  207. I agree with #250 about Koi Pond. I would suggest emailing about it. It is usually on top of stuff like this!

  208. I pre-ordered mine from Target on the internet (the closest one for me is 30 minutes away). They are completely out of stock online for both DVD & Blu-ray special editions and my shipment was to be delayed. Just an FYI for anybody wanting to order online. Not sure when they’ll be back in stock but my estimated shipping date was in October.

    I’ll be making a shopping trip this weekend though! LOL

  209. This Koi Pond stuff is so annoying. I hope they tell us what happened, and maybe put it as an extra on the Season 7 DVD?

    On a lighter note, I just wanted to say that my favorite blooper hands down is when Jenna starts laughing because John is making a cute Season 2 Jim face. More proof that she’s one of us! :D

  210. My Target only had the special edition sticker for the DVD version, not the Bluray! I thought that was sort of odd. There wasn’t even a spot for it. So I bought the DVD version instead. Guess Target doesn’t want that extra $8.

  211. Does anyone know if the Target disc is exclusive deleted scenes or are they placed in the deleted scenes extras on the DVD set? There are almost 4 hours of deleted scenes…did they really get another almost 15 minues just for Target?

  212. Shortly after the episode aired a suicide prevention group was upset about the hanging scene and that could be why it was removed.

  213. Hey SF Bay Area peeps —

    As of last night, the Redwood City Target was sold out of DVD special editions, but still had a few copies of the Blu-ray special edition.

    As of this morning, the Mountain View Target still had at least three copies of the DVD special edition and Blu-ray special edition.

    They’re sold out online, so if you see it in a store, I would grab it!

  214. 264, Carl – Really? That’s disheartening. I’m of the belief that the minute you make one thing off-limits then there’s grounds to make everything off-limits.

  215. @ 263. John Kamichitis

    Yes, Target really did get those deleted scenes as exclusives. At least on my Blu Ray, there are no deleted scenes for those episodes that are included as “extended” on the Target bonus disc (Sabre and Whistleblower). I watched them last night and don’t feel that much is added by the deleted scenes, but they ARE only on the Target bonus disc (inserted into the episode, not extra scenes that you can view on their own)

  216. I am in the UK and pre-ordered from I have just received an email saying ‘sorry for the delay, should be shipped shortly’. Has anyone else had any problems? I think maybe it’s to do with Customs, as my last one took an age too.

  217. Just got the Target set. Thankfully my local Target allowed me to exchange an opened product. They need to do a better job of labeling!

    I’m VERY upset about the Halloween scene missing, especially since it is readily available on the NBC website! I hope NBC offers replacement discs. I’ve emailed and you should too. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this!

    Also, it appears that there are scenes that were added back into the Koi Pond episode to make up for the missing 2 minutes of Haunted House footage. I haven’t checked if there is any overlap with the actual deleted scenes for the episode.

  218. I had pre-ordered my Target special edition online a couple weeks ago, and this morning got an e-mail that the order is delayed and won’t ship until end of October. I was very disgruntled. So, I called my closest Target (25 mins. away) and they have set aside a special edition for me. Hopefully I can pick it up tonight, and get back to being gruntled.

  219. @ 267. Alison

    Thanks for the reply! I figured the Target disc scenes weren’t going to be THAT important.

    But Target was $2 cheaper than Best Buy and Best Buy came with an even more lame bonus disc and shirt (which probably wouldn’t even fit me anyways)

  220. 268, I ordered from Barnes and Noble about a week ago, after seeing the low price, but yesterday I got an e-mail from them that said there was a delay, and it would not ship for another 1-5 business days. It’s not as bad as a delay until October, but it’s still disappointing.

  221. Responding to #274, my friend is having the same exact problem except they said his order was processed but still hasn’t arrived. Online pre-ordering of DVD’s is getting very unreliable.

  222. well thanks guys for responding quickly! I was about to go back to Best Buy and return my dvd thinking there was something wrong with it!

    that does suck that it’s not included…what gives? sad.

  223. Do you want to know what bothers me? Missing the Halloween cold open bothers me!

    I was so excited about seeing this again. I talked it up to my fiancee because she missed that episode. We just tried to watch it and…not there!

    If it’s in the description it should be on the disc. I expect some kind of supplemental disc from NBC.

  224. My DVR now has 100% more space on it..every year I refuse to erase any of the episodes from that current season until it comes out on DVD. While it did break my heart to confirm an “are you sure you want to erase?” on an episode of The Office, at least I know it’s just a click away! :)

  225. Anyone else have problems with disc 4 on the blu ray version?? It took longer to load in my PS3 and the blooper reel stopped around 7 minutes then jumped a little bit.

  226. @ 281 Jen:

    I believe it is on 12/31/10. I think it said on the back of the piece of paper that came with the DVD.

  227. Can anyone confirm if the Target bonus disc with the Blu-ray version is also in HD, or is it a standard DVD?

  228. I haven’t watched the DVD yet, but the Koi Pond rerun on NBC also omitted the Halloween cold open.

  229. Once again, I just bought both the Target and Best Buy sets…couldn’t decide. Haven’t watched anything yet, but will have some time off over the weekend. Luckily the Halloween cold open from Koi Pond is still on my iTunes version.

    I haven’t read all the comments yet, but did anyone mention why it was cut from the DVD’s?

  230. I lucked out when it came to purchasing the Target edition — after there weren’t any specially-marked sets at 8 PM on Release Day, I conceded to purchasing the specially-unmarked Target set anyways. To my surprise, I found the Target bonus disc inside when I opened it! So, apparently, not all special packages are clearly labeled.

  231. Those that wondered, the Target bonus disc is a standard dvd when you purchase the blu ray package.

    And anyone know why the Halloween cold open was cut from Koi Pond? I shelled out the money to own the season, I should be able to see it in its entirety. The full episode is on hulu-plus, but not on the hard copy? That’s bull.

  232. To #280

    I had the same trouble with my Blu Ray disc 4 also. Being a newbie to blu ray, I didn’t know if it was my player or the disc. I called Best Buy and they said it was the disc. I returned it and the new disc 4 worked fine. So then I started watching the episodes from Disc 1 and the same thing happened during Gossip and Niagara :( Guess this will be getting returned too.

  233. Just a guess, but I assume that NBC made them remove the Koi Pond cold open because of Michael’s fake hanging. Apparently people complained about it (which is ridiculous).

  234. To # 279 Haley

    I’m just like you with the DVR erasing. I just erased all of mine too except for Koi Pond. I want to keep the Halloween cold open. Maybe I’ll just burn it to a disk myself since they couldn’t put it on the DVD. :(

  235. The extra Koi Pond content added to the episode are an extended conference room scene where they discuss other things they do not want people to mock them about. The other is a scene between Dwight and Michael in Michael’s office. Both are also in the deleted scenes section of the DVD as well as available in their entirety on

  236. Since the Target bonus disc seems to be sold out online, can someone with that edition confirm that the extra scenes in the extended episodes are also in the deleted scenes of the normal DVD/Blu-ray?

  237. Crap! Just bought it from Target from a shelf where they said their DVD set had the bonus DVD . . . then it turns out my copy didn’t have the bonus DVD. Why wouldn’t all their copies have the bonus DVD? And what do I do now?

  238. I just wanted to add a comment on the Koi Pond episode. I was just looking at the descriptions for each episode and Koi Pond’s mentions the Halloween cold open – which I thought was a little odd. Also, on the menu for that disc that the episode is on, there is a picture of some characters in their Halloween costumes. I hope we can get an answer soon to see what is going on!

  239. Speaking of Koi Pond – is the security footage that was posted to NBC and Hulu included on the DVD?

  240. Well, I got an e-mail today that said my DVD from Barnes and Noble had been delayed again! The expected ship date is tomorrow, but by accepting, I also agree to a 30-day wait period “in case of further delay.” I decided to cancel the order and just go pick it up at Target. At least I’ll get the bonus disc for my trouble…

  241. Can anyone tell me if the promo code for the $10 off a bobblehead is a universal code that anyone could use or is it a unique code to each dvd package?

  242. Just received my Season 6. The Koi Pond episode is missing the entire Halloween intro. How do we get refunded?

  243. To #294:

    Yes, it can be found in the bonus features. Unfortunately the DVD set doesn’t not include any of the webisodes found on Hulu. :(

  244. Haven’t had the cash to purchase this yet, but I’ve seen a lot of anger over the missing Koi Pond cold open. I suspect it has to do with all the teen suicides in recent months. It’s one thing to be irreverent (as the show has always been), it’s another to be seen as making fun of a tragic trend that is getting worse and not better. I give them credit for their sensitivity. I laughed at it even just now as I rewatched online, but I stand behind their choice to not include it if they felt that was best.

  245. I’m so glad I came back here and read the comments. It was driving me crazy that the Haunted Warehouse was missing from Koi Pond. My brother-in-law commited suicide by hanging 4 years ago. However, I saw the episode as a joke. It’s a comedy, not a drama, not real life.

  246. If you’re as angry about the scene being deleted as I am, here’s the email to which you can complain: [email protected]
    At least we can tell Universal we won’t buy their products anymore because we can’t trust them.

  247. I got the season six dvd over the holidays, and I was really disappointed that the cold open for KOI POND wasn’t intact. That cold open made me laugh so hard for just silly reasons. If they are going to edit future seasons to be politically correct then I won’t be a future purchaser of any consecutive seasons that are released on DVD. The last really good season that they had was season four really, I mean fall down laughing…

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