The Office Season 7 premieres September 23

UPDATE: NBC has confirmed that The Office Season 7 premiere was written by Danny Chun and directed by Jeffrey Blitz.

NBC announced premiere dates for its 2010 fall schedule, including the Thursday night lineup on September 23:

  • 8-8:30pm: Community
  • 8:30-9pm: 30 Rock
  • 9-9:30pm: The Office
  • 9:30-10pm: Outsourced
  • 10-11pm: The Apprentice


  1. YES, THANKS FOR THE UPDATE! Only sad thing is, no hour long episode after a long officeless summer.

  2. Eh, I prefer having 30 Rock after The Office. It soothes me from the pain of my favorite show being over. I’m not sure if I can handle Outsourced…

  3. This is my friend’s birthday and when we saw this, we screamed we were so excited. We officially have a party theme! =)

  4. Based on tweets…it seems like Jeffrey Blitz directed the episode and Daniel Chun was the writer.

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