The Office Season 9 casting news

August 3, 2012

TVLine reports the return of a classic character.

David Denman will guest-star in the upcoming ninth season of the NBC comedy, TVLine has learned exclusively. According to sources, the hot-tempered former Dunder Miflin employee will show up in Episode 2.

July 28, 2012

Entertainment Weekly reports a new cast addition.

Better With You actor Jake Lacy is joining NBC’s The Office as a series regular for the upcoming ninth season… sources say he’ll play a new hire named Pete who’s also a potential love interest for Erin (Ellie Kemper). In describing his new gig to a cute barista in a rough-draft scene, Pete quips, “Not only am I the new guy who has to do the coffee runs, but it’s a paper company, so pretty much a non-stop adrenaline rush.”

July 3, 2012

TVLine reports that Clark Duke (Greek, Kick-Ass) “is in talks to join The Office’s upcoming ninth season as a series regular.”


  1. That’s awesome! I always thought he was like a mini Rainn Wilson. I wonder if he’s going to take Dwight’s place on the show (or, dare I say… Toby’s or Kelly’s????). While I’m usually against casting similar personalities on a television show, in this case, it might be okay. If Rainn is really going to leave the show mid-season (or at the end), Clark could definitely fill his role. Should be fun to see how this all plays out.

  2. I was kind of wary when they said they were “shaking things up” this season on The Office, as that probably meant a bunch of outside faces, but if they cast solid actors like Clark Duke, I’ll keep my faith in these writers (:

  3. I think it will be nice to get someone new (other than Catherine Tate). I like Clark’s movies

  4. I can totally get behind this decision. He’s a great comedic actor. It’d be interesting on where they take the character.

  5. @Joe

    Yeah, I’ve also really enjoyed his movies, and I get what you’re saying about a mini Rainn Wilson. Could he be introduced as a relative of Dwight’s and they spin off together mid season?

  6. Interesting that they had Evan Peters on too. Both played the two best friend characters in Kick-Ass. Just a thought.

  7. Sounds great! I would like to see them actually do something with customer service, so it would be good to see him replace Kelly, I think. Maybe he could be a bumbling customer service representative, and he could get into mishaps and things, making things worse…that could be interesting…

  8. TO is hanging on a thread right now without Michael. Without Dwight the show would be unwatchable.

  9. I think elisabeth banks would be a great addition to the cast, especially if played a character similar to her character Avery Jessup on 30 rock, or maybe playing a younger Meredith type character

  10. Umm, potential love interest for Erin?? PLEASE don’t break Andy and Erin up AGAIN, after we spent all of Season 8 getting them back together.

  11. No!!! i want Erin to be with Andy, and i just remembered erin’s name is kelly, that’s just her middle name.

  12. Erin deserves many love interests. Hopefully we get to see more Erin on screen. I want to find out more about her past.

  13. Yeah, I really like him. Absolutely not thrilled with a possible love interest for Erin. Didn’t we just endure her and Andy finally figuring out they were meant for each other? I really don’t want to see another triangle involving them.

  14. No! I don’t want the new guy to be Erin’s love interest. Just let Andy and Erin be together. I’m sick of the back and forth with those two. Why can’t the show just let them be a couple and leave it at that?!

  15. I like Andy and Erin together so I’m not at all happy about this new guy becoming a love interest for Erin. Just let Andy and Erin be a happy couple next season.

  16. Maybe this is misdirecting wording and that Pete is someone who takes an interest in Erin who does not reciprocate.

  17. Since Ed Helms may not be around as much next season, I think they decided Erin needed someone else. Hopefully they will write her with an ounce of intelligence and self-awareness. And for god’s sake just drop the entire Andy/Erin suck-fest.

  18. Don’t they have a habit of putting fake information in the casting announcements, especially regarding love interest status? For example, when they announced the character of Jordan Garfield, didn’t they say she’d be a love interest for Creed?

  19. Please let Andy and Erin stay together in season 9. It’s daft to keep splitting them up.

  20. @GKCFan, Paul Lieberstein said Jordan was going to be a love interest for Creed as a joke. He didn’t mean for anyone to take him seriously. It says Pete will be a “potential” love interest for Erin. That doesn’t mean they will necessarily get together. The character is probably going to have a crush on Erin and this will create tension with Andy. However, it could also be that this will be Ed Helms’ last season, and Ellie Kemper has said she is contracted for more seasons, so she will be staying, if indeed there are more seasons. So maybe they’re bringing in Pete in case they need to create a new romance for future seasons.

  21. @GKCFan

    Deadline reported that Jake Lacy was signing on, but they didn’t mention that he was a love interest to Erin.

  22. Can they please stop bringing in new characters and just focus on the ones they have? I hated Robert California, I hate Nellie, and I can only tolerate Gabe in small doses.

  23. Love, love, love Jake Lacy! I LOVED Better With You and was so sad when it was canceled.

    So excited for the next season with these new character additions!

  24. I’m so looking forward to watch this new season. I’d wish this wouldn’t be the show’s final season. I would hate losing good characters like Andy or Pam. Those two are my favorite characters of the show. I’m pretty sure that when Roy is seen back on the show again he won’t make a mess around the office.

  25. I’m surprised to see that Roy is coming back. I don’t really see him being a threat to Jim and Pam since they both had closure with him. Perhaps Jim/Pam being forced to work with him(and the awkwardness that will ensure) will be the catalyst which drives them to look for better jobs.

  26. Imagine if Roy comes back all new and improved, and he’s now really together and successful! That’d be funny, and it would irritate Jim, especially if Pam seems impressed. If they try to make Roy a threat without doing something like that, it will be really contrived, as Pam stopped having feelings for him a long, long time ago, before they even broke up.

  27. So much for my Roy 2.0 theory! Angela Kinsey posted a photo of a kitchen scene they’re shooting today on Twitter, and you can see what looks very much like David Denman’s body in the background,(without a head!) wearing shorts and a work shirt. It’s not a warehouse shirt, though,it’s blue. Anyone have any ideas?

  28. Also, in the pictures from the set that Angela posted on Twitter, Pam looks really dressed up. Wonder why?

  29. So I was wrong about that being Roy in the photo I talked about. David Denman just tweeted today that he is heading back to LA from New York to do a few days filming for The Office. Whoops!

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