1. I say we all go over to Tanster’s place and watch it together.

    I’m going to have to pre-medicate.

    [ from tanster: i’ve been medicating for months. c’mon over! ]

  2. Purchasing Kleenex stock on May 15th.

    Thank you everyone on the Office (and OfficeTally). Will miss these wonderful characters.

  3. sad :( i just hope we’ll get at least a shot of Michael and Holly, I’m not even asking for a line! Just to see him one last time :( I hope Steve will accept the offer :S

  4. I started crying when I read the comments! May 16th will be a sad, sad day.
    I only started watching this show in Nov. 2011, but I got caught up with the 7 prior seasons using Netflix (in two weeks might I add…this is such a good show). I could not imagine saying goodbye to this show after 9 years. 1 1/2 years will be difficult enough.
    This is gonna hurt like a mother… :(

  5. Last Episode Ideas…
    -Plans for a Ryan and Kelly wedding
    -Reveal all who is behind the camera
    -Tell motive for camera crew being there
    -Have Jim/Pam move into Philly house & have a good end to their story
    -Check in on Michael/Holly one last time
    -A look at former employees and people from the show on what they have been doing
    -Inner office secrets revealed
    -SOMETHING about Creed….

  6. Last Episode: Everyone comes together for a viewing party of the newest television premiere: “THE OFFICE.” Seeing the past on film opens old emotions as characters reflect on their time at Dunder Mifflin, rekindles old flames (Dwight/Angela), reinvigorates old friendships (Dwight sees his allegiance to Michael revisited, and he is now the boss. Michael shows up to congratulate him toward the end, save the dates in-hand for a “MICHAEL SCOTT WEDDING” special, ala the special done after the release of the documentary in the British version), and reevaluates old memories.

  7. Was just thinking of all Office food-related items one could serve at his/her series finale party. When Seinfeld went off the air, my friend and I hosted a similar party including food mentioned from the show and various props. I know I’m forgetting a bunch, but here’s a start:

    Grape soda
    Tuna fish sandwiches
    Caprese salad
    “Fudgie the Whale” cake
    Devils Food cake
    Peach pie
    M&Ms (both plain and peanut)
    Bagels (C-shaped, of course)
    Double fudge brownies
    Osso bucco

    What else ?

  8. Prediction….. this has all been a dream of Kevin’s who’s fallen asleep in the back of the office. haha oh that’d be awful. I take it back!

    Meanwhile the real question is will Officetally.com continue on?

  9. Let’s petition NBC to get no commercial interruptions in this episode — WE WANT A FULL HOUR!

  10. My guess would be that the writers for this episode will be Greg Daniels and Paul Lieberstein.

  11. @13 Don’t forget the Jell-O! And maybe make it a sleepover, and for breakfast, cook some bacon on a George Foreman Grill and toast up some cheesy pitas?

  12. I hope on the season 9 dvd set they do a 200 episode 200 moments montage like they did for the first 100 episodes on the season 5 dvd set…tanster do you know if they will?

    [from tanster: don’t know.]

  13. I say SUPERSIZE this bad boy to TWO HOURS.

    (At least have a special with bloopers, thank yous, etc.)

  14. @13 can’t forget:

    Grilled Cheese sandwiches (along with a fireworks show)
    drinks from Chili’s (don’t forget ice to melt for the second drink)

  15. @13 anything from the Twilight cookbook for second breakfast, 1st dinner and ultra feast

  16. @13 My first thought was definitely the Osso Bucco, but I’m not going to start it until 9:00 p.m. that night so it won’t be ready until three hours after the show has ended.

  17. @13
    One Eight Foot Sub
    Lots of wine, for steak dipping
    Meatball Parm, (it’s their worst sandwich)

  18. Can anyone make out what looks like a watermark (though not an obscene one!)at the bottom of the page? It looks like it’s says “First Table Read February 6, 2004”.

  19. @Officionada (#55): I believe you’re right, and that above that is a picture from that table read. That date would make sense in the chronology of the show’s production. It’s a sweet thing to include. Very Greg Daniels.

  20. Is there anything happening in Scranton, PA for this finale? I went there for the office tour and everything, but would anyone be interested in getting something started in terms of a farewell? Maybe rent a banquet room at the Radisson in Scranton… (Radisson just gives out this vibe, “Oh, I’m doing business at the Radisson”. It’s kind of snooty. So.)

    I’m interested if people would be interested or if something like this is already happening.

  21. @13: New York style Sushi, because Pizza by Alfredo sucks (just re-watched Launch Party!)

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