The Office set visit raffle ticket giveaway #1

STATUS: this giveaway is now closed. Winner: Buster Bluth

I’ve got five tickets to give away to The Office set visit raffle!

Here’s how you can win one.

Answer this Season 9 trivia question

Name two activities that Andy did during Outward Bound training.

(Accepted answers: slacklined, ate a worm, went solo on mountain)

Entry deadline

Sunday, October 7, 3pm PT

How to enter

  • Post your answer in a comment below.
  • One entry per person.
  • U.S. entries only, please.
  • Include a valid email address.

How I’ll pick a winner

  • All answers will be hidden from public view until the deadline passes.
  • I’ll randomly pick a winner from all correct entries and send an email with details.

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  1. Thanks for everyone’s entries!

    All entries will be hidden from public view (held in the moderation queue) until the deadline passes.

  2. He was on a mountain for 3 days, had a dream Nellie died, got a nickname, went slack lining, and ate a worm!!

  3. he went to a mountain for 3 days and had a dream that nellie died!!!! and he went slacklining

  4. on andy’s outward bound trip he went on a mountain for 3 days and he ate a worm and went slaklining

  5. Andy went slack-lining and he ate a worm and was on a mountain for 3 days… and he had a dream Nelly died haha

  6. andy went on an outward bound trip in season 9 and ate worms and also went slacklining!

  7. He went on a mountain for 3 days and went slack-lining (he was really good at it).

  8. Hey Tanster! Andy went slacklining and spent three days on a mountain during Outward Bound.

  9. He had a dream that Nelly died.
    He was given the nickname “Iceman”!

    (I Believe he also went backpacking as shown in a photo at the beginning of the episode, and he learned to walk on that tight rope)

  10. Andy participated in: 1) slack lining, 2) spent 3 days on a mountain by himself, & 3) ate a worm.

  11. Slack-lining and soloing on a mountain for three days (possibly eating a worm during that time.)

  12. At Outward Bound, Andy learned how to slack line and ate a worm.

    So 1) Slack lined and 2) ate a worm



  13. slacklining and hiking (picture of him with david wallace’s son). if that doesnt count i’d go with nickname giving. like iceman.

  14. He ate a worm and he slacklined! Anyone else notice that his go to outfit since outward bound is the outdoorsy sweater vest? I thinks that’s hilarious

  15. Andy slack lined. And spent 3 days on a mountain. The goal was to make him more decisive and confident.

  16. During the Outward Bound training, Andy went mountain climbing and he also balanced on a rope to focus better. I know that David Wallace’s son was also there on the Outward Bound trip.

  17. Slacklining & Hiking! Thanks for doing these contests and keeping the website up to date. I never really comment but I’m consistently keeping up to date by following your website, so thanks!

  18. Andy’s two activities at Outward Bound training:

    1). Slack-lining

    2). Worm-eating (that counts!)

    Thanks, tanster!

  19. Slacklining and 3 day hike in wildreness/ mountain

    And dreaming of Nellie dying of course ;)

    Thanks Tanster!!!!

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