The Office set visit opportunities

Auction: Visit The Office set with a friend!

Grab a friend and visit the set of The Office and meet cast members in Los Angeles, California for the last season of the hit NBC sitcom! The set visit will include a tour of the set and time in the VIP Green Room to watch filming of a scene.

Must be redeemed by February 8, 2013.

Link: Bid here (ends Wed, Jan 23 2:00pm EST)

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  1. I’m almost glad there isn’t one to meet Krasinski, my bank account would get thoroughly drained.

  2. Have they always included this disclaimer with the set visit auctions?

    “If production of “The Office” is cancelled prior to the Winner’s set visit, NBC Universal (NBCU) will make reasonable efforts to provide a set visit to the winner and one (1) guest on another NBCU show filmed in Los Angeles, California”

    It’s kind of foreboding.

  3. I would absolutely love this! I am so jealous Lindsay!! But, I know I can’t afford to bid, but whoever wins, if they want to take me, I would forever owe them! ;)

  4. Aah if I had a spare few grand and lived in America, and didn’t have university studies….I would definitely do this! Would be amazing to meet Ed Helms and tour the set of my fave show! All the best to whoever scores this!

  5. I totally get that this is something nice to do for charity…but can they please do a regular drawing or contest in addition to this for longtime fans of the show who don’t have $5,000 to give away!!


  6. yeah I wish I had that kind of money but I don’t. I guess I will have to live vicariously through the person that wins until I win the lottery.

  7. There was a set visit lottery last year, I believe.

    And yes, there has always been that disclaimer on the auction. It’s just to CNBC’sA.

  8. Hopefully the show is still shooting by the time I can afford this!

    Wait a second… I have a credit card! :-P

  9. AH I won!

    Thank you! I have been a big fan of the show since season 1 and a big fan of this website for about six years :) If it hadn’t been for you all I wouldn’t have known about this auction. Thanks Tanster for providing such a wonderful website for Office fans. I am beside myself in excitement over this set visit. Any advice haha?!

    [from tanster: that’s awesome, congratulations!]

  10. Do they do this very often?
    If they do I am totally betting for the one with a set visit with DA NARD DOG !!

  11. Anyone notice that “Sunday” picture on the auction site has been re-edited to take out Cody Horn and Gabe?

  12. This is too exciting; I can’t take it!
    Also, to Tanster, if it’s being offered by John, does that mean we are guaranteed contact with him?

    [from tanster: it’s never guaranteed, but the cast is always great about coming out and meeting the winner!]

  13. Do you think my fiance would be upset if I postponed the wedding so I can bid our savings to meet John Krasinski? I mean I would totally take him along as my guest :P

  14. “Anyone notice that “Sunday” picture on the auction site has been re-edited to take out Cody Horn and Gabe?”

    Nice catch. Ryan and Kelly have been moved over to occupy that space. I wonder what it means for Gabe?

  15. I’m bidding on this. I knew if one ever came up where there was a chance of meeting John, i wouldn’t be able to hold back. I’m going to have to set a limit though or things could get crazy lol.

  16. man, this would be a dream to get. i would be so starstruck to see the set and actors from my favorite tv show of all time. it would be so surreal. hats off to whoever wins this, as they shall be crowned the ultimate office fan. this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity here.

  17. Pretty sure I just won this :D, gonna be my wedding gift to my fiancee.. we are both huge office fans and this’ll be awesome :D

  18. @ Dean

    Haven’t checked up on this in a while but congratulations man! Hope you and your fiancee have a splendid time! You guys are so lucky.

  19. So we definitely did win this, paid for and all… I’ll let you know how she reacts after I tell her on our wedding day (end of the month) — we’ve also got a team of videographers with each of us during the day, so it’ll all be captured on film too, I’ll share it when we get the film back too, should be awesome :D

    so excited! wonder when they’ll have us down…

  20. With the set visits, how is the date decided? I live on the other side of the world and would love to win one of these but don’t want to bid and find out it’s long before or after my trip to the US.

  21. How come you have to be 18 or older to go? I’ve always dreamed about visiting the set of The Office and I would really love to meet Jenna.

  22. Funny they’re using promo photos of Steve to “sell” this. You’d think they could’ve gotten something more recent…

  23. These visits are worth it. I won Jenna’s auction in 2010 and it was an amazing day. Everyone was so nice, and everyone (except a certain JK was unavailable to chat.)

  24. I don’t think they started at $2500. There is only one bid but it’s at that price so they had to start lower. I think people are skeptical to bid on a show that hasn’t been renewed yet. You aren’t guaranteed anything if the show is no longer in production.

  25. I’m pretty sure $2500 was the opening price because why would anyone bid higher than that? I followed the auction to the close and that was the sole bid.

  26. So the auction page says no one under 18…does this mean under 18 year-olds cannot visit set or they simply cannot bid in the auction? Seems odd that an age restriction would be put in place.

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