1. I do recognize it. Neil, Elvis, The Carpenters, Clay Aiken. I have them all on my iPod. I definetely appreciate the referrence :-)

  2. So did anyone else giggle the first time they got to put a Pam (queen) on top of a Jim (king)? I had myself a little Kevin giggle every time.

  3. I recognized it, and now it’s stuck in my head. ;)

    When I get a free moment today, I’m so going to play Office solitaire! LOL

  4. Brad, I totally agree! The game is way more fun than regular solitaire, but I was sorely disappointed that there was no ftftftftft at the end.

  5. after playing it, i’m a little disappointed that they didn’t put michael as the “deuce” and carol and jan as the queens.

  6. I seriously need to learn how to play solitaire!!

    And as for the Neil Sedaka lyrics, I’m quite embarrassed to say that as a mid to late 30-something that I don’t know those!

    Love how all of our favorite characters have their “game face” on!

  7. Yeah, I love that Office solitaire! The pictures are really good. And I only know that song from Sheryl Crow’s (?) cover from the Carpenters’ tribute album!

  8. Too bad they didn’t use the format Michael explained at the end of the hay place episode.

    My favorite part of it,
    “Oscar is my queen, that’s easy. Give me a hard one.
    That’s what Oscar said.”

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