1. after watching this it kind of looks like Cathy might just be trying to mess up Jim and Pam’s relationship in order to make one of them quit.
    but would she do all of that just to keep a job at a paper company?

    even if this isn’t the case, i’m definitely thinking that there’s something behind it. she has a reason for trying to go after Jim, and i’m interested to know what it is.

  2. “Florida is 13th in education, 13th in tourism, and 13th in cleanliness. It’s the worst state in the union.”

    Best joke of this episode right there, nice creed.

  3. I love how Dwight has pictures of cockroaches…and Casey Anthony on the wall to try to dissuade the team from wanting to go to Florida!

  4. I wish they would’ve kept the clip in the episode. I thought it was better than some of the ones they used. However, I may still be just a smidge bitter about the whole Kathy thing… =)

  5. I wish they had left some of this in – the Kathy homewrecking story requires more exposition than her flirting with Jim in an episode, followed by nothing happening, and then ten weeks later planning to ruin his marriage. Clearly she’s not over her ex and this job is stability for her, and regardless of how good of a reason that is to be doing this storyline (and I don’t think it is), it’s some sort of method to her madness.

  6. I like how Kelly was mean to Jessica in “Christmas Wishes”, then mean to Kathy in the “Special Project” deleted scene, the two characters I could care less about on this show.

    I’m sure the women who play these characters are fine actresses, it’s just the way they were written left a lot to be desired.

  7. @#3-Stapler,

    I just caught the Casey Anthony picture in the deleted scene, that was a good one!

    There were some really good scenes here, hate that they had to be cut. Really liked Creed’s bit – “worst state in the Union!”

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