The Office: Special Project, 8.14

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The Office: Special Project, Dwight Schrute, Rainn Wilson, perfectenschlag

Writer: Amelie Gillette, Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): After Dwight gets assigned a special project at Sabre headquarters in Tallahassee, he and Andy try to decide which Scranton employees get to go with him. Meanwhile, Pam returns from her maternity leave.

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In a poll conducted February 9-13, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.82/10

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The Office Special Project quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Dwight: You just had our baby. Our collective, Dunder Mifflin family baby.

Angela: Not everyone needs some long, luxurious, Parisian maternity leave.

Angela: Really? I feel like this big rhinoceros.

Pam: You’re allergic to walnuts, right, Kevin?
Kevin: Extremely. But I’m going to fight through it.

Pam: It’s okay, Angela. I have mommy brain, too.

Angela: Babies sleep a lot, Pam. If you feed them enough.

Angela: I wouldn’t know. I’m watching my weight.

Dwight: You can’t tantalize me.

Dwight: If you make me head of sales one more time, I swear.

Dwight: The Schrutes have a word for when everything in a man’s life comes together perfectly. Perfectenschlag. Right now, I am in it. I am so deep inside of Perfectenschlag right now. And, just to be clear, there is a second definition, perfect pork anus, which I don’t mean.

Andy: Did you know frogs can hear with their lungs? And that flamingos can have orgasms that last thirty minutes?

Erin: We’re pin twins!

Erin: When I saw it in CVS, it made me gag, too.

Darryl: I can’t tell if it’s a “we’re just friends” beanie, or a “I’m hot, you’re hot, let’s get popping” beanie.

Darryl: We’ll get to the meaning of the beanie.

Dwight: Pam, pack up your post-natal swimwear, make it a one-piece or this offer is rescinded.

Pam: I’ll fly anywhere for some good barbecue.

Dwight: No plus ones. This is for competent workers only.

Darryl: Super comfortable. Like sweatpants for my head.

Darryl: Wow. It’s like the Nation of Islam down here.

Val: I like to knit. Don’t hate.

Nate: “I’m glad you’re in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.” Oh, Darryl.

Pam: Two question marks is kind of aggressive. You know, it’s like whaa-what?

Andy: Can I interest you in someone less essential? Like a Creed or a Meredith?

Dwight: Andy just gave me a chain with three weak links. Have you ever tried to use a chain with three weak links? I have. And now I no longer own an Arctic wolf.

Kelly: You want to call someone that texted you? You want to drive him away?

Kevin: Sometimes Batman’s got to take off his cape.

Angela: My baby is not a monster!

Dwight: Be proud of your enormous monster baby.

Stanley: Every shirt that I have that isn’t a work shirt is a Tommy Bahama. I’m the only person in this office that watches Burn Notice.

Dwight: That’s all Baltzer Glattfielder had. And now no one eats owls for Thanksgiving.

Dwight: PowerPoints are the peacocks of the business world. All show, no meat.

Andy: : It’s almost like we’re not all experiencing the same winter.

Dwight: I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to clear your head any more than it has been already. I think you need a workplace where the burdens of everyday life keep you tethered to reality.

Jim: Is it too dark to say that Cece is having an operation?

Jim: Do you shower at night or do you shower in the morning? ‘Cause I want to shower when you’re showering to save some water.

Jim: Is that the buzzer from Taboo?
Dwight: Shut up, maggot!

Dwight: How many of you have seen the documentary, Deliverance?

Dwight: You want to spend the rest of your life changing your husband’s colostomy bags?

Nate: They’re Nate coupons. Or Na-pons.

Darryl: Your mom’s name’s Brandon?

Darryl: I figured out where I stand. This is a love beanie.

Erin: I’m going to Florida. And I’m not coming back.

Dwight: Under the right manager, that’s not a bad team. Perfectenschlag.

Cathy (on the phone): All expenses paid. Yeah, Jim’s going to be there. That marriage is not good. Nobody knows better than me. Definitely we will. It’s three weeks in Tallahassee, what else is there to do.

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  1. Okay, so if Pam is coming back from maternity leave in this episode, why is she credited in “Jury Duty”? Is it an out of the office appearance in that one? Wait and see I guess!

  2. They filmed this at a hotel down the street from me. I know who will be tagging along but will keep it a secret.

  3. i was hoping pam would be on the jury duty episode… such a shame! i miss her so much :(((

  4. @Karen: THANK YOU for keeping it quiet. I wish we could live in a world where we weren’t all obsessed with learning spoilers of TV shows and movies before they’re shown.

  5. @ shay – it’s possible that it’s an out-of-office appearance by pam… it could even be as little as her voice on the phone.

  6. I can’t believe Pam’s new baby’s birth hasn’t been seen on the show, like Cece’s. I hope that episode (and the one before that, I think) shows Pam with more energy, and she’s back to the office pronto.

  7. I agree with FlonkertonChamp. Remember in the Season Six ep, Happy Hour, Pam was back, just not at the actual Office? Yeah, but when I read this summary I partially freaked out.

  8. Jenna Fischer has been credited in all of the episodes during maternity leave, whether or not she actually appears in the episode.

  9. I bet Dwight takes Erin. That way Cathy could be receptionist while Erin’s gone. That way they continue with the Jim/Pam/Cathy love triangle and Andy could realize that he misses Erin and wants to be with her

  10. I’m shocked how little difference Pam’s absence has made in the S8 episodes, relative to the ones JF appeared in before taking leave. Pam hasn’t been good or bad this year. She’s been irrelevant.
    As for Catherine Tate, she will be back for the arc involving the Sabre Store that kicks off with some employees heading to FL. I don’t believe Tate is in this one, though; she should be in the 2/16 episode.

  11. #11, Pam might not be the center of episodes (although I wish her and Jim were), but for me the show is not the same without her. I really miss her and can’t wait til she is back.

  12. completely agree with #11 ben. i mean don’t get me wrong, i like pam but, i don’t think she’s been an “intregal” member of the cast this season. she’s just ‘there.’

  13. Seeing how the news has been lately, this looks like a lead in to Dwight’s “rumored” spin-off, something I’m not going to enjoy.

  14. I miss “Michael Scott”!!!!!! The show will NEVER be as hysterical as it was with him at the helm of the OFFICE. Although I do love the other characters, there is a sadness in each episode as they trudge along without the goof ball.

  15. What love triangle? That storyline has so little going for it. I expected more tension with Cathy, but they’ve barely used her. She was non-existent is several episodes, and then suddenly in “Pool Party” she has like one line and it’s supposed to be viewed as ‘development’ of her crush on Jim. Bad writing.

  16. @16 Trent: The alleged spinoff concept will supposedly be introduced in a Schrute Farms-centered episode.

  17. Any other fellow Canadians out there? The station Global is showing the new episodes on Wednesdays instead of the usual Thursday. It started with “Jury Duty” and has the rest of the new ones listed for Wednesday as well

  18. A message to all you Canadian office fans, this episode is also airing on Wednesday in Canada. Two weeks in a row, maybe they well all be early from now on!

  19. What’s going on with this season, hoping for a stronger second half with more classic Office. Starting to feel a bit strange.

  20. Being from Canada, I got to see it yesterday and I will tell you guys that it did not disappoint! It kind of makes me wonder what would happen had Dwight stayed on as regional manager. There are tons of laugh out loud moments and the pace just felt right. Credits to whoever wrote this. That’s all I can say without giving anything away. The Office is really going all out the second half of the season.

  21. Canadian viewer here. Saw the episode last night (don’t worry, no spoilers). I have to say, I really don’t like seeing it early… I like sharing my reactions in real time with the rest of the world! I guess I could always PVR it and watch it with you all the next day — but c’mon, it’s a new episode of the Office! Mama didn’t raise no fool (…except my brother…)!

    Enjoy the show tonight everyone! My 1 tip — make sure to watch to the VERY end. The ‘end credits scene’. :D

  22. I agree with those who miss Pam!! I miss her terribly and will be so happy to have her back in the office! The show is definitely not as good without her. Pam and JAM are crucial. Go JAM!!!!

  23. Ok Amazing Episode !

    I feel bad if this is “Erin”s last appearance … also … Cathy ! What a B***h !

  24. Just got done watching it online (thank you Canada) because I would have to wait to watch it online tomorrow anyway.

    Good episode, I won’t spoil anything, promise. It felt a bit odd. I liked Pool Party and last week’s episode much better, that’s just me. As someone else said, the “unwelcome” person is really not cool. That pretty much ruined the episode for me. And yes, everyone needs to watch until the very end. Some surprises, one or two quite substantial ones. All in all, good episode and great to have Pam back. It just doesn’t feel like The Office without her.

  25. I told you people I was right about the unwelcome visitor.

    Lol….Let’s just hope Jim is a good guy.

  26. Saw it early in Canada. Great episode. Probably my favorite of the season so far and a great Dwight showcase.

  27. Fantastic episode. Filled with lots of laughs, and perhaps a major turn at the end. Canadian Viewer here, look forward to seeing what my American friends feel about this episode. Definitely enjoyed it more than last week’s.

    Kinda nice, cause I had a hockey game to watch tonight anyways. Like others have said, watch until the VERY end.

  28. @Daniel G – Of course Jim is probably going to remain a good guy… if he cheated on his wife (especially after she just had his second baby!) then he would be even worse then Roy, and that would essentially destroy the whole Jim/Pam storyline. What would be the point of them having gotten together in the first place, if Jim ends up straying? If so, Pam might as well have stayed with Roy!

    But what will likely happen is a lot of contrived angst when Pam hears about Cathy’s shenanigans. :P

  29. Excellent episode!!!!! Nice return of Pam to the office (as well as Jenna Fischer’s return to the show). It was amazing to see a funny way to “draw straws” for who’s gonna go with Dwight to Tallahassee. And of course, it’s gonna be awesome to see him and Jim meeting Packer, again. I’m also pretty sure Erin was bluffing about not coming back to Scranton, because that would devastate Andy for sure, although he’s dating Jessica. We should know Kathy a little better than that. But, the important thing is we’re so damn glad Pam is back.

  30. I think it might stem deeper than that though. I could see Jim venting about issues at home while Pam was gone during her maternity leave.

    Then Kathy tries to make a move on Jim. Jim might even feel some attraction but not pull anything. Something…

    I feel like he did SOMETHING wrong, maybe not something extremely wrong, but something.

  31. I really hope they make Kathy a more developed character rather than the one just to be a Jam obstacle.

    I wish Jordan was still on the show rather than Kathy, then she would have had more of an opportunity to build a bit of character playing a similar role.

  32. This was definitely up there as one of the top three best episodes this season, and probably the second best Valentine’s Day episode of this show!!
    But WOW, Cathy?! totally unexpected…I kinda thought she was at least a decent person..

  33. Oh wow, that ending. Incoming furious JAM fans.

    I liked this episode, but it really makes me wonder if they’ve already decided to end with this season. Sounds like they’re pushing some of the characters to move on (if Dwight is successful, it could mean a promotion outside of Scranton, not to mention the possibility of him being a father. This is right up Ryan’s alley, and Erin is threatening not to come back). Also, Mindy’s got things lined up in real life.

    But I digress. Not the funniest episode, but they’ve been opening up a lot of doors for new storylines lately. Definitely got me hooked for the rest of the season. Good thing, I was getting bored.

  34. why do I feel this way? Is a mixed of hate, angry and disappointment with that Cathy character. I hope the writers don’t mess it up and only use this as a way to endure Jim & Pam’s relationship! He better say NO!

    I miss Michael Scott, I know I should be over it by now, but I don’t think I’ll get over it.

    I basically agree with everyone’s comment on this thread! Is just sad.

  35. What happened at the end of the show? I saw Kathy on her cell phone…who called, and if it was Jim, what was said?!?

  36. Okay, I officially hate Cathy!! Why is she still working there?? Pam’s back! Which, by the way, made me SUPER happy. :D I know Jim would never cheat on Pam, but that last scene made me freak out a little haha. This episode was alright though! I wish it chilled out a little and dwelled more on Valentines Day instead of the FL plot. Pam’s “Don’t put two question marks, that sounds aggresive. Like…wha-what!?” Was hilarious! :)

  37. She said that Jim is going on the trip and that the marriage isn’t going well she would know. Then she said of course we will, it’s 3 weeks in talle, what else is there to do?

  38. That was weird with Erin. I wonder if she’s really leaving the show. If anything, we know there’s just going to be more dramatic surprises as the season goes on..!

  39. Stupid Kathy. If the writers are smart, which I’m guessing they are, then they’re probably just messing with us viewers into thinking something might happen. I completely agree that there’s gonna be a misunderstanding though. Jim won’t do ANYTHING, but, somehow the news will get to Pam and they’ll have a row then make up in some cute amazing lovey doveh way. Love JAM!

  40. Do you think that it may have been Kathy texting Jim instead of Robert California? She said she would know the marriage isn’t good, and maybe Jim was confiding in Kathy venting about the marriage being strained.. Keeps you thinking!

  41. I think Erin was just taking Dwight’s Florida horror stories seriously. It wasn’t “I won’t be back because I’m moving on,” I saw it as “I won’t be back because I’m gonna get killed here.”

  42. Cathy doesn’t know squat about Jim and Pam’s marriage. She overheard a snippet of a conversation and then jumped to unwarranted conclusions based on the little bit she heard. Also, besides Pam’s Replacement, Jim has paid zero attention to Cathy in any of the episodes – his entire focus has always been on his family. Cathy’s probably going to be in for quite the rude awakening if/when she tries anything in Florida.

  43. Another very strong episode; lots of laughs for me. This looks like it’s going to be a pretty good story arc.

  44. I thought they are down there for just a few episodes right? So Erin will be back.

    Erin to me is like Pam to most of you guys. (I started watching when Erin was already the receptionist.) I doubt I will continue watching if she leaves the show. The chemistry will be so different.

    I do want to see a Jim/Cathy/Pam triangle. A picture-perfect life does not belong in this show. :-)

  45. Wow, all of a sudden they are really starting to set up a multitude of ongoing story arcs. I thought this was a very good episode, much better than last week’s which I found to be rather bland.

  46. This episode was GOLD. Rainn Wilson is the LOVE OF MY LIFE – -it’s official. I honestly was laughing so hard from everything he did. Oh aaaaannd, who’s in for killing Cathy with me??? Anyone??

  47. Seriously people?

    I felt NOTHING toward the whole Cathy unravel, because I KNOW Jim isn’t that kind of guy. I mean really, were we not all there back when Jim and Pam started?? They will never fall apart. Not because of Jim, not because of Pam, and certainly not because of pathetic Cathy. She’s honestly wasting her time.

  48. Well, there’s certainly one way to get an Office crowd fired up and talking…have some kind of Jim & Pam conflict. It could all just be a smokescreen to get people to talk about the show, which is fine. I doubt they’d ever seriously mess with it.

  49. well i’ll admit i was wrong about Cathy
    i did not see that ending coming at all
    i guess there had to be some reason she was still around…
    but honestly i agree with most of the comments before this one
    Jim’s probably stressed about the baby and everything, but there’s no way he’d do anything to ruin his marriage

    on a lighter note, though, i’ve enjoyed watching this whole Darryl and Val thing play out
    i’m glad they’re giving that some attention instead of making it all about Andy and Erin

    however… now there’s going to be three relationship-based subplots going on
    that seems like an overload

  50. I do not think it’s realistic that Jim would actually go to Florida. Having said that, the writers have sent him so he’s on his way. I think it’ll probably be a pretty good story — except if they are serious about Cathy trying to hit on Jim. DON’T MESS WITH JIM AND PAM! Dwight was great in this episode — he’ll have fun in Tallahassee!

  51. I don’t know who the new warehouse guy is who got the cashmere gloves, but I LOVE that guy! He was so earnest and hilarious. Oh, poor Pam! She looked absolutely radiant and beautiful, but Angela strolling in with a pancake flat stomach and plates of treats was so cruel. Pam with the brownie was one of the cutest things ever. I love all the stories set up in this episode. (Okay, I admit I hope the writers make that creepy Kathy chick seem increasingly ridiculous throughout the Tallahassee trip. I want to see her fall on her face!) Dwight’s celebration kicks and hair just keep getting better.

  52. I am THIS CLOSE to being over it. erin is so annoying i can hardly take it any more, and the cathy plot is just ridiculous. the ONLY thing this show has going for it is dwight.

  53. I think Erin genuinely thinks that she is not coming back. Fortunately, she is too important for the show and the writers will not let her go. (Unless she is getting her own show.)

    Who was talking to Cathy on the other side of the line? Is there a vast conspiracy going on?

    I never expected Jim to be on the Florida team. If my boss tells me to leave my family for three weeks I will (politely) ask him to F-off.

  54. The show is really on a run of good episodes now. Looking forward to the whole Tallahassee arc. Plus Jenna Fischer is finally on twitter, which is great.

  55. People need to chill….I’m almost positive that the writers would never have Jim cheat on Pam with Cathy….Cathy is just a girl who has crush on someone she works with who is in a committed relationship….there is no crime in that (season 2 Jim halpert anyone?) of course there are lines she can’t cross, and respect she needs to show….but with Jim’s “unwanted guest” I’m sure she will be set straight. I would be SHOCKED if Jim did anything with her. On another note, this arc sets up for some good Ryan Howard stuff..which I’m all about. Besides Michael..I feel like Ryan is for sure the best office character ever.

  56. After seeing the deleted scene, I’m wondering… we only heard part of Cathy’s phone conversation. Could the last couple of comments she made not be about Jim? Haven’t we been led to suspect one thing on so many occasions, only to have the writers surprise us with something out of left field?

  57. Wow I feel I’m the only one who likes Kathy here, I really hope she becomes a regular character for the show!

    In my opinion, JAM has gotten very boring after the marriage & I can’t stand to watch them being the same anymore, Kathy is def making JAM interesting to me again. Honestly it’s really obvious that Jim won’t do anything, so you JAM fans need to chill out.

    Hands down one of the best & strongest episodes this season, loved it. And go Nate!! LOL

  58. The Jim/Cathy thing is the best thing to happen to the show in ages. Jim and Pam got so boring after they got married, it’s about time the writers did something interesting with them.

    Oh and Angela having Dwight’s baby? I was over the moon about that. The show is finally picking up.

  59. Finally… a story line for Jim. He’s been stagnating for ages as a character. Let’s see how this develops. I reckon the Cathy phonecall is a red herring. Ramps up people’s paranoia. When you only hear half of a phone conversation you tend to make assumptions.

  60. @Tim

    I don’t think so. Because the texts started before Kathy was under consideration for the trip.

  61. “Erin to me is like Pam to most of you guys.”

    Same here. I still love Pam, but this has been a great season for Erin. I think Ellie Kemper has knocked it out of the park. Looking forward to seeing how everything plays out. Not a popular opinion, I know.

  62. #61 – It’s Nate, the guy Dwight had hired originally to be the building’s maintenance man. He got hired after the whole warehouse staff quit in Lottery.

  63. Man, the writers have been teeing up this Cathy-Jim-Pam thing for awhile. I figured it’d just quietly go away, like Pam and her friend at Art School played by Rich Sommer. But apparently, with the show kind’ve heading towards an ending (let’s be honest here, the Dwight spinoff is probably a way to keep the most interesting parts of the show going past an eventual break with NBC), I’m guessing the writers are just going for broke and trying the storylines they’ve wanted to for awhile.

    That said, it just seems lame. Like we all said, it doesn’t fit Jim’s character to suddenly up and cheat on Pam. They’ve done so much to set them up as soulmates, and this isn’t the type of show to really delve into drama like that. Remember, Andy-Angela, Dwight was always presented in a humorous manner. So really, this just looks like a way to generate discussion, get some more viewers and hold our attention, and help them fill some storylines. Does very little I can see to advance plot of the show.

  64. I’m sorry..but do Jim and Pam kiss on the lips anymore!? I’m totally aware that this is a completely random observation but I’m curious! I mean, I’m pretty sure the last time they did was the Christmas episode from LAST season..they kissed more in Season 2! As for some JAM drama, I’m all for it, as long as the writers don’t take it too far and it ends with a cute moment :)

  65. Wow!I did not see that ending coming either. I agree with #33, if Jim cheated or was even tempted, it would completely ruin his character, and the JAM storyline, and therefore the whole show. Besides, this is a sitcom, not a soap opera. It’s clearly going to be a comedy storyline, with Jim freaking out and trying to get rid of her. The only thing that makes me sick about it is the thought of poor Pam hearing about it. That’s going to be where the real drama lies.

  66. Kathica & Jessathy – there is absolutely NO justification for one of them and only a little for the other.

  67. I liked the lack of Robert California in this episode. His character is somewhat entertaining, but there is no moderation when he’s present. The other characters were able to shine. I loved the Jam interaction, with her coaching him on composing his texts. I don’t see Jim being the least bit tempted by Cathy. She was clearly delusional and heard what she wanted to hear–if she wants a scum who would cheat on his wife who just had a baby, she should work in Congress.

    Dwight’s reaction to the team (Ryan Stanley Erin Cathy and…Jim) was classic Dwight. I about fell out of my chair with the beeping and the tantrum in the conference room. As well as the mosquitoes and the frogs to take care of them.

    Stanley’s pitch also had me cracking up-he’ll be happy and cheerful in Florida. Ryan was also classic when he said to just pick him or Kelly cracked me up. I’ve been liking Ryan more in the past couple seasons.

    Either Erin will meet someone in Florida or Andy will find the key chain she got him when he became manager and fly down there himself to bring her back. That’s my prediction anyway.

  68. Good on Dwight! He seemed so dark and depressed after Michael left, who was pretty much his only friend. Also, his Assistant TO the Regional Manager usually played second fiddle to Jim’s Assistant Regional Manager/Co-Manager (and for good reason, but that’s beside the point). After Dwight’s initial “disappointment”, I was really happy to see him bonding with his team and Jim giving him his respect. It’s nice to see him win some for a change. – Perfectenschlag.

    P.S. Will Nate manage the building in Dwight’s absence?

  69. First so happy Pam is back. It just feels off when she is not around. I loved Dwight and look forward to him and his crew. I didn’t like the Erin story and still wish they could just get over her liking Andy. It doesn’t add anything to the show and it’s stale at this point. With such a strong ensamble episode, it’s a shame they threw that Cathy ploy in to shake things up. Who even cares about her, seriously?

  70. Hmm, maybe the writers are throwing us off. Maybe Cathy is actually talking to someone, she mentions Jim, then on the other side of the phone they say something about Robert California (since he basically has lost his marriage with his wife), and she’ll try to make a move on the CEO lol.

  71. @59 Mari and @54 LOL – I’m calling shotgun and once we’re done w/ Cathy, we’ll burn Utica to the ground.

  72. Joe wrote (#73): “[I]t doesn’t fit Jim’s character to suddenly up and cheat on Pam. They’ve done so much to set them up as soulmates, and this isn’t the type of show to really delve into drama like that.”

    Remember, WE, as viewers, know this about Jim. Cathy, as a character on the show, does not. So if the idea is for Cathy to try and seduce Jim, let her be as blatantly obvious and graphic about it as NBC will allow, and Jim’s (presumed) rejecting her advances will show just how committed he is to his marriage with Pam.

    That having been said, it would be interesting to see a storyline where there’s a major rift in Jim and Pam’s relationship, just to show that even soulmates can have problems, and to see how they deal with it.

  73. i think some of you are reading too deep into the cathy subplot. the writers obviously intended it to be about jim. as for what i think will happen, jim will probably rise to the occasion and shut her down but the aftermath could be interesting..

    also i’m not really sold on catherine tate’s character so we’ll have to see how that plays out.

  74. Awesome episode!!! Very funny, LOVED having Pam back, LOVED all the wonderful Jam interaction. I think Cathy will be nothing but an awkward situation for Jam – as someone said, Cathy is delusional if she thinks Jim would ever cheat on Pam, or even be tempted to.

    I’m also loving Darryl these days!! So nice to see more of him and he seems to be really growing.

    I’d be sad to see Erin go, but it’s adding some nice tension to the show . . .

  75. @ #74- Right? That was the first thing I thought. Why didn’t Jim kiss Pam on the lips? Why didn’t Pam grab his face and kiss him? If my husband was going away for 3 weeks, I wouldn’t let a peck on the cheek suffice. This is a couple that, despite what Kathy thinks, is in a loving relationship and has been for years. I know the actors aren’t together in real life and have had all kinds of new life changes, personally, but John and Jenna know their characters well enough to know that Jim wouldn’t leave on a trip for 3 weeks with a peck on the cheek. Ok… (exhale) I’m done. lol

    Also, I loved how Michael-esque Dwight’s Florida Orientation was with all of the pictures on the wall.

  76. Yikes the rating and viewers for this episode is at an all time low. Personally, I’m glad they are finally adding some tension between Jim and Pam and the store arch is so full of potential. The episodes where they add major plots and tension (like Jim going to Stanford and MPSC) are probably some of the best episodes. I’m pretty sure the writers aren’t going to ruin JAM, it’s just going to be a small bump and end in a perfect JAM moment.

  77. Anyone thinks Cathy is conspiring with Roy to break up Jim and Pam? OTOH, I will not be entirely surprised if Jim is found “in bed” with Cathy. Perhaps she may drug him.

  78. Really didn’t care for it at all. Only gave it a “3” because of Dwight’s awesomesauce when he had the two separate Florida Orientations.

    Kathy and the tag? Ugh. Can we NOT make this show a soap opera? Dwight/Angela/TheSenator/ALargeBaby and now we’re going the “Fatal Attraction” route?

    Show, I’m ready for you to go.

  79. I missed the episode! What did Cathy say??

    [ from tanster: see the last quote in the quotes section. ]

  80. I love the OFFICE! What a great episode AGAIN, they are on a roll now. The picture of Casey Anthony on the wall to deter people from wanting to go to Florida was beyond brilliant! I am a lifelong JAM fan but they need some shakeup. They will always be together, so not worried about Cathy. And the Erin haters I don’t understand. I love Erin and want her back with Nard Dogg. She is my Pam 2.0 If you could mesh Pam and Erin together, that would be MY Perfectenshlag woman! Thx for knowing how to spell that word Tanster:)

  81. I enjoyed this episode until the very end when Cathy was on the phone. The writers and every fan of the show should know that Jim would NEVER cheat on Pam and vice versa. After all it took for them to get together, after all their history, someone like Cathy would never break them up. Having said that, why would they feel the need to write this storyline in? It’s just going to be really annoying to watch. Ugh!

  82. @Office fan88 That actually makes quite bit of sense once you watch the deleted scenes. It seems like Cathy is very worried about finding a job now that Pam is back.

  83. Great Episode! Loved it! And for those of you who think Ellie Kemper would be leaving the show, I don’t think she will. On Letterman I think she said she was on board for a 9th season.

  84. Oh and I think Erin going will spark something between her and Andy. Maybe Andy will chase after her or something to make her not stay in Florida, he might miss her too much. Haha that’s what I think.

  85. Some of these comments are hysterical. Getting this upset over Cathy? Honestly, best thing to happen to this show. It was always at its peak when it focused on romantic turmoil. Do you really think they will break up Jam? HA! It’s just to stir up the pot and get better rating folks. Plus, why would Erin really leave the show? It’s just part of the story line to get Andy and her back together. Sheesh!

  86. This is definitely setting up for a hilarious story arc, AND we get to see Dwight managing again and some Nate stuff, which are always hilarious. Jim/Kathy won’t go anywhere. After all, “J/K” is shorthand for “just kidding”. But seriously, if Erin leaves, then Scranton, we have a problem. This episode was almost perfectenschlag. And by that I mean almost everything went perfect, not an almost perfect pork anus.

  87. I liked this episode. The pacing and some of the acting were a bit weird, but really all the situations made up for it. I’m glad it finally feels like there’s going to be actual conflict now. It isn’t a “soap opera” if they make it so, unless they give it that tone.

    I think these next few episodes are really going to be interesting.

  88. I really liked this episode. I heard an interview with Mindy where she said 50-60% of the lines went to Michael so it really changed the writing dynamic with him gone. I think the writers are finding a groove. Glad that Pam was back. @ #86&74 – I have commented on this before and thought it was especially odd in this episode since Jim is going to be gone for 3 weeks that they did not kiss on the lips. I wonder if this is how it is written or if it is the actors’ choice. People say they are not the PDA types but it just seems out of character to me.

  89. Liked it more than last week’s. Good opener with Angela & Pam. Felt off at the start but picked up – finally a bunch of ongoing arcs with things moving along and quite funny.
    Great seeing Jim with Pam. Dwight was in form again, liked his scenes with Andy and Jim. Good to see Erin doing something again, I’ve felt really sorry for this character since
    Spooked (and most of her colleagues treat her like crap). That fill-in comment came out wrong. Either there will be someone else (hope not, that’s been done to death) or Andy is going to realize how much he misses her. But she won’t really leave (I hope, I think after 8 seasons I would actually stop watching!).
    Other good parts:
    -Dwight’s baby comment slip.
    -Andy’s big freudian slip with Erin at reception.
    -The final team announcement.
    -No way will Jim cheat, really. Hope to see Cathy taken down in Florida (maybe a ‘gator?).

    Not classic Office, but good.

  90. When Jim was with Karen I never got upset because it felt organic & true to the characters & stories. I figured Jim & Pam would get together if the timing was right and I trusted the writers. They took such care, attending to even the (smallest) details. However this latest turn is maddening not on account of Jam (don’t get me wrong, I love me some Jam), but because Meredith had a point about Kathy. “Why does she even still work here? Pam is back.”

    Insert Stanley rant: There’s at least one too many accountants plus Gabe and his outlandish schedule. Ryan the perennial temp “works” out of a closet and Pam literally made up her job. Now we’re supposed to believe Kathy was needed to fill in at this non-existent job. The premise of her getting to encroach on our married Jim is just false jeopardy. The fact that she’s not even supposed to be there now makes her story line all the more pointless & contrived.

    Dwight had it exactly right when he said, “We don’t need… What’s your name? Kathy”. I’m not really worried about Jim cheating, it’s the writers cheating that bothers me.

  91. It’s official. Kathy is now the worst, most despicable character in “The Office”. While I saw her crush coming a mile away since “Pool Party”, I didn’t think it would be such a dramatic plot in the show.

    “The Office” is one of the greatest shows in the history of television, up there with the likes of “The Simpsons” and “Frasier”. And one of the reasons it is, is because of Jim and Pam. So, while I am slightly worried about what might happen in Florida, unless the show’s writers want to completely ruin the series, Jim will not be tempted by Kathy. Instead, after getting spurned, I think Kathy will evolve into the “Sideshow Bob” for Jim and Pam, trying to ruin them at every opportunity But, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Does anyone else think they were planning for Jordan Garfield to do the same thing, until Cody Horn left the show?

  92. Love that The Office decided to take these risks!! WOW, now this is interesting! Not the same old, same old.. yes to Jim respecting Dwight in his new project. They can really be partners in crime instead of enemies. Love that they’re going to take a beachy trip. Love that Angela is finally getting some more lines!! Can’t wait to see how Dwight will be as a father and how that will all unfold.

    I don’t even mind Kathy hitting on Jim. They need a little shake-up here.. I am intrigued to see how Pam and JIm will handle this. I just hope they don’t have Pam running down there (to FL) with two babies, that will be too unbelievable.

  93. That one line that they gave Cathy was a brilliant move. I haven’t seen this many people discussing one line of this show in quite awhile. It’s created a stir and anticipation in most of the Office fanbase. That’s all good news for the writing staff. It’s going to get very interesting the next few episodes and people will tune in to find out what’s going to happen.

  94. There were deleted scenes from last season where Jordan was having a crush on Jim. Had she remained on the show, I feel the dynamic between her and Jim would have occured more naturally than Kathy and Jim. I haven’t seen much dynamic between those two since she was first introduced just goofing around, so for Kathy ready to pounce on Jim seems like a big leap.

  95. I liked 8.14 but preferred last week’s episode. Ecstatic that Pam is back, her interactions with Angela, Dwight and Kevin were classic TO. Enjoyed Dwight’s thinly veiled concern over his son with Angela, I cannot wait to see how that pans out. I am a diehard Dwangela fan. I hope that Cathy was created as a plot twist, to create tension in the JAM storyline, but that our favorite sitcom couple will prevail. I wouldn’t mind if Erin left for a few episodes or if her role were reduced. She had great chemistry with Michael and now that he’s gone, her character has become dull. One dumb character (Kevin) is quite enough. I agree with another poster who said that the addition of more and more characters dilutes the realism of the show. Now we have a receptionist…and office admin…and substitute office admin…and temp…the recession hasn’t effected Scranton, apparently.

  96. I don’t understand why people want Erin’s role to be reduced, since her role is already too small. Erin is quite easily the brightest spot of the show this season and they should make her role as large as that of Andy and Jim.

    Not everyone wants to see Jim and Pam all the time.

  97. I liked it. I’m glad to see Angela get more lines. I’m looking forward to her getting a juicy storyline with Dwight. Since she ended her romances with Andy and Dwight a few seasons ago we haven’t seen much from her. Her chemistry with Dwight is off the page. Kelly was funny, her gasp and dismay at the breach in phone/text etiquette is so KK. I’m glad Darryl’s role has been expanded, I hope he finds love, not to mention he lights up the screen when in a scene with Andy. Ryan was a douche (hilarious), his florida pitch showed his typical bravado and disregard for kelly’s selfless devotion. Erin isn’t interesting, let’s hope the writers kill off the Andy-Erin affair, give us more Dwight and Angela and Val and Darryl. Let Erin stay in Florida with Jo for a while, and give us a Stanley, Meredith, or Creed storyline! Oh and can’t wait to see Kathy pounce on Jim, he will rebuff her advances, of course.

  98. Jim will likely rebuff Cathy, but there will likely be a bunch of silly angst as word of Cathy’s advances gets back to Pam and she suspects Jim of developing a wandering eye, even if he didn’t actually cheat on her. While some might find this a refreshing turn of events, I find it depressing that the writers are resorting to such an overdone device to create tension. Even in real life, it is not inevitable that every man is going to come to a crossroads of stepping out on his wife. If I wanted a soap opera where all romance is dysfunctional and happy endings always turn to crap, I’d go watch one.

  99. LOVED this episode! Dwight’s “and…..Cathy” and “Cathy’s probably not totally useless” lines were hilarious. I laughed a lot!! I also liked that Dwight’s team was actually pretty good. Oh and Cathy can catch a brick! Leave JAM alone!

  100. Great episode, probably as good as last week’s exceptional “Jury Duty”. The show is stepping in a good direction after some rough patches in the first half of this season. If every next episode in the season has the same level of quality as this one, all “The Office” fans are in for a great treat.

  101. The whole Kathy thing felt like editing to make it think like she was going to hit on Jim, when she really meant go for RC. They all seemed to agree about why is she still there…

  102. First of all, take a deep breath People!!!! This is The Office, not Grey’s Anatomy. This isn’t some soap opera deep story line developing. So Kathy is going to make a move on Jim, it doesn’t mean she’ll succeed, and she may fail miserably. Jim won’t leave Pam over this. As for the show, one of the funnier outputs of the year. Very unpredictable, and could lead to some very funny episodes in Tallahasee.

  103. @116 Mike, Cathy hitting on RC? It is a ride she won’t survive. :-)

    I thought RC is divorced, so their marriage is LESS than not good because it is not there at all. Jim and Pam need more tension and volatility. Currently Erin and Andy is much more interesting to watch. I cheer for Val and Darryl too.

  104. A while back I read a comment from someone who mentioned that Jessica works about 2 1/2 hours away from Scranton, possibly farther. Then someone else, referring to this comment, said that that could be the explanation for why Jessica has not been seen much on the show (which I thought was a very astute observation). I said all that to say, “Why is Jessica driving Andy to work?”

    I’m not trying to poke holes in the writing. If the episode is written well enough it won’t have holes. I’m just pointing them out. Pointer not poker.

  105. Dwight was certainly on board with Andy’s choices as to who was going to Tallahassee. Team player all the way.

    He even OK’d Jim after enthusiastically acknowledging how essential he was to the office. On camera, no less.

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