The Office spin-off in the works?


… the Peacock is developing an episode of The Office that would introduce several new characters who would then be spun off into a new series …

Link: NBC Planning Major Office Expansion!

I know you Tallyheads are chomping at the bit to weigh in on this … :)

Tipster: Samantha


  1. No no no no no nooooo

    I’d only agree if they cloned the entire cast and writers…and then just set the show in a different location that’s near ME, using the same characters. Then, then hold an annual convention for it and I’d be able to go!

    Anything else? Pleeeease don’t.

  2. Ben Silverman is looking for an easy hit. Sigh

    Not a fan of this spin-off idea, but I could see someone like Will Arnett making it interesting.

  3. Spin offs aren’t always bad. Laverne & Shirley, Frasier, The Jeffersons, etc.

    If there’s a writing staff/network that can do it, it’s this one. The question is this: Which character would be strong enough to spin off?

  4. This idea ranks down there with keeping a Foreman grill next to one’s bed in order to wake up to the smell of bacon. Spinning off this show is an idea that should die a fast, painful death.

  5. Oh good grief. We don’t need a spinoff. OUR “The Office” is awesome…

  6. No, no. Absolutely not! It’s too unique and individual for there to be another one! If there was another mockumentry in a complete different setting, that would be fine, but not another office filmed.

  7. Eh, I don’t believe it. It seems like rumors like this fly around whenever a show becomes a hit.

  8. A spin-off is a horrible, HORRIBLE idea, as is writing an episode of the show that introduces a bunch of new characters just for the sake of that spin-off. They got lucky ONCE. They better not push it. The hour longs proved to pretty much everyone that there IS such a thing as too much Office.

  9. Oh man! I thought for sure I would be the tipster on this one!

    Anyway, according to TV Guide, it’s not going to have any of the current characters on it. They are going to introduce new characters on the original show and have them become the basis for the spin-off.

    My feeling is this: it better be a phenomenal show. I’m not entirely enthused about the idea of taking the idea of a great show, and applying it to a cast, writers and crew of a sub-par show.

    Is Rashida’s pilot being picked up? Is it possible that this show would focus on a new Dunder-Mifflin branch or Karen’s?

  10. I think it’s a terrible idea. It is comforting to know the original cast will be the same, but I’m concerned about writers. If this spin-off takes any of The Office’s writers or Greg Daniels, consider The Office doomed.

  11. I don’t think they have enough writing power to have another show about an office. And I can’t think of any other workplace related shows that would work. Unless it was about a family owned company whose patriarch goes to jail and it’s up to his son to save the company and family. Also, his brother is a magician.

  12. Isn’t the point of a spinoff to leverage the personality of a well known character on an existing show and develop him/her into another show. If they want to hastily introduce new people for the sake of a spinoff, will they really transfer any viewers?

    It’s all been done before. Mary Tyler Moore, Murphy Brown, ER, etc. Like someone said earlier, unless Will Arnett’s in it with his voice and all, I doubt people watch it.

  13. Spin offs are incredibly hard to make into a sucessful show. I can only think of a handful that managed to make it (or sorta-kinda make it): Joanie Loves Chachi, Angel, Daria, and Melrose Place are the only shows that I can think of that had more than a two season run and had consistantly high ratings. Usually they try to make it too much like the original show and fail. This is going to be a dsaster.

  14. Is this some sort of an April Fool’s joke that is way too early? Please don’t do this NBC. Yuck.

  15. This does not seem like a good idea at all. I’d be afraid it might take away some of the luster off The Office to have something like this out there. Aren’t there other more original ideas for TV shows out there? I’m sure a lot of us here could come up with something better than this to put on TV.

  16. Remember what people were saying when news first hit that the British Office would be remade for American television? There was a similar sense of outrage to what people seem to be feeling right now. And remember how that turned out!

  17. Spin-offs are “typically” term for death in television. One will flop and take the other down with it. Grey’s may be lucky but … we’ll see.

  18. We have so much more to discover about the characters we already know and love. Why shove new, undeveloped characters in our faces for the sake of more money? What could be so entirely different about setting a new show in a new workplace?

    Maybe Tim will put Wright’s stapler in a lobster bisque.

  19. Oh geez. Bad idea, and there’s even a quasi-precedent to this. I remember season 3 of “Gilmore Girls” when they introduced Jess’ dad and then had an entire episode where Jess flew over to visit his dad and his whole new family out on the West Coast, just with a view of having a planned spin-off called “Venice Beach”. Didn’t detract from the fact that it was still a wonderful season of GG, but that one episode, and the whole arc that led up to that episode, just seemed so tacked on and out of place. Worst part (or best part, depending on how one looks at it), the spin-off didn’t even get off the ground, so all the damage to the mothership was for nothing.

    This must really be desperate times for NBC if they’re grasping at straws like this. I fear this will only add to the burden of the “Office” writers of having to accommodate this storyline to what they’ve already had planned, which will surely have at least some adverse impact on the season. The spin-off may well work (though I seriously doubt it), but I don’t like seeing “The Office” “used” in this way.

  20. Wow. I really hope this is just a rumor and not actually going to happen cause it’s just ridiculous.

  21. The only way this would work is if “Corporate” was spun off with it’s own show.

    I would see a show with Ryan,David Wallace and of course HR rep Kendall.

    it would be a different spin to see Corporate politics

  22. Bad idea. Instead spinoff a couple of the Heroes characters. That show is struggling partly because it has way too many plotlines and characters.

  23. As I’ve said in other places, please o please do not take any of the cast or writers away from our show to work on this.

  24. Maybe the spinoff would be:

    “Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration”

    jk, I am 100% against spinning anything off & I’m sure that’s what he & she said.

  25. I will use the “safe word” that means they’re going too far: FOLIAGE. Let’s just hope NBC listens… unlike Jan.

  26. Wow. bad idea. there just is not enough stuff that you can do to make 2 shows in the same country on the same idea.

  27. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    The staff at The Onion will be cackling with ironic delight.

  28. Here’s the spinoff I want: a documentary that looks at the documentary crew at work in documenting Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Where is their office? Why are they still getting new footage at this point? Do they have other work? What are their issues? How, for example, do they decide whether to get involved with the subjects in the DM story, as when a demented uncle strays from a wedding? Is this crew being run by a production company whose frazzled regional head is, say, Judy Greer?

  29. i wish we would have known about this for the convention. this would have been a great thing to ask at the writers block!

  30. A spinoff might make one episode suck, but it wouldn’t necessarily make The Office suck. And the spinoff might not suck either–remember The Facts of Life came from Diff’rent Strokes, Mork and Mindy and Laverne and Shirley came from Happy Days, Joey came from Friends…

    Oh wait. Those are not very effective examples, are they…

  31. Please tell me this is a Halloween prank.

    I remember when “The Lone Gunmen” spun-off from “The X-Files” and it was a total disaster. All of the fans thought it was a terrible idea and it turned out to be. The spin-off was poorly done and it caused the parent show to suffer, too. I would hate to see this happen to our beloved Office. I mean, don’t fix it if it isn’t broken!

    Please, NBC, don’t do it. Please.

  32. This is egregious!

    I think spin-offs to shows still on the air tend to take the shine off the original. Don’t like this idea one bit.

  33. #37: True, there was a lot of skepticism that an American remake of a British classic would work. But I think a spinoff is a different animal than a remake. Never say never (it worked with “All in the Family”), but I’m very, very doubtful that it would work. “The Office” depends on such a specific kind of humor, for one thing.

  34. To #15: Good idea suggesting Will Arnett! In fact I will take it one step further and say the only way I will watch a spinoff show is if the entire Bluth family was forced to work in an office.
    Can’t say I’m too excited about the spin-off concept-why do we need another show set in an office that we already know is going to be second-best?! Bad idea jeans!

  35. Yikes. I really hope it’s just a rumor. Spinoffs are almost always bad…and in the worst cases, they detract from the great original show. I want my beloved Office left alone, not artificially wrangled into some set-up for another show.

  36. I was wondering when they (NBC) were going to try to do something like this now that the show is an incredible smash hit! Great shows like this are far and few between.

    My gut says don’t mess with trying to do a spinoff. Like someone else said, I don’t think there is enough material to have “documentaries” about 2 offices!

    I don’t see how it could work unless they have a show about Josh (ex-Stamford branch boss)and his days as a high ranking manager at Staples…….now that would be funny right? hhmmmmm……just kidding!

  37. Is this a joke similar to the Dwight Schrute spin-off idea? I don’t think this would be the WORST thing in the world, but I wonder how they can recreate the brilliant story that was Jim and Pam in this new series. They have to have some equivalent, and I feel like anything they try will be unoriginal. And how could they have a boss different enough from Michael Scott to be original, but similar enough to still be funny? I’m just not sure how this can be pulled off.

  38. Wow. I really don’t know what to think of this. Maybe Rashida could star in it after her show on Fox gets cancelled…..

  39. I don’t know what the fuss is about. I think a show based on Chillis or Poor Richards spin off would be awesome and different. The article doesn’t say that it’s going to take place in an office. I’m all for having that Office charm take over another setting.

  40. I would wonder what storylines they could do again to stay fresh. Already we can see our “Office” stretching to find workplace issues to fill an episode (gift baskets and a lake, anyone?); would we want to start all over with another diversity seminar, another sexual harassment seminar, and more Christmas parties with characters we’re not even into?

  41. bad idea! the office is such a great thing–don’t take a chance of ruining it, especially while the office is still on air.

  42. I really hope they don’t go through with this… sounds like an awful idea. I’d hate for it to distract from the main show :(

  43. UGH. Awful idea.

    I never realized until reading through the comments to this post just how many of us Office/Arrested Development groupies there are out there. I guess it takes a special sense of humor.

    I think NBC should just get together with Mitch Hurwitz, Ron Howard and the like, and give them a chance at making another amazing show from the ground up since Fox cancelled Arrested Development way too soon.

  44. If Will Arnett was associated with this project, you could count on me to watch it every week.

    Unless… well, would he still be able to guest as Devon Banks on 30 Rock? I hope so; seeing him on 30 Rock makes me so happy.

    A Will Arnett comeback would make me the happiest girl alive. (:

    no will arnett, yeah, i’m not gonna watch that show. The Office is perfectly fine the way it is. It’s amazing and nothing needs to be changed. (:

  45. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Stinky idea.

    It’s like if they did a show about Hannah or Tony Gardner. I don’t really want to hear about people I don’t care about, especially if it screws with what brilliance we already have with “The Office.”

  46. This really depends on if good funny actors will fill in the roles, otherwise, I think this will flop horribly

  47. Bad idea! The show is only in its 4th season, there shouldn’t be any talk of a spinoff show so soon! I know it said that the main characters would not be leaving the show, but what about minor characters?! I don’t want anyone leaving The Office!

  48. I’m trying to stay positive. For every “Joey,” there’s a “Frasier” or “A Different World,” right? Spin offs don’t HAVE to be bad. I think the key to any possible success would be veering as far away from the brilliance of the original as possible, and well, trying to create their OWN brilliance. This has probably been said already in the comments (I’m at work so I can’t read them ALL), but when the idea was presented to create a U.S. version of the UK’s “The Office,” strong opinions likely swayed in a million directions as well. And look how that turned out.

  49. The office could spawn several spin-off’s easily. The Warehouse crew. Another Branch. Michael when he was younger and was a sales rep. Kelly’s family. A show around Toby (I just love the Toby character, lol). A show around Creed. A show around Andy’s character. Mark of a good show.

  50. I don’t know if someone already mentioned this, but is it at all possible that the new series is going to be “IT Guys”? I think that’s the name of the show. I don’t know if it’s an NBC show or not but I think I heard that it was supposed to have a mid-season premiere. I think it’s possible that hey may introduce those guys by having them do some IT work our beloved Scranton office. Although, I guess that show was already in the works long before discussion of an Office spinoff began.

  51. #76- MiloKam: Not a bad idea; maybe a Poor Richards show (like Cheers) and then we’d get to see the Office staff come in for drinks once in a while too.

    It’s a totally different environment from an office and could be really good with the right cast.

  52. I really don’t like the idea of it as an “office” spin off. I think that it might stand a chance if the show was related or just be an introduction crossover instead. I think that NBC could make it something like “the IT crowd” and that would stand a 50/50 chance. The keys would be to make it a solid show on its own, and to make sure the casting was perfect.

  53. Not that Grey’s Anatomy is even comparable at all to The Office, but that silly spin off they did killed it dead for me. Maybe even hacked it into unrecognizable little pieces. No matter what happens, at least I have Season 2 in my life forever and ever :)

  54. Dear lord no.
    Please please say this is fake. Please?
    At the convention this weekend, the writers vehemently denied having plans for an “Office” movie, and they seemed insulted that fans would even think they would pull such a lame gimmick. So they DEFINITELY wouldn’t consider interrupting their show to plug a spinoff, right? Right?
    Even if NBC wants to do this (and the folks up at the top are smart enough to realize this is not the sort of show that has spinoffs, or has the sort of viewers that want to watch spinoffs) Greg and crew would never agree to it. And NBC is a pretty intelligent network – they kept “The Office” despite its terrible ratings, unlike FOX with “Arrested Development”.
    So, in conclusion, this is not real. Right?

  55. The age of successful spinoffs was 30 years ago. ‘Private Practice’ is still in its first season, and, let’s face it, ‘Grey’s’ has a much larger audience than ‘The Office’ does.

    Why don’t they just show the British version if they’re that desperate? It’s guaranteed good.

    This news + not going to the Convention = crappy crappy mood :-(

  56. #95:

    Scranton couldn’t handle an “Office” AND a “Poor Richard’s” Convention.


    I really hope this is nothing more than either a rumor or misinterpretation.

  57. Re 99 Semisweet:

    NBC got the producers to plug a Staples brand shredder on the show, and I’m sure Greg Daniels didn’t want to do that. Maybe they’re making them work this into the plot of the show.

    By the way, is it really a spinoff if the show involves characters that were never really a part of the original show? I don’t think so. I am mentally divorcing this show from The Office.

  58. Whoops. Sorry. I guess its not technically the “original”…that would be the British version. Sorry to all of the UK Office fans! :)

  59. they will lose so many viewers if they actually do this.
    they can’t do anything stupid like this because they’re gonna take the realistic(ness?) of the show away

    really really hope it’s a rumor

  60. I hope someone at NBC reads these comments and listens to the fans. The Office is too great a show to be ruined by trying to support a spinoff. If they want to have a related show, fine, but I’m wary of the idea of introducing new characters and then having them leave. What’s the point?

  61. OK, I really don’t know what I think about this. It’s possible it could be good, but it has to be done right.

  62. #102 Where did you hear that? Was there an article about it? The last I heard about the “IT Crowd” is that it was slated for a mid-season premiere.

  63. One word. “Cavemen”. Don’t you think the networks might have learned their lesson after that? Don’t ruin The Office by doing this, NBC. Devote your time to the show itself instead of wasting it on something nobody really wants.

  64. The only good spinoff on the air these days? The Colbert Report

    But if we were going to see some spin-off, I’d rather it be a series within the office, like the Accounting webisodes, except longer.

  65. Nice one tanster!

    All I have to say is that it’s a bad idea (only because I love this show so much), but I reserve the right to hear more about it to make a decision.

  66. Instead of Andy heralding “nailed it!,” NBC will likely have to apologize to loyal fans for putting a nail in the coffin of something great. Bad idea? YES! The only way I could see a spin-off working, that I would want to watch, is once The Office (after maybe 10 years) is off the air, to do a Dwight or Toby spin-off. Shrute Farms? Consulting? Toby getting his wife back? or a girl in general? Toby living out his island dream via his own vacation sales company? Anything based around one of them.

  67. Not a good idea. I like Gray’s that’s why I popped for a dual Tuner Tivo this year, but Private Practice blows, I only made it thru the first 10 minutes and it was out of here. Don’t mess with success!

  68. PLEASE NO!! Have we learned nothing from Disney? The surest way to ruin a good thing is to make a sequel/spin-off. Just leave well enough alone! I say we make the NBC bigwigs watch the entire Timon and Pumba animated series till they realize spin-offs are a BAD THING!!!!

  69. Gobias had it right: casting is key.

    Arnett would be wonderful as a different kind of abusive boss. I say make Arnett the regional manager and have Todd Packer the lead salesman (Arnett had an extended cameo in David Koechner’s recent film, The Comebacks). More Packer!!

    While I can’t say I jumped for joy at the sound of a spinoff, I’m more than a little disappointed at the naysayers here. “Spinoffs” never work? How about “remake of British TV series?” How many of those have worked? Oh, wait… I can think of one.

    Come on, guys. If the folks behind The Office could create a show that surpassed the beloved original British series, ya think they have a chance of making a halfway decent spinoff? The fact that it will not have Kevin or Angela or any existing cast member shows that they DO know what they’re doing.

    I welcome this move, and have high expectations that it will be good. At least give it a chance before piling on, okay?

    (Gobias, link to your website next time, eh?)

  70. I think the wisdom of The Office can answer this question: just like Michael cannot handle two jobs, NBC cannot handle two Offices. The original is bound to suffer for it, and the second will make no sales. I don’t want to end up watching the equivalent of Michael’s computer downloading updates.

  71. It makes me happy that there is a potential spinoff of The Office. It will be like… PB & J. I think that it should maybe follow the Utica Branch… or a rival paper/office supply company.

  72. If i remember correctly NBC is going to do a remake of the “IT Crowd” From british tv coming midseason just like they did a remake of the office. I wonder if this means we will be seeing Moss (Richard Ayoade) and Roy (Joel McHale on the office as the new IT guys. I think if that is the case it might actually be interesting.

    That would make a hell of a lot more sense then bringing some people on firing them and then having its own series. Since the IT guys don’t work there full time they could have a reason why the people would show up and leave. (IT Crowd might be at Dunder Mifflin main office but the techs have to support all the branches)

  73. um…. no, and after reading the comments, I have to say that I miss arrested development :)

  74. I think a paraphrased quote from the very show itself sums up my feelings perfectly: What’s better, a fair amount of a great show, or all-you-can-watch of some pretty good shows?

    Now, everybody in unison…

  75. HAHA, tanster.

    No, I think it is a great idea! I love that show Joey. Oh… wait.

    I think NBC should learn something from the BBC. They created a fantastic show with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

    American TV likes to beat every dollar and cent out of everything until it is a bleeding, boring shell of what it used to be.

    I will admit Frasier was a successful spin-off… but they are so rare.

  76. I don’t even know where I begin…is there really this much of a lack of creative minds in the industry that no one can come up with a fresh concept for a comedy? BAD idea messing with our Office. I really will be so upset if this happens. Office writers or anyone from NBC reading this, DON’T DO IT!

  77. Past TV history shows the chance of a successful spin-off is slim. The idea doesn’t appeal to me at all, but remember many people thought creating a U.S. version of The Office would fail. I’d hate to see a spin-off dilute the writer/actor pool and weaken the current show.

  78. I don’t get it. Why do we NEED a spin off? The show is fine as it is and I don’t see how having another office environment with a similar telling of jokes would help. Who would be writing it? Because you don’t want to overextend the writers. And introducing new characters into the show with the purpose of pimping a new show is a bad idea in terms of *using* The Office for other shows. I would need to have at least a concept for us to ever get behind this idea.

  79. How about instead of making a crappy spinoff, why not fortify the Thursday night lineup? With this being Scrubs last season and 30 Rock being a subpar show, how about bringing back one of the greatest shows ever made?


    If there was ever a show that was a perfect compliment to the audience that The Office already has it’s this show. Pretty much every Office fan I know is also a fan of AD. Plus, all the actors from Arrested are not currently regularly employed, making it even more a possiblity to bring it back.

    Arrested failed on FOX because Fox never had a good show to compliment it, and they kept moving it around on their schedule. The only possible problem would be getting show creator Mitch Hurwitz back on board, because I know the cast loved doing the show and would probably jump at the chance to come back.

    NBC could rerun the original 53 episodes to gauge interest if they wanted to, before committing to new episodes. Please NBC, DO THIS, and not spinoffs!

  80. Another thought… what about Vance Refrigeration or Darryl & Roy having a shipping company…. I’m seeing The Office CHANNEL in the near future. Ha. Not really. Could the shows work? Yes, but only with integration of current cast we all love. And probably only after the show is OVER. Take Cheers as the ultimate example for successful spin-offs.

  81. Oh no! I really hope they do not follow through on this idea. I love the office to death, but spin offs rarely ever make it. And having a spin off based on new characters? I don’t even understand this premise. I guess all we can do is sigh, shake our heads and wait to see what happens.

  82. #88- It appears that NBC is pulling the plug on IT Crowd.

    #82- Kevin, has it ever been discussed what branch Packer works at?

  83. As long as The Office doesn’t suffer, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad. Probably wouldn’t watch it though.

  84. Tanster I love your response!

    A great friend of mine once said, “Lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice.” I also agree, please don’t. Don’t harsh our Office mellow.

  85. Packer’s branch hasn’t ever come up. I think he’s been referred to as a “traveling salesman”.

    Maybe this week’s episode “Branch Wars” will shed more like on the DM branch structure and personnel?

  86. I never post comments here, but am CONSTANTLY lurking and reading everyone elses. I HAD to express my discouragement over this, though. This is an awful awful idea. I really hope its just a rumor. ugh.

  87. #100–
    They might show the British version on NBC no matter what…there are rumors that they are thinking of buying it to show during the writer’s strike.

  88. I think NBC is trying to milk the show too much and that would make the original Office worse. I don’t really know what to think about this. I agree with 98, at least we will always have season 2.

  89. #101: “Cheers” may have spun-off “Fraiser”, but it also gave us “The Tortellis”. They’re not all going to be home runs.

    I think NBC should just leave “The Office” alone. Why mess with perfection?

  90. That is a BAD idea. I love this show sooo much, I don’t want anything to change about it, and no matter what that article claims it would change the original Office series.

  91. I think there isn’t enough information at this point to start cheering or booing.

    If they created a new Office-style show that looked at a different business or aspect of business, perhaps it could work.

    Maybe a show based on more blue-collered employees:
    (call centers, auto workers, restaurant, shipping, etc.)

    Perhaps a show that is centered around a different part of Dunder-Mifflin:
    (computer techs, advertising & design, mill workers, etc.)

    My point is that if they are going to make a spin-off, it can’t be a cheap replica, it needs to bring something new to the formula.

  92. Here’s the pitch: A Spinoff mockumentary called The Blog. It will feature all the blogmeisters from Office Tally, Give Me My Remote, Northern Attack, ad infinitum. Each week the film crew will follow a different blogger and show how much their web-efforts impact their daily routines, relationships and careers. The opportunity for frequent guest stars is limitless. Like Dunder Mifflin paper in a paperless world.

    [from tanster: maybe we should have OfficeTally-Cam!]

  93. “Take Cheers as the ultimate example for successful spin-offs.”

    The only Cheers spin-off that didn’t take any main characters from the parent show was The Tortellis. Yeah that was a successful spin-off.

  94. Horrible horrible idea. The fans need to have their voices heard on this. We can’t let them do this to our show.

  95. I wonder..if Rashida Jones’ Fox show doesn’t get picked up, could they create a spin off around Karen? I think a spinoff is a bad idea but taking a secondary character from a hit show has worked before (Frasier) compared to a major character (Joey). This idea of a whole new cast has also worked with all the CSI spinoffs. Although having The Office: Miami sounds promising!

  96. Man, I hope this doesn’t turn out to be true… How many times do they have to express something like this?? Remember when they were talking about the spin-off with maybe Dwight being in it?? And then the fake spin-off with David Spade as boss?? I just really, really hope not… I mean, maybe if they did something where it was with the new branches for DMI Infinity or something… Like how in this next episode they’re going to show Karen again & it’ll be in a different branch… I could see them doing something like that. But anything else I don’t want them to even TRY!

  97. How about a show based around Todd Packer’s office? Now that could be good–he is the ULTIMATE jerk! He is also flippin’ hilarious!

  98. probably the worst idea ever. just because the office is doing well, doesn’t mean that they should have a spinoff of it. it would ruin the integrity of the show.

  99. Here’s one way it could work well. NBC was in the process of Americanizing another British comedy called “The IT Crowd,” which is about tech support. They decided not to move forward with that show for whatever reason. However, perhaps they could use “The Office” as a vehicle to start that show and possibly have Sadiq (tech support dude) be the star and just let it take place at corporate so easy guest spots by Ryan and David Wallace.

  100. Please Please Please do not let this happen! The Office is now a successful show and I think a spin off may jeopardize everything the show has accomplished.

  101. No… just no. Not only do spin-offs lack originality, but they hardly ever seem to work. Abort mission. Destroy spin-off.

  102. No no no a thousand times NO!! Please don’t do this to our beloved show NBC! Don’t ruin it! :(

  103. yeah I never comment on here but I just have to drop by and say DON’T DO IT. Also, I agree with everyone on here who have recommended that NBC pick up Arrested Development. They could do so much with it – more than Fox was able to!!


    Seriously, I think that arrested development could have the potential of being a huge hit this time around. Almost everyone recognizes it as the funniest show on tv in the past 10 years, and the hype of it returning would be huge.

  104. I think we all agree. No. No. A thousand times, no. We can all see how well Private Practice is turning out…

  105. The Office on NBC is like Kevin Garnett on the Timberwolves: one superstar trying to carry an entire struggling team. They have already tried milking the show with the hour-longs, which were a bad idea but not disastrous, and now this.

    At least under this plan, the quality of the original show won’t be hurt. The worst that will happen is one awkward episode in which the new characters are introduced and then a bad show that will quickly be can celled and forgotten. However, if they keep making the show shoulder the burden of an entire struggling network, they are eventually going to kill it.

  106. Or they could do a Behind the Making of the Office, half-hour long after The Office airing, kind of a fake behind the scenes. Have the actors play themselves, same mockumentary style. Outrageous versions of their own personalities, like the Guest Stars on Gervais’ Extras. Most fans would tune in to be amused by an outrageous Steve Carell cracking up the set and being pompous with new-found fame in Make-up. John and Jenna dealing with overJAMed fans who won’t leave their off-set chemistry alone, Brian and John playing Madden football in John’s trailer in between takes. It just goes on. Not too hard to add interesting drama to the actors lives.

    Maybe I’m totally off, but I think it would be totally different and much more interesting than a spin-off. I’m not in the biz though, so what do I know right?

  107. No! If they want more Office just make it an hour long show and make the hour flow…like Launch Party. I just don’t think it would be a good idea.

  108. Ewww…wishing it was April 1st so I would know this was a joke. Right now, I can only hope.

  109. NBC wants to take a show that’s a REMAKE of a British show that’s already being franchised around the globe, and has been on for barely 3 seasons — and make a spinoff with characters we’ve never even met? ricky gervais is spinning in his grave.

  110. Arrested Development was the SECOND funniest show in the last 10 years.

    Remember, this is the OFFICE fan website…!!

  111. I remember when this came up as a rumor before (and ended up being completely false) everyone hated it.

    Didn’t NBC get the hint?

    Seriously, NBC, don’t try to ruin a good thing.

  112. I hope that someone out there at NBC pays attention to what the fans are saying! There are so few spin offs of shows that are success (especially a half hour comedy) that it would do nothing but cheapen the original.

    What makes the Office so great is it is the only show on tv doing what it does right now.

  113. NO! Please NO! Why does Hollywood have to take something good and smother it to DEATH?? Leave a good thing alone. Please you guys at the Peacock I know you are reading this….Leave The Office alone!!! Go set your sights on bringing back Manimal or BJ and The Bear…

  114. Maybe the spinoff idea is being proposed as a solution to the impending writers strike. The Office has been listed as one of the shows that would be affected, so maybe they’re thinking they would make a show using characters that debuted on The Office and then hire some non-union workers to write it. I’ve read that NBC would air the UK version in place of the American show, but that only gives them twelve episodes and a one hour special. They would need something else. So, my conclusion: It’s preparation, something NBC will do if necessary, but not while The Office is still on the air.

  115. I suppose the fans of the British Office were apalled when Le Bureau, and La Job, and Stromberg and our Office sprung up, so I am apallled at this, I wouldn’t be offended if it was UN-American though, it would not compete or drag ours down, for example a Austrian office, or a Haitian office, or even an Icelantic office? (It could work, think of Bjork replacing Creed, c’mon?) That would be kind of cool, but a cheap similar rip-off, no way, Rainn Wilson all the way! (hey, that rhymed!)

  116. I’d need to know more about “Private Practice” before deciding whether this is a good idea. But if history is any indication, I’m betting this spin-off will be as successful as “Joey” in the wake of “Friends.”

  117. They could call it “” and have the doc crew go to the office that handles the Web site and major distribution. I work with a bunch of software developers and they are super funny … from an outsider’s perspective. However, their idea of a joke isn’t something most people would laugh about, e.g.” … about as compatible as MS Vista.” :D

    one word, two syllables: Bad idea, NBC.

  118. I think it’s a great idea. I know that doesn’t seem to be popular around here, but as long as it doesn’t take anyone away from the mothership, by all means, take a shot at it.

    I’ve always been a bit worried that some of the character situation on The Office are best designed for a short series (like the BBC version.) Of course, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that the writers have kept it fresh. Still, won’t it be depressing to see Jim and Pam still working in their same jobs for another three or four seasons?

    So, let’s set up a few new characters and let the show have a chance. It’d still be better than most of the dreck that ends up on air. Consider (a) how few good comedies there are on the air and (b) that Caveman was approved as a pilot.

  119. I’m scared…how can they justify this? I think it’s going to detract from the realism (in as much as the show being a “documentary”) I suppose the “documentary” could have a the Hills from Laguna Beach (I know, I know, bad example). Yep…still scared.

  120. I think that it is a terrible idea! That will only curve our perspective and how we look at the original office. It would destroy what has been created over 3 and a half seasons. I also agree that NBC should take up Arrested Development. That show is absolutely amazing and that paired with The Office would definitely be comedy done right.

  121. NBC needs to cool it…seriously. Haven’t they ever heard the phrase, “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing?” Seriously. I love The Office like everyone else, but this is a horrible idea. NBC cannot let itself get away from the “core” of this show.

  122. Ewwww. please please please no.

    don’t taint what you’ve got now.

    Yah, after eps. I’m always eager for more-but more of what I know and love, I think something new would fall flat, even if it was cute and mildly humorous. I’d feel betrayed.

    NBC is being too greedy…

  123. NBC should not make an Office spin off, at least not right now.

    Maybe after The Office has been over for awhile they could do a spin off with the HR department and feature Toby and Kendall.

    Overall, two tumbs down!

  124. I think this would be great. It would be cool to see someone elses spin on The Office! I would like to see an ensemble cast which included Mike Myers.

  125. Okay, of course, while I do disagree with this concept, keep in mind that not EVERY sitcom spinoff has been complete garbage. Successful sitcom spinoffs include Frasier, Family Matters, The Jeffersons, and Laverne & Shirley. So as you can see, a successful spinoff is NOT impossible, and if the same creative minds of this show were to work on the spinoff as well, it certainly has hope.
    But is it a GOOD idea? AWWWW HELL NO!

  126. I don’t think it’s the right time for a spinoff, if there will be. Look at the mistake CSI made: they spun off after only 3 seasons or so and look how terrible CSI Miami is! And need I remind people of Joey?

    Still, I won’t discount the proposed spinoff until I hear the exact premise, but still I think the Office is doing just fine on its own.

  127. Why is this such an issue? Is the mere fact that it could/would exist in any way detract from the value of the original? If you don’t want to watch it … don’t. If a network has a winning formula that might or might not attain the acclaim of the original, is that not the exact same gamble that the original creators of the American Office went through????

    The STARS of the original repeatedly commented that they weren’t convinced of it’s public worth in the making if the American series. To quote The Office itself … “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

    Go with it, and give me more of the original. And if you can’t, then at least give me a believable ending. If I wanted anything else I’d be watching a Fox show (JOKE).

  128. I love how there are over 200 comments!
    It is an issue because typically once TV networks discover that something is successful, they try to milk it as much as they possibly can to get as much profit from it as humanly possible. i.e. Grey’s to Private Practice…Friends to Joey…
    I DO however like Fraiser.
    I believe that they should at least wait until The Office has wrapped and then maybe, MAYBE they can talk about their little spin-off entitled “Halpert” or “Toby”…

  129. Wait wait wait. We don’t even know the nature of this yet.

    We don’t know if it’s gonna be another paper branch?
    Or maybe an office that sells Toothbrushes?
    Or maybe it’s completely different business.

    We don’t know if it’ll use Office actors?
    Or all new actors.

    If it will tie in with the Office.
    Or be in separate world.

    Maybe it’s just another series from the creators of the office?
    Maybe it has it’s format.
    Maybe some writers. We don’t know what’s going on yet. So no need to hate it until we get facts. Then hate it.

  130. Weresquirrel, I think the problem most people have of this idea is the message it sends. Whenever any show does this (unless you’re a crime mystery show apparently) it’s really seen as something cheap – like “oh the networks can’t come up with new ideas now?” And of course the spinoffs are always marketed to pull weight from the existing series – “You liked The Office, so you’re sure to like…” When that happens the reputation of the main show goes on the line as well; You risk turning the whole series into a joke by having a bad spin-off.

    Without getting too deep into the subject, it’s starting to feel more and more like NBC is starting to ‘Cash Cow’ on The Office, and now it seems to be getting to the point where it’s interfering with the artistic integrity of the series. Personally, I’m not a fan of the idea, because I really don’t think I would watch a show that’s “like The Office but not The Office”. That premise is done for me, it was beautifully executed with this show and NBC should stop the show when it’s right for the story, not their pockets.

  131. My feelings about this move would best be described in the words of Angela: “Poop is raining from the ceilings. Poop.”

    In other words: No way! That would bad.

  132. It could work.

    But NBC would be better off picking up Arrested Development.

    I would love NBC forever.

  133. It is not an issue. Simply because it doesn’t mean you have to tune in and WATCH. The original isn’t tainted just because there’s a show that happens to mildly coincide with it (with a separate production crew). Just turn it off for a half hour and go through an open book on your shelf (Common Sense looks good … Thomas Paine).

    I love how everyone is concerned with the sanctity of their personal TV station.

    I’m risking expulsion, but, Oh God, don’t rape the sanctity of my favorite TV station with classic and redone stories from centuries ago.

  134. I’m confused. I thought this was the reason we were bringing back the IT guy in Fun Run. So we could eventually spin of The IT Crowd?

  135. I’ll give the show a chance, but I’m not hopefull that it will be a success. DaHumorist mentioned several successful spinoffs, but most of them were decades ago, with the most recent being Frasier (and that was still years ago!). What makes The Office so good is that it’s ORIGINAL. A spinoff of something original is not original anymore.

  136. I think this is going to be DOA. I can’t imagine how it would be, in any way, good. The only possible spinoff, in my estimation, is one that focuses on John and Jenna, and drops the mockumentary aspect. But that, to me, would be horrifyingly destructive to the beauty that is the current series.

  137. Spin-offs can make it. Andy Griffith, The Jeffersons, Maude, Lou Grant, Good Times, Laverne and Shirley, pretty much anything from Norman Lear. They can work but they only worked because they were all for secondary/supporting cast members. Andy Griffith was a spin off of Make room for Daddy, a Danny Thomas show. The Jeffersons, Maude and Good Times were all spins off of All in the Family. Lou Grant was a drama spin-off form Mary Tyler Moore. And Laverne and Shirley was a spin-off from Happy Days. So, yeah, they can be successful, but they have to have a strong team of writers to make the show work. I, for one am not pleased with this situation, but I’m going try to look on the bright side.

    Echoing other comments, if Will Arnett was a part of it, I would definitely watch.


  138. My first reaction: heck, no! Now that it has had a while to sink in… wait, let me check… H E Double Hockey Sticks NO!

  139. Cha ching! They hear the money in the bank already.

    Janie – the British felt that way, and the rest of the world. People are saying The Office is original and that’s what makes it good. Did you all forget about the original?

    Anyway, as with the US remake of The Office I hold out no hope that this will be a good thing (but I was wrong about the NBC Office so maybe this WILL work – I still doubt it).

  140. NBC is a train wreck these days (to me at least) except for Thursday night comedies and Heroes. Though I’m probably in the minority, I thought they should’ve stuck with ‘Andy Barker PI’ for a lot longer rather than randomly inserting it into the weekly lineup. I’m loving all the comments from all the AD fans! I wish more people would have ‘got arrested’!

  141. I think it would cheapen the integrity of the show. I have faith enough in Greg Daniels and if he wants to start producing a new show he could come up with a new concept.

  142. I always thought a spin off would be great. Normally I’m not a fan of spin off’s, but in terms of “The Office” it would be a great idea. They have mentioned other branches on the show numerous times and even featured the Stamford branch for a while last season. Why not make a spin off of one or more of the other Dunder Mifflin branches. They could even cross communicate within the show.

    Why wouldn’t that be fun!

  143. I could see them focusing on one of Dunder Mifflin’s clients. Then, making a spin off from there. Occasionally bringing back Dwight to make a sale.

  144. ah. ah. nooo.
    i mean, really, please look at private practice. now shonda rimes (creator of grey’s anatomy) just has two bad shows. it screws with the continuity in writing… grey’s use to be good, but they got too big too fast and tried to get the most money they could off of only 2 good seasons.
    no. no. no.

  145. I wish people would stop trying to resurrect Arrested Development back from the dead. That show is not coming back, people. I loved it too but it’s now time to let go.

    As for an Office spinoff, there’s no reason to think it would work, but call me intrigued. If they called it ‘The Warehouse’ and Darryl sang a song on his keyboard for the opening credits, I might just watch it.

  146. I just don’t want to watch another branch of Dunder-Mifflin – 2x/wk, I’m afraid they would start to suck all the office storylines out of the air. And they’d have to fill the same roles we love so much now – sales, reg manager, quality assurance – it’d be almost impossible not to make a direct comparison. I mean, I guess CSI pulled it off…but I want watching the Office to feel quirky and unique; I don’t want to feel like I’m part of some huge franchise (yeah, yeah, let me dream).
    But I could see an IT show, I guess. Or Vance Refrigeration! It would definitely be better to build a show around a minor character like the IT guy than to carry over a main character and then have to make that displaced person as likeable as s/he was on the original. (Addison, anyone?)

  147. People are saying that the Office was an original. Which it kind of is… but it was originally based on the british version (of course I love our version more).
    But the other thing is – I trust the people behind The Office. All the writers, directors, etc. If they are behind this and they think they have a good idea for it, then I will be 100% supportive of it. I trust them. They have earned it.

  148. No. No. No.

    I hope the powers that be see this and realize what a bad idea this is. We are all in love with this show. Please don’t ruin it with some half-assed spin-off.

    On a side note, I vote for an Arrested Development revival.

  149. Actually, now that I seriously think about it…’The Office: Corporate’ might be a really good idea, with Ryan as the main spinoff character.

  150. I think a branch with Todd Packer a.k.a. Pacman, could be funny……perhaps with Karen as the branch manager?

    As long as it doesn’t take away from our beloved original, why not??

  151. I think the writers of this show are genius…..they wouldn’t do a sub-par show. They know there are millions of die hard fans.

    It could be really funny with the right premise and the right cast. But it would be hard to be as good as this cast; they are perfect!

  152. I am torn on this one. I generally don’t like spin-offs (Frasier excluded) but I second the consensus that the writers are brilliant and could concievably make another great, original show. Original is the key word. I would give it a chance, for sure.

  153. No way, the quality of the office comes from its uniqueness, a spin-off (and a bad one) would ruin the show.

  154. I want to know what the comic genius Steve Carell thinks? He is the funniest comic to hit the TV since Mike Myers! I would be interested to know what the current cast thinks of this idea………

  155. I think we need to have faith in the people that brought us the original office. Spin-offs aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Numerous successful shows were spun from Happy Days, and that show remained a hit. People just need to cool off for a moment and think of the good that might come out of this.

    Now, if this spin-off comes to fruition then it would have to be on a different day. It may take the CSI model. Each CSI series is drastically different. So the ‘new’ office may not even be something that all current fans will be into, because it may be too different than the original.

  156. A lot of people said that an American SPIN-OFF (it’s a recreation, but close enough) of the British Office was a bad idea, and yet here we are, all fans of the best show on TV. If it doesn’t suck, what is it to you? I’m all for more good television.

    Everyone thought that it was sacrilege to recreate the British office, especially considering that the British show had barely any mention of characters outside the core of characters (whereas we have Stanley, Meredith, Oscar, etcetcetc). We have huge character developments and conventions starring these characters. And we all love it. So what if there are 6 more characters and they get their own show?

    Everyone needs to relax!

  157. If the spin off does happen I doubt the writers would be the same for doesn’t seem feasible for them to carry off two or three full time jobs (some write and star and produce and all that). So I don’t think people should put their faith in a writing staff that won’t be writing for it.

    Oh and I will always hold out for the Arrested Development movie. Until Mitch Hurwitz says its dead I’m not going to stop wishing.

  158. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…but I can still be disappointed!

    Talk about slaughtering the golden goose.

  159. Can it be funnier? I don’t think so. But let’s give it a try, who knows?

    Remember what everyone was saying when it had been announced that the original UK Office will be remade?

    I’m still doubtful though…

  160. This is what happens when something, in any form of media, gets too big too quick: someone who wants to ride the wave of popularity comes up with some awful idea, whether it be an unnecessary movie sequel, a formulaic hit single, a new cereal flavor, or a spinoff, and no one with enough power has the integrity to say, “No, this is terrible, and I’m not going to allow it.” I’m hoping that someone on The Office cast/crew has the integrity to stop this from going through.

  161. The whole reason we all love The Office is because it was the “little show that could.” Now that they’ve become huge, it just seems like they’re pushing their luck. One Emmy winning show is enough NBC!! I would also be interested to know what the cast thinks. I know what I think: No, Lord, please, no.

  162. Wait…would it be the same writers? I would imagine not; seeing as how they all say they work 12 hour days and such. I can’t imagane they’d have time enough to write another series.

    I’m can’t really get behind this idea either. It seems like they’re walking a tight-rope with that idea.

    And right on, George -240-. ;)

  163. As for an Office spinoff, there’s no reason to think it would work, but call me intrigued. If they called it ‘The Warehouse’ and Darryl sang a song on his keyboard for the opening credits, I might just watch it.

  164. The idea of this makes me a little bit nervous, but it does sound interesting. I would have to know exactly what they are going to do. And to be honest though, I love everything about The Office, so chances are if it’s related, then I’ll enjoy it. I just worry about not being able to connect with a new cast the way I connect to the one on The Office.

  165. Bad idea. I don’t think it will ruin the current show, unless they remove a character, but still. Why would NBC think this is a good idea?

  166. I also think that this is a bad idea. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I used to watch a medical show on another network that “spun off” and now I don’t watch either show. Please creators, stay true to The Office!

  167. Eh… I don’t know. They would have something huge to measure up to, and it would always get compared to its parent show, and it just doesn’t seem right. It makes me nervous, because I would be afraid that The Office would be affected, and not for the better. It is the chemistry between the current characters and the hilarious writing that makes the show such a success. Could it really be duplicated? I think not.

  168. Thank god you posted Shawn #246. I thought I was the only one. This must be why everyone hates network execs … as if they’re the vision of Caligula. Perched up fat and happy exploiting everything they see.

    I fully realize the tired notion of reinventing stories for the sake of commercial gain. Would I watch the spin-off? No way … I didn’t even get into Frasier.

    But really people … do you think the crew (a lot of which make less than any of you every year for doing what they love to do) would be ungrateful for the increase in responsibility and experience? NO WAY!

    Brent Forrester (Emmy winner) wrote episodes for our beloved show … he started on a spin-off show. Could we do without the Business School episode, or Product Recall, or the Merger?

  169. Ugh, The Office had so much going for it the past three years and I can sense the quality waning in its fourth season. I always thought The Office would be immune to the success that ruined other series like Friends. Guess I was wrong.

  170. Not that I’m degrading my own comments, but it’s also useful to note that Brent Forrester was also nominated for a Razzie award, the Worst Screenplay in ’96.

    Ohh boy…

  171. Ever heard of too much of a good thing? NBC is pushing it. Can’t fit all the jokes in this half hour time slot? Let’s make another show just like it!

  172. The office keeps getting worse and worse. American television is notorious for finding something that “works” and then beating the hell out of it, like the office. This should be the last season, as it should be more about quality than quantity of episodes. I think there are a lot of people at NBC who forgot about this. This would ruin The Office even more…

  173. Wow they’re really lookin’ to exploit The Office…It has made them quite a bit of money now.

    (245)–I like this comment:

    “Oh and I will always hold out for the Arrested Development movie. Until Mitch Hurwitz says its dead I’m not going to stop wishing.”

    Haha…I agree completely. This is so random though!…and what was that about a Spaced remake!? (what’s WRONG with people today!?)

  174. Claire! Yes! The Spaced remake is a much worse idea than this one. This one might (just might) work…the Spaced remake could never work.

  175. Bad idea, in my opinion. There’s no way any spin-off could ever match the genius that is The Office and there’s no way it would could seem believable and not contrived. Besides, if the spin-off makes the writing pool for The Office thinner, it’ll affect the quality of the current show.

  176. A spin-off doesn’t sound like a very good idea right now but I’ll reserve judgment until I hear more details about what they have in mind.

  177. Wow!!! I said what I said in #180 and then I read tonight that the Peacock is bringing back Knight Rider..Sounds Great(noted sarcasm)but please just leave The Office alone..think..Manimal…Manimal…

  178. I can see some big NBC honcho up in his office smoking a cigar figuring out ways to add another million to his already bloated paycheck.

    Why, when networks get a good thing, must they always exploit and squeeze every last dime out of it, so that the original eventually dies a painful death?

    Ultimately, I think an office spinoff will lose money for NBC – spin offs are so cheap and cheesy, it will alienate a lot of Office fans who have been there since the begining.

    Here’s an idea: How about making a NEW show that’s actually GOOD! Put some money into fresh, creative development and it will payoff tenfold.

  179. I am worried that they will pull characters from The Office and once the spin off fails, the characters will never return. I am NOT cool with that.

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