1. Toby’s idea really is great! Unless you’re watching it at normal speed, I guess…

    Also, a very funny new installment of “Angela’s Assistant” is up on the official website.

  2. I can’t hear what Michael says to Pam in this deleted scene. “Did you get the memo about…” what? Will someone please respond with what he was talking about? Thanks.

  3. Toby gets shut down by Michael once again. Is there anyone in the office that isn’t hot for Pam? It’s getting annoying.

  4. ughhh does anyone know where non-us residents can watch the deleted scenes? htey haven’t been posted since a few episodes ago D:

  5. Thanks #10

    That’s pretty harsh. I thought Pam looked cute. Jenna was perfect in that scene.

  6. I think that Jim/Pam interaction will go down as one of my favorite deleted scenes, along with the Sexual Harrassment IM conversation about winky kisses from S2.

  7. Jim has a very expressive face, don’t you Jim? He’s like our Mr. Bean.

    I think the episode really missed out on that line. It’s AWESOME.

  8. I love the fact that the show itself brings attention to the “jim-faces” and connects it with the rest of the world that loves john krasinski’s elastic features.

    Yeah, I totally agree about this deleted scene going down in history. It almost trumps my favorite one of pam is caught staring at her desk and asks jim to leave because it’s very important that she get back to it.

  9. Does Michael say that one of Jim’s faces is the “pensive pirate”? Because if so, then that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!

  10. 11 Citrus – the deleted scenes from Local Ad and Money are now up on YouTube – just search by the episode title!!

  11. Wow. That was amazing. John’s little dismissive hand wave toward the end made me laugh out loud.

  12. THAT was amazing. It reminded me of “Halloween” when Jim and Michael switch seats so Michael can practice firing someone. And there is no way that John was able to get through that scene in one take. He’s way too giggly around Steve.

  13. Angry!Jim?

    Just. Wow. Now I’m all tingly, I’ve got goosepimples.

    Angry!Jim makes me glad to be a woman.

    Ok…enough of that. I loved clip #3! The one thought I had was: “How many takes did they have to do?” I can totally see John cracking up, take after take, especially seeing Steve on the floor like that, begging him not to call Andy.

    Loved it. :)

  14. OMG!! the third is priceless! Angry Jim: Look, Scott! LMAO!!!! Michael knelling in front of Jim begging him not to call Andy was classic. The simple fact that Jim was going Andy at all is too funny for words. I think someone already mentioned that this was like in ‘Halloween’ when they switched seats. Gotta love this show!

  15. Clip three is extremely hilarious. Do you want the door open or closed? … Wish that scene had been in the episode.

  16. i’m a little behind, but “pensive pirate” might be my favorite season 4 bit. hahahaha. almost as good as season 3’s “tah freakin’ dah” ;)

  17. OMG!! Clip 3 was AMAZING! ROFL! That should have been in there!! :( Bring back hour longs..or at least supersized eps…

  18. The third clip is just plain genius. Angry/Assertive Jim is really funny. I wonder if Pam sees that side of him?

    At some point, I realized that Angry Jim wasn’t all that much acting. I have to think that the clip is probably what an angry John Krasinsky looks like.

    (It’s about time, too, because we’ve seen just about every other character angry and/or upset…)

  19. I’m just saying, and everyone can correct and nitpick this apart later. But Michael seems more and more like the voice of Karl Pilkington every episode.

    Ohh, and I was a little turned on by Jim/Angry. Which felt weird because I’m actually a dude. More like Pilkington every day I say…

  20. That 4th video was great! As a future Sociologists, I love how Michael misuses things like “self fulfilling prophecy” all the time! Love it

  21. Actually D, I think Michael said it was a “Celestine Prophecy” which is even more ridiculous, and why I love the Office so much.

  22. Clip 3 is obviously full of inside jokes about production of The Office. I don’t think this was ever intended to be in the regular episode.

    Makes me wonder who (whom) are the objects of this little diversion.

    Too funny!

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