1. Anyone else having trouble with the coupon code? I keep getting 15% off the DVDs instead of 25%? :(

    [from tanster: looks like the 25% discount excludes all media. i’ll add that to the post. thanks!]

  2. Just thought I’d give a heads up…I went shopping the other day and in the window of the store Five Below they had a huge poster of The Office DVD game “85% off retail”. It was $5. Not a bad deal considering I got mine in Scranton at The Office Games back in July 2008 for full price :(

  3. Yay it’s my birthday too! Now I have a excuse to add to my bobblehead collection

  4. Happy birthday, Michael! I hope it’s a great day, and considerably better than the one in the Michael’s birthday episode. My wish for you is that you get to meet Eva Longoria today and hang out celebrating your birthdays together. On my birthday, I’ll hope to hang out with your counterpart, Steve Carell, who (or is it whom, Toby?) I share a birthday with, too. :) Thanks, Steve, for creating such a great character, Michael.

  5. P.S. If there’s any downsizing, I hope they downsize your age. You’re getting up there. (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself, and I watched the Alliance on Sunday!)

  6. hello tanster, how do I get the 30% off the Dundie? It shows up when you click. but for the regular price.

  7. The code SAVE25 is actually $25 off $50, so 50% off!

    [from tanster: doh! thanks for the correction!]

  8. Does anyone else think that the picture of Michael in the banner at the top doesn’t look like him at all?

  9. So when I add a bobblehead to my cart to get the 50%, it applies the discount twice and the price ends up at $0. So free. Is anyone else getting this?

    I haven’t actually tried to purchase it because I figure they will end up canceling my order when they realize the mistake.

  10. Nevermind, of course as soon as I say that, they fix it. The bobbleheads are showing up correctly discounted now (not free).

    [from tanster: hi cathy! :) ]

  11. An excellent time to start a collection, I can finally justify buying the jim bobble, even if the paint job is lackluster, for 10 bucks it’s a pretty cheap fixer-upper. For some reason the discount is freaking out for me when I link to it through my email, keeps applying the discount twice and messing up my order.

    p.s. Thanks tanster for including a link for the promotion, was finally able to place an order through that, seems like it was freaking out every other way.

  12. @Cathy,
    I was experiencing the problem on and off, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to buy one today because of the double discount problem. I kept getting the error after linking through the promotional email I received. Using the link on office tally cleared everything up after I emptied my cart, clicked the link, then re-added items, I was able to complete my order. I think going to checkout automatically adds the promo code for 50% off, but linking through my promotional email also added the code so it got all glitched and added the code twice. Hopefully people don’t have the same problem we were experiencing.

    [from tanster: thanks for posting the issue you encountered! hopefully everyone can get through successfully. you guys are awesome. :) ]

  13. @nathan s.

    Good to know it wasn’t just me. I don’t know exactly when it was resolved for me; I had two bobbleheads in my cart, both priced at $0 and then after posting here I went back and they were the correct price, without me ever taking them out of the cart. It’s possible I clicked back through tanster’s link and that’s what fixed it.

    Anyhoo, I am soon to be the happy owner of Darryl and Meredith! :)

  14. They canceled my order! No explanation, nothing. :( And of course now not only is the sale over, but Meredith and Darryl are both $20 when they were $15 yesterday. Maybe that was it – they weren’t supposed to discount the ones that were 25% off? The discount said 50% off ALL bobbleheads though, not just the full priced ones.

    This is really frustrating. :(

    [from tanster: that’s terrible! :( ]

  15. @cathy

    They canceled my order as well, but I thought maybe it was just because I included the dwight/mug in my order, so I said nothing on here (thought it was my fault). Suddenly at 3 am, my email has a cancellation notice for each of the 4 items on my order, no explanation(s). They could have at least canceled part of my order and left the rest. All the items on my order had qualified for the promotion, and it’s not like I bought them when all the items were glitched out and free. I sent them an email and they have not responded yet, 2 days later, I am thinking about starting a BBB claim.

  16. I just wanted everyone (who placed an order and had it canceled) to know, that I finally received a response from customer service explaining why my order was canceled. They stated that my order was canceled because an error occurred that caused the final price to be $0.00+shipping (did not happen, I paid the discount price of 50% off+shipping). It’s sad that they canceled all orders instead of just looking at them on a case be case to cancel the orders where items were not paid for.

    According to the email I received, those with canceled orders will be receiving a discount coupon in the future. Hopefully no items go out of stock by the time they get around to sending out new coupons.

  17. @nathan

    Thank you so much for letting me know about that. I did not even bother sending them a complaint since the last time I tried they never responded (it was when the “$10 off a bobblehead” coupon that came with my season 6 dvds didn’t work). It’s frustrating that we went through all that fuss to make sure we were doing the right thing, only to get our orders canceled anyway. I do feel better knowing that it wasn’t just me!

  18. On NBC.com Shop I E-mailed Them About Making A Kevin Malone Bobblehead And They Did. Now They Should Make A Bobblehead Of Mose Schrute!!!!

  19. They digitally removed Jordan from the puzzle! (Whatever happened to her, anyway? Was her disappearance ever explained?)

  20. So I’m planning an office party at my house but I’m not sure what to use for decorations. Any ideas please? Help! :)

    [from tanster: check out the party ideas archive! :) ]

  21. I’ve never had a positive experience ordering from them. The last straw was when they overbilled me (for the millionth time), and when I requested a refund, they promised to give me one…but never did. I only order from Amazon now for DVDs, and I guess I won’t be buying merchandise like bobbleheads or shirts anymore. It always ends up being a headache with them. :(

  22. I hope they have an auction of some of the pieces from the set.

  23. @31 I hope so too! I’ve sent out a few emails about it (who knows if they’ll get read) and I’ve posted a few comments on NBC’s Office YouTube vids. They’re getting a good response from viewers…Hopefully someone from NBC sees ’em!!

    Anyhow, the Season 9 pre-order is currently 13% off, and with the 25% promo code…Works out to $31 w/shipping. Not bad!

  24. If anyone on here is in or near NYC go to the Rockefeller Center NBC store. Until tomorrow, in honor of The Office finale, they not only have the Office fan stuff on 20% off, but the whole store of other shows’ things.They did have a special Office 2 t-shirt pack for $19.99 (each shirt alone usually is $24), one shirt saying “That’s What She Said” and the was the Dunder Mifflin logo t-shirt. I got 2 lanyards, two Schrute Buck small ceramic plaques and one Schrute Farms Whole Beets small ceramic plaque. The seconds are for my nephew out of state who is also a fan (his wife’s office orders Quill’s Dunder Mifflin bond paper) Even though the small plaques are deemed Xmas Tree Ornaments, the Schrute Farms one is hanging proudly in my kitchen.

  25. I wish they would bring back the bobbleheads, even for a limited time. I’m only missing 5 from the set and can’t find them anywhere!

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