1. Pause at 0:28 for Jim and Dwight with a bottle of champagne… maybe Dwight got the job or superficial Dwight is happy for Jim who got it… or is that an old clip?

  2. “I don’t use ball point pens.” Oh, Robert California is going to be funny/creepy!! I’m getting excited now!

  3. OH NO!! Dwight looks like he is fist bumping Kevin and celebrating with champagne at the end! He can’t be the boss! He was perfectly suited for the job he has now. I wanted Andy.

  4. I’m guessing the celebrations with the champagne have something to do with the list and not the regional manager position

  5. My guess is this is before the new manager is announced, and Dwight is celebrating because he thinks he has been named manager when really it is someone else. I also notice that Phyllis and Angela do not appear to be pregnant.

  6. I see the promo and just get so excited! I love that Angela is even in the cheers scene! I really think her and Brian need to be bumped up to series regulars, since they both had great seasons!
    But the promo looks great! Can’t wait!

  7. It’s pretty obvious that Kevin is going to the new boss. After all, he’s the largest man in the office. The new second-in-command will be either Phyllis or Stanley, depending on who weighs more.

  8. This is the description for the third episode of the season…

    The entire warehouse staff quits after winning the lotto, leaving Andy and Darryl to scramble for replacements while several of the office workers get a taste of the warehouse life.

    This would seem to indicate that Darryl or Andy is the new boss.

  9. The gamble: That James Spader as CEO and not Reg. Mgr.(“this is egregious!”) will work better for The Office.
    But as the promo shows, “Robert California” brings The Office to life whenever he’s on-screen. The same can’t be said for Jim, Darryl, Andy…whoever sits in Michael’s chair.
    Steve’s “Michael” dominated the show & every scene he appeared in-just as Spader does in the promo.
    Apparently, Spader won’t be sitting in “Michael’s” chair.
    The promo makes me wonder if this gamble will pay off.

  10. I apologize if I am too excited… I have been on the Bones forum a lot lately.

    But Pam’s/Jenna’s preggo belly! Yaaaayyyy!!!!!

  11. looks like they’ve got pam in hideous pregnancy-wear again… smocks and jumpers. WHYYYY?!

  12. Why do they put Pam in such unflattering maternity clothes?! She’s so much more stylish than that!

  13. It’s definitely Andy. You can see Jim saying “Andy” after he says, “The search committee decided”. Looks like they dubbed the word “on” to cover “Andy.” Hooray!

  14. Re: Dawn

    It won’t be Andy based off of that alone. Keep in mind that the search committee itself chose Robert California, and that he bought out the company on his first day there.

    Andy still might be manager (and is actually quite the favourite), but even IF the search committee tasked to make that choice, it won’t be as a result of that specified scene.

  15. I’m confused why people think Pam is a stylish dresser. I think the show has made a determined effort to show she doesn’t spend a whole lot of time on her wardrobe. It improved a bit after her and Jim got together and she did the art school internship, but I don’t think she’s ever been on the cutting edge of fashion. Jenna, on the other hand, probably wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing.

  16. I can’t imagine Jenna appreciated wearing that hideous thing. No Pam isn’t stylish, but there’s so much else out there that isn’t.. like that.

    On the other hand Pam/Jenna is looking adorable. And considering this was filmed like a month ago, she must be ready to get that baby out stat!

  17. Am I the only one who noticed Darryl going back into his office? I guess that rules him out (thank goodness). Also, I saw a promo where Robert and Andy walk out of the RM’s office together… Just them. Mystery solved in my opinion.

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