The Office: The Search, 7.15

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The Office: The Search

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Michael Spiller

Summary (NBC): When Jim gets an emergency phone call from Helene, he is forced to leave Michael in the bathroom of a gas station. Meanwhile, Holly, Erin, and Dwight set out on a journey to find Michael. Back at the office, Pam’s artwork starts a captioning contest that seems to offend Gabe. Guest stars: Amy Ryan, Linda Purl.

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  • The song playing in Jim’s car is Two Hours Traffic’s “Better Sorry Than Safe.”
  • Eugene Cordero played the gas station attendant.

The Office The Search rating

In a poll conducted February 3-7, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.81/10

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The Office The Search quotes

Ryan: I don’t think I should be married to you anymore.

Kelly: We got really wasted, and it just felt right.

Ryan: We are getting divorced, Andy! This is such a raw time!

Ryan: I don’t want to be married until everyone can be married.

Oscar: You know what, Ryan? I talked to the other gay guys, and we’re okay with it. We all agreed it’s fine for you to get married.

Michael: Why does the sun rise in the morning? Why do magnets stick together? Because everybody says so. Everybody.

Jim: You have a better chance if you think Bob Vance.

Erin: Her personality is like a 3, her sense of humor is a 2, her ears are like, a 7 and a 4. Add it all up and what do you get? 16. And he treats her like she’s a perfect 40. It’s nuts.

Michael: My feelings don’t matter to you. What matters to you is your precious speed limit.

Michael: Sex different after the baby, Jim?

Michael: What part of “I need to pee” do you not understand?

Michael: I’m upset, my bladder is full, there’s no telling what I might do. Right now. All over the inside of your precious little car.

Pam: I will put out an APB. Otherwise known as an “Ask Pam Beesly.”

Michael: You don’t have my numbers on speed dial!

Michael: I am going to take this opportunity to go walkabout.

Dwight: Problem solved, everyone! Space Orphan and Princess Nincompoop are off to rescue Michael.

Dwight: You drive. I got a car full of fox meat.

Pam: “I’m a suck-suck-suckety Sabre!”

Darryl: Not once have I used the real captions to Family Circus.

Andy: Oh, it is on like Genghis Khan wearing Sean John in Bhutan!

Erin: He answers to Michael, Michael G. Scott, Michael J. Fox, Mr. Fox, The Incredible Mr. Fox…

Holly: You don’t think he’d walk by that bakery just for the smell of it?

Dwight: Don’t get a swelled head. You’re no tracker.

Michael: You guys are so beautiful. You’re so colorful. I wish I could understand you! That’s a metaphor, I guess.

Michael: You are disgusting! You’ll never find love.

Dwight: Pam, I’m obviously going to get that stuff for you. So just shut up!

Kevin: Okay, it’s two giant dogs, with two giant palm trees, on a regular-sized island.

Darryl: Gabe, tell us your stupid rules so we can start the game.

Gabe: I like to use Sticky Quips as regular post-it notes when I’m in a fun mood. Not every day.

Gabe: Go get ’em. Start quipping!

Michael: Instead of throwing them all away later, why don’t you throw one away now into my mouth?

Erin: Orville Tootenbacher? That’s Michael’s millionaire character that farts popcorn!

Waiter: You have no money but you dined, and you dined so much!

Dwight: Uncanny. Put a pin in that.

Dwight: This way, this way, this way? I don’t know. Do you know?

Darryl: You crushed our spirits, Gabe.

Darryl: It takes a lot to destroy the creativity of a whole group of people.

Sticky Quip on Gabe’s back: “I’m a doosh”

Angela’s caption: “Is that a palm tree or did Gabe get skinnier? Either way, let’s pee on it.”

Angela: Please. It was easy once I decided I wanted the dog to piss on Gabe.

Dwight: Tap into your common mind and tell us what he would do next.

Dwight: I’m deep below the ocean’s surface in a submarine. A torpedo’s coming right at me. No, damn it, that’s just my own imagination. Maybe he’s bowling.

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  1. Never had a summary make me lol before. Seriously! Sounds so good. And YAY for more Pam artwork.

  2. Michael left at the gas station sounds funny. But I wonder if Jim is only in the opening scene, and then disappears from the ep like last week.

    I hope the Holly, Dwight and Erin search party has a point to it, and they just don’t wander around aimlessly the entire ep.

    Is the captioning contest Pam’s drawing of Dunder Miflin? Or something else? I’m really digging her new Office Administrator angle.

  3. Her drawing of the building might be kinda difficult to caption. I’m hoping it’s a new drawing. I agree she’s great as Office Administrator.

    And there better be lots of Jim.

  4. I hope Jim gives Michael a damn good explanation of why he left them alone somewhere, and what’s so urgent that Helene wanted from Jim. And looks like there’s more of the lowest salesdudes, Andy and Pam, in the office.

  5. My guess is that they’re at the gas station for whatever reason (either Michael begging in his manner to go to the bathroom or maybe just for gas) when Jim gets the call. He tries to get Michael and go, but Michael makes some ridiculous reason for why Jim has to wait, Jim doesn’t put up with it and just goes. Then, Michael spends the rest of the episode whining about being left there, acting like he is 100x more important than the second most important person in the world.

  6. It’s a promising synopsis. But I hope Michael isn’t left behind because he’s being an ass, and also that Helene’s phone call doesn’t put the show into an uncomfortable area of drama. As for Gabe, he’s getting less and less tolerable by the day, and at this point I’m really looking forward to Erin breaking up with him and getting back together with Andy.

  7. Have you noticed that there’s almost no Jim in the last two episodes? I guess he had a part in some movie and John asked the writers for more free time. I bet it’ll be the same this week and maybe the next one.

    Gabe is more and more written as an unsympathetic character to make Andy look fine in comparison. There was something about the early Andy-Erin hookup that felt a little forced and easy. Too bad they’re now wasting Gabe to fix the earlier mistake. Zach Woods and Gabe deserve better.

  8. the mere notion that something may be wrong w/ Cece is despicable…why does the Office do this???

  9. I’m wishing for the opposite, Ben. I hope this situation with Cece causes a lot of drama. I don’t want her to die or anything drastic, but I love scared Jim/Pam.

  10. Relax, Cece Fans! I’m betting Jim and Pam forgot her teddy bear in the car when they dropped her off at grandma’s and she won’t nap without it.

  11. Just watched the new episode and I really liked it. I thought it was quite funny. Still not enough Jim for me but it was nice to see a little interaction between Jim and Pam (which has been so lacking lately). Thumbs up!

  12. “The Search” was like a perfect 40! *LOL* One of my favorites of the season and the series. Oh and I want a dog to piss on Gabe too.

  13. Someone make Holly go away. Please. The captions were the only funny part of the episode. Very disappointing.

  14. Jim has not been a prominent feature in many episodes later. The past 3 episodes he’s had a MAX of four minutes total. Very disappointing.

  15. Great episode! Prob. My favorite all season, the only problem..what the hell is up with jim..he has only been in like 5 minutes of the past 3 episodes..if he isn’t in much of PDA or threat level midnight..I’m gonna be pissed

    BUT..excellent episode, so glad to see michael and holly back together

  16. @NC…way to call it. Truth be told I think I’ve been a pretty good sport at Jim’s absence for the past couple of episodes, but now it’s starting to bother me quite a bit. For heaven’s sake, Jim’s one of the main characters, and he hasn’t been there for the duration of the episode since Christmas. We’re already losing Michael, can we please keep the characters we have left?

    I wasn’t a huge fan of this episode, it felt like a contrived vehicle to show how perfect Michael and Holly are together. That being said I thought the way they got together on the roof was well done. I don’t mind Michael and Holly as long as I don’t have to hear anymore of their stupid comic exchanges.

    Honestly, the only part that made me laugh out loud tonight was seeing Michael and Creed on the same perp wall at the Chinese restaurant.

    Writers, producers, whomever: Please get Jim back on for full episodes ASAP, something is off when characters are gone!

  17. I really liked this episode! I’m a complete sucker for happy endings so Michael back with Holly makes me really happy. And the captions were brilliant! i just wish we’d had some more Jim. But other than that, this was adorable and i really loved it.

  18. Michael and Holly’s ‘reunion’ felt really sudden and forced. She crazily misses him when he’s only gone for like two or three hours? She spent a YEAR AND A HALF away from him when she was with A.J.

    Talk about unrealistic.

  19. I loved the episode! I think there should definitely be more Jim though. I thought the captions were hilarious and it was really cool how holly followed Michael. They’re like the same person! :P

  20. I loved this episode. I laughed out loud many times, and I haven’t done that much this season. This was actually one of my favorite of the season! Angela’s “Please… it was easy after I decided I wanted the dog to piss on Gabe.” (paraphrased…)was awesome.
    The ONLY complaint I have, like most of you, is Jim’s absence.

  21. I thought it was the worst episode this season. Did they need a hammer to hit us over the head with how Michael and Holly are meant to be together? It was so contrived that it was not funny, let alone entertaining. Holly is still beyond boring. I don’t care that the writers decided how happy Michael should be when he leaves the show, there is zero electricity when Michael and Holly are together. I’ll be happy when she gets out of Scranton. Amy Ryan is a good actress, but this entire storyline doesn’t work for me. Every Michael and Holly scene drags down the show. And to address this particular episode’s main storyline, it’s hard to suspend disbelief that Michael lived in Scranton his entire life and can’t find his way back to the office? The captions were marginally entertaining, and my only laugh out loud moment was seeing Creed on the wall.

    I don’t like where the TO is going with Michael. He has ceased to be funny. Maybe it is time for him to go, and bring back Jim’s character from the writing exile from which it has disappeared.

  22. I thought this was a wonderful episode! First of all, Jim and Pam were adorable in the beginning. Though, like everyone else, I’m so disappointed in the lack of Jim/John. Captions were hilarious, and loved the office coming together on the IM to make fun of Gabe. Also, the Holly/Michael thing was incredibly cheesy, but I thought it was realistic that their brains are wired the same way and think the same things. Overall I thought it was awesome!

  23. I, for one, really enjoyed this episode! I thought it was really funny and laughed out loud a lot. I hate to see all of these fans hating on how unrealistic it may be, it is a television show, so please suspend a little reality, even if it is documentary-style. Why can’t an episode of this show be good enough? I think some of us are holding too high of standards for a comedy show.

  24. I think it was pretty great. The actual search part dragged a little, but the end when Michael and Holly are together totally made it worth it.
    I don’t think they were saying they missed each other just because they were apart for a few hours…I think they were talking long term, about the last 2 years they have been apart. At least that’s how I understood it, so I think it was a really sweet moment for them to say that to each other.
    They belong together, and I totally love them together. And I just don’t get how people can be not on board for Michael+Holly.

  25. I feel bad for A.J. though. Poor dude is dumped by his long-term girlfriend for no good reason and now she’s back with her disrespectful ex who was trying to break their relationship in the first place.

  26. @#37…I think a lack of commitment is a fair reason!

    And I agree with #34 completely and I saw it as she saw it. And also I don’t think Holly was like omg these I missed you these past two hours she was like omg these past two hours have really forced me to open my eyes. For those who have never been in relationships before, you might be surprised how moments like the one Holly and Michael had can make a huge difference in a relationship.

  27. I so wish we had seen more of married life for Kelly and Ryan, the thought is blowing my mind. I’m disappointed they didn’t run with it, but I’ll take what I can get (NBC: hurry up with Subtle Sexuality part 2, please!)

    I don’t think I’ve laughed this much at an episode in a while. Dwight was hilarious and in top form during the search, and the scenes with Michael and the puppies, omg! I couldn’t stop smiling.

    And Michael and Holly are back together, finally! We all knew it was coming, so I don’t quite understand why people feel it was forced. Oh well, definitely one of the best of the season for me.

  28. I’m missing Jim in these last few episodes but Michael and Holly tonight were so adorbs. I seriously can’t wait to see where they end up going.

    Soup snakes. OTP. Soul Mates. Perfect.

  29. Anyone noticing a lack of THs lately, most noticeably in this episode? I can only remember two.

    Not as much to say about this one. I am a bit ashamed to admit that I was a total sucker for Michael and Holly’s cinema-esque reunion. Also loved the minor Erin-Dwight interaction and Erin’s hatred of Holly, which I am understanding at this point. And Creed in the ‘Thief’ photo.

    …And Oscar, period. And Angela’s one line! Give these supporting people more to do, because I love them!

  30. Like Matt said, John K. is probably filming a movie, hence the reduced screen time.

    But why hasn’t anyone brought up the Kelly/Ryan marriage/divorce yet?

  31. Thank you, Matt! Your comment was much better than the one I wanted to post.

    He was in Alaska pre-hiatus. Every ep filmed then will obviously be lacking. Don’t be surprised when it’s the same next week. Everything will be back to normal for the 2/17 ep. Calm down and let the man work.

  32. Not the writer’s fault for Jim’s absence. As a previous commenter stated, John is off filming a movie! Actors have lives outside of TV shows, quit taking it out on the writers! They know how valuable Jim is to the show, they don’t do it on purpose! Also, Jim will for sure be in PDA and Threat Level Midnight, because the synopses for both episodes specifically state that Jim and Pam have substantial storylines.

    Overall, i really enjoyed the episode. When Michael and Holly kissed at the end, the biggest grin stretched across my face. I’m so happy for them! Sure, the episode was a teeny tiny bit ridiculous, but guys, come one, it’s a TV SHOW, it’s not reality. Love the Office, love where it’s headed, can’t wait to see what the brains behind the show have in store for us!

  33. BEST EPISODE SO FAR!!!! That’s all I’m saying because I loved every single thing. Why did I love it so much? Because everybody says so. Everybody. Love you Steve :)

  34. Amazing episode! Holly and Michael are one again and showing that they share the same wavelength was great. Also I have a feeling Erin is going to start liking Holly…secretly.

  35. I’m pulling for Holly and Michael, so I loved the kiss at the end.I also liked that Holly found Michael by instinct — sort of like Jim & Pam’s connection. I’m a romantic!

  36. #44, Katy: THs are Talking Heads, when one of the characters sits in the conference room talking to the camera. And I agree with crystalrain, there were very few of them.

    I loved this way of getting back into Michael and Holly’s relationship by showing just how much Holly cares for Michael – instead of vice versa, which is what we seem to usually see. It was really refreshing.

    Lastly, like many others have said, I missed Jim in this episode, too. He seems to be in very few scenes these days. I wonder why that is. Is John filming a movie? It would be odd for him to do that during the middle of the season, though. The cast members typically film their movies during April-July it seems.

  37. Yeah, the Michael and Holly reunion felt rushed…but their initial romance felt rushed too. Seriously, despite the inherent silliness in their characters, Michael/Holly could have been the new JAM, but the writers didn’t take their time with it. And that’s simply because they always only have Amy Ryan around for a handful of episodes. Unlike Pam, we’ve never really gotten a chance to get to know Holly and root for her to be with Michael. Because of Holly’s limited episode appearances, her character hasn’t been explored much outside of “she’s like a female Michael.” I think Amy, Steve and the writers have done the best with what they’ve got, but there’s only so much you can do within the time frame they have to tell the story.

    That said, I thought their moment and the episode itself were FANTASTIC.

    Favorite line: “I’ll put out an APB…Ask Pam Beesly! *long pause* Are you still there, did the phone cut out?” Pam is married and has a baby, you crazy writers…stop making me fall in love with her!

  38. Loved this episode!! Every single scene was great, but in a unique way. I just have to thank everyone involved with the show for consistently making me so happy that I watch it.

  39. This episode worked way too hard to make Michael and Holly seem like the perfect couple, they aren’t. Michael and Holly just seem way too forced and not at all natural. Apart from that the episode was enjoyable. It was a great moment for Pam to have her drawings commented on and appreciated. Nice job with that by the writers for turning a small Jim/Pam moment into something that could grow into a larger storyline for their characters.

  40. This was the first time since Amy Ryan came back that I enjoyed Holly and Michael. Instead of just babbling in silly accents, they showed them having a real connection.

  41. Michael & Holly getting back together, cute puppies, Erin still giving Holly the death stare, Creed also dining & dashing, & the Droid Incredible (my phone!) featured in the episode… what’s not to love? :)

    via Mike Schur’s twitter: After tonight’s “Office,” it is once again time to point out that Steve Carell has never won an Emmy. You have one more chance, people.
    I heart you, Mike Schur.

  42. Woah, Kelly and Ryan got married?! Please let this become a running story line, writers! I did not see that one coming, but something tells me there’s potential for a lot of craziness there. It also led to the best line of the episode, namely Oscar’s gay marriage line.

  43. There has not been enough if Jim these last few episodes. I miss Jim! The Michael & Holly plot was cute, but not enough for me to love the episode. I wanted more of the Ryan & Kelly marriage thing!

  44. I don’t know, I still feel that their reunion was too rushed and sudden. Maybe I would’ve been happier had they spent at least one more episode slowly building back up Michael and Holly’s friendship. It would’ve been much more realistic.

  45. Love Amy Ryan. No love for Holly. At. All. Michael and Holly are boo, and I wish it would just stop. All this forced nonsense after how long she *chose* to be with another guy, even going so far as to give that guy an ultimatum to marry her, making Michael her fallback? Psssh. Michael needs to go out right and this is all wrong. I’m bummed enough that Steve is leaving. Please, no more.

  46. I haven’t really been that annoyed by the Michael/Holly stuff like many, but strangely this is one where at times I felt like they were pushing it just a little too much. It almost felt a bit like early “Mad About You”, which I actually liked but still… Although some of it was cute and I like that Erin seemed happy to see them kiss. She dislikes Holly, but she really does want Michael to be happy. It’s unfortunate she’s so dang dumb because otherwise I find her real sweet/likable.

    The captions deal was kind of cute. Although with Gabe being such a punching bag I’m wondering if they’re starting to dislike his character as much as I initially did. (He has grown on me though, well a little)

  47. I thought this episode was great. Definitely a whole lot better than the last two episodes. The cold open was great and the story was hilarious.

  48. I thought this was a pretty good episode. I love how Jim put Pam’s drawing on the fridge (but I have missed him lately) and Angela’s caption. And I love everyone ganging up on Gabe. The Holly/Michael ending was nice too.

  49. Great episode. Loved seeing Creed on the thief wall. “You have no money and you dined, and you dined so much!” Love it. Did anyone see Ed Truck over on 30 Rock as the new Kabletown chief?

  50. I have been really negative lately about this show so I’m truly happy to say that I really enjoyed this episode. No one felt out of character. Michael was very funny and not completely infantile. Pam is a major dork, very adorable. The signs on Gabe’s back were awesome. Really sweet ending and I’m not a big fan of Holly. Overall I enjoyed this one a lot and actually look forward to next week!

  51. @Alan – Yes! I wondered the same thing and I wondered if Jim’s silence was because he didn’t think it was funny or he was confused as to why she didn’t call herself Pam Halpert.

  52. I am so over Michael and Holly that I’m starting to look forward to the day when they’re gone. Which I didn’t think was possible.

  53. To Alan #53 – because Ask Pam Halpert doesn’t make the acronym APB :) APH wouldn’t make sense. I thought it was cute that she used her maiden name.

  54. The whole Michael/Holly reunion wouldn’t have felt as rushed and sudden if they had given at least one more episode devoted to the two of them rebuilding their friendship. It would’ve been much more realistic.

  55. I loved how he had to climb a rooftop in order to figure out where he was. I was in Scranton, and had the same problem. So bizarre trying to get around there.

  56. Great episode, although not what I expected to bring Holly and Michael back together, but am glad they are. I don’t understand people’s comments about their getting back together being forced, or that Holly loved Michael all over again within three hours. Relationships don’t always happen in perfect chronological succession. Sometimes you have to be with someone else to realize who you really want to be with.

    Loved Pam’s caption contest and continue to be peeved by Gabe.

    Was just thinking yesterday: “What if Ryan & Kelly got engaged for the season finale ?”

  57. This episode was ok. I thought Rainn Wilson was over the top/trying too hard in this one and it distracted from the premise. I also thought the cold open was flat as a pancake.

    Angela’s caption and talking head were the highlight of the episode for me.

    I believe John Krasinski has been filming a movie with Drew Barrymore in Alaska since Nov/Dec. Hopefully he’ll be back full time soon.

  58. Fun episode. First time this season Michael and Holly weren’t annoying.

  59. Blah.

    Another unrealistic Michael premise (Scott’s Tots, etc.).

    He’s been a successful salesman in a small city for how many years? Yet, he doesn’t know his way around it, nor does he know anyone?

  60. When I don’t buy the initial storyline, I find myself struggling with the show no matter how well executed. So even though we have seen this crazy side of Jim in The Christening, I can’t believe he would leave Michael at a gas station restroom because Cece is locked in the car. The actual search was funny if a bit obvious (yup, we get it, Michael and Holly are soup snakes) and I really liked the stuff back in the office.

  61. @Alan 79 – APB means “all points bulletin” – police code for everyone needs to listen and pay attention, or everyone needs to find this person

  62. An APB is an all points bulletin. It’s an acronym used by law enforcement – they “put out an APB” on a suspect, etc.

  63. better than the seminar….not as good at Ultimatum.

    Dwight was a bit much in this episode, i agree.

    Gabe is needed IMO. Of course, gotta watch it again tonight….

  64. What I don’t get is that if Holly loved Michael so much all this time, why was she planning to force A.J. To marry her? All this talk about how ‘sometimes you have to be with someone else to realize how you feel about the other person’ makes no sense in this case…

  65. I liked it! Michael and Holly are much less annoying when they’re not doing their “funny voices”.

  66. For some reason Creed’s “Gloves” line made me laugh the most. Holly and Michael’s reunion almost made me cry – I’m a supporter of them :D I thought it was a pretty great episode, although it ended too abruptly for me.

  67. That was the cutest ending ever! And Creed killed in this episode with the gloves joke and the picture of him as a thief. Loved it!

  68. Absolutely awesome is all I can say. Michael and Dwight were awesome and the rest of the cast all had their own moments. The pace was great, and the writing couldn’t have been better. I laughed so hard throughout and the side plot with the captions was so good. Lost Michael was so hilarious (Chinese Restaurant, Pet Store) and Dwight had some awesome lines. Definitely in my top 3. Hope the rest of the season goes off like this.

  69. I like the cold open and the line ‘is this a Palm tree or Gabe, but either way let’s pee on it.’

  70. @Abbey in PA: I agree. Jim’s silence was a hilarious response to her bad joke (you didn’t even need to see his face!). Also, because she’s been Pam Beesly her whole life, I can understand mistakenly referring to herself by her maiden name. I’ve heard of people doing it after decades of marriage.

  71. I loved how Holly knew exactly where he was, but their relationship seems a little forced now.

  72. @ Chris (#83)
    I hear ya – these kinds of situations don’t make sense to me either. To me, if you love someone enough – be with them ! But there are people who have mental and emotional blocks that get in the way of making the right decision with someone. In Michael and Holly’s case, it was the idea of maintaining a long distance relationship from too far away and Holly had to go her way and Michael his way. I guess the bottom line is that the journey for some couples to be together is effortless and for others it requires more obstacles and patience. Look at Jim and Pam’s history to finally bring them together. Jim said to Michael once about the waitress: “Yeah the distraction is nice, but then you’re left thinking about the girl you really like, the one who broke your heart”.

  73. “The Search” left me searching for where “The Office” that I enjoyed went.

    This episode was simply not funny or engaging.
    Cece’s baby crisis sucked the funny out of the room. Michael’s now an action-figure cut-out of his former self, getting lost like a 5 year old or mentally challenged adult. Jim’s on vacation, and Pam gets no major arc. Andy & Erin aren’t funny. Gabe is a one-note strange guy, with a little too much pent-up anger over art captioning. The Michael-Holly thing on the roof fell predictably flat-soulmates are boring. Dwight’s character remains anti-social, and in “The Search” Dwight reveals his true calling: An animal “tracker” at heart who lives for the hunt and kill.

    Compare “The Search” to “Booze Cruise”…No comparison whatsoever in terms of romance, genuine humor, and emotional investment in the characters and plot!

  74. My face did that crumple-up thing when Michael and Holly embraced, and I cried. I cried last week when Michael Scott met David Brent in the elevator, too. I think I’m going to need a big box of kleenex next to me for the rest of this season’s episodes. I thought I was fine with Steve Carell leaving the show, but now I realize I’m not fine with it! :-(

  75. What if Holly and Michael hadn’t gotten together at the end of this? Then we’d all be saying they were dragging it out.

  76. No wonder Michael was confused. Who expects the trees in Scranton in the middle of Winter to be so full of leaves??

  77. Ummm…huh.

    Cold open: horrible. Not funny as a five second joke, definitely not funny as a painful two minutes.

    Main arc: not funny. Jim has dropped off the face of the Earth. Michael used to be a zany boss, but with the understanding that he was a great salesman underneath. Now he’s just a cardboard-cutout good-for-one-joke guy. It just seemed very sitcomy to have the whole ‘Let’s hunt for Michael because he’s lost in the city, but luckily Holly can sniff him out.” Not my favorite plot ever.

    However, the caption contest was pretty funny. One of the few actually funny plots this season. I loved that the whole office got into it, and it seemed very realistic – something that (gasp!) could actually happen in an office. If only THAT had been the plot of the whole episode.

  78. First time i really enjoyed Michael and Holly interacting this season. Them being sincere was a welcomed change. Loved the captions and how happy it seemed to make Pam that everybody was enjoying her doodles. Angela’s was amazing. Kelly continues to be hilarious whenever she’s on screen. And Dwight was funnier here than the past several episodes. Of course, i’m still missing Jim. And when he returns i hope he’s back to his cool, collected, clever self.

  79. I loved the sweet moments with the animals that show Michael’s big, sappy heart. Michael and Holly couldn’t fight it anymore, I think two years is enough, even if the audience didn’t see it, it doesn’t mean Michael didn’t feel it. I love watch bits of Jim and Pam’s relationship as a married couple.

    People are so critical. I don’t understand why they dog so much on the show. There are WAY worse shows on out there, and true fans will stick with it to the end no matter what happens.

  80. I thought the way the writers got Michael and Holly back together was really original and quirky. I thought it resonated nicely. No complains on my part!

    Again, one of the best moments involves Creed– the Thief Polaroid reveal? Priceless.

    This season has been great.


    The only complaint I have is the office antics… sometimes they are so unrealistic of what would happen in an office. Some of the jokes about Gabe were funny but after a while they got kind of old. I feel bad for him! I mean c’mon! How professional is a joke about banging Gabe’s Mom? That is completely unrealistic.

    But… Holly and Michael… that made me cry. Seriously. Everything was so cute. The Popcorn joke, everything. OMG LOVED IT! 10 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. The cold opening was meh, but the storyline is moving along nicely for Michael and Holly. It’s really sad watching 7 years come to an end, so each episode is something to really appreciate.

  83. I think I know why Jim hasn’t been on much recently. John is in a new movie called “Everybody Loves Whales”. So he is most likely off filming the movie and doesn’t have as much time to be on set. Explains why he is really only seen in the first 10 minutes of most of the recent episodes

  84. Good episode. I’m so glad Michael finally got his soup snake. I just hope that they’ll stay together. There are still 6 Michael Scott episodes left!

  85. Perfect episode!
    Highs and lows, weird scenarios, some unlikable characters; but with a scene like the roof scene? …oh man! what a great episode!! :-)

  86. I have to give the writers credit for really making the audience care about Michael and Holly. Let’s be honest, the show relied on Jim and Pam at times…and this last episode IMO was one that relied on Michael and Holly. The ending made the entire show…and usually they do those happy lovey endings to cover up a lame episode. When it comes to the Search…I definitely thought that was the case. Writers are clever.

  87. I liked the episode, but I was wondering what the sticky quips on Gabe’s back said. I couldn’t read all of them.

  88. Michael Scott was not actually lost in the oh so big city of Scranton…he was lost emotionally.

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