The Office: The Sting, 7.05

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The Office The Sting Danny Cordray

Writer: Mindy Kaling, Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): When a competing sales associate steals a Dunder Mifflin client, Michael, Jim, and Dwight decide to set up a sting to find out his sales secrets. Andy decides to start a band after finding out a friend from college has a successful music career. Guest star: Timothy Olyphant.

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In a poll conducted October 21-25, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.52/10

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The Office The Sting quotes

Dwight: Can’t beat a horse. A horse is a bike that pedals itself.

Meredith: Lance’s ass was on that seat? All right!

Kelly: I’m on Sheryl Crow’s side on that whole thing, so I feel really weird right now.

Michael: I take spinning classes three times a month, I think I know how to ride a bike.

Dwight: Wait for me, it’s weird if I come in slightly after.

Dwight: Will you stop trying to put it in terms you think they’ll understand? It’s condescending.

Dwight: No, Mr. Jock Hipster.

Dwight: Go tell her we’re here. You’re good with receptionists.

Pam: That’s fizzling. I mean, someone has to start the fizzle.

Pam: You know I have a kid with you, right?

Dwight: That’s why I brought you to the Penis Museum, where tickets are a thousand dollars!

Andy: I can tell by the reflection in your glasses that you’re entering points into

Michael: I could swear that guy was a male model.

Dwight: I’ve been in showtime mode since breakfast.

Michael: It’s like if Michael Phelps came out of retirement, jumped in the pool, belly flopped, and drowned.

Stanley: Why do you always assume I have diabetes?

Phyllis: I could try to seduce him.

Dwight: What I’m about to show you is of the utmost secrecy.

Michael: Do you know what this is? This is a stinger.
Jim: The what?

Jim: Meredith Van Helsing?
Dwight: Van Helsing was a respected professor before he was a vampire killer.
Jim: Okay, but what is he more famous for?

Jim: You know this isn’t real TV, right?

Kevin: My voice is unique. Like Bob Dylan.

Dwight: People can’t keep their true natures hidden for long, and this guy is smoldering like a tire fire.

Meredith: What is that? Genetics? Creatine?

Michael: Pull it together, all right? Stop looking at him.

Ryan: I don’t think they usually skate to such bad songs.
Andy: Rude. And not helpful.
Creed: Well I really, really, really liked it.
Andy: Well that really bums me out.

Meredith: Feels more like a third date to me.

Meredith: What is with this desk keeping us so far apart?

Dwight: You’re an exec at Stark Industries, a corporation you inherited from your father.

Dwight: And remember, you’re not gay.

Meredith: Manuel, cleano el window.

Ryan: I run Google. Larry and Sergey brought me in.

Ryan: Will do. Won’t do.

Danny: Michael Scott!
Michael: I said stop.

Danny: You hired this homeless woman to impersonate an executive to spy on me.

Danny: Sure, you seem like a fun, professional guy.

Michael: Do you want your life to be better, or to be worse, or to stay the same?

Danny: I swear to God, I’m going to hit you. I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry.

Kelly: F*ck me.

Michael: This is not some sort of construction site, or all of Italy, where you can just go around treating people like meat.

Kelly: Josh Duhamel.
Angela: Yeah, I can see that!

Oscar: It’s hard to judge ourselves accurately, isn’t it?

Dwight: Where’s he going to park? There’s no more reserved parking spots.

Andy: Which me am I going to be today?

Andy: So we’re just like jamming as friends?

Dwight: She is one of the plain, hearty women of Scranton that make this city great. And so what if she doesn’t wear makeup.

Dwight: It’s after five, Jim. I’m not going to take this home.

Michael: The sale that mattered, I made. Boom.

Michael: Crap. I forgot about Packer.

Bullfrog in Love

Sun’s in her eyes, tongue full of flies,
Would you like to share my pad
Croak, croak, croak
Bullfrog in love

Croak, croak, croak
Bullfrog in love
And I gave her the croak
That meant I love you

I’ll be your croak monsieur
I’ll be your croak madame

Your mama mighta said that bullfrogs are dogs
But I’m here to tell you that I am a frog
Come and sit on my log, you little pollywog
I find you absolutely ribbiting!

Croak, croak, croak
Bullfrog in love
Croak, croak, croak
Bullfrog in love!

Croak, ribbit, scoopty splash!

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  1. Kind of a weird episode. It seemed a little disjointed-the whole “Sting” thing could have been handled better. It seemed as though three different episode plots were just cut and pasted into one episode.

    And hey, am I the only one who didn’t like that cold open? Michael came in riding a bike for Benihana Christmas-a bike which, as Jim pointed out, was his old, worn down bike. Clearly he knew how to ride for years before that episode. Did Michael, in the four year interim, forget everything about bike riding? Major continuity error.

  2. Pretty good episode. I enjoyed up till when Michael offered Dan(?) the job…it just seemed forced. But maybe it will make more sense upon repeated viewings.

    Loved the band segments, hope we see more songs from Andy, Darryl and Kevin’s band…and they need a name!

  3. My favorite episode of the season so far. I will never, ever get tired of Jim and Dwight working together, and I’m looking forward to see how things pan out with this new salesman. And omg, did Ryan actually get more than one line?

    Now if they could just replace storylines involving Andy singing and put something that’s actually interesting in its place, the show would be perfect.

  4. Loved when Dwight tried his “intimidation” with Danny.

    I voted 7/10.

    The episode had its ups and downs, but I liked Meredith in charge.

  5. This episode was by far the best episode so far in Season 7. But I do not think they did the episode that well at the end. Danny getting the job seems very weird since he seemed very, very upset when he was trying to leave. And he was actually happy to be in Dunder Mifflin. The writers did not do a very good job there.

    The Darryl, Kevin and Andy band seems cool, they sound great together.

  6. I loved this episode because the show appears to be gaining a little bit more depth in preparation for Steve Carell leaving and to allow the season to progress, maybe even showing that the show can go on for a few more seasons without Michael Scott. This new character has a history with Pam, which could have an affect on the whole Jim/Pam relationship, which adds another layer; and the guy is a smooth talker. So, who knows how his character will develop.

    I have been impressed how the writers of the show have continually showed a great attention to detail (and cleverness) with their writing. So, adding such a complex character really makes me feel positive about the direction of the show, makes me trust that the writers “got this” when it comes to progressing the show, and restores my hope of being able to continue to ogle John Krasinski every Thursday night.

  7. I also wanted to add that the writers of the show really seem to bring everything together well. They don’t take things show by show. They are truly weaving a story. So, even though the season started kind of slow. I think the beginning was more about laying the foundation for future shows?

  8. I felt Michael offering him that job was the most realistic part of the episode. It didn’t matter how angry Danny was at the moment. What Michael said to him was true. In the business world, top producers are offered positions with their rivals all the time. Funny episode but fake meeting sting operation with Meredith as boss?

  9. Hands down, best episode of the season. I love how The Office incorporates guest stars in an organic way, unlike every other sitcom (um, looking at you 30 Rock and Community). Timothy Olyphant falls right in the classy, drama actor category this show keeps using, that includes Idris Elba, Kathy Bates, and Amy Ryan.

    So much that was great:

    -the fake companies Jim, Ryan and Dwight wanted to use
    -Jim and Dwight preparing for the sale
    -“intimidating” Danny
    -Pam defending herself with Jim about her “relationship” with Danny
    -Andy making everyone listen, and their “polite” critiques

    And dammit to hell, Mindy Kaling’s episodes are just funnier than the other ones. They are so unusual and original, anyone else notice this? Maybe I’m just reading into things, I just caught “The Injury” again this weekend.

  10. Loved the sequence of Meredith playing “house” with Oscar and Ryan. I pretty much died laughing.

  11. Loved Kevin’s frog song! Actually, I loved the whole band storyline and the idea that all Andy really wants are some friends. Best line was Pam in the background mouthing the words “I wear make-up.”

  12. Just not a funny episode, nor did it do anything to advance the season’s arc (if there can be said to be one at this point). I thought this season started off with some renewed energy, culminating in Andy’s Play, but these last two have been total stinkers. Have the writers forgotten that DM/Sabre also sells printers now, not just paper?

    Television history is littered with great shows that went quickly downhill after the tension between the two love interests ended with marriage. I’m afraid The Office may be meeting that same fate. This episode recalled the Michael/Dwight/Jim prank in Branch Wars, but paled horribly in comparison, mostly I think because the Jim/Pam tension is over.

  13. Best episode of the season, by far. Nice to see John Krasinski given something to do other than making faces at the camera. And Meredith stole the show, for once.

  14. This one didn’t work for me. The main storyline with Danny seemed a little disjointed and I couldn’t figure out why he would want to work at Dunder Mifflin. Andy’s band was as annoying as I expected. There better be more to the Pam/Danny story because watching her suffer through S3 might have been easier to take if we’d known she was dating a male model.

  15. I am so happy Meredith had more lines and was the focus of an episode! I hope they do the same for Ryan (I love BJ). Overall great episode

  16. Once again, Meredith stole the show for me! I could not stop cracking up! And the band was great too! I have to say that Timothy Olyphant (other than Amy Ryan) has to be my favorite guest star!

  17. I thought it was a great episode, was also the first time I have laughed out loud at an episode.

    I’m not a fan of the whole music group thing but the Triumvirate of Michael/Dwight/Jim more than made up for it.

    And I agree, Meredith rocked this episode.

    And Kelly’s one liner when Olyphant’s character walked in caught me off guard with funny :)

  18. It’s always a great episode when Jim and Dwight work together. It was really funny when they kept sending more people into the room to try and fix it, but only ended up making it worse.

  19. I guess I missed something. When did Sabre disappear and they went back to being Dunder Mifflin??

  20. Really enjoyed this one. Classic Dwight to have a surveillance station hidden in the building, and it was great to see Meredith doing what she does. B+

  21. By the way…for the person who said “what happened to Sabre?”…the company is called Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. – A Division of Sabre. We’ve already seen Jo this season, and Gabe is there. They just added printers to their other office supply sales.

  22. Isn’t Olyphant only signed on for two episodes? When Michael remembered he already had Packer as the branch’s travelling salesman at the end, it seems like we’re in for the next episode where Michael has to displace Olyphant’s character. I don’t see him sticking around for a 6-8 episode arc like Charles Miner et al. I didn’t sense much tension between Danny and Jim/Pam either. The talking head with Jim and Pam over Danny was rather mundane. Nothing out of the ordinary where a secure couple suddenly has an ex from the past appear out of nowhere. Jim’s pretty level headed about these things. And there’s no way Pam would sleep with a guy after two dates. Meredith, yes. Pam, no.

  23. WRITING CONTINUITY!!!!! stanley asks michael why he thinks he has diabetes… um, in “survivor man”, stanley says that he took an extra shot of insulin in preparation for cake.

  24. Great episode!!!!! I don’t know what to say. The end with Andy, Kevin and Darryl playing together was amazing. And it’s awesome to see Michael, Dwight & Jim “surveiling” Danny in order to know his secrets. Kinda weird to hire him as a traveling salesman. But Pam needs to talk to him about their former relationship, which lasted a few, of course.

  25. Thank goodness for DVR! I laughed so hard the entire way through this episode that I had to rewind after nearly every line.
    To everyone who thinks that Danny agreed to switch over to Dunder Mifflin too easily– I assumed he was simply taking a cue from Michael/Dwight/Jim and playing along in order to spy on them for a while and then leave, knowing how better to steal their clients. Because in reality, all of this happened the same day. Technically he should still be an employee of his previous company.

  26. Amazing episode. Easily my favorite so far this season. It had it all. Nothing beats the Jim and Dwight sales team! I could watch them interact all day. And i look forward to what Danny will add to Jim/Pam.
    I LOST it when Meredith put Oscar and Ryan to work cleaning.

    I can see the bigger story lines starting to take off, and i can’t wait.

  27. I’ve gotta say, this was my favorite episode of the season so far (with “Andy’s Play” a close second). It didn’t feel at all disjointed, it had a lot of laughs, and I even cringed a few times (which is an Office-plus me)! Overall, it was a great episode, and I felt as though Olyphant’s character was a “nice fit”. Hope to see more of Danny, ‘though it has been said that he’s only scheduled for two episodes (this being one of them). Anyway, it was great to see Michael, Jim, and Dwight together again. Pure comedic gold, those three are.

  28. It was okay I guess. Danny going from wanting to punch Michael, but not really, to accepting the job seemed a tad abrupt. I might have liked an explanation like “I can’t turn down more pay right now, I lost a lot of money during the ‘flip this house’ craze.” (Or student loan debts, something)

  29. @Anna (#2) – i forgot about that! several continuities in this episode. still great, though.

    one question: what was pam’s painting doing in dwight’s office? you can see it by the door.

  30. This was the episode that David Rogers was editing when we visited the set. I was able to see about half of it. It’s very interesting to see how it evolved. Timothy Olyphant is amazing. I’d watch him read recipes.

  31. I love seeing Dwight and Jim on a sales adventure, especially with Michael tagging along, loved this episode!

  32. @FlonkertonChamp, Pam’s painting was probably just moved down into their makeshift “office” to make it seem more office like, just like Michael’s mug and the like. I expect it’ll be back in its spot by next episode.

  33. Any episode that combines my favorite TV show with a mention (however brief) of my all-time favorite athlete is a MEGA win for me. I’m from Phoenix, and of course Dwight should have known who THE Steve Nash is! Loved the shout out. :-D

  34. Michael being unable to ride a bike was a retcon indeed of A BENIHANA CHRISTMAS. Loved Meredith playing a large role tonight, but there was something missing to tie the stories together in tonight’s episode. Can’t place my finger on it. And I also am not sure what to make of Tim Olyphant’s character. I feel like a lot of scenes were cut out and those scenes probably would have given us more insight as to who Danny Cordray is.

  35. Just wasn’t into this episode. Someone above mentioned it seemed like a bunch of different things pasted together into one episode, and I have to agree. Plus there were a lot of continuity issues as others have mentioned, Stanley’s diabetes, Michael’s bike riding ability, both of those jumped out at me also.

    Oh and as much as I love Ed Helms, neurotic Andy every week is just “too much” Andy. ;)

  36. Such a good episode. Kelly had the line of the night when Danny walked in. Jim being a little insecure when Michael and Dwight talking about how hot Danny is was really cute. Looking forward to next week to see how it all ends.

  37. Good episode. I’d give it a B.

    It’s clear from the Lip Dub, Sweeney Todd, Andy’s Band (and an upcoming episode about Glee!) that the theme for this season is more music. I guess it lightens the mood…

    To those asking ‘what happened to printers?’ – I think they might be regretting adding that to the show. Apart from Michael seducing Donna (SEX – lol) and them catching on fire, they’ve had trouble making jokes about them.

    Yes, the sting did feel a little disjointed, but Meredith made me smile. I believed the Danny taking the job scene. I think the Danny character definitely has potential and I like how we don’t know if he’s more of a good guy or a phoney. I hope Packer gets a look in soon :).

    Dwight’s line about Jim and receptionists was funny and I cracked up at Kelly’s ‘F–k Me!’ when she saw Danny. The look on her face when Michael told her off was priceless. She’s my fave character and everything ‘Corporate Kelly’ has said this season has been funny. She’s not used enough.

    Next week’s ep sounds cool. I hope Pam lays down an ultimatum and demands Jim dress up for Halloween. It’s time.

  38. The whole storyline with Andy starting the band and singing (yet again!) was pointless and seemed like nothing more than, “Hey, we should have Andy sing again”. It was funny when it was done randomly and on occasion because it was out of place and annoying to those around him. Now it happens all the time and it’s annoying to me and most people I know who watch the show.

    The rest of the episode was pretty great. It was a good reminder about why the writers need to concentrate more on allowing Jim and Dwight to have some time together on screen. Their story lines together are almost always pure gold and the show is suffering due to lack of their interaction.

  39. Now that’s the office I’ve been waiting for. Awesome episode, and I agree, it felt like it was indeed classic Office at its best. Add in some Timothy Olyphant for the WIN.

  40. UGH! I thought this episode was a major clunker. The Office is the highlight of our viewing week – this episode totally fell flat. The very un-funny opening (Michael can ride a bike – remember the Benihana episode)- and when was Pam dating anyone during S3-4? Seemed totally disjointed and disingenuous to the characters. To me, it was the worst episode of this or any season.

  41. @37. I guess since Dwight owns the building, he’d want a memento of his property? I dunno, lol.

    Anyway, this was a really strong episode. It wasn’t as good as Sex Ed (which was a tough act to follow), but was still solid and funny. It’s good to see the show getting some of its groove back. 8/10.

  42. “Tell her we’re here. You’re good with receptionists.” hahahahahaha! I nearly fell off the couch with that one – best line of the night!

  43. Good overall episode, although Danny seems a little awkward with the cast. I guess we’ll see what he’s like in future episodes.

  44. I loved Dwight’s description of Pam and how he was trying to stand up for her while at the same time insulting her.

  45. Several continuity errors, and several of the characters seemed quite off base. Completely agree with @lisa/#50.

    My worst of the series, I’m afraid. This one’ll give me nightmares. Here’s hoping things turn around…

  46. What happened to all the toys on Michael’s desk? His whole office looked rather empty in this episode…

  47. Noticed that Michael’s office doesn’t have as much furniture in it….is he slowly “moving out”

  48. I loved this episode! Loved Bike Mike and learning a little bit more about who Pam dated while Jim was dating Karen. #37, Dwight most likely feels that Pam’s painting of the building belongs to him since he now owns the building. Can’t wait for next week to find out more about Danny’s history with Pam.

  49. I wasn’t feelin’ this one, you guys. Any time too many hijinks are involved, it just feels contrived. Meredith was funny, and Pam and Jim teaching Michael to ride the bike was great (even though I guess he had known how in the past?), but I did not love the episode. I would, however, love to hear the rest of that song, “Closet of Mes.”

  50. I’d give it a B; I thought it was a drop-off from last week. The story itself didn’t have me very invested, but the one-liners and subtle humor kept me laughing.

  51. Best episode of the last two seasons.

    I love the dynamic between Jim and Dwight. Why don’t they do more together? I wish every episode was like this. The romance between Pam and Jim was still there, without being overly “cute” like the show does sometimes. I loved Michael thinking he was like Danny, and I loved what a stir Danny caused with the cast.

  52. Re: the continuity error regarding Stanley’s insulin.

    I’ll have to re-watch Survivor Man, but didn’t Stanley make that statement about his extra insulin shot when Jim was in charge of the office for the day and having trouble with the birthdays AFTER Michael had already left with Dwight for the Pennsylvania wilds? I suppose it’s possible Michael never heard about Stanley’s diabetes? Maybe it was an intentional subtle joke by Stanley given Stanley’s disdain for Michael? It’s entirely probable Stanley would never sit down and have a discussion about his diabetes with Michael.

    The cold open was however a glaring continuity error.

  53. For the record, Pam used to date Danny after Roy and before Jim, while Jim was dating Karen.

  54. I remembered that Michael used to own a bike, but I don’t remember ever seeing him ride it or hearing that he was any good at riding it? In fact, Michael seems like just the kind of person to buy a fancy bike with the idea that he’s going to ride it every day to get in shape, then realizes it’s hard work, totally abandons it and ends up giving the bike away. Oh wait, I did that too.

  55. This was definitely my favorite episode of this season so far. I may be a little biased as I am a HUGE Timothy Olyphant fan. I had to watch the episode twice because during the first viewing, I couldn’t take my eyes off Tim’s character. I did notice the first time that Michael’s desk was missing all his toys, but on the second viewing, I realized the toys were moved to Meredith’s fake desk for the sting. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. Is there any chance that Tim’s character will take over as manager? Hey, a girl can dream. Also, it’s interesting that Daryl is losing weight. Perhaps he is gearing up for a promotion?

  56. Just thought of something with the cold open and the continuity question.

    Michael says he had a bike once “with the little wheels on the back”. Plus, remember back to the Behihana Christmas episode where he’s riding the bike into the office but having a lot of trouble getting it through there. So maybe it’s not a continuity thing at all, just that Michael has never truly known how to ride a bike.

    *self high five*

  57. @67, MalonesCones:

    Michael did say he had a bike with little wheels on the back, but did not specify when he had that. Moreover, in Benihana Christmas Michael tried to come out of the elevator on the bike and ride it in that little hallway to the office-not exactly the easiest feat in the world. Plus, Kevin said that the tires on the bike looked pretty worn down, and someone else (Jim, I think?) commented that the paint was chipping, before Jim asked “Is that your old bike, Michael?” Now, why would Michael own a worn down, paint-chipping bike (for I think we can assume by the tone of his denial, and the purposes of the joke, that it is indeed his own bike) unless he had ridden it before? I say that is a continuity error on the part of the writers, which is not an unknown occurence(remember Pam’s volleyball skills, which conflicted with her report in Job Fair?)

  58. Good ep. After a largely unfunny, continuity-questioning open, I really enjoyed the rest. Anytime Jim and Dwight team up it’s a win (Penis Museum was Insta-Classic and made me literally spit) and the Stark Industries line tugged at my geek heart.

  59. While I admit I think The Office has its share of problems, I have to wonder why little continuity errors are such a glaring problem for so many. Fans of the show watch and analyze it on a weekly basis and sometimes watch it over and over again. The writers put out a show and they are instantly onto the next show or figuring out the next plot, etc… The Office is 7 seasons in and I think it’s kind of ridiculous, at this point, to be so unforgiving of the writers for forgetting relatively minor details like Michael’s bike riding skills.

  60. Loved this episode! Love the new dynamics Danny brought to Jim and Pam’s relationship. Can’t wait to see more.

  61. Not a bad episode at all in my opinion, best one off this season. Too bad it had SO MANY continuity errors, quite surprising, too.
    Also, too bad the characters are all acting very out of base, doesn’t feel the same anymore :(

  62. Um, I don’t care what happened in this episode. In fact, I don’t think I saw anything but Timothy Olyphant.

  63. @68. Indeed, you are right about the scene with worn tires and chipped paint. BUT, who’s to say he didn’t have the training wheels on during the entire duration of the life of the bike?

    Hey writers, I’m doing my best to stick up for you here!

  64. I felt this was the worst episode of the entire seven seasons so far. With the team-up of Jim, Dwight and Michael they were unable to conjure a plan to fool Danny. Danny left like a complete outsider trying to get the humor and charm on the office. I really hope he doesn’t work out. Don’t get me wrong, I love this season so far but the episode the Banker was better.

  65. #50:

    There was one episode in season 3 where Pam decided to start dating again (after she broke up with Roy and kinda accepted that Jim was with Karen). She went out with that arrogant cartoonist guy on camera, and I see no reason why she couldn’t have had a few other dates with some other people.

  66. I didn’t really sense jealousy from Jim with the Danny/Pam two dates four years ago story. Pam’s beautiful in a girl next door type way in the show (and Jenna’s absolutely jaw-droppingly stunning). The show has, if anything, down-played her attractiveness, especially early on. Jim dated (and presumably had relations) with Karen, and Pam and everyone knew it. Why should Jim assume Pam never dated any man from the time she dumped Roy until Jim returned from interviewing and asked her to dinner? And what would Jim have to be jealous about? He’s not exactly bad looking. It would be malicious and out of character for him to have wanted Pam to be miserable and completely alone in the post-Roy, pre-Jim period when he was with Karen. How could Pam not get a lot of attention from men? In fact, I thought Danny went out of his way to politely tell Jim that Pam was the one who broke it off rather than telling Jim that he never called her back. That was actually a gentlemanly gesture to Jim.

  67. Where did all of Michael’s desk toys go? His office looked so empty!

    Also, loved the Steve Nash mention, especially following Mindy’s tweets from last season’s Lakers vs. Suns playoff series!

  68. I loved the episode. There’s some continuity. But after 129 episodes, I don’t mind. The writers have to write in past events in order to make an organic story.
    Mindy can write great one-liners.

    “And then she said, “THAT IS THE BIGGEST PENIS I’VE EVER SEEN.””
    I thought I was gonna lose it.

  69. I agree with those saying this episode was a bit of a mess. Enough with Andy singing! The whole idea of a sting was excellent and had great potential, but the episode was disjointed and the sting didn’t seem to play out to its potential. This was my least fave episode of the year.

  70. Liked this one. Although I’m a stickler for continuity errors (like Michael not being able to ride a bike after we saw him in Benihana Christmas episode), it only bothers me when it disrupts the essence of the character’s personality we know and love. In this case, Michael’s need to show off even if inept was in character, whereas the geeky Pam being a volleyball jock was not. Pam dating Danny a couple of times while unattached was in character, I thought, as she most likely was trying to get over Jim. Thought Tim Olyphant did a great job. It was great seeing more of Meredith. However, maybe we can decrease Andy’s singing. It’s gotten worn out.

  71. I thought this was a very funny episode! I’m a stickler for continuity in all my shows and movies, too, but I don’t see why everyone’s getting so worked up. We’ve seen Michael riding a bike before (but not riding it well), we’ve heard that Stanley has diabetes (he said it to the camera, Michael wasn’t even in the building), and just because the cameras didn’t go with her, doesn’t mean Pam didn’t date others while Jim was with Karen. Problem solved, win-win-win. Again, great episode! It was probably third for me behind “Andy’s Play” and “Sex Ed.”

  72. I thought this episode was one of the best ever, ignoring the cold open. I love it when “The Office” focuses on the business. The side plot with Andy, Darryl and Kevin was great and made a lot of sense. I thought this episode kicked the series into a new gear with fresh and believable character combos.

  73. So I love the Office, but this season (with the exception of Andy’s Play) has been disappointing. It seems like the writers are running out of material, or something.
    This episode started out good, but the ending?! Kinda felt like it was cut off in the middle of the episode.
    And where did all of Michael’s stuff go?! His office was obviously empty…

  74. I thought it was an OK episode, not great. But enough with Andy’s singing, please! It used to be something funny and special, but now it’s just getting annoying.

  75. I think this season, The Office is on a high this season. I’m really enjoying it. But I would like to walk on set, and grab the back of Andy’s shirt, and pull him out of the spotlight. I hope this is the last of the episodes to focus on him. I want to see more of the characters we still don’t know a ton about, like Meredith (who was great in this episode) and Stanley, Oscar, and Kevin.

  76. I love Pam’s “you know i have a baby with you?” and the super cute look she gives Jim. awww! definitely the high point. Also, Meredith is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

  77. Best episode of the season!!! The ep. brought back memories of Broke. Michael the genius salesman, he couldn’t beat the competition so he bought the competition. YES! what is up with Michael’s empty desk, and please, don’t make it too much Andy. His character is best when used sparingly.

  78. I loved this episode. Even better than “Andy’s play” which is really saying something. The writers are really stepping it up this season. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  79. Wow, what’s up with all the hate towards Andy’s singing? It’s my favorite part of the show. In fact, he’s the only reason I continued watching after the horribleness of season 5. For me, the more Andy, the better.

    Then again, I was sooo sick of Jim and Pam last season, so I suppose I should understand.

  80. This episode was actually one of my favorites of the season! I mean, it wasn’t as great as seasons’ past, but this episode was better than most of Season 6 combined.
    I loved Dwight sticking up for Pam, and I loved all 3 men working together! Michael’s riding the bike incident was HILARIOUS and while it might have been a continuity error or not, I really loved it! Especially hitting the van! Meredith was so funny and now they should redirect the episode on another character, like Oscar! Timothy Olyphant was great and I would love to see him back sometime again!
    Great episode!! 81/2/10

  81. I loved the episode, I love Andy’s singing, I love the writers and I trust them.

    I watch each episode like it’s a little gift that I get to open each week, and I don’t take it (or myself) too seriously. The show will not be airing new episodes indefinitely, so I appreciate what we’ve got while we still have it. Can’t wait for the next show (and my dear writers, I luuurrrrvve you!)

  82. Another winner for Season 7! There were some nice pieces of subtle humor in here. Also some great Dwight lines. His speech about Pam was almost kind of touching in a Dwight sort of way. The band scenes were a little too much for me, but at least Kevin’s lines were gold – “Or the me that stinks!” I was thrilled to see a Bob Dylan reference on the Office – combining two of my biggest obsessions! I’m interested to see where they can go with the Jim/Pam/Danny dynamic…

  83. Just wondering if anyone else noticed that they only mentioned Dunder Mifflin with no mention of Sabre, and neither Jo nor Gabe was in the episode. What’s up with that? Anyone know?

  84. Dwight was fantastic in this episode. The penis museum thing was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long. And I loved him telling Jim that he’s good with receptionists.

    But I have to disagree with it seems like everybody about Timothy Olyphant. He is not THAT good looking. I would say that he’s better than average looking, but everyone acting like he’s the best looking man that they’ve ever seen was a bit much. Jim and Michael are definitely better looking than he is. But I could tell from the way his shirt fit him that he has some nice muscles under there, so maybe that’s it. I don’t know. He just not my type, I guess.

  85. I know I’m late to the party here, but I was just able to catch up on my season 7 episodes the other day.

    I agree with #96. I view each and every episode as a gift from heaven, and none of them could ever rate as a disappointment.

    Having said that, I had a hard time believing that Jim and Dwight would call Michael to come to their rescue on any sales call. It wasn’t that long ago that Jim was upset enough that Michael tagged along on a sales call that he let Michael fall into the koi pond. And when has Dwight ever been intimidated by anything? He defeated the freaking Dunder Mifflin Infinity computer system, for Pete’s sake!

    I loved Michael’s flash of brilliance at hiring Cordray, because it reminded me of his tour de force in Broke. But to make the other salesmen into snivelling whiners (Jim & Dwight especially) was disconcerting.

    But again, I’ll take that every week. I need my fix!

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