1. I do enjoy listening to Andy singing but don’t think 2 episodes this close to each other featuring Andy’s singing is really needed. Let’s move on to other people’s story lines. Sure it will be funny though.

  2. The pictures just kept getting better and better. First Andy singing and playing his banjo, then Darryl on the keyboard, then Kevin on drums.

  3. @Mary: Agreed, a lot of Andy storylines lately, both this season and last are feeling a bit forced on the audience…I personally couldn’t care less about Andy or Erin’s love life, and this season really should be more about Michael…don’t get me wrong, I like Andy, but he doesn’t need to be forced on the audience to be liked. He’s one of the most hilarious people on the show, but he should be in more moderation.

  4. Awesome! I love Andy and the more screen-time Ed Helms gets the better. I don’t think Andy is being overused or forced on the audience at all and I personally think Andy and Erin are adorable. Andy’s band is only the B-storyline in this episode anyways, the A-storyline will focus more on Michael, Dwight, and Jim so it’s not like the writers are ignoring other characters on the show. Besides, this storyline will give the audience a chance to see more of Darryl and Kevin who are both way underused.

  5. Enough with Andy and his singing. They definitely need to back off of showcasing his character and highlight some others.

  6. I think we’re getting a lot of Andy stories because they can’t figure out what to do with Jim anymore. Andy Bernard for Regional Manager!

  7. Like many of you I am a huge fan of The Office. Somebody needs to say out loud — “Enough of Singing Andy”!! This is The Office, not The Office: The Musical!

  8. Yay!! Another Andy filled episode! He’s my favourite, Ed Helms is a legend :-)

    He’s my pick for new Regional Manager. Thanks Tanster :-D

  9. Yes!!!!! Another Andy episode!!!!! That’s great!!!!! While he’s gonna rock as a singer with Kevin on the drums (a la “Scrantonicity” again, of course) and Darryl on the keyboard, we also are gonna figure out about the vicious salesman that targets Michael, Jim and Dwight, because I wanna know what’s going on with Pam, too.

  10. I agree with you, #6 Rachel! I love me some Andy. I love me some musical Andy. And to those of you who disagree, guys, these are just pictures. It’s not like they reveal that the whole episode is going to be dedicated to Andy.

  11. No offense meant to anyone, but I’ve had enough of Andy, his singing, and his relationship status. Enough! There has to be something else they can write about without three out of four episodes including Andy, Erin and/ or his singing. This isn’t Glee. It’s the Office.

  12. People really need to relax. Keep in mind everyone that the name of the episode is “The Sting”, not “Andy’s Play: Part 2”. Besides, it isn’t for another week come Oct. 14. Another thing worth noting is the fact that as some people have pointed out, Andy’s band isn’t even the main storyline for the episode, which will probably focus more on the Michael, Dwight, and Jim story. Considering all this, I think we all need to take a deep breath and not draw conclusions ’til after the episode airs.

  13. Michael’s love live has been done and re-done. It’s obvious from last night’s episode…All 6 seasons were really based around his own things. Now that he’s leaving, it’s time to get to know the rest of the cast in more detail. If they’re thinking of moving forward with new seasons, this has to happen.

  14. I hope this ep won’t focus on Andy so much. He’s a great peripheral character but can’t carry the show by any means.

    Let’s get back to Michael, with Dwight vs jam pranking and the tried and tested formula that keeps us laughing :)

  15. Andy singing is my favorite part of the show. So, I’m totally excited about this!

    I love that Andy is getting more air time, he’s the only reason I still watch The Office. But you also have to consider that Ed Helms recently started filming The Hangover sequel, so that may be why he’s on so much right now. Maybe later episodes won’t feature him a lot because he’s also shooting a movie at the same time. Just a thought.

  16. As the saying goes “You can’t please everyone” Office writers. If you go back to the well of a go to character too many times then I guess some people will get upset. I can relate to that because for me part of what got on my nerves was when they tried to make boring things seem funny or sweet with JAM last season.

    Personally, I continue to be entertained by Andy so if we are choosing sides count me on team Andy :p

    That being said, I do agree it’s Michael’s season and the season thus far has had him as the major focus (only Andy’s Play has had another character besides Michael as the major focus…in fact Andy was only a minor focus one other time last week in Sex Ed…other than that the minor focus has been on Dwight or JAM) so I’m sure The Sting will continue the trend of having Michael as the major focus.

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