The Office to join TBS line-up

From a TBS press release:

Emmy® and Golden Globe®-Winning Sitcom THE OFFICE to Join TBS Line-Up

Top-Rated Series from NBC Universal To Be Repurposed on TBS Beginning in Fall 2007

One of the funniest workplaces in television history is coming to TBS when the Emmy® and Golden Globe®-winning series THE OFFICE joins the network’s line-up in Fall 2007, according to an announcement today by Ken Schwab, senior vice president of programming for TBS and sister network TNT. TBS’s deal for the series, which stars Steve Carell (Evan Almighty, The 40-Year-Old Virgin), includes non-exclusive broadband streaming, on-demand and wireless rights to run concurrent with the off-network telecast rights, which will begin in Fall 2009.

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  1. That’s awesome news!!! I can’t wait until fall, for both Season 4 and the reruns :)

  2. That’s great news…I gotta say I love TBS’s line up…somehow they manage to be the only channel that is consistently showing something worth watching when no one else is…

  3. Only problem is with TBS they only buy about 75 episodes of each show (example:The King Of Queens) and rerun them so many times you get sick of watching the same ones over and over. That will be a problem for TO which only has around 55 episodes, not that I’ll ever get sick of watching it! Never!

  4. I think maybe it’s a little early for syndication. But I can’t complain especially if they put The Office anywhere near the Seinfeld timeslots…two of my favorite comedies of all time.

  5. TBS is gonna edit some of the jokes though probably, like they do with Newsradio.

  6. This is great news … I can’t wait! When I can’t find anything decent on TV, I find myself watching re-runs of Friends & Sex & The City on TBS – two of my favorite sitcoms … now I can add another to that list … “The Office”! Whoo-hoo!!

  7. no! i dont like this. its too early. dont shows have to be in their 5th season to be syndicated???

  8. I have mixed feelings about this one….can’t they put great cancelled shows like ED back on TBS? There are still some episodes I don’t have and there’s no telling when that one will be on DVD. :(

  9. I don’t really understand this. Is this regular syndication or is this a situation where they will rebroadcast a recently aired episode, like an episode will air on NBC and then a week later on TBS.

  10. This is kind of brilliant on NBC’s part. Some people might get into the show watching the reruns and hence watch the new show on NBC. Pretty smart on NBC’s part.

  11. It should have started earlier, this summer to be exact. That way it could help us get through the summer hiatus; it still rocks though.

  12. I always thought that when it came to syndication that TBS would take it. They tried to make their own version of The Office taking place in a supermarket and it failed miserably, so now they are after the real thing. Plus, like Shannon said, they pick the best comedy television ever had to offer to rebroadcast, so they have good taste.

  13. Some of the questions on here could be answered by reading the articles…TBS will be airing 2 episodes (back to back) per week from seasons 1-3. They aren’t going to start airing the traditional 5 episodes per week until 2009, which would be after the normal 5 seasons/100 episodes required for syndication. Nobody’s mentioned the most interesting thing in the Variety article yet…that Steve Carell has committed to 6 years of The Office. I personally wasn’t expecting it to last more than 5 so it’s good news to me. Plus he could always sign on for more seasons.

  14. I’m more surprised that they haven’t done this yet, or with newer episodes. NBC has been running episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent on USA Network only 10 days after the show first aired on NBC for a long time. In fact, USA network does the same thing with House for at least the last year or more, running episodes the premiered on FOX only 10 days before. CNBC was running reruns of The Apprentice only a few days after the shows premiered on NBC. I think it’s a good thing for The Office to get more exposure on other channels at different times; it can only draw new fans to the new episodes.

  15. Ah! I just saw the commercial for the Office on tbs! It starts Sept. 11 to run on Tuesday nights. I’m so excited!

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