The Office to be syndicated on Fox in 2009

From an NBC press release:

NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution has sold Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning sitcom “The Office” to the Fox Television Stations for its initial broadcast run in off-network syndication starting in fall 2009, it was announced today by Barry Wallach, President, NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution.

“The Office,” produced by Reveille and Universal Media Studios, will debut on the Fox owned-and-operated stations in the nation’s top markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Orlando and Baltimore.



  1. Wait… So, it’ll be on Fox instead of NBC? Will it be with John Krasinski and everyone?! I’m slightly confused…

  2. TinMan- Think “Friends” repeats on TBS and FOX. It’s the same. It’s just that our friends at Dunder Mifflin are making their network debut much earlier than the Central Perk gang.

    The new episodes still belong to NBC.

  3. Fox should air the office and arrested development together. But I don’t think arrested development has enough episodes for syndication….

    But this is probably not the right place to talk about arrested development :D

    Does this mean that the office will have to end before 2009?

  4. 6. betterthannot,

    I don’t think that means the office has to end before 2009– Will and Grace was run on the WB before the show actually ended.

  5. The problem is that for new watchers…. the Office isn’t a show where you can pick up on a episode anytime you want and enjoy it… you need the story, and Michael Scott’s character development…

  6. What about san francisco?!? I hope we’re a top market. I mean, if a rerun happens to be on, I don’t actually have to get up off the couch and put the DVD in ;-)

  7. is Philadelphia not included?
    Bummer. Even in the same STATE as Dunder Mifflin itself.

  8. It will not be carried on Fox because the affiliate in San Francisco is not owned and operated, as it states in the press release.

    To all those confused, syndication = reruns. The show will still air new episodes on NBC.

    Also, because syndication begins in 2009, this does not mean it has to end on NBC. Syndication is basically money in the bank for NBC, and nothing else (except more “Office” viewing times for the public.)

    Hopefully that makes everything less confusing.

  9. Sorry, let me correct myself. It will not be carried by the San Francisco Fox affiliate because it is not owned and operated. Hope that makes more sense.

  10. I’m not sure weather I like this or not. I don’t like it when shows move networks. Like when Opera moved from ABC to CBS it just felt different.

  11. woo hoo….we STILL will get the 630 and 7 showings of amigos!!!

    /sarcastic in the bay area

  12. I mentioned this on the thread about the reruns next week, but I really wonder which version of the episodes is being syndicated. So many of them have had several versions.

    And I do think that you can pick up with random episodes of the Office – the only confusing thing I could see is which branch Jim is in. They put the slightly soap-opera-ey things in the background usually on this show. The comedy will still come through.

    Btw – Arrested Development did get picked up in syndication, but unfortunately just on G4 network on cable so not on a major network.

  13. So how does this relate to the news of reruns on TBS starting this fall. The article says “its initial broadcast run in off-network syndication starting in fall 2009”.

    I’m confused at how the two relate.

  14. I’m hoping the list of “top markets” is just a hint of where the show will air and is not an exhaustive list.

    P.S. I would probably buy Office cereal, but then I still have my box of Flutie Flakes!

  15. I guess it will be cool to see the office on other stations every once and while, but watching them on DVD is still the best. No Commercials!!

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