The Office is week’s top comedy

From press release:


Thursday from 9-9:31 p.m. ET, “The Office” (4.4/11 in 18-49, 8.5 million viewers overall) ranked #1 among the broadcast networks in its highly competitive time period in men 18-49 and men 18-34, topping CBS’s “CSI,” ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and Fox’s “Kitchen Nightmares” encore in those demos.

“The Office” ranked #2 in its time period in adults and women 18-34 and men 25-54. In adults 18-49, “The Office” pulled within one tenth of a rating point of “CSI” in the race for #2 (4.4 vs. 4.5) and finished within two shares of slot leader “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Season-to-date, “The Office” is tied as the #1 comedy on television in adults 18-49 despite airing in head-to-head competition with the #1 show on the ABC schedule and the #1 show on the CBS schedule.

“The Office” has been adding an average 19 percent to its 18-49 rating when going from “live plus same day” to “live plus seven day” results. In total viewers, “The Office” has been adding an average 1.4 million viewers to its previously reported “live plus same day” numbers when “live plus seven day” viewing is counted. Counting all time shifting, “The Office” is the most time-shifted program on the major networks, gaining 51 percent in 18-49 when going from “live only” to “live plus seven.”


  1. Yea, this show isn’t going anywhere for quite a while. NBC has found a winner (rare in their case) and is gonna keep it for as long as possible!

    Although I’m hoping for a season 6 or 7 end before the show just goes on for the sake of going on. The longer it takes the harder it is going to be to explain the “documentary” thing like the BBC did. If that is, in fact, how they plan to end it.

  2. I love you NBC, I really do. But you gotta stop with these completely contrived claims to ratings success. You might have been the top comedy of the week but that was only because all the CBS comedies were repeats. Even Two and a Half Men’s repeat rated higher than the new Office…

    Maybe NBC should spin “most award winning” programming or best quality. Cause then at least it’d be true

  3. Jack,

    I’m with you. Office has never been about ratings, but awards. But I guess awards don’t bring in the dough.

  4. @ 6 185pounder

    umm…take that 30 Rock? excuse me? 30 Rock is a great show. You should be saying “take that Two and a Half Men”

  5. @#1: I don’t think that the documentary is part of the whole story of this show. It is just the style of making it. So there is no reason to “explain” it. And for me it is one reason why I like this show.

  6. Oh I know it doesn’t have the most awards but it does get nominated for quite a few of them. If you pair it up with 30 Rock and My Name is Earl that has to be the most award winning/nominated comedy block. Definitely the highest quality. (At least when Kath and Kim gets replaced by the Amy Poehler show.)

    The Office still makes NBC the most money of all their shows. Ad sales are expensive since The Office is such a “young” show. DVD sales are phenomenal. Online viewing and iTunes sales are great. And then all the silly things we buy like T-shirts and coffee mugs :P The Office is NBC’s cash cow.

    I know that blurb was to make advertisers drool, but I still find the spinning kind of obnoxious and unnecessary.

  7. 1, Tylerdw-

    I view the BBC show as the finished form of a documentary. A crew filmed for a few weeks, took a two-week break, then filmed a bit more, and we got twelve episodes of it. Then, two years later, a wrap-up.

    For the NBC show, I look at this like we, the audience, are seeing the dailies of an in-progress documentary. They’re gathering footage for, let’s say, a feature-length film, and we’re seeing the (edited together) rough footage to put in said film.

    As for this post, I have one question: how is there an “18-49 Men” category AND an “18-34 Men” one?

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