The Office trailer video on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is offering a behind-the-scenes trailer of The Office, available only in its Xbox Live Marketplace. Here is a short article about it.

I got the opportunity to view this video (thanks, Greg!), and even though it’s only about three minutes long, it’s pretty precious.

In it, Steve Carell, Leslie David Baker, and Jenna Fischer all recount their favorite moments from Season 2. (Hint: Jenna’s favorite moment is not from Casino Night.)

And oh, there’s a really cute 2-second shot of Jenna and Angela Kinsey.


  1. I read on a TWOP message board that it is also available on Comcast cable’s “on demand”.

  2. I don’t have any of those things to see the video, so can someone please type what Jenna’a favorite moment was? I’m curious to what it is. Thanks!

  3. Aw, that’s sweet Jenna’s favorite moment was the “27 seconds of silence” with John.

    What was Leslie and Steve’s favorite moment?

  4. Glad to help out Amy!

    Melissa~ Leslie’s favorite moment was when he got bowled over by Dwight when they were playing football in the office. He said Rainn was just supposed to shove him a bit, but ended up knocking him down. I can’t remember the episode that included that scene. Steve’s was in the Halloween episode when he is talking to Dwight in his office. He enjoyed how they shot Dwight from the side, just like the Emperor is shot in the SW movies. He also said they kept laughing, so it took about an hour and a half to shoot the 2 minute scene.

  5. Question.

    The part in the video where steve is talking to Jenna and she’s going “mhmm” is that from season 3?

  6. Thanks Rayne! That was a good scene between Steve and Rainn. I liked Rainn’s makeup. I can’t wait to see outtakes on the new DVD.

  7. I’ve tried to YouTube it, but the capture from my DVR isn’t working properly. There seems to be a problem with the file after about 4 seconds. If anyone with good knowledge of working with raw MPEG2 (.m2t) files wants to try to help, drop me a line.

  8. It’s actually Xbox 360, not Xbox. Different consoles.

    And the scene where Pam is going “mhmm” is from Michael’s birthday.

  9. Thanks very much, Lupe!! I was in tears watching Leslie’s fall in slow mo during that football scene. It’s always been a favorite moment of mine and now knowing it was all an accident makes it that much more hilarious to me…lol!

  10. so i was just watching the Comcast on demand NBC fall preview and even though i assume that these were specifically taped for the fall preview, if you look closely on Jim’s desk, the blue picture frame is back. Is this NBC just trying to mess with us fanatics, because they know we’re trying to figure out the whole transfer thing? its killing me! Damn it NBC for playing tricks on us

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