The Office: Trivia promos

Here are clips of the new episode of The Office, Trivia, airing this week, January 12.

The Office trivia teams square off in a brain-teasing fight to the finish.
[Video no longer available]

Dwight arrives at Sabre headquarters to claim what’s his.
[Video no longer available]

A promo of Thursday night’s new episodes on NBC.


  1. I was excited when I saw Pam, but then figured out that it was from the cold opening of Doomsday. :/

    [ from tanster: yeah, i’m not sure if there is any new footage in this promo. ]

  2. Nostradamus’ predictions continued until the 38th century, the Mayan predictions continue 80 octillion years into the future, and neither mentioned the year 2012. Just thought I would point that out before anyone falls for their (and the History Channel’s) lies.

  3. Actually I think There really isn’t any new footage in this promo.
    Only the part where Andy says ‘I don’t know’ might be of the episode Trivia.

  4. Just realized Will Arnett has been in every single show on the current Thursday night line up. He’s taking over the world, and I’m okay with that.

  5. I’m curious if ‘Trivia’ will have any connection with the UK episode ‘The Quiz’ in which David Brent forces the team to take part in a yearly trivia quiz.

  6. “What Is SEE-attle”
    that is actually hilarious. I am excited for this episode lol.

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