1. UGH! Why can’t we go back to subtle humor, rather than broad “let’s go for the easy laugh” stuff. Dwight’s pants falling down.:(

  2. Why do they always insist on making The Office’s section on these Thursday Night Promos look the most ridiculous..?
    and I count this as the second time Dwight’s pants have been off this season, the first being After Hours?

  3. Why is everyone on here always so negative? You haven’t even seen the episode yet…wait until it’s in context before you get all upset and judgmental about it.

  4. #3 I don’t have to see the episode to know that Dwight’s pants falling off is not the kind of humor I like. I know I don’t have to watch, but I have so much loyalty to the show I don’t want to give up on it.

  5. @threatlevelmiddwight

    They don’t insist or make it look like it’s the most ridiculous, that’s just what the office seems to be now.

  6. I feel like this season people are over criticizing the office. Chill out people. I myself have loved this season. Except for Nellie. That actress and her character annoy me

  7. Why are they all complaining of the office being ridiculous?
    The merit of the office is RIDICULOUS. That’s the reason many people watch it!!

  8. Didn’t Michael Scott annoy the heck out of all of you pretty much through season 4? Wow. Y’all hate change. Go Nellie. Hope she is boss.

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