The Office: Two Weeks, 5.21

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The Office Two Weeks

Writer: Aaron Shure, Director: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): Michael’s relationship with the new vice president (guest star Idris Elba) becomes increasingly tense, as Michael finds an excuse to goof off even more than usual. Meanwhile, Pam faces the challenge of a new copier and Kelly develops a crush.

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Writer Aaron Shure answers fan questions in the Two Weeks Q&A.

The Office Two Weeks rating

In a poll conducted March 26-30, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.74/10

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The Office Two Weeks quotes

Pam: He finally has a story we really want to hear. And he knows it.

Jim: Surprisingly, there is a very big difference between Michael trying and Michael not trying.

Michael: Scotch and Splenda. Tastes like Splenda, gets you drunk like scotch.

Michael: I’m gonna give it a ho, hey, ho!

Michael: Your “I need you to” is my command.

Jim: It’s Singular.

Michael: I practically invented decline.

Dwight: It is either an incense dispenser or a ceremonial sarcophagus.

Dwight: My German is pre-industrial and mostly religious.

Michael: Somebody’s been talking in bed. Pillow talk.

Michael: This is a dream. That I have had since lunch.

Kelly: We’re really tight. We’re like the Kardashians.

Charles: I am aware of the effect I have on women.

Kelly: She’s such a special person. She’s turning 50 this year.

Andy: In this climate?
Michael: In all climates.

Michael: Let’s put a pin in it for now.

Meredith: Little Miss Thing wants attention!

Stanley: Can’t you see I’m urinating?

Michael: I had a great time at prom. And no one said yes to that, either.

Pam: I could do a bound book, in plastic, with offset colors. Which feels …

Oscar: And just like that, as mysteriously as he arrived, he was gone.

Andy: It’s just a sad, dark day.

Toby: Michael’s like a movie on a plane. You know, it’s not great, but it’s something to watch.

Michael: Hello. I am your future.

Michael: Let’s just crawl out of here together.

Michael: Jim, Jim, Jim. We’re having a company meeting here.

Charles: I want you to be my productivity czar.

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  1. “I’m aware of the effect I have on women.”

    That was my favorite line of the episode. The general idea of a talking head with Idris Elba is hilarious.

  2. Was a good episode but I would like to file a complaint.

    I may be in the minority but can they please stop with Pam and her 5 year personal growth quest and finally focus some growth on Jim? I mean he does nothing now, doesn’t even prank much anymore.

    And I mean the economy is bad, the paper market is bad, Jim/Pam have a wedding to pay for plus everyday bills yet Jim isn’t phased at all about Pam quitting? Unless they plan on turning him into Data from Star Trek lol he just seems so emotionless lately.

    I guess I’m just tired of all this “Jim is finally going to grow” hints and mini stories then nothing happens.

  3. The end of that episode and the preview for the next were EPIC. I can’t believe we have to wait two weeks!!

  4. I really, really loved Pam in this. I love that she chose to take a risk and I love how easily Jim chose to support her on that risk.

  5. Oh my God…I knew it was coming, but watching it…oh my God! Is Jim seriously okay with this??? But I’m really proud of Pam. It felt like her coal walk. That was her standing up for her personal life and emotions, and this is her standing up for her professional life.

    One of the best moments was Michael pulling on Phyllis’ chair and Charles watching from the blinds…hilarious.

  6. Oh man I can’t believe Pam quit with Michael, I gotta say I saw it coming though. When she was in the interview after she fixed the copier, and then I think she really decided when Michael said they weren’t living up to their potential, or something like that. I saw her face and kept saying, “don’t do it, don’t do it.”

    How is Jim going to handle no Pam and no Dwight pranks with Charles around?

  7. Dang, I only saw the first minute of this episode because of the flood coverage in ND. It looked like it was going to be hilarious though.

  8. One of the best this season. Felt like a season finale, can’t wait what surprises lie ahead.

  9. So disappointing. There was absolutely no lead-up in previous episodes to Pam quitting, and her doing so without even glancing at Jim was so dysfunctional. Where are the Jim and Pam we loved all these years? I hardly recognize them.

  10. I’m very upset. I did not like the episode. The whole reason I watch the office is for Michael at D-M. I love it the way it is and i really don’t like this drastic change. not okay in my book.

  11. How can Pam leave after she finally learned all of the copy machine error codes?!?!


  12. lol that was not fun but i am a sucker for Pam achieving her potential.

  13. Great episode. Gotta love Stanley in this one. “Can’t you see I’m urinating?” I was originally surprised Jim didn’t really discourage Pam that much but after much thought I had no problem with it. After all it was Jim who asked Pam if she really wanted to be a receptionist all her life. Plus, he and Pam are engaged and living together, so it’s not like they’ll be separated. Also, Jim knows Michael’s company won’t work so he’s pretty sure Pam will be back. The end was WAY too much like Jerry Maguire but other than that I enjoyed it.

  14. As per usual, my opinion is the minority one but I am NOT happy with this episode. Why is it always PAM who gets an opportunity for character/career growth? This is not ‘The Pam Show’

    Very disappointed. This season has no direction.

  15. I have to ask…
    If the “documentary is for Dunder Mifflin, and Pam and Michael quit Dunder Mifflin then why would they still follow them around?

  16. Wow! I am loving this story arc. Pam’s personal growth always makes me smile. I’m glad Jim supported her. Her growth, I think will spark Jim to think about where he wants to go in life. Especially now with no pranks, no Pam to get through his work day, and no Michael.

    So many great lines! and ahh we’re seeing more talking heads!! :-D

  17. So Pam leaves…takes a risk on MICHAEL SCOTT. What the frak?! First she wants to be an artist, then graphic design, now a saleswoman, what’s next, a singer?

    And she leaves when her fiancee is barely clinging to his job and is working so hard so they can build a life together. I’m sure Jim knows she hates her job but could they at least have a little conversation about it before she walks off? How contrived.

  18. Why did Michael get to drive off in the Sebring? Isn’t that a company car?

    Great episode all around, though. Between this one and last week’s, I’m drawn back in more than I expected to be this season.

  19. My favorite parts were when Jim tells Michael “it’s Monster” and when they put the camera shot through the vents of the men’s room and Stanley says “can’t you see I’m urinating?” Those were definitely two laugh out loud moments for me!

    I’m proud of Pam leaving and I really feel sorry for Michael because he didn’t think his quitting through very well. I definitely don’t like Charles. He’s a freakin dictator (and I still can’t wrap my mind around him not being Stringer Bell haha). I love the look on everyone’s faces when he started telling them things to do. Everyone hated Michael wasting their time with conference room shenanigans, but now that he’s gone they’re gonna be even more unhappy! :P

  20. Thought this was a fabulous episode! – TOO funny! Literally had a screaming laughing fit after that joke!

  21. WOW! I knew this was all coming, but I am still totally shocked!!! It’s going to be a completely different show without Michael in the office!! I am proud of Pam though! And I’m glad Jim didn’t make too big of a deal (yet..)!

  22. OMG loved it! I’m striving to be Pam and quit my crappy office job. But really how is it going to be the same without Michael there?

  23. I don’t even know what to say. This episode will only truly be able to be judged in hindsight… right now, I just don’t know how to react to this bombshell.

    One thing I’m PRETTY sure of is that this episode could’ve used more laughs, though.

  24. My God! I literally peed my pants when Michael started pulling Phyllis away. “Ok, you’re coming with me!” Reminded me of Dwight’s Phyllis kick.

    But that was an awesome ep.

  25. I guess I don’t really have too big of a problem with Pam trying to find herself again, especially since we know that things are pretty solid with Jim. I loved the Pam/Michael dynamics in the Lecture Circuit episodes, so I’m looking forward to it again. But still, a part of me feels that Pam has lost her mind since Michael will be in charge. Has she learned nothing?!

    I also thought it was cute when Jim was a little hesitant about Pam leaving at first, but was easily flattered when she told Michael that she wanted to be a sales associate (like Jim.)

  26. #6:

    Jim takes his work much more serious now, so he has changed. And he just messed with Dwight in the last episode with the tux.


    Seriously? Pam not wanting to be a receptionist anymore has been a storyline since day 1, as has Jim wanting her to do what makes her happy.

    I loved the episode. Stanley as a “productivity czar”? Brilliant!

  27. What happened to the Pam that wanted to work overtime
    to help pay her mortgage and was worried a new phone
    system would replace her…..I just don’t get this show anymore.

  28. This show is “The Office” NOT “The Offices” or “Two Offices”.

    And that’s all I am going to say.

  29. Wow Wow Wow. I don’t even know where to start
    Best Moments
    1.Michael army-crawling through the office & pulling Phyllis on her chair!
    2.The joke (w/monster noises)
    3.Pam’s drumroll on the copier
    4.Michael throwing down the papers at Charles’ feet and giving up (very moving)

    Question: How is Stanley not being yelled at for still doing his cross-word puzzles with Chalres Minor around?

  30. Loved it! I cannot wait to see what happens next with Michael and Pam. And gosh, I cannot wait until Charles Minor LEAVES. The tension between him and Jim makes me so uncomfortable (which is how I know the writers are doing their jobs well ^__^).

    Also, thanks to the writers for including some Dwight-Pam interaction with the German instructions…I don’t know why but I’ve always loved watching Dwight and Pam interact. I guess if I had to pick a “crack” ship to support that would be it lol

  31. 39. I def agree. Pam wanting to be more than just a receptionist and Jim helping her find her way has been the underlying premise of the show. This episode balanced that concept very well.

    40. I think the point is that Pam shouldn’t have to be worried about a phone taking over her job. She can pay the mortgage with any other job as well. She’s realizing that and moving towards a goal, even if it’s not in graphic design, it’s still something more than what she has now.

  32. #39 – maybe I should have been more clear. Pam doesn’t want to be a receptionist, true. But she could have, oh, looked for a real job somewhere else. Not follow Michael Scott, an idiot with no business plan, to a non-existent company with no salary, without consulting her soon-to-be husband (if that wedding’s even happening still, since it has never actually been mentioned).

  33. I really don’t like Charles. I am waiting for him to mess up or the office to turn on him. He has no personality. I was kinda surprised by Pam not about her leaving but more about staying with Michael. Things are getting interesting.

  34. I have gotten the impression that Charles just wants to improve productivity and actually run an office and most of what Michael was doing was not conducive. However, his “special” treatment of Stanley shows that he isn’t above the sort of stuff that he would have otherwise told Michael off for.

  35. @41 ohhelms

    Really? What about Stamford? They followed Jim all the way up to Connecticut to film him. And they go to New York a lot. They’ve gone to Nashua and Utica.

    AND they’ve gone to Michael’s condo, Jim’s house, AND Dwight’s beet farm, OVERNIGHT.

    So, I’m not too flabbergasted by this. They’ve been leaving Dunder Mifflin, Scranton since the Dundies.

  36. I think I can count two times where I really laughed and enjoyed this episode. The past few episodes have been a total decline and I’m beginning to wonder more and more about the show as a whole. Yes I agree Pam growing is good but the premise of the show is about an office staff, and Michael leaving I believe messes up the original concept of the show. Probably opposite everyone, I enjoy Charles’ character because he adds a sense of real office life to the show. Overall, not a great episode, little comedy and I hope it gets better.

  37. Michael is always so positive, and pulls crazy ideas out of his hat, what a great character, glad it looks like he will be staying around. I think he truly is the backbone of the Office, he brings out the quirks in everyone. The sneaking around scene was fantastic. Pam’s sudden escape was a big surprise! She’s been hinting at wanting to break free and make a stand since Season 1, she finally pulled through. Toby’s comment about Michael being like a in-flight-movie was hilarious. Great writing, for anyone who is still questioning the Office is back and hitting the mark like it’s 2005!

  38. #45 and #39- I do agree that that has been an underlying premise of the show but I just would like that same support to be given to Jim. It’s not that Pam walked out–it’s that she walked out w/o even really talking to Jim. Her decisions impact not just herself. That’s what I find upsetting.

    And shouldn’t Jim be allowed to want more out of life too rather than just support Pam? I hope this arc, if nothing else, encourages him to do something.

  39. Excellent episode! I loved it from beginning to end.
    My view on Pam quitting, was that she simply did it because she knew she was not living up to her potential. In a way she was inspired by Michael in how he left without even thinking. I don’t think she left with the goal to specifically work with Michael. It was more like she was supporting him in his decision. She agreed that they both could do something better with their lives.
    I can’t wait to see what they do with this storyline!

  40. “Two Weeks” was one of the best episodes this season. I loved Pam’s gradual dissension throughout the episode. John played Jim’s amusement perfectly — clearly, he’s the ideal man :)

    I loved Idris’ talking heads. Let’s face it. The guy’s got game!

  41. #52 – that’s exactly how I feel. How could Pam make such a decision without talking to Jim about it first? Jim has always been about Pam; Pam has always been about going after her goals.

    When will Jim finally get the dedication to growth that Pam has had. I would like to see Jim finally go after something that isn’t Pam. Maybe now that she is gone from the office Jim can do just that.

  42. Regarding Charles Miner, I hate that guy! I kept hoping Jim would just stand up and punch him in the face.

    I was hoping we’d get to see Wallace’s reaction this week to Michael’s quitting, but maybe that is to come.

  43. I didn’t have a lot of LOL moments with this ep, but it certainly is setting things up for an interesting close to the season!

    I’m thinking Charles Minor may be a good VP, but not necessarily a good office manager. I mean, seriously? Kevin at reception and Stanley monitoring productivity? I think Charles has been too busy monitoring how he affects Kelly & Angela. ;-)

    And I think Pam & Jim probably have had off-camera discussions about things and will continue too, so it’s all good. :) Again, it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out!

  44. This episode could have been somebody. It could have been a contender.
    Michael, the one who could edit and make a commercial on his computer and who could also photoshop smiles on everyone’s faces for a group photo couldn’t put his own company’s letterhead on top of a piece of paper?
    Sheesh. Seems as though some of these writers should keep a closer eye on the details.
    I definitely agree with #39 on Pam. All of a sudden she’s a Stupid? I don’t think so. God, if Jim left too I would have thrown my tv out the window. Thanks Jim for saving my television.

  45. First time poster…. I don’t think Pam quit so much because she wants to go with Michael, I think she has just always had a soft spot in her heart for Michael and felt bad for the way he was being treated by Charles… not to mention, she knows how Jim is being treated by Charles as well and probably didn’t want to work for the man. Based on the final scene of the ep, it looks like Stanley and Kevin might be finding that out, too.

  46. 52. I was upset for a bit when Pam didn’t talk to Jim about leaving, but after I realized that it was completely a spur of the moment concept. I’m sure she didn’t intend to leave DM with Michael when she woke up that morning. Her not speaking with Jim, I think wasn’t a neglect of his feelings and their future but more of her knowing that Jim would support her, like he always has. So maybe there was no reason at the point in time to really have full convo about it.

    But i do agree with Jim moving on beyond supporting her. I think this will make him think about his future now.

  47. Fantastic episode. Good for Pam, although like many others, I want to see Jim do something more with his life. As for Michael, I’m sure he will find his way back to Dunder Mifflin. All I can say is that the following weeks are going to be crazy for the Office.

  48. #27:

    I think the details of the documentary have intentionally been left vague enough that we don’t know that the film was commissioned by Dunder Mifflin, as you suggest.

    It could well be that an independent director and producer are doing a film about an average American workplace. If that’s the case, it certainly makes sense to follow your characters wherever they go — that’s what documentaries are about, after all. The guys who made “Hoop Dreams” didn’t know what was going to happen to the central characters when they started shooting, right?

    In the British version, I believe the cameras followed David around on job searches (or something — I’ve only seen it once) after he was laid off, and in the Christmas special even followed Dawn to Florida.

    So it doesn’t seem like a stretch to follow Pam and Michael on their Jerry Maguire-esque new venture.

  49. improversation, I agree completely. there was no lead up at all to Pam quitting. ridiculous. what happened to the well thought out, subtly funny shows the office used to give us? and I’m willing to bet that some girl will become the office receptionist, and since we’ve been getting Jenna and John saying there’s really been no turbulence between the two, she’ll be it. the good parts about tonight’s episode was the ‘monsters’ joke and john looking particularly hot.

  50. A solid episode; not one of the best but with its share of surprises and memorable scenes. Charles getting security to escort Michael out, and Michael’s crawl through the office will not be forgotten.

    It makes sense for Pam to take a chance; she was done with being a receptionist a long time ago. I’m very curious which way the writers will take now; the unpredictability is a great change.

  51. Woooow!! Is all I can say. One of the best episodes of The Office ever. Great storylines, great humour, and great emotional moments for Michael and Pam. I don’t think I’ve loved an episode so much since the strike ended. It sure will be interesting to see what happens next!

  52. #49 – Yes, they’ve gone elsewhere, but, it’s always been in the context of Dunder Mifflin. I just hope that the writers have a solid plan for this plot twist because without Michael and Pam in the Office, it just doesn’t seem like it can work.

    I’m just disappointed, that’s all.

  53. I love that Pam’s catalyst for leaving was spending hours fighting with a copier and then realizing she knew way too much about stupid things. I feel that way all the time.

  54. I think I’d have a better reaction to this plot development if Pam hadn’t gone to art school earlier in the season. I feel like my head is spinning trying to keep up with these developments.

  55. I don’t really think it makes sense to get all bent out of shape because Michael is no longer in the office, and now Pam isn’t either. It’s like those rides where scary things jump out at you, but you know they’re not really going to get you! We’re in good hands with the writers, wait and see! Remember, Dwight quit once too, and it provided a wonderful Dwight/Michael moment when Michael went to Staples to ask him to come back.

    Also, I LOVED Charles Miner’s talking head about his effect on women, and Michael’s greeting him with “What’s up, Chuck?”

  56. Michael Scott Paper Company =
    Michael Scott – Regional Manager
    Pam Beasley – Salesman
    Holly Flax – HR
    Pepperoni Tony – Salesman

  57. You know, the first 5 minutes of this episode, I thought that this would be the greatest episode in the history of the series. The cold open, with Oscar’s talk about control of his life, when he hears quitting stories was brilliant. Then it starts with Michael’s carefree trip around the office, doing anything he likes. It’s brilliant. Towards the end, the plot got the better of it because the show had to go somewhere, and it wasn’t bad, in fact it was pretty funny throughout, but the first 5 minutes promised so much more. Still, a great episode, definitely one of my favorites. Kudos to the writers, and especially to the actors. The last few seconds of Pam walking away, when I think she was realizing what she had done, were very funny. And Kevin on the phones and Stanley as the productivity czar was hilarious.

  58. I was vastly disappointed with NBC saying that this episode was going to be a “classic”. Good, but not close to classic.

  59. One of my favorite things about this episode was that a few of the talking heads were largely awkward silences (Michael talking about what his next step was, Pam talking about successfully assembling the photocopier.) I love when the talking heads feel like a real, spontaneous interview, rather than a witty performance for the camera.
    Great episode! I was definitely thrown off by Pam suddenly wanting to be a salesman?! Jim’s reaction to that was adorable. I cannot wait to see where this is going!
    Oh…and Charles Miner terrifies me.

  60. This episode wasn’t funny – definitely cringe-worthy, but I didn’t dislike this episode. What was Pam supposed to do – tell Michael to wait a moment, have a side discussion with Jim, and then go “Michael, I’m coming with you!” She’s been wanting to be something more than a receptionist since forever (didn’t she ask to be in sales when she did the hot coal walk?)

    Michael should have just let Charles beat him up (or whatever it was charles was going to do). Assaulted by the vp? that would be a lawsuit in waiting!

  61. To be quiet honest I thought this episode was nothing short of spectacular. I could not comprehend the fact of Michael leaving for good. The office will be nothing without him. With that said I think that everything will work out for the better in the end. Michael will find a way, he always does. As for Pam, that was surprising, but I saw that coming. I think she left the way she did because of Michael and his can-do attitude of never stopping. I have very high expectations for the new episodes to come. Maybe the next two episodes will be Michael Scott Paper Company and then the Dunder Mifflin one?

  62. Oh dang that was intense. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out from here. It’s gonna be a nice end of the season.

    Creed trying to put quarters in the copier was awesome.

  63. In my opinion, it was an almost perfect episode. So many funny sequences and a truly interesting storyline. Every decision/storyline seemed right in line with events from the past. I love the awkward and uncomfortable feeling Charles brings to the office. Some people are down on this season, but for me it is shaping up to be as good as the best seasons. Fantastic job Paul, Aaron, and everyone involved.

  64. This episode really isn’t amazing until you remember that season five is in no way a representative of all the seasons, or even Michael Scott. He may be daft but he is in no way an idiot. The introduction of him saying words incorrectly is more like a late addition to his character.

    Anyways, I figure two things are going to happen: A) Jim gets fired because he finally stands up to Charles or B) Jim gets regional manager. What happens with him will probably determine the importance of the branching storyline.

    Should be good. Wouldn’t be surprised if one of the heart warming moments in the last couple of episodes involved Michael paying for the wedding because Jim and Pam can’t afford it because of their new financial situation.

  65. @ 69: Good analogy! Well put. I agree completely. This is one of those things that’s going to take all of the remaining episodes to unfold and then “land” to reveal what we’re really dealing with. I’m excited to see the outcome.
    I also think this may be why there have been no episode titles released as of late- I think each episode will include big plot-twists and the titles might give too much away!
    One thing’s for sure: things are shaking up!

  66. Whew-what an episode! I am so proud of Pam for jumping off the high dive into the deep end and looking for some adventure in work. I can’t imagine Michael Scott Paper will do well, or even do anything, but who knows. Sometimes all that matters is that you were just willing to at least give something a try. When Michael and Pam were walking down the street at the end it reminded me of the back of the bus scene from The Graduate. So sweet.
    Toby’s talking head was wonderful. And I’m so scared of Charles Miner!

  67. #55- You wonder why Pam made such a big decision without discussing it with Jim first… I believer Jim bought a house without discussing it with Pam. So I’m sure it will be ok.

  68. It was a very good episode, but… did it feel to anyone else like the kind of thing that should happen at the end of a series? I know the show is in no way over, but this episode gave me a “The end” kind of feel. It was weird. Good, though.

  69. #55, just as in “real life”, relationships aren’t successful unless you have two independent people working on a communal bond with each other.

    Go Pam. Go Jim for being supportive, even if not adamantly, just by standing back and allowing her to make her adult decision.

    GREAAAAAAAT writing.

  70. if you have the chance to watch it again take a look at the last frames of michael and pam walking away from the office. their faces tell a lot.

  71. I really enjoyed this episode and I love where they’re taking Pam and Michael’s characters. I read an earlier comment on here that complained about how TO is supposed to be about an office staff so now that things are changing it can’t be good anymore, and that really made me think. Without radically changing and evolving characters/plotlines I gurantee you that TO could not still function at the high quality us fans expect. If Jim was still pining over Pam, Michael was still just an idiot running an unsuccessful branch, Ryan was still a temp, e.t.c, there’s no way The Office could continue to be a smart, engaging series. For our beloved characters to grow and their stories to continue, sometimes that means they have to leave the beloved Office, whether temporarily or not. This episode (and storyline) are a win for me!

  72. I love this episode, especially as like certain journos at the LA Times, I felt Rutville was not far away. I’m glad not only are we following through with Michael leaving, but Pam is going too. I have no problems that she tried her personal passion (art) as a profession and didn’t enjoy it. She can still start again and want to be better at her job.

    I also love the Charles is so strict that as glimpsed in the last few minutes his insights into who is best suited are horrible. I feel this bad delegation may remind David Wallace, how high Michael can actually fly.

    Also, Lord I love Toby! Seriously, the plane movie analogy – PERFECTION!

  73. When I heard that roar from Michael’s office and Jim automatically saying “It’s”..I cracked up…sooo funny and great writing. It’s little moments like that why I love this show.

  74. This is what the Office does best. It surprises, it makes you laugh, and it makes you care about the ups and downs of these people. This episode did more than few things that are kind of amazing, one of which is taking somewhat standard, broader sitcom stuff (Michael crawling on the floor, Michael’s “who’s with me” speech, and Pam accepting), and made them organic to the characters and plot. Great episode, great writing, great direction from Paul Lieberstein, and Idris Elba continues to be excellent. Two Weeks until the next episode is too long.

  75. #82 – Yes, Jim did buy the house, but the big difference is that he had her feelings in mind when he did it. She quit without taking his feelings into account at all. It was a selfish move. (not to say the house was a good idea, just that their motivations were totally different)

  76. Why, yes, 83. Maeghan, I did feel like this was a season finale sort of episode. In fact, while we were watching it, my brother said that he felt like it was the last episode of the show ever. I guess it had that same tone of finality and drew up those same sad emotions within us.

    Thanks, 69. Dunderhead12step, for reminding us that this happened before with Dwight, so it’s not the end of the world.

    I guess we’re just going to have to trust the writers to get us out of this one in a way that stays true to the show. But, this whole season has felt different than previous seasons to me, and this episode only emphasized it. I can’t believe we have to wait 2 whole weeks to see how this is resolved!!

    Just one last thing. 73. nv, Charles Miner terrifies me too!

  77. #80. Yes, the Graduate. I thought the same thing with Pam and Michael in the last scene. Didn’t enjoy this ep so much. Michael crawling around should have been funny, but just seemed so uncomfortable and unreal. Which is SO Michael, I guess, but this was a little over the top. Hmm. Wonder where the story will go now. I will most definitely be tuning in next week. Thanks, writers, for not making us hang on to this ending ALL summer !!

  78. I love this episode! I laughed a lot and there were several quotable lines, but there were also personal conflicts that actual people really go through in their jobs. I’m going through a similar conflict with my job, so maybe I just related to what was happening and appreciated it.

    One of my favorite parts was when Pam said “Oh no” right before she said she was going with Michael. That made it not totally Jerry Maguire-ish, because even she surprised herself by quitting. I love Jim’s mixed reaction – freaking out at first but then okay with it.

    I also agree with everyone who said that Charles is a terrible manager of people. For once, Michael is right that managing people is as important as profits.

  79. I thought that they set up the future outcome with the “productivity czar” bit. It looks to me like Charles is going to take the best performing branch right into the tank and David will have to get Michael back to save the ship! I think it sets up nicely for the end of the season.

    I secretly loved how everyone abused the copier…it’s so true!

  80. Did anyone else feel mildly saddened by Michael and Dwight’s awkward “last” exchange? Dwight has always been so loyal to Michael (with an exception to his slight season 5 character change, which I still don’t like). Just thinking back on all the missions Dwight accompanied Michael on and his unquestionable loyalty to him, the scene was somewhat sad to think that Dwight wouldn’t be following him along on his next endeavour.

  81. That was an interesting turn of events. Pam might hate her job and know she’s capable of more, but it’s really an odd maneuver to pick up and walk out of a job in this economic climate to follow the biggest screw-up in the world.
    I think it will motivate Jim to make more of himself but I see him standing up to Charles rather than leaving DM too. Like Pam and Jim keep saying, they have a mortgage to pay and someone has to make some money regardless of how unfulfilled they are at work.
    It wasn’t the most hilarious Office episode ever, but it does make me want to keep watching and see how it all plays out.

  82. This episode was very short on laughs. It seemed to be more of a future plotline set-up ep.

    I am disappointed that it looks like the cast will be split into two different locations. So much of Season 5 seemed off because Pam was missing from the dynamic, and now we’ll have Pam and Michael out. I miss when The Office was a show about the mundane, but potentially funny things that can happen in an office. There seems to be too much contrived drama right now.

    Also, the C-Miner character is extremely one dimensional.

    With that being said, it’s still the best show on TV.

  83. Great callback on the Prince Paper Company story a few episodes ago! I thought it was hilarious and sad at the same time.

    I don’t think Jim will get the manager job because clearly Charles doesn’t have any faith in him. And Jim works best as the straight man in Michael’s environment. Who knows, maybe Michael’s paper company will actually take off, and Dunder Mifflin will buy him out and put him back in charge.

  84. I generally liked this episode, but I can’t help feeling we learned what Jim and Pam ask themselves every morning: That is they ask “What is best for Pam?”

    I think Jim needs some more development or else this becomes the “Pam character growth show.” I love his undying support but hopefully his interaction with Charles will bring about something new.

  85. A most excellent episode! I particularly enjoyed the direction by Paul Lieberstein…I really hope that he gets an Emmy nom for his work.
    And @what’s the dealio: I completely agree with you on The Graduate reference. I was preaching that on in the OTCR last nite :)

  86. ugh! I can’t stand Miner. There are bosses out there, but he is the poster child of extreme. And I hope that Pam leaving doesn’t hurt JAM!

  87. AH I can see it now.

    -Dwight doing Spy work for Michael.

    -Kevin, and Stanley Great Talking Heads about how they hate their new jobs

    -Awkward moments with Pam and Michael

    -And the Return of Jan Levinson

  88. I think this is one of the most well written Office episodes ever. I guess that kind of says it all for me.

  89. I’m extremely confused right now. I never bought that Michael would quit since he’s so loyal to that company, even if someone were telling him what to do. I did not buy that Pam would leave a steady job before her marriage to follow a guy who she thinks is a complete idiot. I never thought Jim would just be like, “Ok.”

    I don’t know, you guys. The Office never had to have big plot twists to entertain anyone, so what are they doing?

  90. Part of Pam’s job has always been protecting Michael from himself. I think her instincts to protect him and the relationship between them that has grown a little this year played into her leaving, as well as her frustration with her job.

  91. The best episode of the year. Michael may be certifiable but he knows the paper business and he knows (in his often dysfunctional way) people. I suspect his new venture will take off and D-M’s Office will crash and burn. The new guy does not know people. Perhaps Jan will return as Office Manager.

    I can’t wait to watch the two businesses compete.

  92. I love Pam going all “Jerry Maguire” on everyone and quitting to follow the lone corporate dissenter.

  93. I love that Pam left with Michael. I think Michael’s speech is what pushed her over the edge. And to me it totally makes sense that she would support Michael. Michael has always supported her and I think she’s repaying that kindness. Plus, she’s gotten out of the office more lately. Her art school bid, her accompanying Michael on his speaking tour. She’s got to be realizing there’s more possibilities out there for her.

    I’m also thinking it won’t be long for DM Scranton to totally go downhill with Charles’ oppressive leadership which will raise eyebrows at corporate and end in his firing and the rehiring of Michael.

  94. I really enjoyed this episode, moreso than much of this season. That said, I really can’t stand the Charles Miner character. The moment when he asked Jim if he was giving his two week notice as well, just too harsh! I’m conflicted about Michael’s quitting–I’m excited to see his new endeavor, but also want him back with Dunder Mifflin ASAP.

  95. Loved this episode. Michael crawling on the floor and pulling Phyllis’ chair had me hysterical. I thought everybody did act in character. Michael had reached his breaking point. He finally knows now he’ll always be passed over by DW. Pam did try art school, she flunked out and has been bored for years as the receptionist. I could totally see her getting inspired (as misguided as it is). Jim always has and will support Pam, because of his unconditional love. Dwight and Michael have had a friendship of convenience, as long as one can do something for the other. And as far as Charles goes, I think it’s a reverse strategy to make Stanley the “Productivity Czar” in order to get him to work harder.

    Love hating Charles, that’s what he’s there for. And watching Kelly and Angela fight over him is a riot.

  96. 107- Think back to Casino Night. Jim kisses Pam, the screen fades to black and the season ends. Season 3 begins with Jim working at Stamford. The writers have certainly done this kind of plot twist before and I get the feeling the final episodes of the season will be a lot like the beginning of Season 3. Since the beginning of Season 4 up to the last couple episodes, all the plot developments had to do with the relationships. Now the plot has to do with the future of Dunder-Mifflin, which I am very thankful for.

  97. Michael’s been preaching that he’s the “World’s Best Boss” for so long now, and everyone thinks, “Yeah. Sure.” But it’s already starting to look like they didn’t know what they had until he’s gone. And with Charles around, Michael is definitely starting to look like the lesser of two evils.

    Michael has been an idiot for so long, and will continue to be. But despite this, I feel that we’re on the verge of a new found appreciation for Michael.

  98. #85 Hank: I think I noticed the same thing you did. At the last few seconds of the episode, as Pam and Michael walk towards the camera, I could have sworn Pam had a look of fear on her face, almost like “Oh no, what did I just do??”

    I imagine the exhileration she felt at finally quitting began melting quickly just as the reality of what she was doing set in…Who knows if this will spill over to the next episode.

  99. So- this is probably completely wrong, but the show IS called “The Office,” not “Dunder-Mifflin.” I feel like eventually, Charles is going to push everyone away, and the cast will all gravitate back to Michael, creating a new office with the same old characters. Then Michael Scott Paper Company and its workers will be competitors. Now, I know how long it takes to get a business going, so who knows if it’ll really happen. Anyway….

    1. LOVED it when Michael spit out the spaghetti and said, “Ugh, Phyllis!”
    2. Oscar has had a pretty big role this season…is he going to help Michael get things started?
    3. In regards to JAM – I think it’ll be a nice change for Jim and Pam to work in separate places. They’ll still see each other at home, and I think they’ll learn to better appreciate their time together. And Pam is moving forward…in a weird way, but she still needed to do it.

  100. This was the best episode so far this season! I loved every single second of it. Loved Stanely’s face at the end… I don’t think I have ever seen him worried.

    Can’t wait for next week!!!!

  101. #70-OMG! I forgot about Holly!! What if she DOES help Michael? OMG!

    Also, about Pam – She was a receptionist, people. I’m pretty sure anyone would want to get out of that job. Again, I don’t think she was PLANNING on just running out of the office like that. As for not talking to Jim about it, I’m pretty sure Pam will try to find something temporary to make ends meet while she helps Michael out. Just because she quit doesn’t mean she’s going to be unemployed until Michael’s company starts.

    I do agree with what people are saying about Jim – he’s a little bland, and he’s getting pushed around like crazy……kind of how Pam was pushed around before. I think she’s going to have an impact of helping him realize his potential, like she did back in season 2 – Dwight’s Resume (aka Halloween episode) Yeah, Jim was offended, but so was Pam when he asked her if she wanted to be a receptionist for the rest of her life. And now she won’t be! Woooooo!

  102. I’ve heard it before but I’ll say it now. You can’t have the show without Jim, Pam, Dwight and Michael. It’s virtually impossible. So even if Michael and Pam don’t come back for awhile (and maybe in Pam’s case, ever), it’s not like we will never see them. I have a feeling that Pam will come back a salesperson and they will keep this new receptionist.

    Hopefully David Wallace realizes how Charles is affecting everyone and he will get fired.

  103. It is kind of like we ended Season 5 last night and are getting a headstart on Season 6 with the episode on April 9. “Two Weeks” really had a twist to it that I was not expecting. Steve Carell is the main reason I watch the show, so the more about Michael’s antics, the better!

  104. As far as how much I enjoyed the episode, I enjoyed it very much. It was hilarious. But the whole Pam thing left me feeling very cold. Sure, her leaving because she doesn’t want to stay as a receptionist is in character. Jim supporting her is in character. But the fact that they had no discussion about it, that Pam just left Jim standing in the parking lot AGAIN while she gets to grow and he just looks at the camera all bemused is getting frustrating. Jim’s become a loser lately. He can’t stand up to Charles, he’s still stuck in the job with no prospect of leaving while his fiance basically gets to do whatever she wants on a whim. Every time he’s been in charge of the office he’s been a failure. Can we give Jim some proper development, please?

  105. I loved this episode. I can’t wait to watch it again! Pam leaving with Michael threw me for a loop at first. Then I remembered that she and Jim have always acted like Michael’s parents. She’s the only one who could go with him, and I think Jim is okay with it.

  106. Ugh. Two weeks in a row. Ugh. I was bored with it, for the most part. The one thing I TRULY laughed out loud at, was when Jim said ‘It’s Monster…singular”….HILARIOUS!

  107. I liked the episode, especially the part where Pam follows Michael (neither my husband nor I were expecting that!) but it seems weird too. I know Pam didn’t want to be stuck being a receptionist her whole life, but when did she ever show an interest in sales? I thought she wanted to do something involving art…

  108. Michael needs to run right out and find Jan (saneJan) and get her on the team to kick ass for Scott Paper.

  109. #115 Completely agree!

    I just loved this ep, the “climate” it was developed in… I can´t believe they´re gonna let us hanging for 2 weeks, but I think it´s gonna be sweet!! Long live The Office!

  110. Good episode, I thought toby’s TH seemed a bit weird looking. Not his best take maybe. Kevin on the phones?!? That alone should be fun to watch.

  111. #27, Nice. Michael and Pam leaving totally reminded me of Jerry Maguire also.

    The writers are cooking with this one….I also hope that David Wallace sees the effect Charles has on his BEST SELLING branch.

    He lets Michael come back, Michael lets Pam come back, Pam gets to move to sales maybe?

  112. Loved the episode, manic Michael was in full force – the ending was great and VP Charles is starting to crack a bit…first with the door slam (that would frustrate anyone) but then by making 2 very bad personnel choices with Kevin and Stanley — asking them to do tasks that are not their skill level. Should be fun to watch!

  113. I think it would be reaaally great if Michael hired the guys from Prince Family Paper, because he was the one that caused them to close in the first place.

  114. this may be my favorite episode of the office…ever. Just great. Lots of surprises and flat-out hilarious writing. WIN

  115. Did anyone else notice that when the interviewee sat next to Michael on the couch, Michael was reading “Skinny Bitch in the Kitch”? :)

    [from tanster: really? nice catch! i’m going to have to totally look for that now.]

  116. Kind of a “jumbled” episode for me. Not sure I’m liking Pam leaving TO, especially without giving some kind of acknowledgement to her partner in life, Jim. Pam leaving so suddenly is a little sit-commy, but I like the Charles Miner story line to kind of shake things up.

  117. I enjoyed this episode too, and I agree with the poster above that the plot twists have been about relationships; now those are settled, it’s about the company. I also think that Pam knows Michael is an idiot – but she has always protected Michael from himself, her joining him on the spot is an manifestation of that. And Michael Scott Company may have a chance to do well; remember, Michael is a poor manager but a very good salesman. I think Pam will end up being the de facto head of the company while she just sends Michael out to make sales. #115 I also think the super strict Charles is written in to make people wish Michael was back; even with Michael’s stupid jokes and annoying everyone. Remember in season 3 where Dwight came back the next episode, so Charles will probably drive the successful Scranton branch in the ground through being too strict and not knowing the people there (which is what the closing scene was there to show) so David Wallace will be forced to sack Charles (plus Idris Elba is only committed to 6 episodes right now).

    #74 – Charles wasn’t going to beat up Michael, just throw him out of the office himself

  118. Just to continue from my last post:

    Charles is the kind of manager who is better at managing numbers than people. I don’t think that he was giving Kevin and Stanley their new jobs to motivate them; if I need a fighter pilot to execute a critical mission, I’m not going to send my least capable pilot in there to motivate. As an accountant, why would Kevin have a need to be good on the phone? Even though Charles may have been very frustrated with Michael, you do not slam the door in the office – if I behaved like that at my workplace, I would get a long lecture about professionalism. It just shows the personality of the character – maybe that’s why Angela is attracted to him.

    Jim is a nice guy – too nice sometimes. He stands up to Ryan because he still thinks of Ryan as “The Temp” and maybe he knows Ryan is acting illegally. He has less leverage to stand up to Charles. I almost expected Jim to join Pam and Michael because of how uncomfortable Charles is making him feel, but it seems the practical side of him stopped Jim.

  119. Pam leaving is starting to feel like Bret quitting the band on Flight of the Conchords. It happens every few episodes. Lol.

    That said, I still enjoyed this episode a lot. Michael’s computer screaming and roaring at him and then Jim saying “it’s MonstER .com” was absolute brilliance and maybe the biggest laugh of the season for me.

    I thought this show was losing its way a few weeks ago. Now i’m hooked again.

  120. Not worried about Jim and Pam – they are as strong as nails and I really thought Jim looked so PROUD of Pam when she said she wanted to be a “salesman”! She was with Roy for 8 years and was pretty suppressed by him…She & Jim aren’t like Grey’s Anatomy or most other shows where couples introduced with loads of lust and angst need to keep breaking up and making up throughout the season, they just get stronger and funnier and more confident the longer they’re together. Now she just wants to see what she can do, I agree with previous postings that being on the road this season with Michael has opened up her eyes to what she’s capable of and missing…. We’ve known she’s capable of more for ages (“skeet-shruting”, anyone?).

    Regarding their financial situation – didn’t Jim’s biggest client move all their stationary requirements to DM after getting 5 golden tickets… nice commission… … genius. Loved Toby’s “Aeroplane film” analogy. Loved the crawling around shots & pulling Phyllis’s chair!

    #119 – completely agree!

    Awesome show, loving ALL this season, the only one I didn’t like was the Prince Family Paper because it was depressing – and look what happened!

  121. Please tell me the character Charles is out of here next week. Absolutely can’t stand this guy.

  122. This episode was pretty funny, especially michael crawling around on the floor. However, Pam leaving was a total shock for me! I mean, I’m all for her reaching her full potential, but that means there’s going to be less and less Jam moments! I just rewatched the Chair Model episode from last season, and it was full of pam and jim cute moments. This season it seems like they’re never going to get married. We already had to deal with Pam going to art school, and now this? They haven’t even been planning their wedding yet!

  123. I nearly stood and applauded when Pam left. It was absolutely perfect. One of the best plot-driven moments in the history of the show. Loved it.

  124. Aww that was so sweet of Pam to leave with Michael. I thought Michael would give her a hug. And Charles is an evil man.

  125. @80: I also immediately thought of the end of The Graduate (“Sounds of Silence”) as Pam & Michael walked away. A true classic.

    And I really liked Kevin’s appreciation of Michael, and his comment: “maybe I should tell him…”
    Most everyone, even Toby, seems to realize already that Michael’s childish antics made their lives more interesting and fun, even with his lack of business acumen and tact.

    And, maybe I missed it, but isn’t C-Miner in charge of the whole region as Jan was? He’s not the new Michael. In the real world Wallace would (and perhaps will) step in and put Jim in charge of Scranton. But would Jim want that?

    Great episode.

  126. This show HAS to have JAM. It’s not complete without them. Now that Pam is not at DM, the only way they can show those JAM moments is at their house. I’m expecting to see some “pillow talk” in the next few episodes.

  127. I loved Pam’s walking out moment, but I was so disappointed that she didn’t “make a scene and slap someone”. Oh well, this works too.

  128. i have not felt this kind of anxious anticipation since season two, what a great episode. i am in the group of people who would rather the characters grow and change naturally over 5 years versus having the show stay exactly the same cause i like it the way it is. i also love that jim has this side to his character where he is sort of passive and awkward in confrontation – that has consistently been his weakness and i’m glad he has one instead of being the perfect male.

  129. #70: That’s hilarious that Michael would make himself RM of his own company, not CEO. Also, I think you need to add Todd Packer to your list & it’ll be GOLD.

  130. #149 Haha Pam making a scene would’ve been classic. She could’ve just stood up and told everyone off. But that’d be way out of character. Still, it is nice to see her have a backbone.

  131. I think no one else followed Michael because it isn’t at all realistic. But, when he asked if people were “happy” with their jobs, I could totally see Pam kind of snapping and going with Michael.

    Give it a few episodes of Charles’ bad management and I bet others will leave and go to Michael’s company as well.

    – Jim won’t make it anywhere with Charles as his boss.
    – Oscar said he dreamed he could one day quit
    – Dwight will be loyal to Michael, he always is
    – Stanley and Kevin both just got assigned jobs neither will be able to handle.
    * Most importantly, it allows for a quick, easy, plausible way to completely shake up character roles and setting. Could be sitcom gold!

  132. My first reaction to Charles’ assigning Kevin to phone duty was, Kevin’s getting fired.

    -Since the first Halloween ep, DM Scranton has had three accountants doing the work that could be done by two.
    -The fact that Kevin messed up some spreadsheets and asked for overtime (within earshot of the new VP, who happens to have started in accounting) didn’t help.

    And Pam’s decision to quit may have been influenced not only by Charles but also the fact from “Blood Drive” that there are new telephone systems that can do 95% of her job. With Charles in charge, she’d be fired sooner or later.

    And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Charles gave, in Ryan’s words, “the crossword puzzle guy” the job of “productivity czar.” Either Charles wants Stanley to be more productive, or this is a prelude to Stanley being let go.

  133. It felt like an emotional rollercoaster (reinforced, of course, by the current situation in the economy– I kept hoping for Michael to understand the foolishness of his decision). Kudos to the writer for yet again bringing in an unexpected (two actually, considering the second person’s decision at the ending).

    It was also hilarious! the copier thing was great, Dwight’s line about WWII (and Pam’s deadpan reaction to it) were fantastic. I also liked JIm’s matter of fact, sensible “still no” at the end. So, great episode.
    Can we have the Michael Scott Paper Company merged into Dunder Mifflin “ASAP as possible”, though?

  134. Michael’s speech was wonderful. Jenna’s performance was great. But Pam leaving with Michael was absurd. Pam leaving kind of made sense. But the way she left was ridiculous. It was a cheap way to add excitement to the episode. She knows how to contact Michael to accept his offer. She should have discussed it with Jim. Instead she just declared it, did not even look at Jim, and ran out. She just put their entire financial burden on Jim’s shoulders, and at a time when she could only assume it would remain that way for a long time. I understand some people bringing up Jim buying the house, which was dumb of him, but he did that with Pam and their life together as his motivation. Pam’s motivation completely neglected Jim and their life together.

  135. Someone may have mentioned this, but I immediately thought of Jerry Maguire…Tom Cruise’s “Who’s coming with me? Who’s coming with me?” followed by receptionist Renee Zellweger running out with Tom Cruise.

    Great episode, best of the year, and maybe the best since season 3.

  136. toby’s explanation of michael and the airplane movie was soooo on point. someone said earlier in another episode analyisis that Pam was the only woman to understand Michael.

    I feel like we could potientally see Pam & Michael become an item.

  137. #161-

    Well, if the writers are planning to issue a JAM drama, then what 45% commented may happen. After all, Pam did choose to assist Michael rather than continue her pursuit in art or another stable career, leaving poor Jim alone to fend off the evil that is Charles Miner (and Dwight, sometimes).

  138. 162-Ann
    Pam quit pursuing a career in art after she failed out of art school, not for Michael. And she gave up a dead-end, low-paying job to pursue a position as a founding member in a paper company. As unlikely as success is, if she fails she could probably get her old job back (she has loads of experience and she is willing and able to assemble complex machinery). Pam and Michael wanted Jim to come with them. If she and Michael succeed, she will get to work with Jim, as partners, in a much more enriching environment.

    Pam running out like she did was dumb, but it added a little excitement. Pam hooking up with Michael would probably ruin the ratings for this show. It sounds like a large proportion of the viewership consists of diehard JAM fans.

  139. I really like this shake up. For those of you who have seen the UK Office….as funny as David Brent was as RM of Wernham Hogg, some of the absolute best moments of the series came from the “Office Special” after he was let go. Watching Brent “Chase the dream” was some of the best stuff ever put to film. And with the writers that this show has, I have a feeling we can expect similar with Michael.

    Just my humble opinion…..

  140. LOVED

    This was great…Oh my gawd, Pam leaving with Michael! I didn’t expect that at all! I’m so excited to see what happens next…

  141. Pam is the type of person who takes risks. Season 4 walking over burning coal (maybe she should’ve been regional manager, taking a shot at art school (but got home sick) and now with Michael’s newly proposed paper company (gonna be epic if it works LOL). I like that quality in a lady. Pam’s my girl! *High 5 to myself*

  142. Nope Nope Nope. Pam is engaged, she and Jim have a mortgage and she would never just walk out on her job. Totally not realistic.

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