1. Grats Erock!

    I was one of the people that heard “acquit” when the episode originally aired. I did assume that it was “quit” though when he walked out and the episode ended. When I went back the next day and watched it again, it was clearly “quit.”

    Still good to get a solid answer though. Fun reading some of the answers too.

  2. I love Jenna’s answers to all of those infomercials! I have NO clue why, but I am entranced by those things! Thus far, the best are: Roomba, The Magic Bullet, and Bare Minerals. Bare Minerals was so good that I bought it – and LURVE it :)

  3. Jenna fischer is so cool to answer those questions! And I can’t believe people actually thought michael said, “aquit”

  4. I just can’t believe there was an actual controversy over the “I quit” vs. “acquit” thing. That never made any sense.

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