The Office: New Boss, 5.20

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The Office New Boss Charles Miner Idris Elba

Writers: Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky
Director: Paul Feig

Summary (NBC): Michael has big plans for his 15th anniversary party at Dunder Mifflin, but is in for a shock when the new, no-nonsense Vice President (guest star Idris Elba) has some ideas of his own. Meanwhile, Jim’s prank on Dwight has some unexpected results.

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In a poll conducted March 19-23, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.32/10

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The Office New Boss quotes

Dwight: A string quartet playing classy-cal music.

Michael: I need something classy like the opening of a car dealership.

Dwight: Mr. Peanut is not classy. He is a regular peanut.

Jim: Declasse.
Michael: French! Classy.

Michael: Miner? I hardly know her.

Michael: As you can see, I turned the bagels from Os into Cs. For Charles.

Michael: The former was my lover, and the latter, my best friend. So who knows?

Kelly: My god. He’s like a black George Clooney.

Michael: This little hellraiser is Angela. She has slept with a bunch of different guys in the office.

Charles: Thank you for the C-shaped bagels.

Michael: Truth be told, I think I thrive under a lack of accountability.

Michael: African Americans have such a rich history of unusual names.

Michael: Jan would mostly come by when she was super horny.

Michael: Tell him to call me ASAP as possible.

Dwight: My name is Michael Scotch.

Charles: Who is this?
Michael: I was never given a name.

Michael: I think it’s a little hypercritical.

Kelly: Should I seduce him?
Angela: No. No one wants to see that.

Pam: He just skipped the Ace Ventura talking butt thing. He never skips it. This is bad.

Pam: It’s cupcakes and strippers all the way down.

Charles: What is a two-way petting zoo?
Jim: You pet the animals, they pet you back.

Michael: Do you even know how paper is made?

Charles: Do you want to keep this made-up position? It’s important to you?

Michael: I feel like I’ve been sort of boned.

Michael: And I’ve never gone hang gliding.

Jim: And for my next trick, I will make my career disappear.

Kelly: I am going to get him to buy me a prime rib tonight.

Angela: He does not need to go dumpster diving for companionship.

Michael: You have no idea how high I can fly.

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  1. 2 consecutive awesome episodes!!!

    I’m very curious to see what happens with Michael…

  2. Wow. What an episode. I’m kind of confused though because, Michael seemed like he quit, but the synopsis for next week’s episode looks like he’s still there?

  3. The Office has a hell of a team! I don’t know how they packed such an amazing episode in only 22 minutes! I can’t wait for next week! JamFan, I’m curious too, especially since we know Shoe La La isn’t completely ready yet :)

  4. what the heck did i just see?

    i love/hate the office for these cliffhanger endings!

  5. He’s obviously going to come back eventually. Great episode though.

    Jim was quite classy.

  6. Yikes! That one was a nail biter. Funniest part for me was Angela’s talking head with her mascara running. LOL, too funny.

  7. It was good…I guess…not very funny, on the whole, but it was very obviously an important episode in terms of plot. I liked the tux bit…though it did make me just more desperate to see any other signs of a future wedding.

    The ending was random…and cliffhanger-y…why did he quit, exactly?

  8. Like last week, this was an episode in which Michael was just too clueless for me.

    Since when is Assistant Regional Manager a made up position? Jan offered it to Jim at Stamford, and also at Scranton, it’s not something Michael made up. I thought that was a bit contrived in order to make Jim look bad to the new boss.

  9. why would wallace let new boss come in and change everything in scranton, he just had mike on the lecture circuit cause their numbers are so good…

  10. #12, I think the reason that he quit was because even though David was going to give him a party, that didn’t win him over. I think that shows that Michael is not an idiot, and he knows exactly what he wants.

  11. Great episode, except the writers HAVE to stop making Angela into a completely non-believable cat-licking tramp. Other than that, a strong performance from the rest of the cast. Idris Elba looks like he’s a keeper and Michael and Kelly were especially great. As for the ending, very reminiscent of the end of Traveling Salesmen where Dwight quits.

  12. I’m confused, hurt, and disappointed. Did Michael really just quit. All through this episode I struggled to laugh. I love the Office, but this one didn’t do it for me. I don’t know what it was. I hate to be too judgmental, because the usual Office/awkwardness was back, it just didn’t feel right.

    I miss the 9-to-5 satire, not this “the economy is getting worse and let’s see how uncomfortable we can make our viewers.”

  13. Best idea ever: 2-Way Petting Zoo!

    Great episode. Could cut the tension with a knife!

  14. One thing is for sure, they can’t get rid of Michael because he really is a whole lot of the show. He probably did not quit, he’s just trying to get his way and he feels this is the best thing to do (IMHO he probably will say it was a joke). Great episode though. Similar feeling to the infamous Did I Stutter episode.

  15. I don’t want to wait a whole week to see what happens. I hate that about cliff hangers- the waiting. (Although I guess that’s the point of them, isn’t it?)

    officefreak- I was wondering that too. I came on here after it aired to check the synopsis for next week’s episode and you’re right, it sounds like he’s still working there. This week is going to be hard (twss ;))

    Classy Jim makes me look forward to a JAM wedding even more…

  16. Jeff Camp? WE TOTALLY HAVE THE SAME NAME!!!!! Besides that, great episode. I feel like the office is back to their awkward humor that i fell in love with in 2005. Great to have you Mr. Miner.

  17. @ #13:

    Michael has been clueless for the entire run of the series. That is the show. As for the assistant regional manager position, it has always been pretty much a BS title.

  18. Trust me, my last name is shortened…anyway one more thing….I think every now and then a darker episode such as this def keeps things going, but I agree with many here, it feels like earlier seasons and a return to the awkwardness that makes it so great, even if it is darker.

  19. I didn’t like this episode as much as I liked the last two weeks, however I love awkward and uncomfortable Jim, it is so funny to watch! Also the cold open had me in stitches!

  20. The two-way petting zoo is my fave idea/quote EVER! “Two way petting zoo. You pet the animals, the animals pet you.” Sheer brilliance! And I loved Pam teasing him in the talking head about his spending 40 mins getting ready lol.
    And how the heck are the writers going to get out of the main-character-quit hole? We shall find out next week, I suppose!

  21. Amazing episode!

    Question, anybody know where the “It’s gonna be metal” quote is from? Or was it original. I’m going crazy trying to figure it out.

  22. A thought…the next episode is called Two Weeks– what if Michael has to stay for two weeks…like you have to give two weeks notice when you quit…and that is what it’s about.

  23. PB&J were completely adorable in the way they’re supposed to be… oh yeah, MICHAEL QUIT!?!?

  24. And I agree that Jim’s awkward situation and Angela’s behavior were contrived and unrealistic for their characters.

  25. #13 I had the same question. Jim is the assistant manager, it was part of the merger of the two branches. That’s why Jim was the number 2 and Andy & Dwight were fighting over the number 3. Now I have to go rewatch those episodes.

    I wasn’t surprised since the next one is called 2 weeks but I hope that somehow David convinced Michael to stay, after all the new boss doesn’t know paper and somehow Michael is selling lots of paper.

    Though this episode tied in with the frustation that David had to feel after last weeks.

  26. Two things:

    1. Next week’s episode “Two Weeks,” is likely referring to Michael’s “two week notice.” Which brings me to my next point…

    2. The synopsis for next week’s episode states, “as Michael finds an excuse to goof off more than usual.” His “excuse” is that he quit, so he thinks he doesn’t have to do any work during his final days at the company.

    Obviously, this isn’t the end of Michael Scott. It’s just a power-play between Michael and his new boss. Michael is being his dramatic self to get what he wants.

  27. Come on Office writers! Jim was rather explicitly given a promotion when he left Stamford. Please show a little continuity.

  28. Once again, assistant regional manager is pretty much meaningless. The point Charles was trying to make was that he wasn’t impressed with Jim and didn’t see him showing much responsibility.

  29. Regarding that Assistant Regional Manager bit, Charles was asking what made it different from an actual salesman. Other than acting in the Regional Manager’s stead, the only real difference is a pay raise. So there really is no continuity.

  30. Poor Jim, the old charm just wasn’t working for him today. I haven’t seen him that uncomfortable in a long time, but I don’t worry about him. David Wallace knows Jim does good work for Dunder Mifflin. As for Michael, I think the frustration of having Charles Miner as his boss got to him. I think Michael loves Dunder Mifflin too much to just quit like that.

  31. Someone, please tell me what he said after “I quit” My kids started getting loud just then.

  32. This episode was great, but the continuity error that will hopefully be explained in the coming episodes is Jim’s relation with the company. He is ARM, he even had a name plate at Stamford, and you would think the new VP would have heard what a great guy Jim was from David, so he would have had an idea of what to expect from Jim.

    The line that had me thinking was Michael’s talking head about the VP doing everything Michael does in the office, so my guess is that if Michael goes, then he’ll temporarily take over the regional manager position.

  33. I think I spoiled this episode by watching too many preview clips. The NPR clip was the best part of the episode, and with the Tonight Show clip I managed to piece together the idea that Jim would be awkward around the new VP. Oh well. Still, the VP is a great character and the ending was a shocker.

  34. I’ve had many favorite lines from this show over the years, but I think tonight I heard the funniest line EVER!

    When Jim said “You pet the animals, they pet you back” I just lost it! I played it over and over and over and couldn’t stop laughing. Jim’s sheepish delivery completely sold it too!

    I will be using that line in my everyday life from this day forward. Somehow, some way, I will!

  35. This is why people tip toe around Michael and let him act the way he does – because if you take away his toys and tell him to grow up, his world is shaken and his stomps like a child. I feel for the guy, and perhaps Charles was a bit harsh, but maybe Michael can “fly high” if he leaves DM – at least for now.

    And add me to the list of people who were confused about Jim’s made up position. He was promoted by Jan so he’d come back to Stamford. It’s in the episode “Branch Wars’.

  36. Although I really liked the episode, I was annoyed at the discrepancies between this episode and The Merger. Jim really was given the title/position of ARM. David Wallace said it himself. Why didn’t Jim say that? If Jim has enough courage to say that he is a hard worker and a good salesman, then why didn’t he tell his new boss that he really was ARM, per Wallace’s proclamation? It seemed out of character and just a contrived plot device to get Jim to be more uncomfortable and on the boss’ bad side.

    I expect better from the writers.

  37. This was a fantastic episode! So many great moments and great lines. I think the best part for me was when the entire office tried to stop Michael from humiliating himself with his repeating of Charles. Not only was it kind of sweet that they were trying to help him; it was hilarious that they ALL know what his repeating routine means. Classic!

  38. At the end, I could swear I heard Michael said, “I ACquit.” Am I just hearing things?

  39. Yes Jim was given a promotion but he doesn’t have any new responsibilities other than acting as the office babysitter when Michael is away. The guy from The Wire was right, it is really just an imaginary position.

    Im siding with The Office creative team on this one.

  40. I only laughed twice during this episode. Once during the “classy” cold-opening, and again when Jim proposed the idea of his 2-Way Petting Zoo. But the episode wasn’t bad, I just thought it was focusing on the plot and drama much more than the comedy.

    I was on Michael’s side the entire episode. Charles should be listening to HIM because HIS branch is the only one making money, obviously HE is doing something right. Then Charles buys each branch lunch, and unless that’s coming out of his own pocket it’s company spending and that shouldn’t be happening. Oh, and Charles is not a friendly guy to have around AT ALL. Finally, Michael has to drive all the way down to New York to talk to David Wallace instead of having a conversation over the phone. What a terrible way to treat an upper-management employee. In addition to Wallace transferring Holly earlier in the season, Michael had every right to quit.

  41. One word, two syllables


    Easily a top ten episode.

    Now only if I can get to next week without going insane.

  42. Tonight’s episode was HILARIOUS. As always. Seat 18b–first of all I LOVE the name–that interview with John was really good. Also, I agree with you about “I ACquit” I heard that too.

  43. It was ok. Very dissapointed the way michael was treated. I know he’s a big goof off, but he makes the show awesome!

  44. Ok, they obviously can’t have the show without Michael. He’ll be back. I’ve always hated how the writers try to “spice things up” by doing all this coming and going in and out of the office (Jim going to Stamford, Jan quitting, Holly, Ryan, Pam at art school etc.) so this annoyed me like it always does when they do this.

    I felt bad for Jim. I think we’ve all been in situations where everything we do is wrong and we end up making even bigger fools of ourselves. But, come on, it IS a real position!! It just has a debatable title!

  45. @ #46: I heard that too. I thought I was hearing things and then assumed it was “I quit.” I’m still not sure and will be watching the show again tomorrow.

    I’m with some of the others that posted, Jan offered Jim the #2 spot if he went back to Scranton…so it’s not made up. Also Scranton’s numbers were at the top, so why send in someone new like that to change it all up.

    Good episode though and it left me wanting next weeks.

  46. Overall liked the episode. Figured someone was quitting since the next ep was named “Two Weeks” but didn’t think it’d be Michael. Personally, I’m hoping to see how the show runs without Michael, although just for awhile.

  47. 51 Wrote: I’ve always hated how the writers try to “spice things up” by doing all this coming and going in and out of the office (Jim going to Stamford, Jan quitting, Holly, Ryan, Pam at art school etc.)

    I always loved that part of the show. Real offices have people going and leaving all the time. People quit, people are fired, new people come in. If everyone was exactly where they were at the beginning of Season 2, where would be the office drama you expect in real life?

  48. My impression of the Assistant Regional manager thing is that it’s a “real” job and title but doesn’t seem to entail any real responsibilities. And when Charles started grilling Jim about it, he was caught off guard and started digging and rambling about Dwight and making it sound like even more of a joke.

    If you’re looking to cut costs, a guy with an title and a bigger paycheck with no apparent extra responsibilities is going to raise eyebrows.

  49. The Assistant Regional Manager/Jim’s second-in-command thing wasn’t much of a continuity slip.

    I’m pretty sure Jim (and the audience) learned from Charles that it was all BS to begin with.

  50. Okay, for those of you who are complaining about a continuity error regarding Jim’s promotion to Assistant Regional Manager, go back and watch Dwight’s Speech. You’ll see Jim tell Dwight that being assistant regional manager means absolutely nothing. Also, in Branch Closing and The Merger, you’ll find that Jan never uses the term “assistant regional manager” when promoting Jim. She just says the number two position, indicating that Jim would receive the second highest salary in the office. Jim clearly knew his title was bogus.

  51. To those talking about the continuity of the Jim as ARM, Jan did tell him he’d be number two at the combined branch since he’d worked with both offices. When he got back he did tell Dwight that was second in command and even that there was a pay raise with it.

  52. 54: I see your point. However, I just think the writers can think of other ways to progress from the Season 2 status. When a character is gone, I feel like the dynamics are off. But that’s just me.

  53. This Charles guy is an ass. Hope he’s not around long. Why is Wallace sending this clown to bust Michael’s chops when Scranton’s numbers are up? Also, I didn’t buy Angela being infatuated with the new guy. He isn’t exactly similar To Dwight or Andy. This episode was light on the laughs. It did make me really hate this Charles guy.

  54. I honestly think that this episode took the office that we know and love, with all of the quirks and awkwardness that we appreciate, and brought in someone from the real world. The result was what we saw. I thought the writing was brilliant. My heart literally stopped beating when Michael quit. I can’t wait to see what happens. What a great twist!

  55. Hey! I Michael REALLY quitting??

    I think he is planning on leaving the show to make more SPY MOVIES. What do you think?

    I bet he has been working on another script.

  56. #52 wrote: “I’m with some of the others that posted, Jan offered Jim the #2 spot if he went back to Scranton…so it’s not made up. Also Scranton’s numbers were at the top, so why send in someone new like that to change it all up.”

    But having the ARM title or being “number 2″ is meaningless in the grand scheme of things in the corporate world. The Office has been basically making fun of that title for 5 years.

    I think officemanager said it best…”If you’re looking to cut costs, a guy with an title and a bigger paycheck with no apparent extra responsibilities is going to raise eyebrows.”

    The new boss is a no-nonsense kind of guy and clearly has a different approach from Jan and Ryan.

  57. Jim was made Assistant Regional Manager (an official promotion and a raise) when he went to Stamford. He came back to Scranton with that position intact. That’s canon. I don’t think ARM position is unique to Scranton (they had it in Stamford, stands to reason they’d probably have them in other branches). I also think that someone like Charles — the no-nonsense corporate guy with experience — would know the company hierarchy structure well before embarking on branch visits.

    But I doubt the writers are necessarily being sloppy here or messing with continuity. More likely, Charles, already in funds-tightening mode and questioning everyone’s contribution, started off by disliking Jim. Hence the questioning of the title and the job. And Jim doesn’t do well with instant confrontations, especially when he’s already feeling at a disadvantage. He needs time to gear up for fights. The next ep will show more, I’m sure.

  58. During Baby Shower I was remarking to my friend about how I didn’t like the direction the show was taking away from The Office. 98% of this episode redeemed it. Within the first ten minutes we looked at each other and said that the Office was back. Michael was the Michael he used to be, it was inside the office, and it felt more documentary than anything else. I laughed so much, at the expense of Michael, something I haven’t done in a long time…. the only things I don’t like are what they are making Angela’s character to be. I feel she’s really out of character, sleeping with two men and going after her boss. I’m not sure when she became so comfortable in the Office, but I’m not sure I like her “chatting it up” with everyone… not to mention, I’m not sure where the consequences of other people in the office disappeared to… I’m certain they would have treated her differently in real life.

  59. Just a little response to the comments about continuity problems, I felt that Jim was clearly shuffled a bit after the intimidating Minor questions if Jim’s duties include more than just selling paper as ARM. In terms of how that made Jim feel and question his true position after just mentioning that the title was made up to make Dwight feel good. Even though he has a bit of a pay raise, and supposedly Wallace agrees with the promotion, the only thing Jim can think of is not sounding like he is applying the title to himself to make himself feel better. Eventually he had to get out of there to prevent him from looking more like a weirdo.

  60. I don’t know if someone already said this — I haven’t read through all of the comments yet.

    But, obviously Michael isn’t leaving… BUT I bet next week’s episode is titled “2 weeks” because you give 2 weeks notice before you leave…


  61. best line…
    wallace: how did you get here?
    michael: in my car

    I’m not too sure what to think about our new friend mr. minor.

  62. This episode was pretty good, though I found 2 things unbelievable: 1) That Angela would be attracted to the new guy (he doesn’t seem like her type…but then again, he has no sense of humor, so…) and 2) Couldn’t Jim just take off his tux jacket and bow tie (and vest if he had one on, I didn’t notice) and change his hairstyle in the bathroom?! Then he’d look pretty much like he does every day!

    I’m really interested in seeing what happens with Michael. :)

  63. Yikes! No more Michael? No more PPC? No more Assistant (to the) Regional Manager?
    I guess bad things always happen in 3s…

  64. Long time lurker, first time poster here.

    As subpar as I feel this season has been (although a subpar season for this show is a great season for some others), this episode totally has me pumped for the possibilities for the future. How great is Idris Elba as a bad guy? Are there really only 5 episodes left? :(

    67: 110% feel the same way. Baby Shower = bad. New boss = opposite end of the scale.

  65. I liked the episode, but most of the comedy came out of the cringe-worthy parts.

    My eyes widened just about as far as they could go when Michael quit. Where the hell did that come from? It was such a shock to me…kind of reminds me of the season 3 finale, when Jim asked Pam on a date…except, obviously, not as happy.

    I don’t like this Charles guy! He’s so mean…and I felt so bad for Jim the whole time. I’m anxious to see what happens next…

  66. Michael said “I Acquit.” My family did not believe me, and I made them rewind the VCR and rewatch it about 4 times.

    It was typical of Michael to misuse the word; however, I believe David Wallace did hear “I quit” judging by his reaction. It was supposed to be ambiguous to us watching, and I think next week we will see a plot involving David thinking Michael has quit, and Michael not knowing that his boss is scrambling to replace him. Brilliant writing, this ending was so perfect.

  67. Well, through most of the episode I was glad that that they are FINALLY continuing Jim’s issues that first came up in “Local Ad” last year. However, toward the end I was wondering, when did Jim begin caring about his job that much? He actually called it a career. Even at the end of last season he was joking that making the big sale at the golf course was the first time he actually tried at his job.

  68. He said, “I quit.” The writers aren’t going to make you pay that close of attention to whether or not he said “uh.”

    That being said, I think this was the worst office in a long time. It wasn’t funny, just uncomfortable. And it’s building to a season finale story that I’m not terribly interested in.

  69. I was pretty sad when Jim said the line about making his career disappear, because I still think about season 1 Jim vowing that he’d throw himself under a train if Dunder Mifflin became his career. Even though Jim’s relationship with Pam made DM less of a hellhole, I still think he shouldn’t equate his love life with a satisfying career. I really hope the show will acknowledge/reconcile his professional dissatisfaction before the series ends!
    Anyways, I enjoyed this episode. The 2-way petting zoo was amazing.

  70. I thought Jim’s position as #2 was a real position? I mean Jan said he would be the #2 guy in ‘Branch Closing’ and Jim said he got paid more for the position in ‘The Merger’. So I was confused by the new boss’ statement.

  71. The episode was good except I was bothered by how much Jim got slammed by the V.P.. The position he has was clearly given to him by Jan not by Michael. Come on writers!

  72. Wow, some people on here are overreacting more than Michael did about the new boss! Let’s see, he introduced himself, announced that the company was reigning in expenses due to the economy, worked in the conference room, bought lunch and canceled a party. Hardly “omg he’s turning everything UPSIDE DOWN!” material. Don’t forget he oversees ALL the branches, not just Scranton. And if he’s giving extra attention to Scranton, I’m sure it’s because Wallace was probably upset about the whole Golden Ticket fiasco and thinks Michael needs a babysitter.

    On the other hand, I think Michael is justified in quitting too. Wallace transferred Holly, made him potentially ruin the Prince Family business, and now won’t even talk to him on the phone, despite being a 15 year company man whose branch is the only one with increasing sales. I lost it when he said if you put paper in a furnace you’d ruin it, pushed the chair and stormed out of the office. Hilarious!

    And wow, what’s going to happen next now with Michael gone? Forget Lost, forget 24…this is true can’t miss television.

  73. @ 39: He said “You don’t know how high I can fly”

    I’m not sure what this is referencing, Seuss pops into my head but probably because he was in Horton…

  74. Reviewing Dwight’s organizational charts in Did I Stutter?, it appears that Jim’s position really does not give him any special power.
    “Jim is in charge of Stanley, only in sales related matters. Hence the green line, green for money. Sales.”

  75. Charles in Charge! It’s great to see a realistic person enter the scene. Someone who actually “acts” like a real human being. You’d think someone, in 15 years, would realize that Michael (especially the cartoon character he has become) is a train wreck.

    And I also am glad to see some repercussions to Jim’s malfeasance. The infallible hero finally gets taken down a peg. I love it! Make Jim suffer, Charles Minor. Make him suffer!

  76. Sticious, Jim started caring about his job in the previous season’s finale. When he was giving Michael tips on wooing Holly, he realised that the job was very important to him because everything he did with Pam was done there (first spoke, first lunch together, etc.), it only dawned on him. It was also when Ryan was testing his position and right after the scene with Michael he’s on the phone leaving a message to Ryan saying that he will fight for his job and he won’t leave easily.

  77. like comment #75 we had to re-watch numerous times to see that he said acquit…I think the new plot line will be the new boss putting Dwight in charge seeing as Jim looks so bad…hysterical…

  78. Prinkles, I don’t think it’s the job Jim cares about, it’s having the job so he can pay for his “big plans he has for Pam and him.” I was just a little thrown that he called it a career.

  79. The whole theme of Michael this season seems to be discovery of what he really wants out of his relationships. Even if it’s out of his awkward actions and misguided attitude, it comes down to him actually having some identifiable humanity very clearly – how he talked about Holly, how he felt about Jan’s baby, and now how he feels about his job and David Wallace. The writers are taking Michael to such extremes as a tool to reveal some sincerity we haven’t seen before. I think this is to establish, and possibly close the season with, that the office crew really does consider Michael a good boss, and that he is doing something right. That’s been the mystery all season – what is he doing so right?

  80. Idris Elba as the straight-man, no-nonsense new guy in charge was absolutely wonderful. I loved his bewildered looks at the camera, and his reaction to the insanity that is Dunder Mifflin Scranton (the worst brunch food presentation ever, guy in a tux who just can’t stop saying the wrong things, a boss who introduces accountants by explaining their sex lives and later has a huge tantrum, business hours spent on party planning, a tiny flirty blond lady, etc.) Charles Miner is a terrific new element–I’m psyched about this character and can’t wait to see what happens with this story!

    Loved the cringe of Jim shooting himself in the foot repeatedly with Charles — that was well done and it will be fun to see what follows. Oh, and I really want to go to Jim’s two way petting zoo!

  81. Acquit –
      To discharge completely (as from an obligation or accusation)

    I ACQUIT, not I QUIT. That was way too obvious :D, still a brilliant ending though.

  82. i don’t think that the assistant regional manager thing is necessarily a continuity error. all that i took from that scene is that jim said he was arm and then went on to say it was a position that michael made up. charles miner is new. he might not know everything about the company yet, he probably wouldn’t. so when he asks jim if there are any responsibilities and jim says ‘no’, what else is he supposed to think other than the position is not really legit?

  83. Here’s my take:

    He said “I acquit”. The writers aren’t worried about if we catch this or not, and probably hope we don’t, thus having Steve cover it up as much as possible.

    The only thing that concerns me is David thinking he said “i quit”. What will that turn into?

    as far as the new boss goes, he was overall just that, a boss. nothing too harsh. I do think, however, that he gave Jim an overly cold shoulder. He only showed a glimpse of enthusiasm for pam with his exiting nod.

    Really can’t wait for next week

  84. With all this talk about ARM nobody has mentioned the best part of the episode. When Michael introduces Angela and says she has slept with many people in the office then points to Andy…HEY-OH! Awesome.

  85. Odd episode cause even though Michael acted liked a baby, he was completely right. 15 years and no respect, even he deserves that I would think. Oh and I’ve been reading some comments here and I think someone said 2 weeks could be short for 2 weeks notice; I think the party happens and David W. brings Holly back to get Mike to stay. Anyways, that’s just a prediction. Oh and a smaller stripper holding a cupcake = CLASSY

  86. 76. Sticious: I think you answered your own question. Jim started caring about his job and considering it a career last season when he started preparing to make a life with Pam.

    Also: Jim’s position is real. Jim babysitting the office when Michael is out and about is a legitimate responsibilty, worthy of a pay raise and a meaningful title.

  87. Holy sh-! This is the first time I’ve been shocked at the end of an episode since “Casino Night.” Loved the tension between Elba (great guest star) and Michael, and I love love loved the talking head with Jim and Pam where Jim is so ashamed of his decision to wear a tuxedo. Funny, dramatic, incredibly well written and acted episode.

  88. From “The Merger” which came a long time after “Dwight’s Speech”:
    Michael: So after a great deal of thought and introspective-shun, I have decided to make Jim my new Number Two.
    Dwight: If he even wants it. It doesn’t come with a pay raise.
    Jim: Yeah, it does, actually.
    Dwight’s = fake, Jim’s = real.

  89. Pretty sure he said “I quit.” I highly doubt the Office folks would make us work that hard to hear one line. He definitely quit, otherwise why would he say “You have no idea how high I can fly”? I think maybe some are overthinking this.

  90. That was positively painful to watch.

    My husband has never liked the Office as much as me because he gets very uncomfortable watching comedy where people are placed in uncomfortable situations like these characters so frequently are. I have always thought that’s one of the beauties of this show. But tonight? I wanted to turn off the tv.

  91. I really liked this episode overall. It had many classic Office cringe-worthy moments. The two way petting zoo line is an instant classic. I have a feeling we’ll all be using that one as often as “Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica”.

    My whole family all commented on the scene where the new boss indicated that Jim’s #2 position isn’t real. We all remembered that Corporate offered him an official #2 position to get him to go back to Scranton.

    I am a little disappointed though that the Jim storyline mirrors last season when Ryan put him on probation. We were all worried about Jim losing his job then, as we are now, again. I do feel that Jim needs to evaluate what he really wants out of life, besides Pam, but I wish the writers didn’t feel like he can only do that if he’s under duress.

    I know, I’m being picky. It was a great episode.

  92. lol moment- when Michael hit his hand on the door frame of the lunch room as he encouraged everyone to follow him.

    I could feel Michael’s pain when he realized that the new boss didn’t know anything about the product they sold. Very uncomfortable episode. Very realistic office scenario. Loved it!

  93. that was ridiculous.
    are you sure it was “acquit” i took it as “I -pause- quit.”

    how he ended though was totally classy. :]

    i thought #2 was Jim’s position as well, but I guess not. I like how Jan and Ryan went along with it anyways.

    can’t wait till the next episode!

  94. This episode had some great lines. Andy’s “hey-o!”, Dwight’s ransom call–Michael Scotch, Newsflash/headline, “I feel like I just got boned”…wow…so great!

    And the physical comedy was great too…Michael hitting his hand on the doorway had me cracking up, and when he threw the chair it reminded me of his hissy fit at his mother’s wedding.

    I felt bad for Jim, loved Kelly & Angela being smitten w/Charles, and Phyllis sucks…cause she threw them all under the bus.

  95. At first I thought Michael said “I acquit”…but on the closed captions it said “I quit”…which actually made me really sad. But it shows he is a smart guy, deep down, somewhere.

    David Wallace was always so compassionate and understanding to Michael, and I love that about him. I hope Michael doesn’t go anywhere. DM is his life!

  96. Jim’s #2 isn’t necessarily a real job title, but real in the hierarchy. I think the point was more that Jim got completely rattled and couldn’t think straight trying to impress the new boss. But Charles is so good, Jim just got completely steamrolled.

    It’s obvious from past seasons that Jim loses all his cool when backed into a corner (explaining The Alliance to Roy, or even when explaining his tux, for example)

  97. Someone said that the title ARM was made-up, but the position isn’t. Neither is made up from what I can tell… at the paper convention, each regional manager was instructed to bring along their ARM, remember? That’s why Jim and Dwight both went along.

  98. I thought this was an amazing episode, specifically for conveying what it’s really like when management changes – generally speaking, everyone does end up feeling “boned.” Plus, I loved Jim being stuck in that monkey suit through the whole episode – I was so afraid they were going to have him go home and take it off – it was perfect and uncomfortable. I actually had to look away a couple of times. Way to go, writers!

    P.S. My take on Jim’s “made up job title” is that Charles was throwing Jim’s own words back at him – Jim had just said Michael made up the job for Dwight.

  99. Does anybody agree that the term ‘2-way petting zoo’ has a really creepy resonance to it….(in an ‘interspecies erotica’ way)?

  100. I am so confused. I thought Michael said “I quit” and even though I cringed when he said it, I was excited to see what he goes about doing outside of Dunder Mifflin. However, after reading all the comments and reading the synopsis for the next episode, it doesn’t seem like he actually quit…WHAT’s GOING ON?!

  101. RE: #69. 75 cents and a button
    “You don’t know how high I can fly”

    I thought it’s just the way Michael talks — remember Business School: “May your hats fly as high as your dreams.” Don’t think it’s a specific reference to anything really.

  102. Late last night I closely listened to the final exchange between David and Michael with headphones via my PS3 (with “Ultra-Slow” speed audio running) and Michael definitely says: “I quit.”

  103. He clearly says “I quit”, otherwise, why would he wave at the end and say what he said? Not to mention that next week’s episode is called “Two Weeks”. I loved this episode, I know Michael can be a jerk sometimes but I enjoyed the fact that after 15 years of “service” to DM and no one seeming to care, he stood up to it. I guess it’s just refreshing to see Michael act like a man every once in a while.

  104. Awesome awesome awesome. Just perfect. Not a bad moment. Awesome.

    Easily the most cringe-inducing, awkward episode ever. Gervais and Merchant might even think they went too far. I was literally wringing my hands anytime Jim and Charles shared the screen.

    One question though: how in the world did Michael get a new boss named Charles and not use the phrase “Charles in Charge” once?

  105. I thought this episode was great! Filled with awkward cringing moments indeed! I was literally on the edge of my seat and can’t wait for next weeks episode! I can’t believe Michael quit, but it’s so in character for him, he really wasn’t going to get his way this time, even when David tried to humor him about the party.
    And I was shocked too that Jim said it was his career. I guess he decided to not jump in front of that train lol It was a great episode in my opinion, 100% genuine Office.

  106. (#115 Allison) I didn’t understand why Charles was giving Jim a hard time about the (ARM) Assistant Regional Manager position either. It was either because Charles is new and didn’t know about the position (which seems to me the reason) or that the writers didn’t think about it (which seems unlikely). Either way, it showed Jim completely folding under pressure even if he was right.
    Excellent episode. Tons of great lines. I love Jim, but I also love when the writers show his vulnerable side as well; his interactions with Charles were classic, especially when Pam was trying to save him by pulling him away. One of my favorites of the season. Can’t wait for “Two Weeks”!

  107. Could it be both? I feel like he did say “acquit” when I first watched it and having him say “I, uh, quit” would just be too confusing (anyone DVR it and have captioning?). But Michael constantly misuses words (this episode: hypercritcal vs. hypocritical) so he could think “acquit” is another way to quit. That line about having no idea how high he can fly ties in with him giving up hang gliding and not driving to the top of Mt. Washington. Also his face when Wallace was saying his solution was to have the party and come seemed like he wasn’t happy (the point was the disrespect, not the party).

  108. Obviously he said “I quit”
    The synopsis for next week’s show says: “Michael’s relationship with the new vice president Charles Miner (special guest Idris Elba) grows increasingly tense as Michael’s decision to quit gives him an excuse to goof off more than usual while still employed.”

    Note the “Michael’s decision to quit” section.

  109. I can’t believe there’s so much discussion about what Michael said. He clearly said “I quit.” It doesn’t make any sense to say “I acquit” because acquit takes an object (i.e. “I acquit myself”). I realize Michael has a history of misusing words, it’s one of the things I love about him, but the writers are much smarter than this.

    Having said that, I don’t think this show can exist without Michael Scott, Regional Manager. I’m very interested to find out what happens next.

  110. That was an AMAZING episode. It was literally brilliant. Michael, Jim and Dwight were all HILARIOUS, it had great character development for Jim and Michael, and for a comedy show to actually have me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next, is just phenomenal.

    In the words of Pam: “wow. Just – wow.”

  111. I think that with Michael quitting and Jim being on rough terms with the new boss there is a possibility that they may start a company of their own, which would be a pretty refreshing twist for this series: a new work setting, some new cast, but still have Michael, Jim, Dwight and some of the others. Steve Carrell is signed on for a few more seasons anyways… Thoughts?

  112. Great episode, very funny and awkward at the same time. Jim’s two way petting zoo line was priceless. Very looking forward to next wks episode.

  113. I haven’t read all the comments, but… as much as I like awkward Jim,

    a. just because ARM is a useless position doesn’t make it made up. It’s an obvious continuity mistake, which is sad because all they had to do was label it “useless” instead of “made-up.” Oh well.

    b. just take off the jacket, cumberbund and tie and fake it all day! A tux shirt is relatively low-profile, it’s possible Charles never would have noticed. I couldn’t get over that one the whole time.

    However, I actually did really like this ep… anything with David Wallace makes me a happy girl :-)

  114. Very classy episode! Mr. Peanut=instant comedy. Also I laughed/cringed when Michael thought that Charles’ wife’s name was “Saticoy Steel” – good lord!
    It must be weird for Jim, because he entertains himself by messing with Dwight and Michael, but having Charles around burst that bubble. Hopefully this episode signals a strong finish to the regular season.

  115. Here’s the problem I have with this episode that I loved so much: A typical straight man, way back to George Burns/Gracie Allen, works because he allows the foolishness to occur by how he reacts to it. Jan, for example, reacted to Scranton with frustration, exasperation, sometimes yelling or else being horny, as Michael reminds us. Charles, however, reacts with either intolerance (dealing with Michael) or by attacking the foolishness itself (dealing with Jim). So where do you go from there if you clamp down on the foolishness?

  116. Michael quit out of lack of respect. He has been working at Dunder Mifflin for 15 years, and all of a sudden he has to drive 2 1/2 hours just to talk to the CFO. When David Wallace told him that he could have his party, I think Michael realized he was only humoring him. Also, the party was only the beginning of his problems.

    My favorite part of the episode was Michael introducing the accountants to Charles. “This is Oscar, and he is Latino.” Michael just HAS to point that out. I love how he also as to tell their sexual history.

    Nice Work Gene and Lee.

  117. I thought the reason why Michael blurted out “I [aq]quit” after David told him that DM would rearrange some money so he could have his party, was because he finally made Michael realize how self centered and childish he’s been these years.

    The way David said it, it was as though David was the dad and Michael was the six year old who wanted to have a party even if mom and dad had just lost their jobs.

  118. I think Michael did say “acquit,” not realizing what it meant. He probably just thought it meant the same thing as “quit,” Michael says things like that all the time.
    Oh, and I could have sworn that ARM had a pay raise attached to it. And I agree with Kelley (133)…that’s exactly what I was thinking, he could have just taken off the cumberbund and (potentially) pulled it off without Charles noticing or caring enough to ask.
    Also, during Angela’s talking head about Charles and Kelly, did anyone else think of a deleted scene (I want to say season 2) where Kelly and Ryan were looking for something in a Dumpster? I don’t remember what episode it was or why they were in there, but that’s what I thought of!

  119. I also thought the episode had some continuity problems. If I remember it correctly, Jim was offered the No. 2 position back when they merged Stanford and Scranton, and they even had a discussion about the pay increase that came with that position. Am I right? Also, I agree with the observation that Jim could’ve just removed the tie and coat, and no one would have noticed the tux shirt. Anyway, I cringed so much with Michaels antics… classic Michael Scott! Good one overall

  120. In “the job’ episode Dwight said that Pam is the secret Assistant to the RM, Andy is his number 2 and he is both the RM and the ARM. So there might be a difference. So I don’t know what Jim does but I think it is mostly the pay raise and watching the office when Michael is gone.
    Also Michael did say “I quit.”

  121. Didn’t think about it until now, but what if Michael goes to work at Prince Family Paper?

  122. Wow. While I’ve always enjoyed the show for what it is, last night’s episode was the first in a long time where I truly cared about the developments going on. Getting Charles on board could potentially be a renaissance for the show. Please don’t do a quick fix for this; it’s the best plot development the show has seen since “Casino Night.” It’d be way too easy to have the employees (minus Stanley) beg Michael to reconsider and for him to crack.

  123. He definitely says “I acquit”, listen to it. Also, he is smiling as he shakes Wallace’s hand and I think the “how high I can fly” statement was to the effect that he will accomplish great things for D-M if they keep treating him right. Further, “Two Weeks” is when Miner said he’d be back and the synopsis that I see for next week says nothing about Michael quitting.
    At any rate, great episode!

  124. Although not one of my favorite episodes, it was pretty good and very cringeworthy. Very detailed episode, but I too thought the writers could have done a better job with the continuity of Jim’s ARM position, especially with how closely so many of their fans watch the show and are very knowledgeable about storylines.
    I’m very torn about what’s going on with Michael and what the future holds.

  125. Does anyone know how to get a t-shirt that has Pam with a deadpan expression and the caption ‘It’s cupcakes and strippers all the way down.’?

  126. Wow, quite the cliffhanger? (Maybe) Can’t wait to see what happens next week! Idris Elba is great, Poor Jim, I hope his career reappears next week.

  127. I hope Wallace has to beg for Michael back, his branch was the top performing branch (lecture circuit), usually you can’t just let the leader of that branch quit. Also his/Dwight’s Golden ticket idea just got the company a very large account. I dislike the new boss, and Michael is such a bad winner, his gloat will be fabulous.

  128. Sorry, this episode really bothered me. While that is obviously the point most of the time, this bothered me in a not-positive-way. It wasn’t awkward, it felt forced. Highlight: David Wallace in general and Michael finally realizing how little he is valued. The show won’t survive without Michael Scott so there is no fear of losing him, really. This season has been lackluster, in my opinion, since Holly Flax left. Can’t wait for her to return.

  129. One more thing..

    Am I the only one who thought it was weird that Toby really had nothing to say during this episode?? Seems that this would be something he would be involved in.

  130. This episode and last week’s episode are huge improvements over the rest of the season. I’m so happy to see a return to the office politics-based humor and none of the soap opera nonsense of Andy/Angela/Dwight and Michael/Holly. The show is much sharper and funnier and I hope this continues as the season progresses. All they have to do is bring back realJan, and I’ll be totally stoked and start watching live again! Nice job, show!

  131. Can I just say that I am still laughing at the whole “2-way petting zoo” thing. Absolutely awesome. One of the classic jokes that this season has been a little lacking in.

  132. One of the better episodes. It reminded me of episodes in seasons 1 and 2 where it was so awkward and uncomfortable. I enjoy that aspect of comedy, one of the reasons I like The Office so much. I think Charles understood Jim’s position was an official one. He just wanted to put him down.

  133. He definitely said, “I acquit.” I rewound and watched it three times. I think David Wallace thought Michael said he quit though. hmmmm…..

  134. #145 “Does anyone know how to get a t-shirt that has Pam with a deadpan expression and the caption ‘It’s cupcakes and strippers all the way down.’?”

    I would buy one of those myself if you find a supplier.

  135. If you look on the NBC website it says that Michael gives David his resignation. So he did quit.

  136. The Michael Scott Twitter account says “I quit.” Doesn’t one of the writers update that?

    [from tanster: no. that’s not an official office twitter account.]

  137. I definitely though he said “I acquit” but who knows… The next episode is named “Two Weeks” (as in two weeks notice) so he could actually be quitting.

  138. -loved when Jim tries not to notice Charles watching him, Dwight then smirking
    -loved how Michael thought Charles would be cool because of Jan & Ryan (so naturally… lol)
    -Michael hitting his hand on the door frame
    -Kelly running (don’t know why, just looked funny)
    -2 way petting zoo
    -Andy’s Hey-O!
    -Michael’s “ASAP as possible”

    Former “The Wire” stars are now 2-for-2; yay Amy Ryan & Idris Elba! Imagine if they were in the same Office episode!

    Next Thursday needs to get here fast!

  139. I think that he said ‘I Quit’ as opposed to ‘I acquit’ and the reason that some people think the latter is because the ‘I’ was drawn out a little, almost as if Michael tendered his resignation as a spur of the moment thing, which we all know he did. Also, Two-way petting zoo = epic.

  140. I just found this post I wrote back in August 2008 on my LJ blog:

    Date: 2008-06-11 10:06
    Subject: when 2 worlds collide
    Security: Public
    Did anyone notice that the writers of “The Office” finally got their real-life connection to “The Wire,” a show which they so adore? Yes, Amy Ryan appeared in the finale.

    I was really hoping they could have lured: Wendell Pierce, Lance Reddick, or I don’t know Idris freaking Elba! The comedic possibilities of a Toby being replaced by a Bunk? Oh my gosh!!! Or even Daniels?!! Or, yes I said it, Stringer Bell? I’m chuckling just considering this possibility. I would so like to see Gbenga Akinnagbe, Jamie Hector, Corey Parker Robinson, Seth Gilliam or even Domineck Lombardozzi on the set of “The Office” as well! Or anywhere! I miss them and want to see them working!

    Epilogue: The New Boss was all that it could be and more. It definitely did NOT disappoint. Unintended consequence, I have another reason to be so jealous of the people associated with The Office! But this is outweighed by the sheer JOY of seeing my wish come true!!

  141. Most everything has been pointed out already, so I’ll throw in another perfect Office moment from this one:

    As Michael walks out of his office, you can see one of the few books he has — Donald Trump’s “how to get rich” book.

    A little thing, but so fitting and priceless.

  142. [from tanster: please keep comments on topic, i.e. specific to ‘New Boss’. thanks!]

  143. An excerpt taken right from the nbc office website, from the “episode recap” slides, on the last one this is the caption:
    Episode 5020 | Season 5 | 03/19/2009
    David appreciates Michael’s honesty regarding Charles, especially when Michael believes after 15 years at Dunder Mifflin that he should have a little more respect. David agrees and wants to fit the bill for Michael’s party, which he’ll be attending. Michael says that’s not enough and gives David his resignation, realizing he could do much better on his own.

    so he gave his resignation….that should give some people a little clarity about the “I acquit/I quit” battle

  144. I liked this episode a lot; it seems like the writers are setting up something big to happen in the near future. I thought it was interesting that Jim finally had a prank that backfired on him, and that the new boss was unimpressed. It also seemed like Jim, though unintentionally, was badmouthing Dwight, and that didn’t impress Charles Minor at all. With Michael quitting, I could see Charles putting Dwight in Michael’s old spot, which I think would be quite hysterical.

  145. This episode was *so* awkward and funny and, IMO, poignant. Kudos the writers, cast & crew for a job well done. I was talking about it with a fellow “Office” fan and she said she couldn’t laugh at parts because she a) could hardly watch it, or b) was shocked by the turn of events.

    (Personally, I blame Phyllis for the whole debacle. (I say this slightly tongue-in-cheek.))

    The final scene with Michael & David Wallace was gold, also in my opinion. Looking forward to the next new ep!

  146. I’m still laughing at the 2 way petting zoo too!
    ha ha ha ha I felt the show led up to that joke with the new VP not liking Jim from the beginning and then that! ha ha ha

  147. I feel so sad…I mean, Michael can’t quit… But, maybe all that stuff could be exactly what the series need… Anyway, I can’t wait to see the next episode…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. The only thing that bothered me was the fact Toby wasn’t involved in something he should have been, they haven’t showed him for a long time.

  149. Something I’m really curious about is Angela’s behavior toward Charles. She was extremely formal to him in public, like she was with Dwight when they were dating, and she trashes Kelly’s attempts to hit on him, then she has his scarf! I wonder if something’s going to happen on that front.

  150. It was great to see Jim finally have one of his jokes backfire.. Michael feels overmatched by the new boss and decides to resign.. great episode. the last scene with michael and david was golden.

  151. I thought this was one of the best episodes this season (admittedly, not too difficult). It had the “tragicomedy” aspects I’ve always loved to watch. Can’t wait for the next episode!

    Idris Elba was outstanding and a breath of fresh air.

  152. It was very audible. It WAS “I quit.”

    ??? Where did this debate start? *smack*

  153. Someone brought up a good point – where is Toby? Seriously, how could he not have been involved in this episode with a new boss???

  154. Regarding the quit vs. acquit debate:

    Jenna confirmed on her myspace blog that Michael said, “I quit.”

  155. Sorry, I think I started the debate. I acquit.

    I can’t wait to see Charles handle an even more crazy Michael!

  156. Loved this episode. It harked back to the second series of the UK version. When Neil Godwin became David Brent’s new boss. He won over the entire office apart from David. The added tension between Jim and Charles is a good dramatic device. Jim’s never been happy being a paper salesman, now he has the catalyst to change. I also enjoyed the return to reality provided by Charles Miner. I believe he has a quirk yet to be revealed, but I know for sure this is not the end of Michael Scott!

  157. Wow this was a great episode… It would be hilarious if charles gave Dwight Michael’s job.
    “You have no idea how high i can fly” hahaha that was funny

  158. BOOOOOO. This was so depressing, along with two weeks. Aside from Toby, where are the jokes? Very disappointing turn of late.

  159. This episode was better than the last one. I was starting to worry after the last two episodes that the show was going downhill.

    I wonder how many takes the cheese puff scenes took!

  160. Incredible Episode. This had it all, the comedy, the incredibly awkward moments, the drama, and the surprise cliff-hanger ending! And all this in only in twenty minutes. Charles Miner is a great addition to the show. The best quote was Pam’s, “It’s strippers and cupcakes all the way down.” Overall, this episode is the beginning to an incredible arc. What a way to start.


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