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Do you have a question about last night’s episode, ‘Two Weeks’?

Aaron Shure, ‘Two Weeks’ writer, has very graciously agreed to answer your questions about the episode. Thank you, Aaron!

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  1. With his crossword puzzles in hand, why did Charles Miner pick Stanley to be the “Productivity Czar”? (Great title, btw!)

  2. Did Charles really attack Michael? Or was that just to scare him, because isn’t that illegal?

  3. I could ask a lot of questions about why Pam is gone AGAIN, but my biggest thing is… why was Jim just standing there smirking, is he not allowed to be confused and mad at Pam for that sudden decision??

  4. Great episode! Thanks for it!

    How did Charles find out about Michael’s Paper Company? Did Michael leave his sheet lying around or did an employee rat him out?

  5. Because I never read spoilers, I was shocked by Pam’s leaving. What was the thought process behind the writers making this decision?

  6. How did the writers come to the decision to have Michael leave Dunder Mifflin? I’m really excited to see how the story plays out the next several weeks!

  7. Hello,

    At the end of the episode, was there any inspiration from the beginning of the movie Jerry Maguire? I loved that scene from the movie, and while watching Michael and Pam walk out of the parking lot, I felt those same feelings of “us against the world” again.


  8. In episode 319 The Negotiation Michael tells Darryl that he’s been at Dunder Mifflin for fourteen years. That was two years ago, but now Michael is quitting the company after fifteen years. So, has he worked at Dunder Mifflin for fifteen or sixteen years?

  9. Is your and/or one of the other writers’ favorite movie Jerry Maguire or were the similarities in the end coincidental?

  10. There was a scene where Charles asks Michael to go over the client lists and Charles glances at Jim’s desk where Michael’s Splenda and Scotch is resting before Michael picks up his drink and returns to his office. Did Charles see the scotch and think it was Jim’s or did he not see it?

  11. Where are Michael and Pam going at the end of the episode? Are they going to ride off into the sunset in Michael’s PT Cruiser?

  12. Charles has belittled Jim for having a “made up position”. However, it was Jan as the VP who appointed Jim as the official Asst. Regional Manager when Scranton merged with Stamford. In fact, Jim does have increased responsibility (Survivorman, for example), and has mentioned he got a raise with it. So why is this a continuing issue between Charles and Jim?

  13. Even though I completely understood Pam’s decision to leave with Michael, I’m curious as to why she and Jim didn’t have an actual discussion about this major decision? Or was a discussion originally apart of the episode?

  14. Did you have any other names pick out for Michael’s paper company?

    I know in The Job episode Michael told David Wallace a few names that he would call Dunder Mifflin. For example, (“Paper Great. Where great paper is our passion. We’re GRRRREAT!”) He also came up with,
    (“Super Duper Paper. It’s super duper.)

  15. I have two! (twss)
    Why did you chose Angela and Kelly to fight over Charles Miner?
    At the end Pam looked like she was kinda regretting leaving, was that planned?

  16. I noticed the silver Mini Cooper in the parking lot as Michael was sneaking back in (because I have one myself and the coop-dar is always on), and I’m pretty sure I saw it at Prince Family Paper (poor souls) earlier. Is that somebody on the staff’s car or just a prop?

  17. Considering the economic climate, I found it hard to believe Jim just letting Pam walk out of the office without even trying to talk to her about it for a second. Was there a missing deleted scene or do the writers want the audience to assume all of Jim and Pam’s discussion of this issue has taken place off-camera?

  18. Why was the bad @$$, Charles, working out of the Scranton Branch again, on this episode? Just wondering if this was part of his orientation to the company or if it was related to the fact Michael had given his two weeks notice. He can go back to corporate anytime now. I, unlike Kelly and Angela, won’t miss him.

  19. I thought this was one of the most well written Office episodes. Is this your first episode and if so, will you be writing more?

  20. What’s the proper ratio of Scotch to Splenda? Has anyone in the writer’s room sampled the beverage? And is there a name for said concoction other than “a Scotch-‘n’-Splenda”?

  21. Dwight has been uncharacteristically low key ever since Charles Miner showed up at Dunder Mifflin. He seems indifferent to Charles’ presence, and his constant loyalty to Michael doesn’t seem to be there. What’s going through Dwight’s mind through all of this?

  22. With Pam leaving the office will we still see scenes of jim and pam together, and will they break up? i Need my Jam!

  23. Hello,

    What a thought provoking episode, one of my favorites. At first I was really uncomfortable with the intimidating tone Charles had in the office, but after watching the episode again, I now appreciate it more. What is the benefit of Charles being such a [email protected]$$? Do you think the plot would develop in a different way if he was more pleasant?


  24. What is with all the shuffling around of the Office staff this year? So far this season: Pam left, Ryan came back, Holly left, Pam came back, Toby came back, Ryan left, Michael left, then Pam left (again). I understand the need to shake things up, but it’s feeling a little like the Scranton Branch has a constantly revolving door.

    Also, why wasn’t Jim promoted to RM? He was qualified enough to apply for Charles’ job two years ago, and it’s been made clear that David Wallace likes him. So even if he got off on the wrong foot with Charles, he’d still be the best candidate for the position. I think it would have been a really interesting arc for his character, too.

    Sorry if this sounds overly negative. I still love the show and will continue to watch it every week, I’m just getting a little frustrated with the direction of the show this season. I remain hopeful that there’s a bigger picture that I’m not seeing yet, and that it will all make sense in the end.

  25. Overall I really liked the episode; like every other week there are so many good moments to laugh out loud at( Singular.). Though I am wondering about the more serious side of things. Why do you think you have written Jim showing major concern over losing his job because of his responsibilities, yet Pam can just quit and doesn’t get called out for having to think about paying for a wedding and a mortgage?

  26. Loved the little homage to “The Graduate” there with Pam and Michael!

    Did you decide that Pam banging on the window and screaming after Michael would’ve been too much? Or can we expect that on a deleted scene?

    Seriously though, loved the episode. How is it having Idris Elba aboard this season?

  27. I only realized this after another Office Tally fan pointed it out, but I’m curious too. Michael asked Pam how to make letter head with his own logo over the Dunder Mifflin logo. I find it strange that a guy who would know how to edit a commercial in Local Ad (and a good one at that) wouldn’t know how to do something as simple as editing a pdf. What’s the reason behind changing Michael’s levels of competency and intelligence throughout each episode?

  28. I thought it was very clever how Charles chose the two absolutely worst people for the phones and productivity positions. What are some of the other ways that you’ve decided to contrast Charles with Michael?

  29. How did you come to the decision to make Pam leave with Michael, instead of someone else, like Dwight?
    Will Pam’s decision to go with Michael affect her engagement/relationship with Jim? And will there be more “wedding planning” in future episodes?

  30. We’re used to seeing Kelly fawn over men, but Angela’s behavior with Charles is showing us a more perky, ditzy side of her personality. What are Angela’s reasons for pursuing Charles?

    I also was unclear as to why Charles didn’t seem to want anyone in Michael’s office even though Michael was still technically working and hadn’t done the new paper company betrayal yet.

  31. This episode is a great example of how The Office is constantly going in new directions, and the characters consistently growing and changing. Can you describe the creative process behind determining the long-term story arcs that make the show so great?

  32. The very thought of an Idris Elba talking head seems so surreal and hilarious to me.

    Did it feel that way to you when his talking heads were filmed?

  33. Hello!
    This episode felt so reminiscent of Jerry Maguire to me. Was this intentional?

    Also, is there a conscious effort to make Pam a more serious character? I don’t think I’ve seen her crack a smile in the last few episodes. Is there some dark Pam secret lurking that has changed her character? I miss light, flirty Pam and Jim sometimes.


  34. Where did the budget come for a new copier? Guess Charles being stationed at the office has one good outcome.

  35. How are Steve Carell’s elbows and knees doing with all that army crawling he did? Can I just say, he had wonderful technique. That’s what she said.

  36. I thought the last 5 seconds were genius – when Pam and Michael are walking down the sidewalk and the thrill of quitting evaporates and realization gradually sets in. Was that in the script, or something that the camera caught as both actors kept walking?

  37. Mr. Shure how are you?
    Was there a big discussion about who would replace Pam as receptionist or did all the writers unaimously pick Kevin? I think Kelly would be funnier, but hey I’m not a sitcom writer.
    Thank you.

  38. Wasn’t Michael’s PT Crusier a company car? I think in most cases, an employee that quits or gets fired would ever be allowed to take the company car home on their last day. Was this ever discussed? I think it would have been really funny (and sort of sad) if Michael hadn’t realized he would have to give his beloved convertible back and if he found himself stranded on his last day trying to find a way home to his condo.

  39. Why did Michael not want Dwight to leave with him, and why didn’t Dwight want to?

  40. It was very obvious that Pam’s decision to follow Michael out was due to when he asked everyone if they felt they were their best here.

    However, Pam seemed to be upset when Michael was forced to leave with Hank. Michael went to make a goodbye speech and Charles shut him down quick and forced Michael to walk out without saying goodbye. Was this the first thing to make Pam question how things were changing in the office and if she wanted to be a part of it?

    Also, was it written for her to react that way to Charles interrupting Michael, or was that just something that Jenna did, the camera caught it, and it worked?

  41. This may be a weird question, but I was wondering if Charles and his controlling of Michael’s poor management was supposed to be a parody of Obama cracking down on the poor management of the government and stopping the “party planning committee” in Washington, so to speak. Is there any relation to this?

    Also, I thought the end of the episode with Pam and Michael walking away was very reminiscent of the ending of The Graduate, where at first they are all excited and then you kind of see their faces go, “huh. What are we doing.” Was that intentional?

  42. Thanks for a really fantastic episode! To me, it seemed like Pam’s battle and then small victory with the new copier was the tipping point for her, the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. Were there any other events or circumstances that you originally had in mind that would prompt Pam to walk out after Michael? Also, were you responsible for the “Monster. Singular.” part? That was hilarious! Thanks for answering our questions!

  43. Great episode! I loved Pam’s decision–didn’t think I would (I had heard a rumor it would happen) but it was really well done. My question is about the Michael/Andy awkward gift exchange. Was there a something I missed? I mean, it was funny, but I didn’t quite get it I guess…

  44. What is David Wallace’s standpoint at this time?

    We didn’t get to see him in the last Ep.


    Thanks :)

  45. After Pam quits and she and Michael walk out together happily, a few steps later they look nothing but worried and scared (What-did-I-get-myself-into, kind of look), and it reminded me of the very realistic ending of The Graduate. Was that specific look the actors had actually written into the script? Or did the actors take it upon themselves to express their characters that way?

  46. Hey! Thank you so much for answering questions. Mine is: In the last few seasons, we have seen Angela go from a prim, proper, conservative, monogamous-relationship-hider to a provocative, flirty woman who pursues men and commits adultery. I was wondering, was this a conscience shift decided upon early-on, or did Angela simply slowly develop this way?

  47. So, are you just doing this to make new plots in the show and then just return it to normal like EVERY other sitcom made?

  48. Was the Charles Miner character based on Frank Grimes from The Simpsons?

  49. Are we going to address the issue of Jim and Pam making life-changing decisions without consulting each other?

  50. Would Jim have been the first person up for the regional manager job had Charles not gotten such a bad impression of him?

  51. Was the scene where Pam leaves to follow Michael intended to mimic a similar scene in “Jerry Maguire” where Dorothy quits to follow Jerry as his new assistant??????? Crazy stuff…

  52. Why are so many characters coming and going this season? (Pam, Toby, Ryan) This season, along with the last half of last season has felt really disjointed b/c of the characters coming and going and coming and going. Also because Michael’s aptitude keeps changing, Dwight’s loyalty to Michael keeps changing, Jim suddenly seems like a dolt where as before he was the cool guy who also happened to be a great salesman.

    I don’t understand why Jim couldn’t defend his asst. reg. mgr. position to Charles?

  53. This has been bugging me since last week:
    Charles “Miner” or “Minor”?

    Also: Michael came out to talk to Pam about the idea that he’s had since lunch. Later, however, Oscar finds the note from Michael about talking before lunch.

    Was that just a editing mistake or a writing continuity error?

    Good callback to the Prince Paper thing. :)

  54. What was the real reason behind Pam’s leaving? The copier, wanting to do more than be a receptionist, pity/worry for Michael, or something else? Please do tell. Thank you.

  55. Given the relatively dark quality of the past two episodes, I’m curious as to what the overall feeling has been among actors and others on the set. I’ve heard there typically is a lighthearted nature in everyone’s interactions while filming. Did that change following the shift in tone?

    Thank you!

  56. The Graduate reference at the end of the episode was great, and I’m guessing the Jerry Maguire situation was a reference too… Were there others? What’d I miss?

  57. Why has Dwight not interacted more with Charles? I’m surprised that Dwight didn’t have a LOT more to say re:Michael’s leaving. He was just oddly silent this episode. Why is that?

    Also, why the Jerry Maguire arc with Pam leaving with Michael? It felt unnatural for Jim to just smile and watch Pam walk away from her job with Michael.

  58. I was wondering if the quote from Oscar was taken from anything: It was something like, “just like that, as mysteriously as he appeared, he was gone”. It sounds like it’s from a movie or book?

  59. I can’t help but wonder who gave Charles the form that Michael altered,I would assume Dwight because he is always loyal to whoever(or whomever)ranks the highest.

    Who would you say did it?

  60. I liked that this was written as Pam suddenly making up her own mind to go off on a new work ‘adventure’ with Michael, and I found it fitting of her spur of the moment decision that she not double check that it was okay with her boyfriend. Were there conversations about handling this differently? I like how Pam and Jim are written as being in love but allow each other to be very independent in their decision making so far. It’s a unique and fresh approach to a TV couple, and is that intentional?

    (BTW, I loved Two Weeks–thanks for such an entertaining episode! Angela’s cat chewing on the copier cord just killed me.)

  61. Er… This is going to sound a little off the wall and obsessive, but my friend and I would love to know…

    Was Kelly just making up an excuse to keep talking to Charles or does she really not like Toby? Because… I dunno… They used to be pretty friendly.

  62. Who thought of the “we’re like the Kardashians” line for Kelly? I thought it was hilarious. Does Kelly actually pick up her sisters from school, or was this just another reason to talk to Charles? Thank you so much.

  63. How was it determined that Pam would be the one to follow Michael? The Chosen One if you will.

  64. When Pam is watching Michael leave, and then she says “oh no” and gets up to leave… I laughed so hard. It was if she didn’t have control of her actions or that she didn’t think it through (obviously she didn’t). Was that improved by Jenna, because that was such a “new fancy Pam” thing to say/do.

    Also, I’m of the opinion that Jim and Pam need a dachshund. Pam said she was a dog person, after all. I have a few, let me know if you need one!

  65. I love the noises and accents that Ed Helms incorporates into his character. Are these scripted or does he come up with them himself?

    Thanks for a brilliant show!

  66. okay, Why was Jim so cool with Pam leaving her job to follow Michael? I mean, Jim swore that if Dunder Mifflin were ever his career he would “throw himself in front of a train” and in the last episode, he called this job his career, which I assume is only because of the fact that he now has a mortgage to pay, which Pam is obviously assisting with. They are now down an income AND Jim will be left alone with the mean Charles.

  67. First of all, great episode! I’m really excited to see how Michael’s company goes (and I hope Holly is its first HR rep! :D).

    I have a few questions:

    1. I totally understand why Pam left, and I understand why Jim wasn’t upset about it. My question is, has Pam totally given up on pursuing something artistic as a career? It seemed like she was really enjoying her time as an art student until she found out she was failing that one class (her sudden negative feelings towards graphic design seemed unrealistic to me). What exactly was it that made her decide she’d rather pursue art as a hobby and not a career?

    2. What does Angela see in Charles Minor? Is it just that he, like her, has no sense of humor? Also, I find it funny that Angela and Kelly both like him, and they have both also been romantically linked to Dwight in the past to some degree–was this intentional?

    3. How does Dwight feel about all of these new developments (Michael quitting/leaving, Charles Minor being in charge, Angela’s crush)? He’s been surprisingly silent on the whole matter.

  68. With his new dream to open a paper company, is it safe to say that Michael Scott’s dream of “Shoe La-La” has ended?

  69. Why so dark lately? Kind of depressing. Any chance we will be seeing some more office pranks? also, any chance Andy will have gone to Cornell College in Iowa instead of “Cornell, ever heard of it” that he has bragged so much about? Thanks.

  70. This might be a little off topic from all of The Office talk but, my two all time favorite shows are Everybody Loves Raymond and The Office. And… you used to write on Everybody Loves Raymond, right? Are there any similarities to writing on The Office compared to writing on Everybody Loves Raymond? Any differences? Great episode! Thanks a lot! :)

  71. Why remove Pam from the office again? We haven’t seen a lot of Jim and Pam actually interacting with each other this season, and I kind of miss it. Is there any hope of that now that she’s gone, again?

  72. I thought Toby’s talking head about Michael being like an in-flight movie was wonderful- which made my friend ask me: So, Toby doesn’t entirely dislike Michael does he? What Toby said was kinda, almost sweet.

  73. The shot of the camera zooming into the bathroom through the little grate at the bottom of the door was so unique and added a lot to that scene. Was that written into the script, or was it a decision made by Paul Lieberstein while directing? How was it set up/shot?

  74. #62 I think it might have been from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
    Who on the writing staff is a fan of Willy Wonka?
    There have been a few episodes with lines from the movie in them. My favorite of course would have to be Andy singing the Oompa Loompa song.

  75. Had Jim and Pam talked about Pam quitting before she did? Jim just didn’t seem all that surprised or upset, which surprised me!

  76. Why did he have to give a two weeks notice?
    Was it in his contract?
    I know it’s courtesy, but Michael doesn’t seem like someone who would care about that.

  77. Just thought of this, as I rewatching……Was the cold opening regarding Michael’s saying “I quit”? added after all the discussion last week about if he really said, “I quit?”

  78. Many movie references in this one…
    1) Pam leaving w/ Michael = Jerry Maguire
    2) Pam and Michael walking down the street for a looonnngg time = end of The Graduate
    3) Oscar’s quote “just like that, as mysteriously as he appeared, he was gone” = The Usual Suspects (one GREAT movie).
    4) Dwight and Michael’s “put a pin in that” = Bolt (the actor’s smarmy agent), maybe also from another movie I’m not familiar with.

    …and I’m sure there are others I missed. Tobey’s comment about it being like watching a movie on a plane is a further clue re: the movie references.

    Other scenes I wonder about that might be a movie reference…Minor almost coming to blows w/ Michael, Michael crawling on the floor around the office, Oscar “just saying it’s sterile doesn’t make it so”

    Entertaining episode

  79. I was VERY frusterated that Pam didn’t even talk with Jim about her decision. Don’t they BOTH have a mortgage to pay right now? And when will we EVER see some JAM interaction?? I’d love to see some wedding planning or acknowledgement of being ENGAGED!!!! :) But y’all do a TERRIFIC job!! :)

  80. With Pam out of the office, are we still going to be able to see interaction between Jim & Pam, particularly in regards to wedding planning?

  81. First of all, thank you for a wonderful episode!
    My question is: How long have you guys had the idea of Michael starting his own paper company? It seems like you guys needed to have this planned out to work with the scheduling for the rest of the season. Also, who came up with the idea? It’s sooo Michael! “This is a dream I’ve had since lunch.” I love it!
    Thanks for all of your work on The Office. It really is the greatest show on television.

  82. Are we supposed to pretend that Jan doesn’t exist any more? where is Jan? she has been gone for some time since the baby shower episode. but recently when Michael’s new boss puts down Jim calling his title made up….i feel like we are forgetting that Jan gave Jim that title and that it did come with a pay raise.

  83. There were many shots in this episode that were rather unusual. For instance, the camera was on the floor when Pam was reading the setup manual, and it was peeking through the blinds when Jim and Michael were talking. Who came up with the ideas for the new camera angles?

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