The Office: Ultimatum behind the scenes

This clip was released by NBC last month, I believe mistakenly with a bunch of ‘Classy Christmas’ promo clips. It is from the episode Ultimatum and shows different versions of the scene where Michael apologizes to Creed and Kevin.

Love behind-the-scenes stuff!


  1. “What are you doing with that hand?” is now one of my favourite Kevin lines ever – and Creed making it a group hug! What a great alt scene.

  2. “what are you doing with that hand” is AMAZINGLY funny, also the creed-group-hug makes it that much better too. but seeing all of those people in the office just walking around and everything, it kinda makes me sad. i feel like a certain amount of “magic” is just gone now. BUT still awesome to see this, thanks for posting and keep em coming!

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