The Office Valentine cards at Target

The Office ValentineTallyhead Allyson has spotted this year’s version of The Office valentine cards at Target!

Dwight: Want to earn some Schrute bucks? Then you have to be my Valentine.
Michael and Jan: Anything that doesn’t scare us is not worth doing. Will you be mine?
Office gang: We are all participating in mandatory Valentine’s activities. Valentivities! And there is a special secret prize for the winner …
Michael: Would you rather be feared or loved? Both! I want you to be afraid of how much you love me.

As with last year’s cards, eight cards and envelopes for $4.99 at actual stores, or 16 cards and envelopes for $9.99 at


  1. Yay! More Office valentines. Although I had a hard time giving my valentines away last year. I wanted to keep them for myself. Good thing there are two of each style. One to keep, one to give!

  2. Is it possible to have a box of Valentines cards without Jim and Pam? It won’t stop me from buying them, but..really?

  3. valentivities! And expired yogurt, I agree, how can there be no JAM-ness in this set? I’m kind of surprised…oh well.

  4. Now, guys, I know that there’s a shocking lack of JAM in this set of cards, but let us not forget that we can also MAKE our own valentines and say whatever we want on them ;) I’m still getting these though…I’m such a sucker!

  5. Anyone seen The Office valentine card’s with sound? I was at CVS earlier and they had a ton but no Office ones…

  6. I was already planning on going to Target today. Now, I know what aisle to hit first!

  7. I pretty much went all the way down to America just to find a target, just to find these cards.
    And I did.
    I almost don’t want to give them out, they’re my life now.. ahahaha

  8. I got mine on ebay a few days ago. Of course I paid about $16, which is probably more than anyone should pay for 8 Valentine’s Day cards but… what can I say? I really wanted them. Haha

  9. I went to Target today and they didn’t have any. Then I went onto and it wasn’t even listed as something they sell. Am I just completely out of luck?

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