The Office Valentine cards at Target

The Office Valentine CardsNeed more Office stuff to buy? Of course you do. :)

How about an Office Valentine’s Day card?

8 cards, 4 designs, Target.
$4.99 in store.

Yes, I confess I went down to my local Target tonight hoping to get me some. No luck. But the box looks cute, no?

Now available at Jenna and Angela’s favorite store!

Tipster: Tammy

Card Designs

  1. Jim & Pam
    Outside: Secret admirer?
    Inside: What “secret admirer?”
  2. Dwight peeking
    Outside: So this guy I work with asked me to hook him up with one of my hot friends.
    Inside: Kidding! Put down the stapler.
  3. Michael holding red candy heart with all the ladies
    Outside: Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Inside: … or as some say, “the annual review.”
  4. Michael & Dwight fighting
    Outside: On this Valentine’s Day …
    Inside: good luck with “conflict resolution.”

Photos here.


  1. OMG how perfect is this?! first the calendar and now this? I LOVE TARGET! (no seriously, i go there almost every day for no reason. but at least now i’ll actually have something to look for. besides $1 popcorn.)

  2. Oh, my GOD! It’s at a Target right down the street from my house. I’m going there tomorrow after work. Thank you, Tanster. Thank you so much.

  3. They were only $5 here in the Boston area. I didn’t buy them because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. But I’m going back to get them today b/c I have a niece who loves Jim and Pam.

    Also, a rant here, but there are others shows available too (housewives, grey’s anatomy, etc) yet they all use recent pics. Why does NBC always use such old and outdated pics?

  4. Yeah, I got them for $4.99, too.

    Now, the problem is trying to convince myself that it’s okay to give them to other people. I want to keep them all to myself! (Which just seems kind of silly.)

  5. Melody, don’t worry, I understand. I plan on keeping at least one of each design for myself and then maybe I’ll give the rest away. To whom, I don’t know. They have to be really special.

  6. I’m thinking if they’re really only $5 a pack I might have to buy two packs, one to keep intact, one to give away – the best part is that I’ve gotten all my friends hooked on the show, so they’ll all get the jokes!!

  7. I saw those last weekend and they were 9.99 in Texas. I didn’t buy them, because frankly, I don’t have anyone to give them to who would appreciate the humor. But, I bought the calender for my office at work, so I get to look at those pictures and stuff and laugh all day anyway, so I don’t need the Valentines. But they are still totally cool.

  8. You know, I think I want the box more than anything. I’m kinda weird, but I really like little trinket boxes (sometimes I collect them). It’s sad, but packaging is often a big selling point for me. I’m such a sucker for good marketing.

  9. omg..i just wasted an hour going to 2 different targets in my neighborhood with no luck. They had just started setting up the valentines kiosks and displays…unless im looking in the wrong places, but i checked the dvd sections, too. Where are you guys finding these cool cards!!!!!

  10. Ooooh, just went to Target last night too! Going to have to make another trip tonight :) I agree, 2 boxes…one for keeping!

  11. 2 hours, 3 targets, and $16.28 later, i got it!
    3 boxes of em!
    this is the highlight of my day, and as it looks thus far, my valentines as well. =/

  12. Here’s something that might save you running all around town looking for these: If you go to the website, you can click on the “Find it at a Target store” button, enter your ZIP code and it’ll tell you where it’s available. Helpful, no? :)

  13. Targets in Columbus have them. I just picked up my box.

    Also, Hallmark has a birthday card with Michael on it and when you open it up you hear his voice talking about reverse psychology. It is the musical card section.

  14. Since there is no Target near me I bought them online, 3 boxes, just to have them! I may have to check Super HellMart for the Michael musical card though. :)

  15. BOOOO!! They won’t ship internationally! Any really nice American want to buy me a set and then mail them to me? I’ll pay!!! :D

  16. Brad: Thanks for the heads-up on the store locater. That’ll make things a lot easier for me. =)

    Sailor: Thanks for the Hallmark card info. I bought several Christmas music cards for people and they loved them. Can’t wait to get The Office card.

  17. i got mine in chicago today..4.99, cant beat that..i went to the target on touhy ave.

  18. I just saw these in Target when I was shopping and I literally squealed in front of the shelf. :)

  19. NO!!!!!

    I just dashed to the Target 3 minutes from my house here in Wisconsin and they didn’t have them :(. So they I tried Walmart and they didn’t have them OR the poster yet :(.

  20. Thanks Jack…… I checked it out – nothing yet. If anyone sees them on Ebay, please let me know! You’d be making a Canadian very happy :)

  21. That is so awesome! I can’t wait to get some for myself! Also just wanted to let everyone know that Rainn Wilson will be on Late Night with Conan O’Brien tonight! I’ll be sleeping but will set the Tivo!

  22. In the words of Michael Scott… “Never, Ever, EVER Give Up!” I had my mom check a different Target and she found them!!!

  23. OMGosh! That is the highlight of my day! I can’t go to Target now, but I’m already planning on making a trip this weekend, so you’ll know what I’ll be getting. And just like Jenna and Angela, I always end up buying for stuff at Target, so this will just add to that list.

  24. ::i got mine in chicago today..4.99, cant beat that..i went to the target on touhy ave.::

    omg i love that target.

  25. I saw them at Target today. They’re not in the kid Valentine area, but a separate “adult” Valentine area. I love The Office but it’s scary what they will market these days. I have no use for the Desperate Housewives Valentines!

  26. I just got 3 boxes at the Target in Granada Hills (San Fernando Valley) for $4.99/box.

    I feel like such a nerd.

  27. I know that we have them at the SuperTarget I work at in Southwest Denver. Doesn’t look like man people are buying them though. :(

  28. I just noticed, the company that distributes the cards
    is located in Scranton, PA. Check out the bottom of the box.

  29. I noticed that. Maybe I’m just being an idiot but an actual paper company in Scranton is kinda funny.

  30. found these today and had to pick them up :) was going to write in about them when i got home. lol.

  31. Got mine in Princeton, New Jersey. Again, they are $4.99 and the price is even printed on the box.

  32. Darn, Target doesn’t ship to Canada, and they don’t sell them here! Would anyone be willing to ship this out for an out-of-luck Canadian Office fan? (no luck on ebay either!)

  33. karlene- I know that Zellers is sort of the Canadian equivalent to Target, I’ve noticed oftentimes that similar products/brands are sold at the two stores, and so I’m thinking about having a look at Zellers later on this week, since if we *did* get them here in Canada, it might be a bit delayed. I’ll post if I find them elsewhere in Canada as well, since I’m dying to buy some!!

  34. i’m proud to say that my second trip to target was much luckier because i found the box and it was only $4.99! i have a feeling these will run out soon…

  35. I got mine today at Target, also for $4.99 and I used a gift card I got for Christmas, so it was really like they were free for me. They also have sets like that for Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Pirates of the Carribean.

  36. I finally visited a town with a Target, and picked some up for $4.99! My friends are about to be reminded of what a nerd I am…

  37. Finally tracked some down at the Mountain View, CA Target store. $4.99. Don’t know why they’re selling them online for $9.99 — go to your local store instead!

  38. I couldn’t find them at the Target I went to yesterday (in Pasadena, CA), but hopefully they’ll get them in soon. I’ll have to check back.

  39. I just got mne today! They are cute…not too shabby for 5 bucks. Its a steal for the Office merchandise. Cant wait to give them out in a few weeks.

    You all should go get some. They also have Greys Anatomy…:)

  40. I was going to mention that they are made in Scranton, too (all of the TV-themed ones are, I checked the “Desperate Housewives” ones too, just in case) but then I noticed that Tanster lives just down 101 from me! What a small “Office” world! (I found my Office valentines at the San Mateo Target.)

  41. I don’t really get “put down the stapler” and “the annual review.” …. they’re still awesome though

  42. Is there anywhere else to get these? I have called every Target around and they are all sold out! Any ideas?

  43. I was just doing my usual Target wandering and found them. I only saw the one box and snatched it. I went home and sent one of each to my fellow Office friends… and kept one of each for myself. I love the box! But maybe they could have put more than eight!

  44. I definitely just bought some. Best way to spend 5 dollars in my personal opinion!!

  45. I LOVE these. I just got some and already wrote them out. I saw some others there like Grey’s and DH but then the Office ones were hidden. It was the best surprise ever!

  46. I don’t really like Target (I know, I know…I am subhuman but I think they are a bit bitchy in there!) but I ran to the store when I found out they had the valentines. I love them!

  47. Do they only sell them at Target? I just went to my local Target, and they were out of them. They had plenty of the other shows, but no Office. :(

  48. can anybody give me the upc off their box. They are not in my target so I emailed them to find out what store they are in close to me….they are not listed online and JASON from customer service says he doesnt know WHAT I am describing (I had even included a link to this site)! Why couldn’t I get somebody in customer service like Kelly, someone with a personality. Anyway, I really want those cards so I appreciate any help!!!!

  49. The UPC on my box is: 0-73168-19874-2 (that’s the number beneath the bar code). If that’s not it, there is a number above the bar code: 84182820-790. Sorry, I’ve never worked in retail and don’t know how to read a UPC code… Oh, and if it helps, the website of the Scranton company that makes the cards is (it’s on the box too – maybe they can help if it’s not too late already).

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