Wallpapers by rhythmdev

Rhythmdev’s updated their wallpaper collection to include Ryan and Creed! Previous wallpapers after the jump.

ryan howard the office wallpaper

Ryan Howard (no longer available)

creed bratton the office wallpaper

Creed Bratton (no longer available)

Wallpapers from October 2006

pam beesly the office wallpaper

Pam Beesly

1920×1200 | 1024×768

the office michael scott wallpaper

Michael Scott


the office jim halpert wallpaper

Jim Halpert


the office jan levinson wallpaper

Jan Levinson


the office toby flenderson wallpaper

Toby Flenderson


P.S. Want more? — see the complete listing of LiveJournal’s The Office wallpapers.


  1. Jim = Love…

    awesome designs…love them! I shall have to rotate Jim, Pam and Michael!! Too bad there’s no dwight!

  2. just so you know…there will be dwight. and angela. and stanley. and creed. and everyone else I’ve got a cast pic for. They just take a lot of time because I’m so obsessed with getting it right. I’ll post them to livejournal as I finish them and maybe they’ll end up here as well. Glad you all like them. thanks…

  3. I’m in love with this…oh man. Thank you so much!! I gotta use one of them…but who to choose??!! Haha, thanks again!

  4. rhythmdev (Geoff) – I’m sorry for double posting but i was just wondering, is there anyway that you could make these same exact wallpapers for mac computers? Like, my screen is around 1920 x 1200 and when i enlarge your original wallpaper, i loose the good quality of the picture. If you can’t, that is fine or whenever you have time. These wallpapers just look so stunning on my imac, just to let you know, hahaha! :) Thanks again.

  5. Hey…I can post them at a higher resolution. I’ll re-export them and post them at livejournal. I’ll put a link here in the comments as soon as I do. Thanks for the interest.

  6. rhythmdev (Geoff) – Awesome! Thank you so much, you just made my day!!! And yeah, they are made really well! Keep up the great work and can’t wait for the link! :)

  7. rhythmdev (Geoff) – Ooooohhhh my gosh, thank you sooooo much!! *applauds* You just seriously made me happy today. *dances* The Pam wallpaper looks so stunning and is just perfect on my mac, thank you again. I would seriously give you an award for like the creativest wallpaper of the year, haha…wait…a Dundie Award! Haha! :)

    No problem about the others, just take your time! Man, i’m so happy, lol. Have a wonderful Halloween! Thanks again!

  8. One of my co-workers did an amazing job with some The Office Wallpaper. The Office Wallpaper he made consists of all the characters and centered around michael scott. Check it out with the link above or go to the pic below.

  9. They are good but if I can offer an eensy bit of constructive observation: many of them seem from the same season 1 promo posters we’ve seen for years. An updated version with the characters as they are recently would be great.

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