The Weekend Tally

Trailers galore this week!

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  1. Oh my gosh! The Simpsons Movie is so funny. I saw it Friday and it was just non-stop laughs. I didn’t know Greg Daniels wrote some episodes for the Simpsons though.

  2. John K. had his sleeves rolled up in that yearbook picture. That just struck me as incredibly ironic.

  3. Variety article: So glad that Notes from the Underbelly is coming back! Have to love another show with a TDS alum (Rachel Harris). And I think that our show will be fine against Grey’s. GA is a hot mess.

  4. I am so happy that people (producers and whatnot) finally got their heads out of their asses to make a Dr. Seuss movie the way it should be, animated.

  5. FYI on the free Netflix watching — you have to have Windows XP. (Slap in the face to us Mac users!) Bummer!

  6. Notes from the Underbelly, the funniest half-hour in years? Really?

    One of the reasons that half-hour comedies have declines has been the rise of the hour-long dramedy. There is a much better mix of comedy and drama out there now– we don’t just have Seinfeld and Law and Order. We have shows like Grey’s Anatomy (say what you want, it mixes the laughs in pretty well) and then Ugly Betty (more comedy than Grey’s but not a sitcom by an means.)

    So the whole premise of this article is a bit misleading.

  7. Gotta say, after Evan Almighty (which I didn’t see, but it looks as if I didn’t miss much), it’s nice to see a few Steve Carell movies that I wanna see (Get Smart and Horton… I’m a sucker for animation)

  8. Yup, Mcclizzle, and in my opinion he wrote some of the best ones ever: “Homer Badman”, “Lisa’s Wedding”, “Bart Sells His Soul”, “22 Short Films About Springfield”, “Secrets Of A Successful Marriage”, “Homer And Apu”, and the Halloween shorts “Time And Punishment” and “The Devil And Homer Simpson”. The guy’s a genius, that’s for sure.

    And Get Smart looks awesome so far. They really recaptured the feel of the show, instead of resorting to standard cheap jokes.

  9. JK looks just like his Jim character in that picture…rolled up sleeves, tie, and khaki pants haha.

  10. Starsky, thanks for the info. Those are some of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons. I was not crazy about the movie, however.

  11. wow i didnt know steve had another movie other than get smart coming out!
    the trailer looks good!

  12. Does anyone know if Rainn might actually be at the Denver Post Underground Music Festival?!? It does say there will be comedians but don’t see his name anywhere…

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