The Office Webisodes: Kevin’s Loan

‘Kevin’s Loan’ was written by Anthony Farrell and Ryan Koh, and directed by Brent Forrester.

Last episode: Taste the Ice Cream

Links: Watch fullscreen | Photos | Kevin’s Loan Application

Previously posted webisodes and information after the jump.

July 24

Third episode, ‘Exposed Wires.’

Links: Watch fullscreen | Photos | Kevin’s Loan Application

July 17, 2008

Second episode, ‘Malone’s Cones.’

Links: Watch fullscreen | Photos | Malone’s Cones Flavors

July 10, 2008

First episode, ‘Money Trouble.’

Links: Watch fullscreen | Photos | Kevin’s debt spreadsheet

July 9, 2008 has launched its webisodes page, complete with details about the first episode!

The Office Webisodes

June 27, 2008

Behind the scenes!

June 26, 2008

A sneak peek at ‘Kevin’s Loan’:Tipster: Spoiler TV

June 5, 2008 reports that the title of the new webisodes is “Kevin’s Loan.”

June 1, 2008

The June 2-8 issue of TV Guide reports that will air new webisodes — “which feature Kevin (Brian Baumgartner), who tries to find a solution to pay back his gambling debts to Oscar (Oscar Nuñez), Stanley (Leslie David Baker), and Darryl (Craig Robinson).”

Tipster: Matt

May 28, 2008 has confirmed to me that the summer webisodes will debut on Thursday, July 10th.

May 12, 2008

From NBC Universal Media Village:

“The Office” Webisodes to Premiere Early July … In the second series of “The Office” webisodes, which premieres on, Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) pursues a unique solution in an effort to pay back his looming gambling debts. This installment also stars Oscar Nuñez, Leslie David Baker and Craig Robinson.

Link: NBC Digital Entertainment Serves Up Users’ Favorites

You can find information about the first season of ‘The Office’ webisodes, entitled The Accountants, here.


  1. Ooo these sound great! I loved the first series of webisodes, and I am sure these will be equally as good!

  2. Hmmm…so Stanley, Oscar, and Darryl are in the webisodes (as well as Kevin, of course)? Looks like they might not be the ones leaving…

  3. So I guess it’s safe to say none of those guys are the cast member leaving the show? Hmmm.

  4. No wonder Kevin’s been showing several signs of gambling addiction lately…

  5. Angela doesn’t get enough acting credit. I think she’s really good. She’s also awesome with improvisation. I can’t wait for the new webisodes.

  6. This’ll definitely make the summer easier.

    And the season four DVD begins to take shape!

  7. I really thought the spin off was going to be Kevin going off with Andy, since they are awesome together.

  8. I guess Angela won’t be able to participate this summer because her baby is so small. Too bad! How many webisodes will there be?

  9. Those four would make a great poker party… Can’t wait, thanks for the information!

  10. The last webisodes were careful not to give away plot details by avoiding Jim and Pam. I bet there’s no Angela because she would give away some finale/season 5 deets!

  11. Uhh if it’s about debts and stuff, wouldn’t all the accountants be involved? It doesn’t say that Angela Kinsey is starring, would she be leaving the show..?

  12. I don’t think these webisodes have anything to do with who is and isn’t leaving for the spinoff. The spinoff doesn’t air until next February.

  13. It would be awesome for Angela to be in the webisodes again, but totally understandable that she can’t, since she’s got a new baby! I’m looking forward to seeing this set of Kevin-centric websites. I heart Kevin!

  14. I’m really glad they’re giving Kevin more of a role (even if it’s off-season). Brian is so talented, and Kevin really should get more recognition.

    Thanks Tanster!

  15. WEBISODES! That’s exactly what I need to get through this LONG summer.

  16. i would also guess this means none of these characters have anything to do with the cliffhanger.
    and i am sure the lack of angela is baby related.

  17. incidentally, it’s nice to know that the writers for the webisodes will actually earn some residuals this time around, thanks to the strike. They deserve it! We love this summer stuff with Kevin.

  18. I’m sure we’ll have some cameos from the other cast…maybe a phyllis or an angela that doesn’t have to hide behind a giant bag?

  19. Only downside: the short run time probably won’t allow for Chair Model’s serious Kevin.

  20. Awesome!! I woke up thinking about what was going on with the webisodes…

    So thanks, and yeah, I guess I’m that one-track.

  21. This sounds amazing, the perfect thing to get me through my long summer without The Office. Thanks Tanster! :)

  22. I find it hard to believe that Stanley would ever loan money to Kevin, LOL. He’s such a grouch!

  23. “Please do not hurt me.” and “You have a great vest.” Those were awesome! I love Kevin.

  24. Thanks for the sneek peek. I was laughing out loud. That’s what makes The Office so good.

  25. oh how I love Kevin. (and the angles they had to use when he was talking to Oscar to hide the fact that Angela wasn’t there.)

  26. Kevin + Darryl = the new Dynamic Duo!!!

    Is it just me, or does the woman at the end of the clip look like Paul (Toby)? Similiar eyes.

    Cannot wait to see these this summer!

  27. Definitely put a smile on my face. And, for the record, I’d give Darryl a loan any day if he talked to me like that!

  28. My faith has been restored.

    I didn’t *love* the post-strike episodes, but this was some pretty funny stuff.

    PS–When did Darryl get so hot?

  29. I’m so excited! The webisodes debut on my birthday, so that’s a pretty great birthday present, there. The sneak peek looks pretty promising.

  30. Minor characters can really carry this show! I really needed this today! Thanks for posting this!

  31. Ah poor Kevin, but it does make for some really funny webisodes. Counting the hours!

  32. I can’t wait. Last year’s webisodes were awesome.

    and Craig is so cute. Look at those dimples! he seems really nice and genuine too.

  33. Best thing all week – seeing the bold orange words under an Officetally headline. I almost cried.

  34. Eleven more days…I can’t wait! Kevin is seriously the man–the Kool-Aid Man.

  35. Wow, the wait for the new webisodes went by pretty fast. Only 12 more hours or so.

  36. At least this will help with the wait for new episodes. I love Kevin! He keeps his M&Ms on his desk so no one else can take them.

  37. Tanster, i got a question.

    I searched in the ‘Tech Notes’ section and downloaded the program so you can watch video’s from NBC outside of the US.
    But it doesn’t work anymore?

    Do you, or someone else, have any idea how I can watch those episodes?

    Thanks in advance :)


  38. that was the best two minutes ever… that sounds kinda dirty…

    Thank you Office Gods!!!

  39. I wonder how long it will take before I see any Malone’s Cones in the grocery store…I can hardly wait.

  40. This was fun. I’ve been sick and laying in bed with my computer. I’ve been watching all The Office episodes thanks to NetFlix.

    I love Oscar’s ‘impersonation’ of Kevin. So cute.

  41. What a great two minutes! It was so exciting to have some new Office, and I somehow immediately got caught up in it and my mind was all settled in for a whole episode. What a golden impersonation of Kevin–way to go Oscar Nunez! These are going to be fun, fun, fun to see every week!

  42. What a webisode! I really wish it was longer, though. I am so greedy.

  43. That was awesomeness. I love Kevin. “You are weird. You are a weird dude Oscar.” Oh the hilarity. Maybe I am just over-eager. I can barely make it without something to feed my Office addiction.

  44. OH. MY. GOD. That was awesome…”What’s a bookie?” Oh, Kevin, you was too funny for words; and he trips on the side walk…amazing. I loved Oscar’s kevin imperessions too; can’t wait ’til the next one.

  45. Something to look forward to every week! Yay! Malone’s Cones is going to be… an adventure, shall we say?

  46. Awesome.

    Side Note. At the very beginning, when the camera is on Kevin, through the glass partition there is a piece of tape on the glass right in the middle of Kevin’s forehead. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

    [from tanster: i noticed that too! so funny.]

  47. Mr. Kevin Malone….the Brad Pitt of the Internet!

    Please bring back Todd Packer too!!

  48. Can’t watch in Canada. Which is weird, the last ones could be seen up here. :-(

    Could someone recap please?

  49. Had to download UltraSurf to watch it from Canada, well worth it. This was a great episode, and this series has great potential. Can’t wait for the other episodes!

  50. i know i am the umpteenth person to say this but…oscar! that talking head goes down in history!

  51. Although I enjoyed this, Oscar’s wrong. You absolutely CAN say you’re an astronaut and sell the movie rights.

    Whoever Tom Hanks Played in “Apollo 13”.

  52. Tom Hanks played Jim Lovell in Apollo 13. The movie was partly based off Lovell’s book. Come on, that’s not the same thing.

  53. That was awesome. I love Oscar’s talking head – hilarious and I love Kevin, the little-boy-lost look just cracks me up.

  54. Brian is such a great actor! It still amazes me when I see him out of character and he is nothing like Kevin.

  55. Love the flavor list… “Tasty Vanilla” followed later by “Regular Vanilla” had me LOL!

  56. haha when I first heard the guy say “I have a lot of questions” my mind went “#1. HOW DARE YOU!?!”

  57. The talking head of the bank worker slayed me. That was enough to tide me over! For now . . .

  58. Dang! Good Stuff…

    I wish it was longer though….


  59. Ummm… I think Dwight tipped this guy off that Kevin’s “special”. Just a theory, though. LOVED IT!

  60. OK. So sad that I just now realized the webisodes were up. I feel so behind! :) I usually click on OfficeTally when I get an alert in my Google Reader that you’ve posted something new. But since this was an addendum to a previous post, I guess it didn’t show up last Thursday. But now I can watch the first two in a row. So glad they’re doing this again—I was having withdrawal!

  61. Yeah, so I guess I missed the heads-up in the Weekend Tally. Fun stuff. I love Kevin! Maybe he can get Holly to give him a reference for the loan!

  62. “Any other nervous sweaty people out there? You know who to call.” Haha! Love the call-back to Darryl looking like he is applying for a loan from “Job Fair.”

  63. “First rainstorm it’s gonna be a warehouse full of dead people up in here”

    aahahaahaha Darryl, I love you so much.

  64. My God this was funny, I loved that Kevin has a loser bookie that has to beg him for the money.

  65. Dar-RYL! Dar-RYL! Dar-RYL!

    I love Craig Robinson. And I’m so thankful for these webisodes – they are definitely making an Office-less summer more bearable. :) Can’t wait for the next installment!

  66. The third one was pretty funny. Does anyone know how many of these there will be?

  67. Funny how the teaser can be watched from Canada and the webisodes can’t. Thank goodness for YouTube.

  68. I am a nervous, sweaty person. I’ve been looking for this kind of service for years.

    [from tanster: funniest comment of the day!]

  69. The Warehouse is where it is at! This so so kool! I love Darryl so much, he just cracks me up!!
    Kevin and Oscar are super fabulous and I’m convinced these three could carry a whole episode!

  70. Craig rules and Brian rules and Darryl rules and Kevin rules. These webisodes are great. I love that they do them and I love that they even include awkward dead air time in the previews for them. Now let’s hope the writers actually get paid for them.

  71. My favorite part:

    Darryl: You project failure.
    Kevin: *sadly nods* I know.

    hahaha. gold.

  72. These webisodes are amazing. They definitely top the last webisodes (and even this past season). I’m so glad that Brian is getting more recognition!

  73. Good stuff.

    Call me crazy, but it looks like Craig has gained some weight. His face looked rounder than usual.

  74. I can’t believe it, my comedy teacher from the second city(LA) is playing the loan lady officer in the latest webisode.

    So happy to see her again on my favorite tv show.

    Now I need to send her a congratulation letter.

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