1. Kelly Hannon as in Erin’s real name? Haha! Great call-out to the writers on the show!

  2. Over a year between songs is way too long of a wait, tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

  3. I can’t wait, this is going to be awesome!

    @Max: Ellie Kemper is Erin’s real name, it’s just a coincidence that one of the writers has the name Kelly Hannon and the character is Erin Hannon. :) I thought that at first, too! Maybe Erin’s named after her, as her real name is Kelly, but she’s going by her middle name?

  4. This is a downright catchy tune, and I always enjoy bonus Office stuff like the webisodes. But the timing seems odd. Why didn’t they wait a week or two ’til after the season finale, when our “Office withdrawal” pangs are the worst? Now, with a new episode tonight, it will get somewhat lost in the shuffle.

  5. Does anyone else get the feeling this is very Taylor Swift-esque? and especially since she is actually from reading makes it even better. but anyway, they should consider releasing a full-length cd!

  6. OMG! I love Subtle Sexuality and I’m so glad that they’ve made a comeback! Another awesome song :) SO happy.

  7. Anybody else notice that the tombstone was dated for last year? 1980-2010. When was this made?

  8. I keep thinking I couldn’t love Mindy Kaling any more. Then she does something like this!

  9. [from tanster: please contact NBC.com technical support. thanks!]

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