1. I’m so happy it’s more than just the accountants in it. Everyone is in it. It looks like it’s going to be great.

  2. The clip should probably have a not suitable for children warning or something. I was really not expecting the words that came out of Oscar’s mouth after he hung up the phone. Funny, yes, but it definitely caught me off guard.

    I can’t wait to see more!

  3. So this is why there were so few webisodes this summer! I’m glad that we will have these to fill our Office appetites over the winter.

  4. Oh Creed! Definitely going to watch.

    Btw, is this to cover a hiatus (SP?) during the season or just an added bonus?

  5. Awesome. Hopefully these and Kevin’s Loan get thrown on the season five DVD. That mother could be PACKED!

  6. I always wonder how they can get away with saying foul words in another language…I mean, the equivalent of this in English would only be allowed on HBO…

  7. YES! I love Creed! And does anyone else notice Kelly’s newfound style? Used to be so tacky… guess she knows jewel tones are in!

  8. I know everyone’s already said it, but that look Creed gives to himself/the camera when drinking his coffee…PRICELESS. Plus, I just love Andy’s earnest-ness. He’s like the friend that always says the strangest and dumbest things, but he means them with all this heart!

  9. Hip-hooray for actually letting the brilliant supporting cast do more than just shoot Michael withering looks. Can we get a little bit of that on the big show?

  10. I’m liking this better than what they have on tv right now.
    This looks like it’s going to be awesome!

  11. How cool that the writers’ assistants got to write the webisodes – and Lee and Gene directed! Very exciting! Plus, any time we get to see plenty of Oscar, I’m happy. :) He is hilarious!

  12. Haha, Ed Helms is absolutely hilarous. I never realized how funny he is, it makes me sad to think about what could happen between him and Angela.

    Anyway, I’m excited to finally get to see more Oscar!

  13. Flarty bloops. *adds to list of phrases to be use sometime in the next month*

    Ed Helms is Rih di di da diculously adorable.

  14. You know, Ed Helms has become one of my favorite cast members. I will always have a place in my heart for John Krasinski, but Ed has really moved up there. They might have to do a sumo wrestling battle to settle the score.

  15. Did anyone else just burst out laughing at the end when Ed said “…deal with it,” because I did!

  16. “That mother could be PACKED!”


    No really tho, Ed cracks me up. Seriously.

  17. What I love about the webisodes is that in addition to the main storylines you see on TV each week, you get this extra glimpse into “Office” life. Makes it feel even more like it’s a real office, that Creed and Oscar and Phyllis and everyone else are really out there doing their sales calls, accounting, etc. and we just happen to be peeking in on them occasionally.

    So what do we think it is? A romantic squabble? A feud with a family member? Something related to work that he got tied up in?

    My memory is slipping – did we know that he and Gil weren’t together any more prior to the Business Trip episode, when Andy was trying to hook him up in Winnipeg?

  18. I definitely remember a blurp in “Beach Games” about him wanting to “get out of that relationship” with Gil, but we have never had it said explicitly.

  19. It’s definitely his brother or someone in his family… why else would he say pinche cabron, which is a very bad spanish swear word.

  20. That was pretty damn funny!

    “I’ve done a lot worse for a lot less,” made me laugh out loud amongst my coworkers and Andy’s constipated face at the end was great.

  21. haha wowww I wonder if the spanish would be bleeped out if the clip was on tv? All hail the internet.

    I love Phyllis. “Did you come up with that on your own?” haha

  22. “I’ve done a lot worse for a lot less.”

    “Ugh, I am juiced up from all this intrigue.”

    If I had been drinking anything, it would have shot out of my nose on both of those!!

  23. I’m sure this has been posted before, but is there a way these can be watched in Canada? :-/

  24. -jkrasislove: To answer your question, it probably wouldn’t have been bleeped out if it had aired on TV because I was once watching George Lopez and one of the characters said a very, very foul word in spanish. I was sort of shocked by it for a couple of seconds. And this was on ABC Family.

  25. oh my god, andy’s face at the end is hilarious. ed helms and steve carell make the most amazing faces (they trained at the daily show). there is so much crammed into so little time, the webisodes feel so different than the show that it’s kind of weird watching them while the show is airing. i don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s like the same characters in 2 different shows, that are kind of the same show and kind of different. when the webisodes air in the summer and the show isn’t on, the difference doesn’t seem so noticeable or like such a big deal.

  26. The fact that the description says “Oscar begins to see how intrusive his co-workers can really be” sounds like it’s only going to get worse.

  27. Haha! This is such good stuff. I love the “main four,” but it’s really great to see the focus on the secondary characters. :) Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  28. Wow! Creed spoke more in this one little webisode than he has in 4+ seasons combined! (Well, that’s not an actual fact, but it certainly feels that way!)

  29. I was a little skeptical with the first one in this series but this second episode was really good.

  30. I’m sorry but this is SO BAD. So glad that the show is back on form. This is just unfunny, especially Phyllis.

  31. wow! I love these webisodes. Creed is my favorite! I’m so excited, they just said cast of the office will be in the parade today!!!! Yay!!!

  32. I second that-What did Bob do? I listened three times and couldn’t tell what Oscar said about Bob.

  33. Anyone else feel like Angela was being herself and not Angela Martin in the 2nd clip? She wasn’t nearly dour enough to be Miss Martin.

  34. It just seems like nothing is happening in these webisodes. No clues or anything. Reveal something already!!!!

    By the way…does anyone know how many webisodes there are going to be?

  35. I loved when Angela popped in…Although…she doesn’t seem very Angela-like in the webisodes…more like Angela’s Non-Evil Twin.

  36. The timing of these is so odd. Shouldn’t they save them for the Christmas break? Oh well, good stuff anyway, no need to complain.

  37. I’m finding these utterly hilarious, and a reminder how funny the other cast members are, more more more please!

  38. Only 1 more episode? It will take the whole episode just to reveal what the outburst was about. No build up or anything.

  39. Oh my gosh! Andy’s face when he said, “Yeah, have you seen them?” is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever seen! Hahaha!

  40. Oh my goodness that was hilarious! Not only was Oscar’s performance great but Kelly popping her head over the wall and Kevin’s yawn were just perfect! I wish I had these little teasers every week! :)

  41. I love how in the very last TH, we can’t know for sure that the cable guy is what Oscar is yelling at…

  42. The first 1:50 of that last webisode was really funny. The last 1:50 was just sort of waiting for the final punchline, and it never happened.

    Oh well. I enjoyed these much more than the Kevin Ice cream webisodes.

    I’d have to watch the accountant webisodes again to determine if these were funnier or not.

  43. Very funny. Very well-written. Very well-directed. VERRRRRYYYYYYY well-acted. Of the three Webisodes series, this is by far my favorite! I can’t stop watching through them over and over!

  44. I really enjoyed this round of webisodes!!! Great job all involved and I hope there are more for the summer!!!

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