1. in the clip with angela & the christmas tree, was there someone else? my computer plays these vids so dark, i couldn’t tell.

    i’m excited for the better promo, i love a good office christmas episode!

  2. yanana — It looks like Phyllis is behind her.

    The Christmas episodes are always so well done. Anyone think this year will top Benihana?

  3. I wonder if it can top “Christmas Party”, which is my absolute favorite Christmas episode of any TV show ever.

    “Like booze ever killed anybody”

  4. I don’t think it will top Benihana but then again I didn’t think Benihana would top Christmas Party. That being said Benihana is probably in my top ten

  5. okay, i can make out phyllis now, ha

    lmao i love christmas party!

    – “like booze ever killed anybody” and the looks that followed it.
    – “happy birthday jesus, sorry your party’s so lame”
    – re: the mini tree “we are going to sell it to charity, because that is what christmas is all about”
    – “So Phyllis is basically saying, ‘Hey Michael, I know you did a lot to help the office this year, but I only care about you and oven mitt”s-worth.”
    – when angela starts crying lol

    omg i forgot how much i loved christmas party. i hope this ep lives up to the hype here. i really love this season so far.

  6. “Like booze ever killed anybody” is one of my favorite Office quotes EVER. I am SO pumped for Thursday, I can barely contain myself.

  7. That title sounds really horrible, seriously horrible.
    l can’t imagine anything funny from such a title. l feel bad.

  8. I’m gonna have to agree that the title makes the episode sound lackluster. I hope it isn’t! ” Happy Birthday Jesus. Sorry your party’s so lame.” is probably one of my all time favorite quotes of anything ever.

  9. True…but like I said A Benihana Christmas as a title didn’t sound promising but it turned out being better than Christmas Party(IMO)

  10. I think Bob Vance might be drugging Phyllis. Not that I don’t find it funny that she’s standing up to Angela. But that was just mean.

  11. Oh wow! If the rest of the episode is as good as those two and a half minutes we are in for a real treat! As if Angela and Phyllis weren’t funny enough, Andy with the sitar put me over the edge. Can’t wait for Thursday!

  12. “I will not judge Phyllis for desecrating Christmas. There is one person who will though and Phyllis just stuffed him into her drawer”

    haha I love Angela vs. Phyllis

  13. Andy’s last scene was hilarious. I laughed so hard I threw my head back and I guess I was too close to the wall that I hit my head against.

    Can’t wait until Thursday.

  14. I totally lost it when Andy broke out the “roo-doo-doo-doos” at the end of Deck The Halls. Totally and completely lost it.

  15. I literally lol’d @ Michael for knowing the doll’s theme song. And OMG.. Andy.

  16. Ah, Angela why do you always have to bring religion into Christmas? lol. Best early xmas gift!

  17. it looks like another classic office christmas. I’d be excited about it, but it just so happens that my bears are playing during this one, and i don’t miss bears games…but therein lies the beauty of reruns or internet re-airs. it’s almost like a christmas miracle.

  18. I spoke too soon. “I will not judge Phyllis for desecrating Christmas. There is one person who will though and Phyllis just stuffed him into a drawer” may have just surpassed the booze quote in my fave Office quotes book.

    Office Christmases can do no wrong, apparently.

  19. OH man this looks sooo promising!! I laughed SO freakin hard when michael sang the “my horn can pierce the sky” or whatever haha!!! and also Andy singing the “roo doot do do dooo” that was the greatest! can’t wait!

  20. I had misgivings about the title, but Angela and Phyllis are great. Phyllis is a little hardcore…but then, remember Angela’s “Knives are used to cut things”? I adore Dwight and Princess Unicorn – and Michael singing the ad. Here’s hoping the whole things lives up to past Office x-mases.

  21. Omg… Andy playing the sitar kills me (in a good way–mostly because I took a sitar class in college and that thing is pretty much impossible)! I’m excited for more Phyllis/Angela as well. Yay for Office Christmas episodes!

  22. Sometimes I wonder if the writers forgot that the premise of the show is that it’s supposed to be a documentary. This looks painfully unfunny. I miss seasons 1 & 2.

  23. Has everyone seen that old Youtube video of the Office with the Charlie Brown cartoon? It’s funny but somewhat disturbing also :) I loved Justin Spitzer’s episode Back From Vacation. I always wondered why he didn’t write more episodes. He got Michael, Jan, Jim, Pam etc character’s so well and gave us great lines such as “Dwight Shrute is now wearing a baby’s bonnet” and “And I to you in addtion feel the same feelings as you are–as well”

  24. I’m so excited for this episode! I’m just praying that there’s more funny things than they crammed into this promo… or else it will be a real let down! This episode had better make up for the rest of the season… 5 just hasn’t been as good as the others, unfortunately.

  25. okay seriously? am i going to be the only one who thinks Phyllis has turned evil? If you’re calling it Moroccan Christmas you can’t desecrate Christmas. I’m worried this is going too far.

  26. Yes! From now on I won’t be able to help replacing the “fa-la-las” with ridit-dit-didoos whenever I hear Deck the Halls.

  27. Dwight’s plan, ethically questionable as it might be is actually a good way to make a hefty profit at Christmas. Michael knew the tagline for the doll. I wonder if he has been wanting one.

  28. I’ll bet that Angela said something to Phyllis about the theme of a “Moroccan Christmas” and this clip is just Phyllis getting back at her.

  29. The three clips in that video are of varying quality. The first one is season 2, the second one is season 4, the third one is season 5. Now, I don’t want to be a hater and claim season 5 is “bad” on the whole, but so far it has had some of my least favorite episodes and is hinting at some trends that are making me worry. I fear them giving Andy an actual “catchphrase” — the “riddit-dit-di-doo”. The Angela scene seems “okay at best” but maybe it’ll be better in context (it took me a while to understand that Phyllis was talking about the Moroccan theme). The Dwight scene is good stuff.

    I’m not going to pre-judge the episode based on some clips that may end up being deleted for all we know; after all, it’s the last episode for a month, and it’s a Christmas episode, so I have to have high hopes for it. There is no other option.

  30. Is it me, or is meredith always getting hurt? I mean, she got hit by michael’s car, she got bitten by a raccoon, dwight stuffed a bag over her face with a bat (which was hilarious), in “weight loss” her face was all cut up, and now her hair catches on fire. man, she’s one dangerous woman.

  31. Just thinking out loud here: In the summary for this episode, it says that Michael is forced to deal with Meredith’s hair catching on fire. I wonder if that means that this is the end to Phyllis’ reign as Party Coordinator…and since she won’t have this over Angela’s head anymore, I wonder if she’s gonna spill the beans on Dwangela…Hmmmm…

  32. I have been an all-out, obsessive (obviously) fan since about season two, and I would have to agree that the show has gone downhill. It seems like every character has gone flat. “Oh look, Meredith gets hurt again!” “Oh, Andy and his crazy singing!” “Dwight does absurd things, how fun!” “Jim loves Pam!” “Michael is child-like!” I mean, in season two, it seemed so subtle and realistic. Now, it is like a circus act, each character trying to outshine the others with hilarity. None of these things would actually happen. Disappointing.

  33. Can I just tell you that hearing Andy do his “Roo doo doo doo doo” again was absolutely fantastic. When he first did it back in…shoot,the episode name escapes me, but I know it was the episodes when the branches came together and he was mirroring Michael…I couldn’t stop doing it to people at work. Well work people, it’s back again! LOL Bravo to him for playing the sitar! I love Ed Helms!

  34. Ahhh the Dwight stuff looks fantastic!! It has the promise of being classic season two humor, which I miss. Hehe, who wants a barbie with a unicorn horn? Lol.
    But Phyllis…good grief, after watching that I only have three words: down with Phyllis. She looks like she’s going to be terrible in this episode!
    Here’s to hoping for an awesome episode in spite of her!

  35. yeah, i’ve been a die-hard fan of the show since season 2 also, which happened to be my favorite. i agree, everyone seems a bit too whimsical. i think that if they toned it down and returned to the sly, clever comedy of season 2, this season would be better. it’s sad but true.

  36. Normally the previews have me on the floor laughing but I just felt disappointed and bummed out for the first time ever. There was a meanness and bitterness about both Dwight and Phyllis that disturbed me. I know Angela was horrible to Phyllis in the past, but it doesn’t seem in keeping with Phyllis’ personality to attack Angela’s religious beliefs in revenge. That really hit a nerve with me.

  37. Phyllis is REALLY starting to get on my nerves. I thought the humorous aspect of her character is quiet wit…and not this out of control rage and spitefulness that we’ve been seeing lately. I understand that characters change over time, but this is drastic change that lacks humor.

    That being said, we obviously have set the bar really high for Moroccan Christmas as Benihana Christmas and Christmas Party were so amazing! How can you beat marking a Benihana waitress with a pen ? Or Michael wanting the entire office to get blazing drunk?

  38. 44: It was the episode “The Return.”

    “What’d I say?”
    “You said ra-di-di-di-doo! Which is like, right on. Pam was like ‘blah blah blah’ and you were like ‘hyah!’ Nailed it.”

  39. I don’t like Phyllis in this preview. I hope they don’t ruin her character, a la Jan Levinson.

  40. what is the deal with the new screen ratio? and all the quick cuts and the close-ups? is this a new director?

  41. Didn’t like this episode. It was sad and mean. The only comic relief was Dwight’s storyline…which was very funny.
    Not the cheery Christmas episode I was hoping for after a 2 year wait…

  42. Oh, wow. Folks are not down with this episode.

    I really liked it. I think that things are a little off because Justin Spitzer was supposed to have written this specific episode for last season, before the WGA strike (I’d love to ask him what he changed or if this is just a totally new script). I don’t like that Meredith’s alcoholic storyline has gone on for so long, but I’m so glad that they finally did a pseudo-intervention. I also really appreciated that this was not JIM & PAM’S FIRST CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!

    And all of the comments about this being a sad one: have you ever seen a S2 episode called Booze Cruise or its deleted scenes? I rest my case.

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