The Office Webisodes: The Podcast

The Office webisode series “The Podcast” was written by Kelly Hannon, Mary Wall, and Jonathan Hughes, and directed by Charlie Grandy. It debuted on January 20, 2011, having been previously available only on The Office Season 6 DVD.

Episode 1: Gabe’s Podcast

Gabe announces the launch of his very own podcast.

Episode 2: The First Entry

Gabe works on his first entry of the podcast.

Episode 3: The Debut

Welcome to the debut of Gabe’s podcast!

The Office cast talks about webisodes

Go behind the scenes on ‘The Podcast’ set!

The Office Cast Talk Blogs and Podcasts

‘The Office’ cast talks about their favorite blogs and podcasts.


  1. I also loved Mindy’s Scarlet Johanson. And the whole “job and a family” sequence. Funny stuff!

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