The Office wedding photos

The Office Wedding

UPDATE: who else danced down the aisle? has posted more photos from The Office wedding episode, ‘Niagara,’ including many not seen in the episode!

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  1. omg omg omg!!! too cute for words. i love the dip in the last picture <3
    jim and pam are perfect. the office is perfect.

  2. I. cannot. wait.

    LOVE that last shot. and the look Jim is giving Dwight during his infiltration. October 8th is going to make TV history.

  3. I think holy freaking cow are the correct words to describe these awesome pictures I’m lovin the last one. AH! can’t wait for the wedding episode!!!!

  4. I can’t wait! I know I’m going to need some tissue near me next week :P It looks fantastic already!

    [from tanster: i know. i will be sobbing for sure.]

  5. I think I just forgot to breathe. I didn’t think I was going to make it two weeks, and now this is not helping haha. But we’ve waited 5 years, I guess we can wait 14 more days…I think, haha.

  6. Wow. That kiss may just take over as my favorite JAM kiss of all time… And I love that Dwight’s messing around. John and Jenna look gorgeous, as always. SO EXCITED!

  7. @ #7. Jan, really:

    “The identity of the portrait artist invites speculation. Could be Sasha or…”

    Or… Mose.

  8. I wonder if they’ll write their own vows! I just think it’d be so sweet for them to speak about their relationship over the years they’ve known each other.

  9. It looks like the peachy-orange roses that Pam had planned for her wedding to Roy (the ones Roy gave her for their prom) made it to the bridesmaids’ bouquets…

  10. I love, so much, about the things these choose to be. OMG! I am tearing up already, I’m going to need the Kleenex!

  11. It looks like something ate its way out of one of the wedding gift boxes…

    SO EXCITED! I always lead a musical rehearsal on Thursday nights and I’m canceling it solely to watch this episode. I don’t trust my DVR enough to not be home! I love JAM!!

  12. I wish that first group photo was bigger, this needs to be my laptop’s new background.

    The look on Oscar’s face is cracking me up, I have no idea why. And Kevin. And Ryan looks so uncharacteristically happy.

    There is nothing about this photo I don’t like.

  13. #20 – Yeah I noticed Toby wasn’t there. Maybe Michael won’t let him be in the picture. Or maybe Paul was doing behind the scene stuff. I don’t know. I hope he’s there.

  14. Dear God Jim!!! You’re in a church!!! haven’t you heard of “church appropriate kissing?” hahahahahaha

    oh you all know i’m just jealous of her. whatever. :P

  15. Also…. really you guys??? you really thought Toby would go to Pam’s wedding to Jim??? really?? REALLY?? come on now….

  16. That is one heck of a kiss. I would let Jim/John give me a kiss like that any day. Also, what’s up with the painting of Jim and Pam in the Picture with Dwight and the turtle?

  17. My random speculation : Toby (if he was even there) was the one who took the group picture (poor, poor Toby). I mean, I can just see the pained look on his face, lol

    And the painting was done by Erin, who is trying to make up for ruining Pam’s painting.

    Off the wall? Yes. Possible? Possibly :-)

  18. Just kidding about the painting thing. I now notice that the painting doesn’t get ruined until the Mafia episode. Woops! My vote then goes with Sasha :-) Or one of Jim’s nieces or nephews.

  19. Holy friggin cow is right! Squeeeeee!!!! I am so excited. I know I shouldn’t be but I am. I normally hate weddings but I know I’ll love this. I will need a box of tissues and a bottle of champagne to drink during this episode.

    I. can’t. WAIT! Mazel tov!

  20. I can’t wait to see this episode! The 8th is taking way too long to get here.

    I love these pictures.

    I didn’t notice Toby was missing until you guys pointed it out. I wonder why he didn’ go.

  21. I’m so excited!
    I am going to speculate that Michael made the painting for Pam and Jim. I am also going to speculate that in the near future, we will all be able to buy it on AND I WILL!
    Also, would it be creepy if I got an up-do for Jim and Pam’s wedding? Like I would just be sitting on my couch, looking fancy. Kidding. I swear. :)

  22. I had better not be in labor on the day this episode airs!! My due date is Oct. 10th….everyone pray for an earlier (or slightly later) delivery!

  23. “Holy freaking cow.” Yup. That about sums it up, Tanster.

    Don’t think I can add anything. I’m pretty much speechless. Thanks for posting those amazing pictures.

  24. Cannot wait! I am so curious how Jim’s tie gets cut and I love Pam’s rehearsal dinner dress. Um that kiss is pretty awesome too :)

  25. Question……… is there an old fellow sitting in the front row of the church wearing a kilt??? Maybe it’s one of the Canadian relatives from the Niagara Falls Ontario side of the border??? Just wondering!


    the article mentions a “rehearsal-dinner gaffe from Jim that will wreak some pre-ceremony havoc.”…. i’m thinking that jim accidentally reveals the pregnancy. i know it was already revealed, but the episode summary says that everyone’s ordered not to mention the pregnancy, so…. yeah.

  27. #48 – I think that’s Jim’s dad in the kilt, though it’s hard to tell from the photo since I haven’t seen him since his CHiPs days. He’s sitting where the groom’s dad would be sitting. Who knows, maybe Jim comes from strong Scottish stock, despite the surname.

  28. is bob vance vance refrigeration in the first pic! this WILL be the best episode ever!!!!!

    and that kiss!!!! omg!!! jim, your parents are at the wedding!

  29. Oh. My. God! I cannot wait until October 8th. I don’t care what I have to do that day, I am locking myself in a room with a TV.

  30. at 38: toby’s probably sulking around about how he never got a chance with pam. (which is actually kind of sad for him…but who cares, JAM!!!)

  31. all the pics are so cute!

    also tanster – i LOVE the new pics/design at the top of the page! the ew cover is so cute!!! and the cake and cake topper :)

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  32. Daniel- I wondered that myself. I was thinking maybe Pam invited an art school friend and that was their present to them?

  33. 2 things
    1)Who painted that cool Jim/Pam painting?
    2)It would have been SO cool if they could’ve gotten Amy Ryan to play Holly, so that she can be at the wedding. I mean, I know it would’ve been a long shot and don’t ask me WHY she would’ve been invited, but I think it would’ve been an interesting Michael/Holly moment somewhere in there.

  34. Things I am looking forward to:

    1. The explanation of Kevin’s toupee
    2. The explanation for Jim’s tie being cut off
    3. What song the gang dances down the aisle to
    4. Watching lovey-dovey dreamy Jim & Pam for an hour


  35. Kristin– I have a feeling it’s going to be the song “forever” by Chris Brown because it looks really similar to this viral video that was going around the internet of the summer, enjoy!:


  36. DunderheadSally: I knew exactly which video you were talking about when I saw your comment. Can’t believe I didn’t make the same connection based off the promo scenes. So looking forward to this scene now lol!

  37. um, did anybody look at the kiss picture, WOWY-WOW-WOW is just about all i can say. and pam looks so much more pregnant than in last week’s episode, that doesn’t seem right… so excited, i can’t wait. and that kiss!!!

  38. Dear lord, I hope Jim and Pam sat Dwight at the kids’ table on purpose. It would be an epic prank….or that Dwight came over to read Struwwelpeter and share some German cautionary tales with the children.

    “What’s a Nazi?”

  39. Wow, DunderheadSally totally called what song they would be dancing down the aisle to! And that it maybe a tribute to the youtube viral video.

  40. I want to see Meredith and Toby’s portion! Tanster, you got pull… think we can get the entire chapel entrance dance number?

  41. I love these pictures too too much. Meredith on the floor? And just Jim and Pam cuteness. Yeah, awesome.

  42. I, like others, hope that we get the video of the entire dance on the DVDs. The pictures probably do not do it justice. Also, I hope we get to see more of the wedding ceremony on the DVDs too.

  43. I just love the family shot with Pam’s dad’s girlfriend and Michael in it – and the next one without them. Also nice to see Jim’s sister in there too – is it she who’s called Larissa, or is it his mum’s name?

  44. What about the reception? Surely they shot something! I would LOVE to see the reception :-) Because at that point, Jim and Pam are so freaking happy it’s just awesome.

  45. Those pictures made me so happy!! I especially love the looks Pam’s parents are giving each other in the family pics– Pam’s dad looks hilarious, I laughed out loud. I too hope the whole entire all-cast-included dance scene is on the DVD. I loved this episode so much!

  46. The sight of a wedding ring on Jim Halpert’s finger makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Sigh.

    I hope they give us LOADS of extra footage from this episode on the DVD set for Season 6…

  47. so are we going to get any explanation as to why jim’s dad is wearing a kilt?!

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