Jim and Pam’s wedding: EW cover

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The Office WeddingThis week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly features The Office’s wedding of Jim and Pam.

Besides a full-length article, check out the videos of their goofy and sweet photo shoot!

On stands tomorrow.
A keeper, yes?

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

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  1. OMG this is seriously one of the cutest things EVER. Photo shoot video is undeniably squee-worthy!

  2. Oh, my goodness, how adorable. I have missed seeing these two together outside of the show! The videos are absolutely precious. I can’t wait for the wedding!!

  3. Must…get…to…news stand and not draw too much attention by running to it or squeeing when I finally have my copy in my hands :P

  4. Oh my gosh! I LOVE the cover and the videos were adorable. I cannot wait to get my issue. Definitely a keeper. Wish we could see ALL the photos taken too.

  5. Oh wow, I almost fainted at all that stuff. I’ve never seen so much Jim/Pam and John/Jenna fluff in my entire life. That just made my year…wow. I don’t even know what to say. The cutest thing is the world.

  6. The very definition of Must Buy.

    Now to figure out a way to avoid being the guy crying whilst buying Entertainment Weekly…”No, no, there’s just something in my eye.”

  7. I’m at work and I’m crying. I think I’m more emotional about the JAM wedding than I’ll ever be about my own.

  8. I would like a huge poster of that for my wall. I’m going to cry like really hard at this TV wedding. :)

  9. Oh man, John Krasinski made a Nanny from Muppet Babies reference in one of the videos! Love him forever for this!

  10. ahh I hope they release it in Canada soon I can’t wait to get a copy of that… they release it tomorrow right? :) I’ll be hanging out at the bookstore near my place this weekend hahaha!

  11. I’m suing them all… That was just an overload of sweetness and now I’m diabetic, so yea, good job…

    Wow, that was adorable! More of that, please.

  12. Yeah, this is like, the greatest thing ever!

    Please tell me there’s a way to save these vids? I need for my iPod … haha

  13. They are adorable!! They’re so sweet and funny. I’m so buying that mag tomorrow! That totally just made my day.

  14. AWW! I’ve never been so happy to be an Entertainment Weekly subscriber! I’ll be keeping my issue FOREVER! :)

  15. Okay, I also must add my love for those videos. How joyful were they goofing around together? And I love how the whole interview was just them making stuff up. I think whenever actors have a good relationship off-screen, it radiates on-screen, and that seems to be true with Jenna and John. I just love these kids to pieces!

  16. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooo excited for this…it’s been very much anticipated!

  17. Awesome! I’m getting that magazine just so I can tear the cover off and hang it in my office. So cute!

  18. Love it. Both John and Jenna are terrific together. They are very special people.Best wishes to them and their real life weddings.

  19. Seeing the video behind the scenes footage just shows how much John and Jenna care for each other and why they make such a believable (TV)couple.

    I hope the wedding episode is worthy of all the Jam-my moments we all have come to love from these fine actors.

  20. That cover is so awesome! I will definitely be buying this issue tomorrow. I want it so bad.

    Can’t wait for the 8th!

  21. Stating the obvious, but can I just say how adorable these two are? My bff and I are totally having an Office party to celebrate this occasion.

  22. Does it make me a sad person with no life if I cry at this wedding more than I have at any other real ones that I have actually been present for?

    I am squealing with delight and can’t wait for tomorrow! GO JIM AND PAM!

  23. Guh…I love EW for this cover. And everyone at the Office for making JAM happen. Not like it wouldn’t have (given the fandom’s propensity for torches and pitchforks), but still, it’s nice :)

  24. It’s impossible to watch these two interact for a while without smiling…for me at least. Nice videos, thanks!

  25. That is the most adorable thing ever! #39 you’re not alone, I’m contemplating wearing the dress I wore to my cousin’s wedding to watch this episode!

  26. “Cute” doesn’t even describe it. There is no word in the English language that accurately captures the level of cuteness that both Jim & Pam and John & Jenna have reached. There needs to be a new word invented just for them.

    Also, I loved what everyone had to say in the article. It was wonderful.

  27. oh my god, they are actually adorable. on and off screen. just wonderful! i can’t wait for the wedding! i’m going to egypt for three weeks tomorrow so i’m going to have so much OFFICE to watch when i get back! YAY!

  28. I think this may be the only reason I buy the rest of my books for school, I don’t want to look weird going to my school bookstore and only buying a magazine (I’m a senior I really just want to graduate…)

  29. OMG, the cover is beyond gorgeous and I seriously don’t think I can adore them any more than I do. Well…until they have the baby. It’ll be like someone gave me a basket of puppies and rainbows. I wonder what Jim does to ruin things?!!

    [from tanster: i know what it is. it’s a doozy.]

  30. This is the most adorable thing that I have ever seen. They get along so well and they are so cute! <3

  31. OMG!!I adore them…they are so cute together..I can’t stop smiling :) “Who wants this?” I LOVE IT!!

  32. Haven’t watched the videos yet, but as soon as my students have left the classroom after school, I’ll be squeeing away!!! I literally cannot look at that cover without smiling. I’ll be buying it on my way to school tomorrow, asap as possible!!!

  33. 53. PenguinCar- You have a treat in store for you! The article is great, but the video is just…. melt-worthy.

    And OMG! Tanster, you know what it is that Jim does?
    If anyone deserves to know ahead of time, it’s definitely, definitely you, and yet that does nothing to subdue my jealousy ;)

    [from tanster: i know pretty much everything that happens in the episode. a rundown, if you will. :) ]

  34. I’ve watched the videos 3 times now… I can’t get over how amazing they are with each other! Loving this…

    K…So either Jim has an allergic reaction to nuts or he spills the beans on Pam being preggers even though they warn everyone else not to say anything?

    Am I close, Tanster? LOL

    [from tanster: my lips are sealed. at least for now. :) ]

  35. oh freaking goodness i’m squeeing like a little school girl right now. how are those two such absolutely adorable, amazingly radiant people? that video was just too much! i can’t wait for the wedding episode now!!

  36. OH MY GOSH! i need that magazine now! the picture is the cutest thing ever! the videos made me laugh!

    Tanster, I’m so jealous of you, you have no idea! I really want to know what happens! I guess me and everyone else have to wait until Oct. 8th to witness the wedding of the year!

    [from tanster: you guys really do not want to know what happens. trust me!]

  37. Whenever John and Jenna do interviews together they have such good chemistry that all I see is Jim, Pam, and Love! :)

  38. I’m so excited! Does the magazine include a more in-depth article than the one on the site? Either way, this is amazing!

  39. I don’t think it’s humanly possible for 2 people to be any cuter than these two. It makes me squeal like a school girl.

  40. #18 Callan: I couldn’t agree more! The Nanny reference from Muppet Babies totally won me over!

  41. Too adorable for words!! I can’t wait for this episode! I can’t believe I accidently scheduled myself to work October 8, but you can bet I’ll be begging to switch that schedule around!

  42. This is not to take anything away from either of their relationships, but I have to ask:

    How are they not a real couple?

    Rarely do you see such chemistry between people both on and off screen.

  43. EW will release hi-res images from this shoot, right Tanster? I know they’ve done it with other cover stories like Twilight and Harry Potter … I would LOVE that cover, and any other image I’m sure, as a desktop wallpaper!

  44. So many people describing the cover as cute – more like smokin’ hot! Jenna Fischer is like a dream…

  45. I’m literally using all my self-restraint to stop myself from squee-ing right now. They are SO adorable, and oh my goodness, J.Kras looks so handsome (engaged, not married, engaged, not married…) lol. The two of them together are just unbearably goofy and cute, I can’t get over it…ah!! (ok this was just a less annoying version of a squee)

  46. Ahhhhh!!!! The Office and Entertainment Weekly are only like my two favorite things ever!! Combined is even better!!!! Can’t wait until mine arrives in the mail!

  47. My guess is that Jim ruins his wedding by allowing Dwight to be in the wedding party or at least in the wedding somehow… I feel like that would be the safest guess on how the wedding gets ruined with the least amount of drama and the most amount of comedy potential. And it just sounds like something that Jim would do, after spending all that time with Dwight- he would sort of do it as some type of truce and it would totally backfire.

    Just a theory. I think that they all want to make us squirm with that kind of a spoiler, but I don’t think that the wedding will be totally ruined :-) Everyone looks too happy!

  48. Tanster, you have me worried!

    Since you have a rundown (which I can only assume you faxed to your dad, because that’s my understanding of what you do with a rundown), and you’ve said the Jim thing is something we really don’t want to know… I’m feeling… Yikes.

    I know you can’t spoil anything about the episode, but please tell me that by the end of everything we will be left with that feeling of warm, fuzzy Jam-y goodness?

  49. This issue wasn’t on stands — there was a copy of Patrick Swayze listed as Sept 25… Anyone else having problems? Is the issue out NEXT week?

  50. You probably won’t find the magazine anywhere until Monday or Tuesday. I had trouble with another issue earlier this summer.

  51. I went out to two different supermarkets near me that usually have the newest magazines and I can’t find it. I’m about to leave to go to the bookstore, anyone else having trouble finding it?

  52. It would be great if someone could scan in the article & pics so us non-US fans could see! Thanks!

    I still don’t believe Pam has a sister – even Jenna had a note of surprise in her voice in that video. I think they should have mentioned her before the sixth season.

  53. Also, did John get better looking and funnier and more adorkable while the show was on hiatus? I think so(:

  54. I bought this today at chapters :) … and the pics are even more adorable in the magazine… the cake fight was to dieeee for !! can’t wait for the episode

  55. The EW article says “For more details about Jim and Pam’s wedding, and to read what Carell has to say about how long he’ll stay with the show, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, September 25.”

    Did they goof?

  56. Yep just checked Boarders and Barnes & Nobles and they still have the Patrick Swayze issue. I’ll check back tomorrow morning

  57. what happened? I walked for half an hour- stopped at 3 stores before finding one that even carried EW and it only had the EW with swayze on it. And…i love patrick swayze….but i wanted jim and pam!

  58. Just got back from Borders with the issue in hand! Woo!

    I scoured the magazine racks, saw the Patrick Swayze issue and almost gave up … until I saw the Jim and Pam issue like six feet away. That’s right, they had last week’s and this week’s issue.

    So if you see the Patrick Swayze issue, don’t stop looking!

    And a spoiler warning: the issue goes into specifics in its first few paragraphs! And many other spoilers throughout.

  59. probably it’s not here in Canada yet… I kinda hunted all the magazine stores in the downtown of my area and some stores…hahaha I’ll be waiting a day or two… hopefully I really really find one! LOL

  60. I got the mail today and surprise, there staring back at me were Jim and Pam. I wonder if it was awkward for John to hold Jenna the way he was on the index page.

  61. Came home from work to find the issue in my mailbox – awesome Friday! The pictures and article are doompity-dawesome, but I’d love to get my hands on some of the other pix from the photo shoot. Don’t get me wrong, the ‘cake’ pictures are great, but some of the shots from the videos are so adorable!

  62. Looked at Target first, didn’t see any sign of EW magazines. Then headed over to Borders where they only had the Patrick Swayze copy. I guess I’ll try Wal-Mart?

  63. I’ve been to 4 gas stations, 2 book stores, 3 supermarkets, k-mart, target, CVS, my local mall, and walmart and NO ONE has it.. I don’t understand what is wrong with me, I think the magazine is running away from me, but it’s so frustrating. Anyone else have a problem finding it? Or is Florida just the slowest state in the country?

  64. I live in Florida, and I’ve been to Publix, CVS, Walgreens, K-Mart, and Target. NONE of them had EW on their newsstands. I’m going to scream like Dwight at the end of this week’s episode if I can’t find a copy of this magazine!

  65. @Jordan(104) – Good I’m not the only Floridian with this problem. Maybe it’s not my fault…it’s Florida’s

  66. I’m in Michigan, and every place I’ve tried in a 50 mile radius said it’ll be out Monday, the 28th. So hopefully this week. Don’t give up hope yet.

  67. Also in Michigan and don’t see it yet! I checked Target and a bookstore and both issues had Patrick Schwayze on the cover.

  68. After checking 22 different places and calling EW customer service I got transferred to some place that let me order this week’s copy alone and she said delivery with 7-10 business days…what? I sure hope it’s not gonna take that long…but at least I got it !(sort of)

  69. I’m sorry, I know they’re both engaged, but can someone please tell John and Jenna that they’re perfect together? Seriously. I’ve never seen such perfect chemistry where they can bounce jokes off each other and look adorkable at the same time. If I can’t be with JKras, at least Jenna should be!

  70. I just got the last copy at my Borders. Yay ~ I’m so excited that I got it b/c the pics and the article are both great! I can’t wait to watch the Wedding episode.

  71. So, today is definitely an Office Day. I went to Hastings bought the EW mag then headed off to Target to get my $1 stuff..and i have to say. I’m pretty happy…that’s every office day. yay!

  72. 109: I don’t know if it’s a typo or not, but I think “adorkable” just became my favorite new word.

  73. I have never seen such yummy chemistry that Jim and Pam possess. Albeit they are engaged to other people, in my opinion they need to reconsider their
    choices. It will be a pity if this relationship is not extended to real life. Not too much to ask, huh?

    This is the best TV series ever! Please CONTINUE……

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