1. Those were actually not that bad! I love that the boss’ name is “Scott Michaels.” The fake-Jim was a skeez-ball. Good stuff. We NEED this strike to end though.

  2. That second one was kinda funny actually. BUT… really I can’t take this, please bring our show back.
    I’m so desperate I found this funny.

  3. Wow. See what happens when you mock a mockumentary–it cancels out the funny. :) Actually, I did find them amusing, if only as a reflection of The (real) Office, but yikes! Please give me back my Paul Lieberstein and my Greg Daniels and my Mindy Kaling!

  4. That was so sad. It had a bit of funny moments (African American ink wth/lol) but not even close to the level of The Office. I love the homage though and “An Office” is a perfect title.

    Strike a good deal so we can get the writers back!

  5. That’s good. As realistic as The Office is, An Office is just a little more realistic. I love it!

  6. “How are you supposed to know what is funny and what is racist?” I loved that they showed that without the writers, Michael and Dwight would have been fired.

  7. I laughed so hard during the second one. These are actually really good. Usually the actors are incredibly weak in mockamentarys.

    I’d say it’s a worthy homage.

  8. haha those were funny, though dull. if they actually replaced the office with that… well i suppose it is better than celebrity apprentice, anything is better than celebrity apprentice.

  9. Okay, so I know those were intentionally trying to be bad, but I actually found them pretty amusing. But yeah, if the actual show were this realistic it’d be no fun, obviously. We want the writers!

  10. I think the point wasn’t that “Wow look how bad we are.” The point was “See what happens in real life (without writers)? Jim’s constant flirting with Pam would risk getting him fired for disrupting with work, and he’d get shot down anyway. Michael and Dwight would get fired for their antics.”

  11. “Guess I’ll just keep on sleeping with this girl from the gym. It’s okay. She’s real hot too.”

    I love this. It just shows how The Office can make even little stupid things funny, so much funnier than real life. But I really enjoyed these! I miss the writers too!

  12. Okay, I couldn’t even watch half of that crap. Time wasted waiting for The Office to come back…

  13. I enjoyed that, it was very tongue in cheek and made me happy that the real “The Office” happens in a world of suspended reality, because no Michael, Dwight, or Jam would make for a sad show indeed.

  14. Ha ha… at the rate this new show is going, it’ll be over in about 2 days because everyone will get fired. lol.

  15. These were funny! I think they did a great job. Man, I do have a life and everything, but I still really, really miss our show with a huge pain in my heart!

  16. i just got way too excited because i took improv classes & charlie todd was my teacher…way to go! ha

  17. Ben’s hair was out of control. I think the people that put it together must have issues with Jim’s hair.

  18. Hehehe! I actually really dug these. It’s much more realistic, but still funny.


    Scott Michaels = Toby Flenderson as Michael Scott.

  19. ha ha! I love how the cold open of the second one was just the receptionist asking what time the boss comes back from lunch and then it cuts to the credits. These were great because they make references only fans of the show will get, like the CIA prank phone call. Go WGA!

  20. LOVED it! I feel like I’m cheating though. As though I’m living vicariously for my beloved Office through this pseudo-office…

  21. It wasn’t till I saw this that I realized how ridiculous the characters of Michael and Dwight are. Steve and Rainn do such a good job of humanizing them and they make the audience actually like them.

  22. The part with the knife made me laugh my arse off. These are great. Thanks for posting them. :)

  23. I mean it was funny, but it’s not the same! It never will be the same. Man, I miss the real deal. I’ve seen so many spoofs on the office and come to realize that the only reason it’s funny is mainly because of the actors (and writers). Everybody else tries to force the characters on you, but with the real gang, it’s natural and everybody (well most everybody) is a likable character(even Michael).

  24. OK, I guess I missed the “support for the Writers Guild” part of this. These were actually pretty funny and were, well… written.

    I guess the point is there are probably other people out there who could replace the current writers of “The Office?”

  25. I really loved this. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was it made me miss the real Office even more. Thursday nights just haven’t been the same!

  26. This is depressing because I like this more than I like the current season. When they come back, I hope they bring back the not-unbelievably-ridiculous-ness of seasons 1 and 2!

  27. I love that they just fired people left and right… but it’s so true that someone like Michael couldn’t get away with all the stuff he does in real life :)

  28. That was really painful. I miss the faces Rainn, John, Jenna, and Steve. :( The writers do such a great job, those moguls should watch these and see how awful everything would be without good writers.

    It is true though that Michael and Dwight couldn’t get away with half of the stuff they do without getting fired.

  29. They were good but a few points

    1.) Shouldn’t have based the characters off of the series
    2.) if it was supposed to be a “real” office it should have been one video showing how boring a real office can be.

  30. I thought these were great. Improv Everywhere is a hilarious group of people, you guys should check out their website. The only thing that threw me off were those purple walls. Intense.

  31. Actually, I liked the first one better than the second. These were actually pretty funny to watch.

  32. Ha ha that was awesome. “African-American ink” is priceless! Were they professional actors? If not, I want to work at an office where they get away with filming that.

    To Nicole #43 – Scott is totally Gob and Buster’s love child (two brothers on Arrested Development) – thank you for pointing that out!

    My other favorite line is when Scott said “I won’t find out (the difference between racism and humor) working here.” Even though the firing should have been a red flag.

  33. Oh sorry, my bad, they are actors. Great job at showing us the scary possibility of not having writing :)

  34. I love it, it was very funny to watch and ben is a jerk. Loved neil, sooooo funny. I thought scott was acting more like toby. Both videos were good.

  35. That was hilarious. :-) They were so good at having no (or else plain boring) writing, but still going through the motions. Bravo! More please!

  36. but the second video really shows you that a show would go nowhere without the wit of the writers…everyone would get fired, the end.

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