The Office Wordle Contest

The Office
This is a Wordle of OfficeTally’s July Archive page.

Oh man, this will be the biggest time-sucking distraction for y’all since … our sign contest. :)

I love words. I love pretty things. I’m no good at making pretty things. Then Tallyhead Joan tipped me off to Wordle. And now I’m addicted.

Do you want to give it a try? Contest details after the jump.

UPDATE: deadline has been changed to tonight, 7pm PT. (CONTEST NOW CLOSED)

How to enter

  • Create a Wordle.
  • Your Wordle must be related to ‘The Office,’ and the phrase ‘The Office’ must be the biggest phrase in your Wordle (like in the sample above).
  • See the Wordle FAQ for hints on creating your Wordle.
  • When you’re satisfied with how your Wordle looks, click the “Save to gallery” button at the bottom of the Wordle creation page.
  • Add a comment to this post with a link to your Wordle. Only links to the Wordle Gallery will be accepted. Example:
  • One Wordle entry per person.
  • Please include a valid email address.
  • Sorry, U.S. residents only!


  • I will choose my favorite ten entries and enter them in a poll, which you will vote on!
  • The top three vote-getters will each receive an Office Laptop Skin.
  • Prizes graciously provided by the makers of the laptop skins, Gamer Graffix.


  • Submit your entry by Tuesday, August 26, 11pm PT. today, August 22, 7pm PT. (Sorry, changing the deadline. I didn’t anticipate so many entries so quickly!)


  1. I made one a while back about Andy Bernard: link. I’m sorry to only put the address but not the link; I’m not sure how to link here.

  2. I’m not actually eligible to enter coz I’m in England but I really wanted to make one of these so I had a go anyway.

    Hope it’s ok that I post it…


  3. hey tanster, none of these links are working. i click the link but the image doesn’t appear. not sure if i am the only person having this problem.

  4. oh shoot! could a moderator please delete this comment and my last one, I made a mistake with the link

  5. I really wanted to do this, but I live in Canada. Just curious, but how come only US residents?

    [from tanster: i spend my own money to pack and ship the prizes. i unfortunately don’t have the resources to ship internationally. thanks!]

  6. Wow – for an Office freak/word nerd like me, this was pretty much the best time-waster ever. And extremely addictive.

  7. What’s in The Office fridge?


    This Wordle is good for menu planning–every Thursday, starting 9/25, we plan to eat a food in honor of each character.

  8. Tuna Tuna Tuna I am also having problems, it’s the Java. But i can’t seem to fix it, even with all the FAQs on the Wordle site.

  9. arg! i have a great idea for a wordle and i tried to do it but my computer at work won’t let me!! does anyone want to make one on my behalf, i can send you my text? or, tanster, can i send it to you tomorrow so i can use my home computer?

  10. Here is mine!


    I didn’t get a chance to look through all of the entries, so if anyone else used this idea, it was unintentional!

  11. Link

    Sorry, I accidently put the wrong email address, it’s supposed to be rocketmail instead of yahoo..

  12. Wow, these are all such great entries, but I have a relatively good feeling about mine. When are you choosing the winners?

  13. How do i keep phrases together, and how do i make the words “the Office” the biggest? I’m not very good at this!

  14. i’m sorry, i didn’t know about the tilde trick, may i enter this one instead?


    my previous post was around the 107 mark

  15. I’m sure everyone’s is wonderful, but I can’t even view. And I just spent the last hour trying to download Java 6 or whatever. Nice idea, though!

  16. Okay so I tried posting a comment here more than once (I was having trouble with my link) a few hours ago and it hasn’t shown up yet. I just want to make sure I get entered :)


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